Jan 22, 2006


We're waiting for my brother arrival. He invited himself last week to have sorta eat out in my place...I kinda hesitated to say yes without madam's approval...She can be very vocal about having my family members around..Dunno why? Maybe because of the 3 little boys they'll be bringing..Its gonna be chaos. I'm sure of it. These boys just do not understand the word "Dont". They take no crap or prisoners...Where did they gone wrong..I have no idea but hopefully I wouldn't make the same mistakes..Parenting is a scary thing..not sure i'm up to it..

Last minute entry for my weekly plan..

Manage to at least jot down 2 things
1. Start and finish off the manual claim for 2006 revenue recognition
2. Start planning for my customer contact cadence...

Jan 19, 2006

the day....


and it is all becoz of the technology

Jan 14, 2006

About Love and Hate

Noo..am not talking bout lovey dovey relationship...but about the usual bitching of my daily life.. ...haven't bitch bout work for quite some time..so i think why not now...after all, we're still in new yr mood anyways...what the heck!!

10 Things Why i hate my job

1. Attending my weekly sales meeting. This is where i got beaten up by my boss to a pulp..Practically every week
2. Getting off my bed every damn morning
3. Making sales calls..gosh i just hate it
4. Appointment with an ignorant customer...plus arrogant ones...
5. Receiving early morning sms's from my boss, requesting a daily update on each transaction...especially end of the quarter
6. Problematic partners intending to offload their issues on me..WTF!! Heck, if i can solve your problem..better i run your company then..not my fu*kin problem dude..
7. Working with other department...this can be very trying for an impatient person like me...
8. Can't stop smoking when meeting with clients and partners...I had a chest pain 2 weeks ago after non-stop smoking during discussion with a partner...
9. Credit card and phone bills by end of the month. I'll be wondering where did i kept my receipt...Crap
10. Always coming back late from work..then couldn't find any parking space around the apartment..

10 Things Why i love my job

1. My paycheck..hahahaha....what else
2. Meeting with new and interesting people..minus the arrogant and a**hole ones
3. Learning new things in life and work by being with brilliant and high performing people
4. Growing these local enterprenuer to the next level, nurturing and watch them mature...Its worth more than a thousand paychek
5. Getting a pat at the back by the boss..."You did a good job" Worth more than a lifetime of sales meeting...Heck...beat me up more man...

I can only get 5, but these 5 worth the pain and grit i have to endure...For me, the money is just to pay all the bills..but the main satisfaction of my job is to see those people benefitted from my contribution. It really gives me the whole perspective of my own existence. Last year I attended the 7 Hab*t of High*y Effe*tive Ppl course. They gave me 3 books to read on and CDs to listen. As usual, I was struggling to finish the book so opted for the CD instead. While listening in the car, one particular chapter in the book mentioned bout love..." Love is not a noun..but a verb. You need to work for it to gain love..to be loved" That sentence really hit me in the head..Now i learnt that I dun love my job coz I haven't work on it to achieve it..I didn't have the same passion and interest as my boss. Same goes to relationship. One have to love somebody to be loved..Its a verb...Get it!!

Jan 12, 2006

to my frens.....

i wanted to write dis entry 2morrow...tapi in 10 minutes time im goin for my dept retreat at one most the most exclusive hotel in kayel for 3 straight days (yek yek tuiiii)

anyway, congratulations to all my PeeTeeDee frens batch 1/2003 coz 2morrow will be our 3rd year anniversary in this service....what so special abt dis 3rd year anniv???? ahhahaha....*mukakuningmataduitan*

Jan 9, 2006

mukakuning for today.....

giler haper nak suh sayer yg lowprofile ni jadi gilerglamer 4 hari straight....ayorrrkkk...tp best best bos tak lepas

1. mukakuninggelaktergoling2
2. mukakuningwifbigL
3. mukakuningjelirlidahmukamasam
4. mukapurplekuortanduk
5. mukakuningtangankatdahisambilwhewww


Jan 8, 2006

my new hobby....

:: tiba2 tahun ni i am soooooo teruja with my hobby....austria swarovski....

sorry for the quality of the pixs...guna hp jer (when are we gonna buy the new charger dear?) pix 1 and 2 i bought it in sabah..and pix 3 is a creation frm madam cheeky herself..hahahha. i have another few sets of beads (purple and pink)..but not enough rondelles (learning few new vocabs in bracelet making olaydi) to make it even more bling bling. yesterday met the beads supplier...a very nice girl who at first was just doin it as a hobby. i learn quite a lot frm her yesterday....wahh!!! ingatkan senang jer nak buat bracelet ni....now i'm having a 2nd thought abt something. anyway, i have ordered another set of beads frm ebay...and it will arrive at my letterbox dis wednesday. buying frm ebay is the cheapest actually. pixs above are actually the stretchable type. i prefer stretchable sbb senang nak pakai bukak...tp kalau nak buat over bling bling sikit have to use the tiger wire (another new vocab)...yg nak guna tiger wire ni yg nak kena belajar...and believe it or not...the girl is gonna teach me in special class...ahahahha....am i for real...we'll see!!! i have already spent like RMXXX buying the beads, wire etc...gosh!!! dlm byk2 hobi apsal hobi yg mahal ni yg melekat!!!!

Jan 6, 2006


:: i am so pissed of when ppl are questioning my ability in work and this is not the kind of work that i am paid for. i was asked to do it voluntarily. i got this FOC part-time-job here in the ministry. and my next assignment requires me to do it in 100% english (and this is not the 1st time). then somebody was actually asking a friend of mine abt my fluency in english language and again this is not the first time...it happen all the time, ppl will eventually ask the same question!!! ok i know...my english is getting frm bad to worse (in writing esp)...tp tak yah la nak tanyer2 kan...kalau dah top mgt suggested my name of course la i can do it. not to blame the person who ask actually coz she's new...ahahah...but still...i'm mad!!! other than that, i hate this FOC job....argghhh!!!! mana nak cari baju shantek ni!!! semua dah penah guna!!! this event is the biggest so far....involving as**n campur tiga.....bowringg!!! bila surat chenta nak sampai ni??!!!

Jan 2, 2006

2nd January 2005

i know it is already the second day of year 06 but i hope it is still not too late to wish my blog readers a very Happy New Year...and may this year bring joy and happiness to all of you (typical new year wish). now, did i manage to fulfill my 05 resolutions?? hmm...i dunno coz i think i forgot what is it...hhahaha. but anyway, it is a culture that every year everybody must make a new list of resolutions...so here's mine (i hope i wont forget it by end of 06 since i have it written here) and this is not all. of course i wont list down the typical every year resolutions u know what.

1. new hairstyle and colour - done!!! (seriously this IS my new year resolution)
2. get more organized at work...5S!!!
3. stop procastinating
4. control my temper (i said control instead of stop losing my temper...u know a person patience has its limit)
5. cut down fine dining and save more (same goes to u dear!!)
6. discipline on saving
7. no more impulse buying (same goes to u dear)
8. be a good daughter-in-law (mukakuninggarudagu)
9. renew my roadtax yg dah kiok for almost 2 weeks

thats it???? nope....the list will continue frm time to time. and of course not all are meant for public view. but anyway, in conjuction with the 9th M'sian Plan this yr....i've decided to have our very own Geniuses Plan (geniuses???). it is a five year plan and this is goin to be our 1st Geniuses Plan (giler poyo!!):

1. buy a landed property: usj vs damansara vs putrajaya (somehow we've decided that its goin to be in putrajaya..will blog abt dis later)
2. financial freedom
3. perform umrah
4. master maybe for mrs evil (of course using the taxpayer money)
5. a baby belling oven
6. migrate to ostolia???

and of course the list will continue frm time to time. so i guess thats it. i hope i can review it by end of this yr since i have it written here black and white...InsyaAllah! anyway, i've made plan to just stay at home and do some home makeover during this long weekend break. but yesterday, munchkin get bored and decided to go to OU. there shudn't be any buying-shopping-big spending activity but look what he got for our home shweet home.......

a medium size oil painting! and i didnt influence him at all. he saw. he like . he choose. he pay. and i smile!! the end.

p/s: saw the news just now abt fa*ruz fauz* got married to a 19yr old girl. this boy is the brother of a fren frm 3P whom i never talk to (kan asada?). his comment "saya dah 22 tahun hidup membujang blah blah boleh blah"...something funny abt that statement...dont u think so??? i mean i dunt mind if ur already 30 or 40 plus2...baru kena ayat tuh "saya dah 40 tahun hidup membujang blah blah blah"