Mar 31, 2009

sisih sapu susun seragam

pix from last nite just before i left. this is how it looks before the 5S audit ppl came this morning. rite after lunch back to the usual mess
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Mar 28, 2009

Idiot driver

Personally, i couldn't care less..but you drive a pretty expensive car..meaning u earn more than me..and theoretically u must have at least have a degree or passed high not mentally retarded or blind..but u still act like an idiot parking ur car like that. nak senang parking pakai kapcai la!

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Mar 26, 2009

Histo in History

Yesterday morning..i checked my mail for any happy news e.g offer letter or something close to it..but i end up with a sad news from the folks in sydney....

Dear Zul,
miss you, do you miss us? news news news histoderm is no more. we have
been made redundant! heard last week at the beach where else, that
things are bad in malaysia, do you have a job? how is sherri doing? when
are you coming back? try puppy tia @ hot mail! gotta go,let us know how
you are doing.
arlene mark and poopy

I was shocked!!...took me awhile to gather myself before i was able to read that email again and again..i just couldn't believe my eyes that they were made redundant in an instant. In a way..i was glad that i didn't took up the permanent position when they offered me a working visa last year..but sad coz these ppl are my friends...
Today, i called arlene..and she explained everything in detail...their last day will be tomorrow...the HQ wants to consolidate labs in they're forcing everybody to move up to rhodes...north of sydney....well not everybody though..they're terminating couple of ppl..and offered VSS to mark and arlene. Since both of them have served in the lab more than 10yrs..the package seems to be worth it. Mark already got a job in another lab and starts in the coming monday..arlene is planning to take it easy for couple of weeks before applying any jobs in the maroubra area.She hates the thought of driving for more than 20 minutes to work... Hui and Jeanelle took up a position in rhodes since both of them are new to the team so no vss would be worth it for them. Gaby the office jerk resigned...julie and sharon still looking for a job i guess..annete the liason officer..a total bit*h from rhodes terminated with 24hrs notice..or maybe less. She came in the morning...the boss gave her the axe..she packed her bag and personal stuff...the boss followed her to the company car...cleared all her stuff...followed her to lobby and waited until she got into the taxi..just incase she goes berserk and start killing the top managemen with a stapler..

So, the pictures i took before i left will be a lasting memory of that place...all the best guys..

Mar 23, 2009

Now I know why...

Why employer reluctant to allow staffs to work from get too comfortable at pressure..and nothing gets done.
Last friday, after jumaat prayer in bandar utama and makan briani kambing kaw..RM 8..I went to OU to chill with frens..and while waiting for them..I managed to get started on my biz plan which I procastinated to write 2 weeks a new opportunity..
This work from home is just a propaganda to do less for more pay...yeah most of the ppl I met who work from home are highly paid due to the title they hold..Global Business Operation lah..Asia Pacific Leader something lah...I remembered a CEO who thinks the more words in the job title the less work he does..sorta inferiority complex.over compensating Chief Exec Officer..or Asst Vice President.especially if it's a matrix organisation....compared to Clerk..or's short and simple but they bare the grunt of the work...
Also now I know why ppl hangs out in these cafes during office hours....they dun have a proper job like me...pretending to look busy but instead surfing FB or blogs. I mean it's no harm entertaining ur clients in here..cheaper than makan hotel..but I always baffled those who came in with jeans and tshirts and sat with a glass of ice blended macchiato all day long...there u have observation of the week

Mar 20, 2009

LCD Obsessed Culture (LOC)

These day..gadgets comes in every shape and sizes...and most of these stuff comes with an LCD screen. reminds me the must have watch to have and be seen...the 1st digital watch..that was maybe 20 yrs ago...casio was it?? or alba...basic has a cool stopwatch function..anyways from there on i think i've developed this syndrome...
Most of the toys i've purchase must have LCD screen...that's why i didn't get myself an ipod doesn't have any screen at all...for me..the more screen..the better. Bigger screen are the best..
I've ignored the syndrome for a very long time..coz maybe i didn't noticed it...but it has manifested again lately when wifey and I goes window shopping for new kitchen appliances..and i noticed most of the appliances i liked has a screen or should have one...

1. Toaster - already bought one in aussie..didn't have's just sucks
2. Rice cooker - haven't seen one..hopefully the japs would come up with one..
3. Fridge - i think samsung has this lcd screen with reflective glass door..uber cool
4. microwave - LCD is a std no worry
5. hob - not sure wat to do with the LCD screen..haven't seen any model with it..maybe can be implemented with the convection tempered glass's a hob and a u dun miss out those precious oprah moment while cooking
6. hood - this wat inspired me for this entry...i saw a touch sensitive hood by fagor or rinnai..not sure..haven't accustomed myself with the brand name..anyway..i drooled over this thing
7. oven - should be the same as the microwave...
8. washer & dryer - hmm...i dun need a LCD screen..but if it can fold the clothes and put it neatly in the wardrobe..i'm a happy man...coz i'm very bad at lipating baju..could never get the right dimension for each one i folded..

So there...hoped somebody out there from the engineering dept read this entry...make my wish come true..thank you

Mar 17, 2009

labelling hobby

My father likes labelling...he would labelled all of the stuffs he bought with date and price..sometimes with home address..
Once while we're in sydney..i asked my father to bring in a gayung for the toilet from malaysia. He wrote down our maroubra address complete with postcode and state...hahaha..
Mr evil was LOL when he saw the gayung..coz he doesn't see any benefit out of it...

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Mar 14, 2009

My sweet feet

While we're doing spring cleaning for usj house, i found something very nostalgic. It's a bottle of feet talcum..for smelly foot toddlers and based on the condition and brand of the's centuries old..expired long time ago..

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Mar 12, 2009

My throne

Yup...that's where i spent my waking hours...chasing deadline...chasing out 'mat escort'....listening to grandmother stories from 'mat penglipurlara'...sharing the excitement of 'minah terlebih uja' and whatnot....and i love my huge desk yg dah kopak2...btw yeen, i dah stapler yg kopak tu...hahaha. If i am not wrong, bilik ni dulu minah cebol from bahau yg guna...well what do u expect....dgr sore jek mcm el nino category 5...sampai terkopak meja....
Dam dam da di dammm

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Ani sup utara

Lupa nak snap gamba gamba selepas jek la yg ada...kira main competitor raja sup yg kat ttdi...almost same menu and very affordable...mmg layan makan sup tulang campur sambal kicap n cili...but i think the taste used to be better few years back

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Mar 8, 2009

Test via new toy

Kat pavillion pun ada diva. Sale items below 21 hengget. Other than that mostly around 30 plus up to 60. Tak sesia i shop shop till i drop in sydney

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