Aug 16, 2006

Reverse forward

Its taken me a very long time to write on this blog..too coz i've got so many things to do..and two, am not a blog slave..I've seen people writing their blog almost in day out...rain or has become a chore or burden. Where's the fun of doing...i just finished reading " How to be Rich" by Don Trump..the supremo of Apprentice. One of his advise is do something you're really passionate about..its not about the money..its bcoz ur love doing wat ur doing..full stop...but if one loves to write or spill their guts on blog,..than by all mean..nobody is stopping you...And i have yet to determine..wat am i going to do in the next 5-10 yrs time...something i'm really passionate about..something i really believed in..and time is running out...As the CEO of Scan Asso Bhd told me..."Bro, you need to do some deep thinking on wat ur gonna do...ur not that young anymore...u got at least 2-3 yrs before its too late to do anything and ur stuck in a rut forever"

That conversation..really made me thinking..Pre mid life crisis maybe..hahaha..and one of that simptom was when i became an amateur paparazzi...Last monday..driving to the office...before going into the SmartTag lane...a black C200 Merc suddenly overtake me..she put up her hand as a gesture..and i waved back to give way...then I saw the car that eja roda impian girl...drool..drool..drool...After getting my composure..i whipped out my nokia..babe..its time for u to shine and make my investment worth it...manage to snap a close up on the car plate...And that was my 1st symptom of pre-mid life crisis...

The End

Aug 8, 2006

am i a shopaholic?

no i'm not...and some frens dont believe me...

You're a Window Shopper!

You know that shopping's a blast, but you prefer to save your money
You hardly ever give into an impulse buy, unless it's a total steal
You've always got the most money of your friends - and you never have to borrow
And you've got a nice wardrobe too ... of classic pieces that last years!

but i have a fren who is a shopaholic. and her name is lilie. and also another friend, sabrina. and when they went shopping, they would just grab and pay (aku exagerate ker ni?)

but anyway sometimes, i can turn into a shopaholic. like 1-2 mths ago, i was soooo into online shopping and i got myself 3 new bags, etc etc

Aug 2, 2006

apa kau rasa....

lama tak update kan? nak buat camne....'busy' sangatkan. anyway...apa yg ko rasa bila:

case 1
u request ur staff to email u the softcopy of a letter becoz u want to do something editing. after nearly an hour he ask u " Puan, mcm mana nak attach file ni?"

pah rasa
ok mistake kot, kat sini penggunaan email outlook adalah pada tahap 0.001%

case 2
u request the same staff to copy another file into ur thumbdrive (note: penggunaan thumbdrive adalah sgt berleluasa disini, so shudnt be a prob). after a while, ur staff said " Puan, ni ade banyak ni, saya susah nak copy surat tuh. Puan tgk la yer kat page 39". and i was like" hah??" and kept thinking...surat 2 page apa hal sampai page 39 plak. and i got the shock of my life. tajuk file - 'surat menyurat ke K***'. click open the file...and woooooooooooo apa 50 pages ni. surat dr zaman tok kadok 2004 until now to one particular agency all in one word file. on another day, i took his thumbdrive to copy a file. found a word file 'memo'...and again...all memo back in 2004 until now...all in one word document. concept yg digunakan adalah, guna isi and tajuk lama just tukor tarikh dan apa2 yg patut.

pah rasa
tak tau nak rasa apa dah. nak suh derang buat sistematik folder, one letter one file etc etc...rasa mcm impossible sbb makin melambatkan kerja. i mean this is ppl yg dah nak dekat pencen and dah keje sini for like 5 - 10 yrs. erghhh.....what i do now is i re-type the letter/memo myself. lgpun kemaruk dah lama tak guna words ngan excel...baik re-type....lg cepat dr mintak softcopy. i am not complaining or mengutuk..but serius kesian kan.

case 3
i did some changes to our format memo. simple changes like heading, to, from, subj and font arial. the same staff susah betol nak follow...he still use the same old heading and font Times New Roman. i dont like letter/memo i sign written in TNR. after a while baru he make the initiative to copy my format into his thumbdrive. one fine day, i got one memo to sign. bahagian atas font Arial with exactly my format. bahagian bawah kat body...TNr....arghhhhhhhhh....huduh huduh!!! jatuh imej babe kalau sign

pah rasa
takde perasaan

*ni baru 3 case....belom lg case2 kecik yg kekadang i have to close one eye and sign. kat sini jenis terus print atas letterhead...memula tuh mmg i would ask them to change some tatabahasa nyer mistake. a very simple and minor mistake. tp kalau dah asyik2 buat.....tak larat dah ni....sign jer ler buat tak nampak. am i being irresponsible??