Jan 30, 2009

Block 10

many many years ago...say 25 yrs ago...

my father used to work in Block 11
now the daughter is in Block 10

p/s: bestnyer this monday and next monday public hols

Jan 25, 2009

The day

Signing off from australia for good. But shall return...

P/s: excess lg....sheehsssss eventho semo brg transfer dlm kotak instead of the two giant bag

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The case of twilight

I finally got the chance to watch twilight the movie the other day...but if I was given the option i'd rather watched some other musical movie....my initial thought was a big budget production with top notch special effects like harry potter...but instead I was served with a B grade movie...all the action sequence already aired in the movie trailer...yup that's it....lame scripts and 2nd rate actors...maybe the producers went with bulk pricing package and got all in one with discounted pricing..
Later, I realized it wasn't even an action movie at all...just a lovey dovey romantic movie targeted at teenagers...argh...90 minutes of my life that I can never get back....I mean...I do like romantic comedy stuff...those corny movies by cute actresses but twilight ain't one of them....it's kinda predictable without me reading the book..it reminds me of a disney movie production...
The thought of they are coming up with a sequel is frightening....I shivered of another crack of romantic vampire who turns to crystal under the sunlight and a vegetarian...gimme george romero to direct the next movie..he'll make a kick ass vampire movie anytime..
I think i'll skip the books...already had a crash course on twilight series by maryam the other day...it's nice having a walking bookreader these days..pretty handy these days....
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Jan 19, 2009

The Morgan with the new fringe: OMG!!! Is that my sista

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Jan 18, 2009

Catch of the day

Crabbing in ernskine. I managed to catch none. Dpt byk tp kat sini ada size requirement. Must be very2 big br leh bwk blk.

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The miniature train

Woohoooo....this is so much fun. Cramping yourself in that very small train

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Jan 17, 2009


Mr evil doin his thing

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Jan 16, 2009

The bush fire

The bush fire at kings park frm inside the train. Sib baik sempat picnic hr tu

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Friday breakfast

After 2 days of having nigella french toast for brekkie, finally today we had something diff. I have ordered u boxes of the famous apple strudel for 2morrow. It better be good...

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Jan 15, 2009

The waffle

Enjoying waffle after the movie

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Thursday outing

While waiting for the show to start - brides war

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Perth in a nutshell

Its slow paced, laid back city...much more relaxed than sydney...or even KL I might suggest..very warm this time of year...lots of sunshine...
The traffic is non-existent..which I really love..Kings Park view of the city is awesome...that's the money shot for a good photo...but i'm too lazy to pull out the SD card from the camera...wait till wifey has the appetite to update some pictures....
Hopefully perth will grew on me....

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Jan 13, 2009

The last goodbye

This is the one and only pix we took at T2. The last one in sydney....

Friends, u will be missed

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Jan 11, 2009

the day before the departure...

the final farewell....

we've been invited to countless number of farewell lunches, dinners, brekkie, bbq, hi-tea, lunch treat...i wanted to blog each and every single of it but keep on forgetting plus 'the blogger-block' syndrome. and today the farewell picnic...i'm so so very speechless. thank you guys...it was really great

the kids bergotong royong

the guys

the ladies

and the foods...my goodness...berkonsepkan masakan kampung...gile hebat!!



Jan 9, 2009

The Boxing day

Date: 26th December 2008
Venue: The City
Occasion: Boxing Day

it was unplanned. we went out separately. met in the city and decided to enjoy the day together.

ada yg keluar pukul 5 pagi!!!
ada yg keluar pukul 7 pagi!!!
ada yg keluar pukul 9 pagi!!!
ada yg keluar pukul 10 pagi!!!

tahun lepas me and mr evil keluar umah seawal 6.30 pagi.

so agak2 kami keluar pukul berapa tahun ni? anyway, 3 of them mmg the hubbies dah tak ikut dari umah. while another 2....laki kena tinggai bila bini dah jumpa member kat shopping mall...ahahaha

identiti dirahsiakan - ni lah jadi nyer bila Datin Y, Datin P, Datin E, Datin F dan Datin F terjebak bersama

Jan 8, 2009

my boring life...

back in sydney and i got nothing interesting to blog abt..sheehhsss

Alhamdullillah we arrived safely in MHall on wednesday evening. 1 hr prior to arrival called up Mrs Y asking some opinion abt the menu at this one thai rest in randwick ntah apa nama susah nak sebut. then they decided to join us...tp tutp plak kedai tu...so we proceed to Thai Singha. Thank you for the lovely dinner treat.

hari ni plak after finishing some errands in the early morning...lepak kat hall plak in the afternon. Mrs N datang to copy some photos and so lepak 'ngeteh' makan roti canai...sedap plak kuah dhal ngan sambal tumis tu. pehtu the lil hero plak sampai ngan mak dia, Mrs Y....so while the mother busy dok mengira bahan...so the uncle and the aunty layan the lil hero tgk elephant kat tv.

Mlm plak plan nak antar barang kat umah Mrs I ngan Mrs Y then Mrs Y pun ajak dinner kat umah. sambil tu jugak nak amik 2 of our big luggage kat umah Mrs I....nak amik passport sekali dlm beg tu sbb nak confirm booking ticket. sekali the advisor tepon ajak datang umah mlm tu jugak pekena apam balik with some of the undergrads...ahahahah. time tu dah nak pukul 9 dah tu. terpaksa cancel pi umah Mrs I sbb nak kejar masa. abih dinner umah Mrs Y dah 1045...kalau boleh nak lepak lg lama tp got another house to go. so we settle everything at around 10-15 minutes after midnite...fuh!! malu nya dok umah org lama2

esok lepas return keter early morning...kononnnyer nak ke uni nak posing sket2 with the graduation robe. sewa jer AUD74...punya lah mahal...tgk lah kalau rajin sok. then malam pulak dinner kat umah shopping partner...wohooooooooo. saturday plak dinner ngan mr evil's ex-officemates, arlene and the gang. sentimental ler org tu lps ni...

next blog entry...ntah bila...ahahaha

El Prisonera Break

I used to watch this series...the debut season...it was interesting....i like the idea shit happens even after they planned the escape..things will go wrong...then they improvise their next step...it was cunningly smart.....as i'm a simple minded person...i like the idea of busting out ur bro from the prison..the minor theory conspiracy is a nice twist...
Then came in season 2...the tropical prison thingy...i just lost interest...note my attention span*...the storylines just got convoluted with the addition of a higher plan..the Company..bla bla bla..
Couple of days ago..i've watched one of the newer episodes in the motel...i'm guessing 3rd season..the gangs are out working with an FBI agent to bust in a fed govt building????...and to add the insult...the mother of the heroes is alive and working somehow with the company..the villain in the series...
C'mon...this is like too much soapy opera...the writers are trying too hard to give that plot twist that it lost the originality of the series...i mean George Lucas did this years ago when Darth Vader says the most memorable line in movie history..." Luke, I'm your father"...wats next...they have twins??
So..its like the series Lost...you've lost me....now gimme 5th season of Weeds...

Jan 7, 2009

The carriage rides

At $5 per person, its worth it. Siap lari2 masuk utan lg.

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The guy messed up the wordings.and they should hire me to do the pic editing job..hahaha.

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The timbertown

Before heading back to sydney kami singgah timbertown heritage near port macquarie. And we're taking this steam train rides. This is even better than the one in bluemountain. Kalau double M ada ni sure best

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Jan 5, 2009

Keep on rockin

We thought it would be appropriate to say sayonara from this café. We did went to sydney previously but it was closed permanently......bought my 1st ever original tshirt here...but still made in china or in my case UAE...
I wish I got time to dine in hooters though!

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The other duck

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The ugly duckling

Akhirnya tercapai jugak impian nak naik aquaduck. This better be good

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A very slow boxster

A slow start today. We are taking it slow and easy coz we are in no rush of goin back home

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Jan 4, 2009

the last lab rat....sigh

There was kathy...the main reason I was employed here when she went for a vacation....but recently moved to the clinic in front...replacing antoinette's post....she's one weird lady...very thick...got to explain things more than once to get it into her skull..sometimes I feel like banging my head to a wall out of frustration explaining how things work around here...
Pls mind the blurry picture..it was taken during the xmas party...pretty dark room...needed a low light cum portrait lens...maybe pentax f1.4 FA 50mm :)

There's Gaby...the pathologist....the A hole of the office..total jerk..i've grown to accept him...coz in every life...there must be one guy u just wanna smack their face...for me..in sydney...it's him...i didn't bother to take pic of him....

Well guys...this is the longest running entries i've ever made in this blog....i'm surprised i was able to stay on topic for multiple series..coz my teacher always say i have an attention span of a mouse...yeah rite...eat that teacher!!

Jan 3, 2009

Late lunch at Pelican Beach

It is bucketing here in noosa heads. I regretted that I didn't do much research abt noosaville. I wish I could extend another 2 more days here but everything is fully booked.

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The lab rat..i'm sick of counting anymore

Sharon also pretty new here..we calls her ms giggles...coz she has this quite annoying laughter..a bakeholic...usually on mondays or tuesday she would bring muffins or anzac cookies...it's pretty delicious......
She came to oz from vietnam in her infancy with another bro thru the South China Sea..her father died during the journey....so the mom literally have to raised the 2 kids without a husband..in a foreign country...foreign language...with no relatives to lend a hand..for that.. i salute ur mother...
she came on board replacing mark as the lab manager....a fairly tall order running a histo lab at such a young age..

On the way to sunshine coast

Jam la plak. Another 75km to go. I hope we can make it to the eumundi market on time

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Jan 2, 2009

THe lab rat part i lost my count

Kerry is the admin person here...handles most of the medicare claims.......can type at blazing speed without looking down at the keyboard... a chocolate addict..we literally have to hide our choc stash from the monthly groceries...if it's in plain sight..chances are it would be gone by the end of the day...loves cooking..chocolate based bakery (note the picture)...and eats vegemite with biscuit...yucksssss..

Jan 1, 2009

The lab rat..part 5

Jeanelle...the big ears...tats the nickname we gave...she can hear wat eva ppl saying from another room...a hard core PS3 gamer....always talk abt games everyday nonstop...and she do talk non stop..even to herself...I would say she's a hyper chick...always on the move...and drinks coffee non-stop...that's where she got all of her daily sugary intake...note the blur pic...she just can't stop moving....

She injured her back previously from another lab...the insurance policy is paying her the salary difference betw the former and current employment...not bad for a days work..she has a partner..aka boyfriend that resembles Homer Simpson...go figure