Nov 30, 2008

but i have to...

Shop: Oroton
Location: Birkenhead Point
Result: its cheap what do u expect?? hahahaha
To whom it may concern: 3 days only, end this Monday ;)

Nov 29, 2008

the usual 3 days shopping adventure....

1 hari tak cukup
2 hari pun tak cukup
maka kami serbu untuk kali ke 3

mcm our 3 days trip to Cik Noriah Binti Take earlier this month

Trolley hari ke 3, kalau tak silap ni baru 3/4 perjalanan

p/s: surely gonna miss all these adventures :(

Nov 28, 2008

my workstation....

mentang i tak keje skang so nobody tag me the workstation game...except for gorjes. so this is my workstation at the moment....cosynyerrrr

melayan mrs. thinking pad dgn sandar kat cushions sambil melunjurkan kaki....i kan muat la nak kaver satu sofa tu....ahahahaha. i mmg tak suka duduk kat meja study i...ish!! sapa nak beli my sofa????

wif the new template yang ntah lama mana akan bertahan. hmmm!!! i only have 2 pairs of cushion cover utk rectangle size.....ada KAS sale plak this weekend....hmmmm!!!

Nov 27, 2008


i know this is my 3rd entry of the day...but i need to blog about this today
to mark the date

every single day i'll make sure that i'll check my unimail account for the assessment result...but nope....nothing
then i saw henry's FB status abt completing the master degree bla bla so i the result out?
and yerp!!! after 5pm!!! and i only got to know this only at about 10.40 pm ??? sheeehhhssss

*big grin*

me - the best damn thing!!!!

hey hey hey
hey hey hoooooo

Me...I'm a Scene.....I'm a Drama Queen!!
I'm the best damn thing that your eyes have ever seen...

padan muka....

oh yes i know....very keji. i was playing around and opss!! i did it again. rite now at this very moment malas nak repair apa2 so pls bear with the new kelam kabut look. bila mood sudah datang then macam biasa i will privatised this blog for say 1-2hrs or longer for WIP

adoi...selalu mcm ni

tapi mr evil suh keep it like this...too simple!! we'll see...i want something chic but not him. so camne ni???

Nov 26, 2008

wednesday - ladies day!!!!

since last week lagi mmg dah janji dgn ida nak ikut dia tgk her son's playgroup activities kat this public school near my house. so she came to pick me up around 11 and off we go. it was eye-opener for me. even the volunteer yg buat the activities tu pun budak2 muda yg kalau u jumpa kat luar mmg u takkan sangka she is doin all these activities for the kids. dgn style dressingnyer...dgn subang penuh telinga......i am very very impressed with this girl and i knew that she is a lot younger than me. and from my observation, she sounds very concern in all her conversations with the parents regarding the kids. god bless her

then masa break, nampak this one lady pakai tudung baru baru ida kata. so takpa lah.....tak lama lepas i heard a guy calling my name....sekali toleh ariff!! my fren from univ. first time dia datang situ nak hantar anak dia jugak...cute lil boy....i wish u well my dear....may u grew up to be strong and healthy like your father!!

abis dah kat playgroup tu off we went to the city hantar barang kat the husband. tgk jam byk masa lagi ni before 3...maka kami pun buat drastic decision utk membeli belah tanpa berhemah di suatu tpt kejadiann.................

ni gambar baru separuh perjalanan

worth going.....worth buying.....
i wish i can buy a lot more....ish!! geramnyer
so frens, not sure whether it is your 'thing' or not but no harm in going....sekadar jalan2 cuci mata
1st hint: the box with the white serving plate....yg jenis byk jual kat Victoria Basement - AUD5!! and cake stand....mcm2 jenis mcm2 corak...mcm2 harga - speechless. they have everything dr homewares ke toys, children educational books and many more...and frames?? haiyork!!! speechless....this is even better than boxing day....sekian

girlish pink...

my current inbox theme.....girlish pink. i'm having fun changing from one theme to another. dont u just lurve gmail?? i've been using it since like i cant remember when. so apa yg best ngan thing sbb dia akan kumpulkan all emails with the same subject in just one kalau berbalas2 email kat satu slot tu jer lah dia berkumpul. tp disadvantage nyer bende ni....i tend to miss out one or two emails kalau a few masuk serentak in the same slot. or kalau i terclick open one email without realising. other than that spam pun byk tp semua mostly masuk spam folder terus. but mmg senang nak manage lah gmail ni. my yahoomail mmg dah lama terkubur bila teringat jer baru login masuk...and nowadays penuh ngan invitation to join ntah apa2 hi-5 la networking apa lah.

and my d'rimba byk betul la problem with the mangement...biasa la bab2 maintenance ni. lps tuh ada plak problem ngan developer psl kes2 title strata yg haram langsung i tak paham all the terms....takper lah balik kang baru lah join forces with the rest of the owners.

the other day i was browsing the virgin blue website for return flight tickets for sydney-perth for 1st - 6th december. supersaver dpt la 360 return kot but tp available for only one seat. so the other half dah bagi renungan tajam...NO!!! sajer jer pun gatai tangan tgk harga ticket....parents will be there for the whole month of December...syiok nyerrr

my entry from one para to another mmg tiada link sbb i ngantok. owh..cantek tak our new signature...thank you zett!!

Nov 25, 2008

I'm thirsty....

This is one of all time fav ads i've seen in Oz...The one showed in the tv only last 30 seconds..but this is the complete clip...beautifully crafted...with bright colours...almost looked like a bravia commercial ( bravia commercial is quite nice too with the stop motion effect)....and slow motion macam matrix without the bullet time...without showcasing the product until the final seconds...
After watching the ad..i rasa mcm nak kluar and beli teringin plak nak minum A&W Root Beer Float...sigh

Yes we can...bob the builder

This yr US election was very interesting.. For one, I understand the hoopla...since arlene is the go-to person if we dun understand the difference betw popular vote and electoral vote...I finally get it coz its a little diff than a parliament or a monarchy system. Anyways, I dun fancy writing stuff abt politics so I want write abt the technology behind it.
The voting machine was a major screw up..year after year there is always problem with it. Diebold need to swap windows98 with linux..I think the whole problem can be solved if there are ctr-alt-del button provided.
Then there's online ticker...its so easy to monitor those number via the net...since we dun have tv in the office...its the next best thing..I remembered watching the ticker update during world everybody have to use their imagination of wats happening on the pitch...
And the piece de resistance...the cnn newsroom..huge lcd or plasma screen with multi touch capabilities...that really whet my appetite for a bigger tv screen...and yes plasma are better than lcd on certain circumstances.....all of the info at the tip of their fingers..and able drill down the stats to a micro level...its unheard of...
That doesn't count the lame holographic prezo by one of the anchor does remind me of princess leia in the 1st star wars....
So, we've come a long way to that moment...a not so black elected as president...but my money is on the kingmaker who still have their hands on those ppl....the same ol story...nothing has changed..

Nov 24, 2008

Bila dunia tanpa sempadan

Thanks to the technology, mcm2 benda kita boleh buat....with the technology i am able to meet again frens yg dah lama lost contact, i am able to analyse who my blog reader are. besides the counter, ada macam2 cara lagi kita boleh CSI......kalau terror buat CSI insyaAllah mcm2 kita boleh jumpa....hanya sabrina jer memahami technique CSI i...hihihih. wake up rina wake up - sila update blog!!! anyway, besides link dr kawan ada mcm2 keyword search yg boleh end up to my blog. hari tu masa tulis psl mamma mia @ istana budaya pun bukan main ramai lagi terrrmasuk sini.

ni dia search my blog address terus ke search engine. alahai, naper tak masuk bookmark terus. lg senang kan. duduk 3 jam tuh.....lama sey. anyway, i hope u enjoy ur stay.

ni plak from Blackburn Building. Address blog plak dia dapat dr yahoo mail account dia kot. somebody must have email this person my blog address la kot.

yg ni pun i kagum sbb this person manage to visit my blog using exactly the same sentence of my entry....suratan atau kebetulan

so my dear, nak buat domain sendrik dak??? but trust me...tahun depan i dont think i am able to update the blog this often. tgk jer la my archive in 2006....baper byk jer blog entry.....100 pun tak sampai. 2005 byk sket sbb 1st year blogging plus mr evil pun rajin dok memblog masa tu

p/s: yani....ada org pernah google nama kau ngan ejuwan and end up kat sini....kau google nama kau sendrik erkkk......ahahahahha

Kurang Ajar!!!!

Baru hari tu sale lagik?? motif buat sale banyak kali....selalu 3-4 bulan sekali jerk....
i dont think i'm goin....nanti kang ada yg bising
so ini utk makluman semua sapa yg berminat

The BBQ Lite & Easy

Saya mmg slow sikit bab nak update citer cepat2.....ija dah berkurun citer psl bbq saya baru terheg-heg nak buat. i am always like that....salu blog ikut mood apa nak citer bukan ikut event...ihihihihih

Many weeks ago, a few others were dicussing abt having a seafood bbq session near the beach. i was not around during this discussion. i only came to know abt it masa bila Pn Organizer sdg menconteng crayon di dinding Pn X (bukan nama sebenar) di FB nyer. So i pun menyibokkkan diri dan dgn tak tau malunyer melantik diri sendrik menjadi Pn Sekritari...i got nothing to do might as well i help here and there...nothing much pun just prepare the workplan (wah!! mcm gempak) and updating it from time to time - all within 1 week or so mind u!!

this is actually not an official event. there is no invitation list or whatsoeva. benda ni involve collection of money sbb seafood is not cheap here. so we let everybody do the networking. infact it was clearly mentioned in the original email - the more the merrier. so Pn Bedah ajak Pn Senah...pehtu Pn Senah ajak Pn Limah ngan Pn Tipah and the list continues so invitation jadi berekor. i myself personally invited 2 couples. mcm tu la jadi nyer.....daripada 8 org terus melonjak naik ke 38 org adults excluding kids. in fact ada yg i baru jumpa for the first was beyond our expectation that the gathering is a big success......ngeeeeeeee. lain punyer function kita tak penah pun nak question. ish!! awat kalut tak tau!! hahahahha.......tiada niat lain selain dari nak makan seafood di tepi pantai....LOLROFL

kita dalam berkawan mmg akan ada kawan2 yg kita lebih rapat/sekepala...frens that we can talk just about anything. but whatever it is, u must open yourself to just everybody. dont limit your circle....just open it. jgn mudah jatuh hukum kalau tak tahu citer sebenar....above all, i'm happy that i've met with some old frens and new frens and everything went well

one of the many group photos yg tak pernah complete ngan all those who came

tpt kejadian very early morning at 9 am. mr evil turun awal utk cop tpt. this is a public electric bbq facilicities provided by the city council. in fact masa we all tgh bbq one city council guy came to do some maintenance thingy kat bende ni. since this is a public properties so jgn la main terus bakar atas tu jer...make sure beli aluminium foil yg heavy duty....not the normal one....dan alas la berlapis2.

men at work

sekadar lakonan

mat salleh ni mmg berabok cakap melayu....dia kata dia banyak kali pi m'sia. kami jamu dia sket makanan apa yang ada....iiihihih

santai - lite & easy

saadah & juhanni - first time i kenal masa BBQ

both pointing at the same thing at the same time

Tn F jadi babysitter

makanan sampai tak cukup meja - semua ni voluntary basis

ada tradisional

ada modern

Air Asam yg menggiurkan by Pn. W

main menu for BBQ mmg seafood tp beli jugak sikit daging 3 - 4kilo. TQ for all yg volunteer nak marinate. Daging by Pn N.

Ikan pelbagai rasa - by Pn. Y & Pn. F

Udang by Pn. P and Pn. F. Chicken BBQ Satay fully sponsored by (nama dirahsiakan atas faktor keselamatan....ngeeeeeeee). ada minah2 salleh time dok lalu pi pantai sempat singgah tgk kami nyer seafood bbq...masing2 dok puji nampak menarik

Sotong by Pn. F & Pn I

Nov 22, 2008

the day he sabotage me....

i am so freaking bored at home rite now sbb takdak gang nak gadoh!!! mr evil went to his company dinner somewhere in homebush. i didnt go because dah kena sabotaj dgn mr evil himself. a month before mmg dah plan nak pi....then after dpt invitation card apa semua suddenly he decided not to go. then suddenly he called me up yesterday saying that he changed his mind and nak pegi pulak. last minute betol...malas i. so i assume mmg dia saja nak sabotaj pikiran i bg malas nak pi so that he can go there alone with his officemate to cucuk langit!!! haahhaahha

nothing much to write, this morning went out early to check out the kiribili market. byk gile stalls bukak sempena christmas ni...bought myself some chic small cosmetic pouch for handbag. mmg dah lama gila target nak beli tp sbb byk org jual so i just took my own sweet time to buy. on the way balik lalu the rock market pulak pun bertambah2 stalls so i got another chich sunglasses pouch to replace my sunnies casing yg dah pecah. and we also bought these 8 pieces of logscent yg sgt harum bau dia for $20. mr evil yg beria beli....

esok tak tau lagi plan apa....plan nak pi birkenhead point pun asyik terpospone sbb kes malas. ada gambar nak upload tp malas pulak nak transfer ke laptop....daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Nov 21, 2008

tired but happy....

hari ni penat betol....went out with ida utk kesekian kalinyer ukur jalan kat e/garden. plannyer nak pi e/garden sat terus sampai ke petang....from 11 plus to 4 plus. lama kan....padahal e/garden jerk...sampai ada org dok penin paler pikir apsal la tak jemu2 kami pi e/garden. bahaya gak ida ni...segala selok belok sales kat e/garden pun dia tau ni....siap dia perturunkan ilmu when is the best time to come. yg jadi lama tadi sbb ada sales kat k-mart. balik umah dok lepak2 sat minum petang sambil buat rancangan mari memasak while nabila kusyuk dok main wii ngan mr evil. yg cute nyer masuk2 umah terus tarik tangan mr evil ajak ada org tu tak paham2....ahahahahha

check blog sat....wah!!! banyak betol hit hari ni especially from NSW. bagus gak nii....boleh tambah income nuffnang i yg masih tak seberapa tu....ahahahah. anyway i would like to welcome all my new readers. seriously ramai hr ni...why erk?? ada tuh...dok melepak kat blog i berjam2......ada tuh yg search kat google some famous phrase yg i sendrik pun terperanjat.....ada tuh dpt link blog i dr yahoo email account dia.....Alhamdullillah.....thank you for your interest... *wink*. owh!! i must really put the screenshot of my new visitors...nanti erk...esok ker.......

some frens terperanjat with my previous posting...yerp quite harsh.....tak pernah tulis entry marah melainkan sebab keje. but now i am mad and at the same time very sad. marah dengan sikap manusia yg tiada diplomasi dalam berbicara...marah juga dengan sikap manusia yang mengadili sesuatu konflik secara berat sebelah. sedih dengan mangsa keadaan yang dulu, kini dan mungkin selamanya menjadi mangsa keadaan. seriously i cannot imagine if i were to be in his situation....i wish i can help...but i cant. been there....done that! Hanya tuhan jer yg tahu apa rasa masa tu....i was just trying to give my purest opinion on some stuffs and suddenly dum dam dum dam....kiri kanan atas bawah....then only i know, owh!! mcm ni rupa nyer gaya org kat sini berbicara. tak kisah la kalau tak setuju with my opinion but tak payah la dum dam dum dam kiri kanan atas bawah dgn begitu kasar sekali. i tried very hard to renew back the relationship.....just forgive and forget.....

kat mesia dulu kenapa tak pernah jumpa bende mcm ni yerk...pelik betol la. saya pun ada join yahoogroup lain jugak....i was even the moderator for my school and univ yahoogroup...pelik betol lah!!

yg benar
ahkak cantek

Nov 20, 2008

the famous phrase....

...****** campak kat mana2 pun sama jer perangai....

whoever yg start this phrase....i salute u...u are so so true and i am actually experiencing it rite now. i always thot that coming here is a very good decision for me to experience a new life.....with more privacy....less stress and hatred...but it is so so wrong. lg terok lg ada...

kadang2 pelik betol lah....masing2 semua belajar tinggi2 tapi kenapa perangai mcm budak2 sampai boleh menjatuhkan maruah org lain. yg pelik nyer the same indv/group of ppl jugak yg salu dok buat huru hara. jgn pikir sbb ko pioneer ngko lah paling berkuasa....semua keje ko lah buat yg paling hebat....kau sedar dak statement2 kau tu semua nya statement syok sendirik??!!! jgn buat lawak bodoh sampai memalukan diri sendiri....and again another famous phrase tp i ubah sikit...siapa yg malu?? kau dan kawan2 kau jugak yg malu

i may not be the victim at this current situation, but dear fren, be strong man!!!!

ahkak geram

bila octopus dan kangkung bertemu....

hr tu first time beli octopus. ingat nak grill jer as per suggestion by ija. tp ada mr evil dah terbayang2 my mum's punyer sotong kunyit so belasah octopus kunyit.

and my kangkung belacan

plus my sambal belacan and mr evil kata for the first time i buat terasa kepedasannyer. ops...takdak gambor sbb tak cantik. but anyway, finally saya berjaya buat sambal belacan yg lazat. nanti la next time i buh a better pic with the recipe...pathetic kan...nak buat sambal belacan pun kena ada exact resipi...ahahahahah

Nov 18, 2008


i dont really follow Australian Idol....sangat jarang2...even most of time boleh terlupa. i only start to notice Wes during the Michael Jackson when he was doing his version of Black & White. especially when he starts to dance tu ntah la...rasa nak gelak je. this guy he is not that outstanding but he is consistent with his performance....

and the winner's single....i think they purposely gave him this song for him to win....sedap giler when compared to last year punyer winner's single. in fact some said that this is the best single from australian idol. even the other finalist punyer single pun not bad...

well, i hope wes will win the idol this year...

Nov 13, 2008

one week of outings....

Monday - Cik Noriah & Eastgarden
Tuesday - Eastgarden
Wednesday - City
Thursday - Bondi Junction & City
Friday - Alexandria
Saturday - Paddington Mkt maybe?
Sunday - No plan

outing on wednesday, mr evil join me for lunch at around 3

tosei...atau ejaan dia kat sini dosa

whatever happen to my perintah berkurung. nampak gaya next week dah kena start call agent umah asking on procedures to vacant the house and most importantly baper lama mau dapat bond. then need to call up the freight services asking for freight quotations and packing sevices. serious malas nak pack2 ni - 2 carpets, beratus2 pinggan mangkok, 4 large steel frames, all those small items, printer, airbed, 1 weber BBQ set, handbags!!!, electrical appliances...what else??? bila tulis nampak mcm sket jer kan tp apsal nampak byk plak kat umah. jgn la berat melampau2. the pinggan mangkok tu yg what worries me most....

but anyway, my final shopping list shall include:
1. another pair of watch maybe??
2. a pair of sunglasses yg vogue
3. a bag or two???

Nov 10, 2008

my canterbury....

Dear Frens

if u are interested please email me. pakai email senang sket saya nak mereply. and this is only open to my friends tak kisah sapa2 as long as i know u and u know me sbb nyer i will only ask for payment immediately after i bought the item sbb size dia limited takut takdak size yg nak pulak. so i trust u ppl to bank in only after i bought it. unless u ols tak kisah design mcm mana as long as it is in your size then ok gak but u must trust my taste la plak...ahahahah

so i hereby open for kiriman with terms and conditions as mentioned above

dear kito and rasta....
ni dia hasil rembatan kami hari tu....kalau hangpa confirm nak kirim confirm kat email by thursday yer
click on pix kalau nak tgk versi besar

ni saya punyaa

ni mr evil punyaa