Oct 27, 2008

Maroubra Beach Open House 261008

Open House 2005
Mr Evil: Lepas ni jgn buat soto lagi dah

Open House 2008
Mr Evil: Lepas ni jgn buat soto lagi dah!!!!

hahahahahh....yg jenuhnyer soto nak siat ayam. dha itu jer yg i tau masak byk2....nasib laa

main course table (purple table): soto ayam and mee rojak
Dessert table (green coffee table): lasagna, pudding jagung with fruit koktel, mars slice, mixed berries cake, chocolates & lemon syrup

mmg plan nak buat theme purple. one thing kat sini geram tgk disposable plates and bowls dia...mcm2 kolor ada. so anyway, i even bought two purple plastic tablecloth yg sgt sgt murah but then bila letak kat both table it is wayyyyy toooooooooooo purple. so instead guna jer la balik my current green table cloth for the coffee table. plus suatu ketika dulu masa form 5....saya adalah pencinta colour combination green-purple. even seliper pun green purple.

the close-up

begedil (yg agak terdry), kacang goreng and bawang goreng

suhun goreng (i teringat 1st time goreng suhun terus tepon adcebol), daun bawang (daun sup takdak) and mangkok telangkop tuh for my sambal kicap....tak sempat letak dia dah photoshoot. anyway, the sambal kicap tak pedas langsung...gerrrammm!!!

mcm biasa....sardin puffs. buat on friday...bakar separuh masak and frozen it. saya suka bakar sardin puffs masa tetamu datang because it is best eaten masa panas2

lasagna buat pagi ahad. target nak buat 3 tray...1.5kg tak cukup rupanyer...so 2nd and 3rd tray daging kena catu. infact third tray dapat buat dua layer jerk

puding jagung and mango fruit koktel

chewy mars slice and mixed berries cake

chocolate for the kids

cantik tak my piala??? sirap lemon. tak sangka jugak ramai tak tau sini ada jual sirap...but of course from indonesia tp sedap!! i suka sirap hijau perisa melon.

kacang ini sgt sedap. frida yg introduce. mmg purposely beli utk gang laki2 sbb salu budak laki kalau borak seronok dok ngunyah jugak. the girls tak yah ngunyah sbb we concentrate on our talking points...ahahhaha. shud have buy more laa hr tu kacang ni

and most importanly, the gossip corner. itu my mocha from the coffee club to boost my energy for the whole day of sunday.

ada lagi gambar later2 lah

Oct 24, 2008

grounded for 2 months!!!

efisen sungguh JPA
complete dia potong my allowance until my contract date
bahang goin back for good sudah mula terasa....
but am too lazy to start packing....in fact i dont how and where to start
called up my mum this afternoon and dia suggest upah orang jer packing
i really like the idea...tp somehow kena ask quotations first
kalau price dia reasonable...why not kann
i'm targeting to send all my stuffs back to m'sia before christmas
no more shopping!!! afterlast year punyer boxing day experience...i dont think i am looking fwd to this year punyer (boleh caya kaa)....plus we have another mega project towards the end of the year
saya rasa saya akan memerintah berkurungkan diri saya untuk tempoh 2 bulan ini....kalau keluar kang.....takut jadi nyer...saya terrrrnampak....saya terrrsuka...saya terrrbeli!!!

by the way yani, shopping list is not in my dictionary except for groceries shopping!!! tak yah berlist2 semua tuh...apa yg ko nampak...kalau ko suka...amik jerkkk!!!!!

Oct 23, 2008

Spring before the winter

IMGP3768.jpg, originally uploaded by gjoule.

I shot this 2 days while walking back to catch my bus. It was a bit windy..but still lots of sunlight and great colours..Then things went south after that with snowing up in Katoomba and 10 degrees around the city. We have to whipped out the heater once again....sigh...

Oct 22, 2008

mesyuarat tergempar...

dlm pukul 6 lebih smalam buzz Puan DO Alexandria nak pinjam periok dia for my open hse (sharing is caring)....ingat nak amik this saturday but dia offer nak antar mlm tu gak.....ni baru betol nama DO. wah!! so apa lagi ajak dinner kat umah. tp terus terang i kata....i ada daging jerk...belom re-stock fridge lagi ni. so takpa...sup daging plus telor dadar. sekali pikir...ajak Puan Presiden World Kitchen baguih gak ni..leh buat mesyuarat tergempar. murah rezeki Tuan Presiden dok tgk masak dinner so leh top-up my sup daging yg ala kadar tuh. within one hour ni jer yg i mampu...plus onion cheese puffs tak sempat amik gambor....

gambar before tak sempat amik lah

sebelum meeting kita makan dulu

Meeting utk year-end mega project bermula sambil pekena teh limau plus onion cheese puff. DO amik minit mesyuarat

Oct 20, 2008


the day.....

my final class here in UNSW

am i happy?
am i sad?

i'm not sure....the feeling is indescribable

but its not the end yet
still have to wait for results

Oct 18, 2008

Spring Cleaning

IMGP3695.jpg, originally uploaded by gjoule.

I did asked arlene why westerners call it spring cleaning? She went and explained that winter is too cold, summer is too nice and autumn usually farmers harvest their crop... So the only available season to clean up is Spring!! Voila

Abt the picture - i was waiting for the 2nd floor tennant to come out too but just couldn't get the best timing for the 3 of them in the balcony...

Oct 17, 2008

the long awaited sale...

great....just great.......

i've been looking fwd to my final shopping escapade @ kas clearance sale before goin back for good and i received the good news today in my mailbox....

but look at the dates.....huwarghhhh. i dont think i can make it on both dates. 25hb ada club openhouse (aci tak kalau pi awal balik awal??) while on the 26th plak i'll be hosting my very own open house (jemput datang semuaa)....

blessing in disguise....save duit (or can channel to other stuffs)


so we didnt have any ayam goreng kunyit or sup tulang the mamak style yesterday. but i prepared sup daging yg nearly as good as the mamak style with telor dadar.....yummy

malaysian....we are too dependant on mamak....pagi petang siang malam makan kat mamak pun takpa. tambah plak mamak zaman skang dah westernized

Oct 16, 2008

evil and cheeky @ home thinking what to eat....

kalau demam2 ni...tekak plak tak sedap......sgt best kalau dapat

ayam goreng kunyit the mamak style
pix credit to: steventan.org

sup tulang the mamak style
pix credit to: melopong.blogspot.com

and telur dadar the mamak style
pix credit to: everythingasian.blogspot.com

of buying online....

the waiting is neverending
the joy is.....

when Mr Postman came knocking at your door one sunny afternoon with all four items. 2 for him and 2 for her.....

and now i am waiting patiently for another 2 parcels
one is from AH
and another one is from here

Oct 15, 2008

tennis session with dura

the retail theraphy after capstone...

Di suatu hari yg suram....hujan turun non-stop...but still it didnt stop me from my retail theraphy after the big submission (a reason not to go cycling on tuesday)

dah tahu hujan....sejuk2 but still nak jugak keluar

look for some stuffs at MYER tapi tak berkenaan plak

bought some stuffs at dusk for the house...but it didnt help at the moment sbb hidung tersumbat

actually, mr evil is trying out his brand new toy...a brand new lens he got from the city....the last one....so he said!!! ntah yer ntah idak

and saya kembali demam akibat terkena huja smalam....huuuuu

Oct 14, 2008

Week 11

last class for capstone, we're having our final presentation...so some ppl dressed to kill!!! owh!! thats reuben, he's a genius. his name is everywhere on the net....he create a pen that can sms or something like that.

my team, the powerpuffs girls - minus salin (from thailand) who came in late. Lan in Green from vietnam, Jane in black from China, Joey in cream from HK (she's a PR here but will return home to HK after graduating end of this year) and me from malaysia!! yerp, i think we are the only group that dont have any local ppl for this project and of course the only all-girls group. but we had so much fun. during the first few weeks of the semester, i was telling Tao another fren of mine how lucky she is to have a local english teacher as a group member but....it is actually a DISASTER! when u work as a team....you will either have 'sleeping-member' who couldnt care less about the progress of your report or an arrogant member who always think that he is always rite and in control of everything. but anyway, presentation yesterday was great. we had one guest evaluator for the presentation. and the best part is he pick me as the best presenter (not all members present). wah!! bangga ni kena puji first time in front of the class ni. 1stly because of my voice projection (mcm reality show plak)....i was very clear and loud....well actually....i am not fully recovered yet from my sore throat...so sore masih lagi kasar so thats why nampak mcm loud kot. other than that is how i stress on some of the key points and my eye contact with the audience and the slides adalah sgt consistent....wah!!! sorry la i have to write this in my blog...sounds poyo but i need to record this...ni kan my dear diary! it will bring back memories after reading it 1-2 years later....huuuu. the presentation yesterday wrap up my my capstone project. surely i'm gonna miss all the get-together discussion plus some GG session with the girls. walaupun kami berlainan negara dan culture...tp GG tetap GG okeh!!!

with henry and joey, both from HK

kuni from japan during our training class...not the last class though.

with arif and frida from indonesia and nasir from pakistan. by the way, i am not that really short!!! nampak kertas2 kat depan tuh....thats actually kertas conteng2....time org present kat depan....kami berempat passing2 note bergossip bagai (mcm zaman DPA dulu)....ni nama nyer GGB.

Oct 13, 2008

One fine day

Last friday.. i came home early..too early than usual.still alot of daylight. Not in the mood to watch lame soap opera or Oprah..or cooking show..so i decided to walk down the beach to shoot couple of photos...
I planned to shoot some surfers doing their thing with the zoom lens and try out the ND filters i got from ebay for cheap..but nobody was surfing that day..i dunno why..maybe baru balik from sembahyang jumaat...who knows...
Anyways i decided to walk up to the beach pool and capture the waves crashing with the pool at the foreground...
I was sitting on the rocks...listening to my ipod..mounted the camera on the tripod and wait for the best moment to pull the trigger...it was heavenly peaceful...hanged out for almost an hour ...and after walking up and down the rocks and shooting more pic and trying to avoid any pictures of kids...a dude came up to me...gabriel like sylar's real name from heroes...late 40 with huge beer belly and ask if i can send him all the pictures i took...i said ok...got his email address and we started chatting....
Later, after he left..a lady around mid 30 came up and asked me whether i managed to shoot a pair of mother and baby whale swimming down the beach....and i was like, " whatttttt...there was whales just now swimming here?".. i was kicking my self again..this time i had my camera...at the beach...but i didn't notice the frickin moby dick...arghhh...she was laughing and thought i was going to send the pictures to Sydney Morning Herald for daily prizes..and i reckoned i would have won with that kind of pictures...
Well, maybe wat they say is true...luck is not abt being at the right time, at the right place...but when opportunity arise...u are well prepared, focused on the objectives and took the leap of faith...

Oct 11, 2008

dear beskal....

this tuesday, if say mr evil abis keje awal...i nak ajak dia pi centennial park because....

i nak naik beskallll!!!

the last time i naik beskal "bersungguh2" i think would be in the year 1995 or 96 kat bukit cerakah with my 14J classmates. ...jauh jugak ronda dlm bukit cerakah tu naik turun bukit masuk hutan rimba segala....what ever happen to bukit cerakah nowadays??

oh how i miss my black BMX

maybe when i'mback home later, i should get myself a beskal so that i can cycle around d'rimba every evening after work....wah!!! as if la mcm rajin kannn

yg benar,
kemaruk nak naik beskal

Oct 10, 2008

the conversation...

friday nite, after finishing her parts for the capstone project.....

wife: penat gilerr (talking to herself)
wife: lepas ni i tak nak belajar dah tauuuuuu (loudly to the husband)
husband: phd dulu ok
wife: tak mauuuuuuuuu

roger and out

Oct 9, 2008

free handbag anybody??

yerp....now who else can give you a handbag for freee.....yerpp...its free. its none other than


they are giving away a free handbag every hour for 24 hours on the day of the launch - 15 October 2008. so act now and choose you fav handbag...its free mann.....no harm in trying....no shipping cost, handling or even credit card requirement...

let me know if you guys do win a bag....

biar menyesal register
jgn menyesal tak register

who knows...lady luck is coming you way

Oct 8, 2008

Politics and me...

Australia got a new leader in the opposition party...brendan nelson was voted out from the liberal tribal council and will be seating as a backbencher. The voting was called by him to draw a line for supporters but I guess it back fired. He failed to forge alliance within his party and that was the main factor of his exile. The new and upcoming leader...winning the immunity challenge is malcolm turnbull...he was the deputy of liberal clan aka brendan's no 2...this reminds me of a reality tv I used to watch way back....and note the similarities ...wat a twist of event we have here..I wonder malaysia can top that...it has a good plot...the cliffhanger..the controversy

Now the US presidential election, it reminds me of American Idols...coz ppl vote for the most popular...the cutest voice...obama n mccain have great public speaking skills..even palin the alaskan governor..but very shaky on her attendance though...they all give false promises...like i'll do my best for the fan...I mean country...vote for me...critics have a love hate relationship...media spins any juicy story whether heartwarming or just slander...die hard fans have their own FC like akademi fantasia and brings huge banners...

Malaysia would be the Apprentice...we'll see whether Paklah gonna get the axe - Ur fired!....is he sleeping on the job? Twidling his thumb or he has a comeback plan and ready for round 2....would there be a shocking change to the premiership...yeap the cliffhanger ...cue music....and whether the change is just another dillusional promises of corporotacracy in action...a term from John Perkin's Confession of the Economic Hitmen....stay tuned..

Good time ain't it? The world is just one big soap opera..the politicians as the main cast....and as an old song nicely described it "sometimes truth stranger than fiction"....

I just recently watched 2 documentaries titled Zeitgeist and America : freedom to fascism that inspired this entry...coz I love good conspiracy theories..

Oct 5, 2008

my raya....2008 (Work In Progress)

entry dibuat bermula dary raya ke 5...by the time nak tulis raya pertama...i dah pancit....so saya mau tido....esok ambung plus leh tambah raya ke 6

tak gi mana coz i was really sick. call emy and say sorry to her coz tak dpt nak attend her open hse....huuuuuu

Kak Nora MARA & Family - ni jiran setaman ni. ada mee kari, spagetti,macaroni bakar, kek from lakemba. ni 2nd time datang umah dia. 1st time was exactly one year ago masa dia buat kenduri masuk umah baru. really really love her house....modern layout and balcony view of maroubra beach!!!

Open House MSD kat M'sia Hall - Macam2 ada: nasi beriani, sate, roti canai, roti jala, mihun goreng kuih macam2 jenis plus drinks. as usual team postgrad kena in-charge kuih muih, so i bawak mini portugis egg tart.

raya ke 5 ni mmg complete my one day meal...ehehhehehe

1. Brunch at Hazizan, Nora and Rina - sampai dalam nak dekat kol 1 kot. haiyarkkkk....boleh lupa amik gambar. salu amik gambar lepas makan tp
since dah ramai sgt org so tak sempat sbb nak bagi ruang org lain duduk and enjoy the yummylicious lunch spread - nasi ayam, mee/mihun sup, rojak etc etc

2. Dinner at Farid, Yani and Darwish - dinner awal around 4.30 plus kot sampai lepak sampai pukul 7. Pn Yani kita buat dia nyer specialty - nasi kerabu. with ayam bakar, daging kicap, mihun sup and tiramisu. ayam bakar 14 ekor tu babe....kagum kagummmmm!!!

the three of us - me, kak nira and fiza (with spec) - adalah alumni SRK King George V, Seremban. infact fiza is my junior from SMSJ tapi dia masuk 95 so again tak sempat jumpa. kami bertiga jejak kasih di sydney, australia.

masa amik gambar ni punyer la byk kamera - 5-6 bijik kot...penat sengih

3. Supper at Fiza & Hisham - ni kira early supper...around 7 plus. dengar kata pn fiza kita buat makan2 sampai 3 kali...and each single time diff menu tu babe!!! hebat hebattt!! this time dia buat sizzling mee, custard and salad ala2 pizza hut...tu diaaa

time ni semua dah pi serbu sizzling mee dah

4. Ngopi at Insan, Lia, Durra and Diena - ni kami last minute gak request nak pi umah insan since dah ada keter ni. Pn Lia kita stilll dlm pantang....their new arrival baby diena baru 25 hari. depa 3 beranak hantu games....jgn main2 cik durra kita tuh w'pun baru 2 tahun tapi hebat. dgr citer ada org kalah main tenis ngan durra...heheheh. tp hari ni cik durra kurang konsentrasi sbb ada 'kakak' tuh sibok dok amik gambar dia. nanti tunggu baby diena besar mesti leh join sekaki. Pn Lia kita buat kopi kaw kaw....kopi cap kapal api guna coffee machine style kat cafe2 sini....akibat nyer skang ni kol 320 a.m i am still wide awake....hahahaha...bagus gak leh buat assignment

Oct 4, 2008

Daylight Saving

the beginning of daylight saving
now we are 3 hours ahead of m'sian time

Mamma Mia The Musical @ Istana Budaya

speechless ok speechless!!!
rasa mcm nak balik dgn kadar segera

Category : Theatre
Date : 17 Dec 08 - 04 Jan 09
Time :
Panggung Sari, Istana Budaya


Oct 3, 2008

raya gift....

i'm waiting patiently for 8th October to arrive...then only i can start dreaming about my raya gift...

AH Jourdan in black....i prefer brown actually but couldnt get any pic to link it here...can check out at their official website.
AH Brando in Black

nope...none of the above. mahal nak mampus. but AH will be introducing their affordable but stylish collection exclusively online starting 8th October for only 4 days!!! yerp it is super duper cheap but heyy....its authentic!! and sgt stylo!! makaseh evil dear

*all pixs are from shopstyle

Oct 2, 2008

demam...1st eva during raya


29th Ramadhan
suddenly rasa mcm nak demam. telan panadol dua biji...tido jap. dah bangun rasa lega sikit. so i thot it must be my usual demam on-off.

30th Ramadhan
ptg sket again, my voice dah start jadi 'rock'. again rasa berat kepala mau demam....so tido jap then again bangun rasa lega

1st Syawal
the day....rock abis my voice!! i am not able to enjoy my raya because of my voice...susah nak borak2...reach home after maghrib...........demam balikk....huuuuuuuuuuuu (padan muka minum lagi air sejuk...tp sgt tempting air sejuk time2 panas ni)

2nd Syawal
ok sket2....but i think i have to miss emy's open house. ikutkan boleh nak pi with mr evil but then nak naik bas panas2 and jalan2 lagi (plus makan2 lagi), i'm pretty sure balik kang temperature naik semula.......huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

my 1/2 kilo rendang yg tak terusik smalam dah selamat dikerjakan oleh mr evil's colleague. they want to fire mr evil and replace him with me at work....hahahahaha. lepas ni nak kena translate my mum's rendang recipe to english....camne erk nak describe kerisik??

Oct 1, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya.....

****pls scroll down for latest update (kalau ada)****