Jul 31, 2008

Al Fatihah

remember the pumpong entry where i wrote abt uncle azizudin and frens came to visit my father. exactly a week after that visit, one of of the friend, the uncle in the blue t-shirt passed away in an accident near kepala batas. the wife survived but with few injuries. its was shocking especially for my father. he called me...sobbing and telling me the bad news. he reminded me to print a few copies of their group photos before comin back to sydney. i would say the month of july is a sad month for him. first is the brother then his friend.

Al - Fatihah to ami mad and uncle

the controversial ginger tea....

last sunday before goin onboard the klia aerotrain to the satellite terminal, we had our quick early dinner at one of the restaurant at the main terminal....no...it is actually the one and only restaurant after the immigration counter at the main terminal. so had no choice, belasah jer la. so we ordered nasi lemak, fried rice, ice lemon tea and ginger tea.

mcm biasa air sampai dulu, one looks like the usual teh o ais...while the other one ntah la...not the typical ice lemon tea. so i ask the waitress which is which. masa i tanyer ginger tea dia dah confuse so dia tunjuk air yg kolor pelik tu. so we tried our drinks. one taste like teh o ais...while the other one...strange ice lemon tea taste...but ok lah. so i called the girl and said to her this one (the teh o ais) doesnt taste like ginger tea...dia dah confuse (she didnt even bother coming over to my table, dia dok tercegat kat counter so we had quite a loud conversation actually)...dia tanyer the guy yg took our order air apa kitorang order...mamat tuh pun kata la ginger tea bla bla bla....laaa bukan teh o ais ke...pehtu dia tanyer dah minum ker? of course i said yes sbb nak tau which is which. so dia dah sengih gedik2 masuk dapor. so i thot dia nak buat air baru la kan...lama tunggu takdak pe....i dah tgk2 kat pompuan gedik tu lg...mr evil dah warning jgn nak hangin2 kat sini. ok fine so i dok senyap sambil jeling2. then i cannot tahan anymore....cakap mr evil it seems like they are doin nothing....and suddenly...

mr e: excuse me, am i getting a replacement or do i have to drink this?? (mr. E yg order ginger tea)

hamikkk ko....sekali kuat dia sound....hahahahah. terus mamat yg amik order tu dtg amik teh o ais tuh and said that he's goin to replace it. minutes later the gedik girl dtg bawak the 'controversial' ginger tea...i said TERIMA KASIH....no reply.....then she came again bringing our foods....again i said TERIMA KASIH YERR...no reply. wah!! told mr evil that the gedik girl is actually quite rude....dua kali i cakap TQ dia buat tak tau jerrr. hellooo!! duit i makan situ bayar gaji u tau.

the controversial ginger tea....kat kedai mamak lagi sedap

i dunno why but i can easily naik angin with the customer service in m'sia. not all of course. paling terok many years ago kat kedai gambar alamanda...perang besar gak la...buduh budak tuh tak mo potong gambar lesen i...dia kata org JPJ boleh buat....bende kecik jer pun...but because he is being rude and pehtu dia pi potong senget benget...so apa lagi.

so anyway, somebody drop his precious toy on our way out from the rest. it is not due to carelessness but suddenly the camera strap decided to go loose and gedegushhhh!!! i was not there to witness the incident sbb i dah jalan cepat keluar rest. but THANKKKK GODDD it was not me who is holding the camera....kalau tak...mampus la kena marah seumur hidup. the camera still in good condition though....can still take beautiful pictures of me. cuma ada one spot bila nak view utk snap.......erk..paham ke...forget it

Jul 29, 2008

Hsdpa for everyone

Once awhile u'll be amazed on things u take for granted...always lower ur expectation and hope for the best...it happened to me 2 days ago while surfing the net with my trusty ol dopod...yes hunn...it's old...1 yr old in handphone year is a lifetime....back to my story...I noticed the network icon changed back and forth between 3G and H...I know usj are covered under 3G before I left msia but the new icon did piqued my curiosity a bit..I mean I think I know what H stands for..but for a local company...in msia? I dun think so....so I tap the H icon and lo and behold..the hsdpa network pop out..it's like the greek gods have ascended from the high heaven and blessed the network...while writing this entry I just finished the game god of war on psp..sorry for the lame metaphor and influence...there was tears of joy running thru my cheek...words just can't describe the joyous feeling..

Celcom..u pulled it thru....u stepped up and delivered..to the malaysians already knew abt this...sorry for the late news highlight...yawn...i'm just so impressed!
Hopefully they will cover my hometown in within the next 6 months...I hate using dial up to breath the air of world wide web....dear zeus...am not asking much..just a 3G would be ok....

To celcom - Always under commit and over deliver....

the return.....

we arrived yesterday morning around 7 plus plus. the immigration didnt even check my luggage. cuma scan thru jerk. tak sesia i beli kiub maggie and knorr berlambak2. should have bought even moreeee!!!! owh and suddenly there is this one big black dog buat tour kat tpt q...eiiiiiiii. thank god i tak kena sniff. mr evil dah warning awal2 jgn nak over react bile anjing datang dekat. terus i pandang tepi just to make sure that i tak notice 'his' arrival.

hmmm....tak byk la plak bila tgk gambar....tp cukup kot utk stock sampai december. bukan nak guna hari2 pun. yg penting just kiub bunjut and tomyam. yg lain tuh saja suka2 beli.

anyway, i was 2 hrs late for my first class...mmg sengaja pun. got my business caps team...hmmm....all girls which is cool...but i got none from local or even 'the sallehs'. dunno what to expect but i hope we wont be having any big issues....this is one big final project (why ever did i rejected the transfer credit for this course...care to answer mr evil???). i got two class yesterday so only came back at quarter past 8. i was expecting my fried hokkien mee from thai singha. masuk umah bau dah sedap.......nope...its not my fried hokkien me....mr evil have to cook dinner yesterday. sian dia....anyway he cooked very delicious stir fry glass noodle....with lots of veges. thats our first decent meal in sydney yesterday. thai singha tak angkat2 tepon so maybe they didnt open yesterday and taste of thai closed for two days until today. mintak2 hari ni thai singha bukak coz seriously i'm not planning to cook coz today is the spring cleaning day!!!

p/s: most of my entries for the month of july even while i am in kl were auto publish...so there's a lot of typo error and some meaningless sentence. so sorry also coz it took me quite some times to reply most of the comments....ada yg tak reply lg ni. sekian

Jul 27, 2008

The case with car wash....

2 hrs before my check-in for my flight..watching them wash the cars...I wonder how much they earn...is it per car or per hr...I wonder whether these dudes happy with wat they earn...any job satisfaction ? I dun see any boss yelling or screaming...that's a good sign...not stuck behind a desk...another plus...playing with water every minute...everybody loves a good shower..running around nekkid in the rain while ur 6yrs old..and ur dad gave a chase around the house...being irresponsible ...the person mentioned requested to be anonymous.

Ok I'm rambling coz I want to write an entry abt me joining the rat race...wrote quite a abit on that matter 2 days ago...saved it in draft...totally forgot to back it up when I sent the dopod to be upgraded to WM6....arghhhhhh...my thumbs hurt whenever i'm reminded by it.....that's basic IT 101

Anyways...to org perth..this is proof we washed the car...snow wash some more...polish? Yeah rite!!

new and old

When the other half conquers the laptop...I'm not getting any TLC from her or the laptop...that's huge problem I usually have since it's her laptop..so that's when I decided to get a wii..it has a browser for internet surfing..I was contented for a while..but to write an entry with it is a pain in the butt...also typing with dopod...such a small keyboard i'm getting thumb cramps....

So yesterday wifey gave an ok to get laptop....woohooo..my 1st choice is a macbook....yes morgan..I didn't get a macbook yet...the pic I showed u previously just me buying it for my officemate...I dun print money here...and after setting it up for arlene...I fell in love with the small details they had in the laptop..its an engineering marvel..when I compared the screen side by side with the thinkpad...it has more umpphh...more lively and vibrant colours...now I understand why graphic designers and photographers prefer apple than windows...or maybe the thinkpad had too much smudges..finger prints...food leftover...bacteria under the keyboard...I can grow a bacteria farm on it...anyway I decided its just too pricey and overrated...I still prefer the thinkpad over anything else...the best analogy is to describe a thinkpad like a volvo and macbook like porsche....volvo exudes prestige and safety and the latter just to show off...nuff said

So now my 2nd choice and only choice I guess is to get an eeepc...the ultra cheap and portable laptop..its been in the market for almost a year and making dell and hp looks like an idiot...they are hammering the market and the major manufacturer are trying to play catch up....they just announced the 8.9 inch screen version for aud550..and the 7inch older sibling popping up in ebay for half the price...heck i'm cheap...just to surf and do some blogging would be enuff with the small screen..not like i'm gonna write a freakin novel or do programming on it....also would be great for a travel companion and dump all my pics in there...

And yes..talking abt pictures...my dslr pic counter have rolled over to 00001 while i'm in kedah...meaning we've shot over 10,000 pictures when I got the camera back in dec. That's quite a feat but saddening coz I still think the pic I took really sucks...and I hate photoshopping pictures..its not my thing....but I truly hold wht the guy who invented light bulb commented on his failure..."I have found 1000 way not to invent a light bulb"..was it thomas edison? Too lazy to look up on wikipedia.....till then..

Jul 26, 2008

victoria station...

last wednesday before we had our dinner at vistoria station, usj. tell u the truth, this is our first time dining in VS. not bad....they have a long list of menu and the serving is not as large as in chillis or tgif. treat by cs...big thank you.....

the four of us (CS, SA, Evil and Cheeky) have been frens since 95 during a-levels, but at that time it was just like "aku kenal kau, kau kenal aku". then we continue our 1st year degree at BCHEM and become close. 1998 didnt do justice to any of us....we're stuck in malaysia. we had a serious discussion on which local uni to go and it is decided that the uni must have english as their medium of language......MMU......frust giler

but now....we thought.....nasib baik tak pegi UK...giler mencanak nak kena bayar!!!

Jul 25, 2008

War driving in Putrajaya

While waiting for the missus for her so called appointment in the parking lot...i booted up the thinkpad and surprisingly there was 2 unsecured access point....tried the 1st one which has 70% strength..failed and then tried the 2nd one only 4% signal strength..and voila..i'm in heaven...that's why i loved the thinkpad....my dopod can't even find any of the access point...i usually don't agree of unsecured APs..but my cases...kudos to Bhg Sistem Maklumat...i'm bored and needed to be online....

can i quit my govt job....

and get a new one somewhere near the pavillion...


1st time dtg pavillion so i jakun la sket.....seriously we dunno what to eat where to eat...so i consult cik puan sabrina and cik puan menteri kewangan....

something korean for him

korean style sushi....makan ni together with kimchi and spicy anchivies....sedap yg amat itu kimchi

miso soup

my udon set....this is even better than kiku zakura!!!

Jul 24, 2008

The jaws

Yes I know..the pic doesn't do justice..but the dslr getting heavier by the day..or I am...the dentist already asked me to slow down on meatstuff...I complained to her abt my jaw..sorta a stinging feeling when I chew meat or rubber...she said I ate too much chewy food and have traumatised the jaw muscle...soft food for the next 2 weeks...

and yesterday I had rack of lamb in victoria station and today had kambing kuzi...sorry doc, I dun have much time here..and time is not on my side..i've been on see food diet since I touched down in kl and have never stopped eating since..and this is my first time ever hurting my jaw muscle like this...never came thru my mind i'd be in this predicament...to eat or not to eat...oh well.. 2 weeks on soft foods starts next week...I can swallow the pain and soldier on till sunday....

manic tuesday....

last tuesday, i went meronggeng the whole day from morning till 1 am to be exact. from sirpunk we straight to maybank cyberjaya again to collect my flex card. done with that balik usj for awhile to put away our luggage. dalam kol 12 lebih kuar gi OU coz we got appointment with our dentist. maimunah decided to follow us...ahhahaha. so first we had our lunch at tgif...

maimunah and her ice cream brownies wuteva the name is. makan sendrik lg...but just the ice cream. and she also had uncle g's fries and roti

while both of us takes turn to see our dentist, maimunah sibok berdrawing and playing around the clinics. setahun tak jumpa dentist nak dekat 700 dia ketok i...hampeh!!!

that nite, gi collect cebol kat umah mewah dia. cebol dgn baek hati telah bersetuju mensupirkan diri dia pd malam tu. so 1st stop is uptown..arrived there around 8pm.....

we had all these kat uptown: blackpepper lambchop for cebol, mine is sotong kangkung and the rest is balitong, lala and siput buluh (pepahat) makan ramai2. mr evil had rice with all those seafoods.

nak lepak lama lagi tp uptown tp panas plak so we make a move to oldtown kopitiam kat hartamas plak....lepak situ sampai la pukul 11.30 mlm.....dah abih uptown terus balik jalan duta....and we continue gossiping up until almost 1am tepi tennis court tu....haiyorkkk.....banyak input i mlm tu. the thing is....our circle of frens...me cebol and mr evils pi mai pi mai tang tu jugak...small world

me and cik puan menteri kewangan

Jul 23, 2008

khalidah and the chocolate factory....

this is khalidah and her chocolate factory....punyer lah susah nak amik gambar dia.....

selamat petang bangkok....

hari tu...lepas settle hal kat drimba gi one utama to meet faridah and we had our lunch at good evening bangkok....takdak la teringin sgt nak makan thai but....target nak makan ni jerk...

our fav appetizer. walaupun kat sydney ada halal thai rest yg best2, but they dont have this...and only this!!

other than that, we had this for lunch. tu ayam pandan sebenarnyer. tp waitrss kata daun dah abis so the chicken is without the leaves....

Jul 22, 2008

d'rimba...after one year

we're excited when we get the keys to our house yesterday morning. i even cancel my plan to go to JPA to clarify some stuffs. we first stop at maybank cyberjaya to collect my credit card. visa international detected some fraud transactions over my visa. so they block my card since last may which i only came to know last week. so i ask for replacement. instead of replacing it with the same flex card they swap it with wave. WT*!!! the lady at the counter said "sbb flex ni colour2 so skang dah mcm susah nak keluar"...i dont get it...again WT*!!! i ask her if let say my card takdak this kind of problem and when my membership expired, are they goin to issue with the same flex card. and she said yes!! soooo....apa beza nyer skang ni when u have to replace my card with same flex function. (WT*) u replace my card with wave. i told her by hook or by crook i want the flex function back. u cant simply change my card function. flex for me is the best because they dont have the annual fees but instead monthly fees of RM3.95. and they will waived the monthly fees if your spending is more than RM200....which is no problem for me...ahahahha. kalau tak lebih 200 pun fees 4 hengget tuh tak la byk mana even when total up 12 months pun kan.

then the lady ask me.....nak card colour apa (boleh pulak tanyer nak card colour apa...kata susah nak keluar)....i said dulu colour hijau but skang i tak kisah colour apa as long as it is flex. then i chow. mr evil said i tak diplomacy when dealing with ppl at customer service....erk...like who cares!!!

anyway, i dah terlari tajuk sebenar nyer. enjoy the pics of our very own drimba. this is our real unit....

after dah tgk rumah semua, we then went to the mgt office to settle some stuffs. sebelum masuk, i ask mr evil "boleh tak i deal with them without any diplomacy?".....mr evil kata, yg ni boleh....cheh...boleh cenggitu!!!

Jul 21, 2008

cheeky girl...

buat orang - orang perth....here's the latest pic of maimunah and muaz....

muaz...with maimunah hiding behind the chair

maimunah tak takut ngan uncle g, they can read books together.

Jul 19, 2008

homemade foods - part 2

now i cant remember which day is this...maybe thursday...yerp...i'm sure its last thursday. we had our late lunch at around 4pm after my father chemo session. the chemo session kali ni guna ubat kuat sikit. can already see the effect starting yesterday and especially today. he is really really tired. was thinking of goin to the airport 2morrow by just calling the cab. but my father insist to ask the help from my niece next door. tgk lah mcm mana......

sup sayur for my father

udang lipan goreng kunyit. tak best la udang ni. dah la kulit keras susah nak bukak. isi sikit plak tu. i makan satu jer

there shud be more pics....but the wifi here mlm ni very slow...so i malas. later i update

Jul 18, 2008

Perayaan Jubli Emas Sultan Kedah

last tuesday plan asal nak kuar very early morning to watch the parade. tp hujan plak plus malas. so we all just kuar around 9pm.

dekat roundabout stadium, keter banyak tp traffic tak la terok still under control.

park our car at the stadium and walk all the way to Balai Besar. go figure the distance!! tp bagus derang buat dua karoeke singing contest kat two diff spot. karoeke budak2 sklah jer pun

mcm biasa budak2 sekolah nak meramai kan majlis

dear yani, apa ingat aloq setaq takdak menara?? hahahah

pakcik jual belon

the crowd. tesco pun dah bukak kat mergong. ada big apple lagik!!

ada a group of pakciks bawak basikal tua

morgan, tok abib suh tunjuk gambar ni kat u. anyway, masa ni ada sorang pompuan yg tak berapa 'sihat' dok sibok bagi arahan ngan abg askar

i didnt notice anything until mr evil kata he took this pic because misai pakcik tu melentik. sila besarkan gambar

clock tower

balai besar

khemah vip. sure panas giler tuh dengan baju istiadat nyer lagi

lupa dah keter sapa ni

the bahtera

keter SUM

just look at the crowd. dpt nampak tengkolok sultan jerk. other than that tunku intan safinaz and menteri besar. yg lain i tak kenal.