Sep 27, 2009

Merah itu marah...merah itu garang...merah itu berani

Kotak semua dah transfer ke kota damansara. Tunggu masa nak unpack and re-arrange everything. Hmmm....i hope i have enough walls for all my frames and decor. First thing first next week mau cat itu feature wall dulu. Is red too red for a small apt? I hope i'm able to choose the perfect red...not too fiery but able to give the wow effect to the living room. Will start working abt this after 1st oct....i got a 25pages submission due this thursday...and i'm not even halfway there yet...sheeshhh

and esok kerja...huwarghhhhh

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Sep 20, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

From The Evil Genius

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Sep 19, 2009

kasut tet tet tettt

last min shopping for che munah....she wants a kasut tet tet tett aka kasut tinggi. too bad dis one takdak size

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Sep 18, 2009

Snowing in USJ

Snow wash that is...too malas to get out from the i'm gonna watch these macha do their sexy maneuvre..just like those in the tv's...

Anyway...selamat hari raya aidilfitri..............

Sep 14, 2009


I've been on LDP for almost 45min and managed to cover only 8km. Bored and sleepy..when i saw that huge advert. At first i thot some spca adopt a dog thingy but after reading the title..i'm quite surprised. A very wealthy owner misses her dogs...and put up that billboard...ur lucky dog!

Sep 10, 2009

My first.....

There is always my my first first first big fight..sorta coming of age movie.. And we learn thru this trial and error period..wat makes us tick.
So today, i received my first nasty email from my business partner. I haven't had those since i left Oz mid 2007. It does bring back memories..well during that time..the guy was calling me due to some deliverables we cannot accomodate. Bunch of profanity words came running back and forth to resolve the issue in the most amicable and civilised manner. But after everything settled..he sent a 3 pager email..yes a freakin long email thanking me and the team for resolving we became good frens.
Anyways, coming back to this new email...does it get to me?..nope...i'm just sad when ppl starts hiding behind a monitor and becomes keyboard warrior.. I've read somewhere in an online forum...where flame war began...a poster finally came to his senses and posted a comment '' winning an argument on internet is like winning the gold medal in special olympics...ur a winner but still a retard''...crude but it makes sense..
And i hate when ppl playing hide behind an email to do work. Just sends email here and there..and hope the receiving end will start working on it. There's more to it than being an email pusher...why not just pick up the phone..and do the proper follow thru..heck even monkeys can be taught to hit the Send button!
So, hunn..that's why i need to play get away from those keyboard bashing monkeys......

Sep 6, 2009

Roti john papa john

yesterday we had this for buka. Roti john spesel frm gerai papai john, param shah alam. Wpun daging menimbun tp tasteless. Tak leh lawan roti john unan

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Sep 2, 2009

Break fast on the air...

That's what i had today during JB to KL trip..guava drink came in pretty much later. So mental note, no more day trip to anywhere during Ramadhan...