May 31, 2005


:: so today dah setahun 1 hari...heheheheh. not much of celebration yesterday. came back frm work near to 6 terus pick up the evil genius gi alam anda. we had our early dinner at cozy conner. by 7.30 dah sampai rumah.

:: the course at g*nting was $%$%&....the accomodation was extra &(**&%#.....the speakers was ^%^ except for the last one...coincidently also, the last speaker knew my father (sbb tu kena puji)...he just make a wild guess during the cert presentation that im frm kedah...and make a confirmation on his way out frm the lecture room...he knew my father not that personally though just becoz my uncle is his ex-boss. and that uncle of mine always call his servants or driver by my father's name.....HARUNNN...he even say it out on his way out (out out you goo)...ahahaha.....and the way he say it is just like how everybody wud describe it.....HARUNNNNN....dunno why....maybe dia malas nak ingat semua nama....or maybe my dad is the youngest....manjerrr gitu...hahahahha. A few weeks ago i went for his 80th birthday dinner in ttdi. will update some photos when i got hold of that think pad.

notice their similarities?? WHITE HAIR - all the four brothers and one sister (not in the pix). 1st pix: my dad in the middle with 3rd bro who likes the name HARUNNNN on his right (green tshirt) and their eldest bro on the left (grey shirt). 2nd pix: My dad wif bro no 2.

:: the other half leg is getting better...he's now in perak representing the big blue for ict week. hopefully, by end of the week dearest hunny bunch can drive long distance so that we can go back to alor setar. and hopefully my leave has been approved. it seems like everybody is applying for leave this friday.*sigh

May 30, 2005

a year ago

30th May 2004, Sunday
Around 10.00 am
Masjid Tunku Intan Safinaz, Anak Bukit

Happy 1st Anniversary Dear

May 29, 2005

My ankle..

Yesterday we had a futsal games in Summit. Since my co. consist of various ASEAN citizens, the main language for communication will be English. There, i noticed a big problem..since i'm so used to play soccer with my buddies i.e in "turun" or "masuk" to give directions to the other teammates...i have to speak in english which proves to be a challenge..add to the crisis..we had 2 ladies in each of the team that have never played one stage my so called defence girl was staring incoming of the opponent while standing like a statue and biting her nails..arghhhh..i was shouting on top of my voice to get her moving..but she just didn't budge at all....Luckily, we had a chinese lad and this malay lady who can score..i basically lose count how many goals we gave to the opposing side..
In the last game..i accidentally sprained my ankle..i could even heard the cracking sound when it happened..ouchhhh...not a pretty picture i may say..
I went back later limping and spray some ointment the madam bought from MLM thingy..hopefully it works...In the morning, i woke up with a swollen darn thing didn't work at all..should asked for my money back...add to that..i can't walk at all. The pain was so excruciating...luckily the mrs willingly to escort me to anywhere i want to go..especially the that's a 1st class treatment for an escort service..ooppss, i mean you honey.
Just now, we went to a clinic nearby and get some professional advise..and what do i get..2 packets of painkiller and a cream.'s that easy to be a doctor. The doc told me to go for an x-ray in 2-3 days time if things not working out...what??'s like he's saying " Shit happens" ..very comforting word from a doctor i'm paying seeking for a professional advise...but at least he did something right.. he gave me an MC for monday bluess..

Lesson learnt : No more futsal for me

May 27, 2005

Home Alone 3...

Home alone 2 was yesterday..and in movies usually the sequels are lousy..i won't be bothered to write..
My team won the FA Cup today 1-0 though beaten 1-4 by the same team for the league games. Probably they thought we gonna give in to them..too bad..This victory was better than Liverpool winning the Champions League yesterday..Not a soccer fan anyway..since my fav team is in division 2 or 3..i just lost track of them. Go QPR!! Anyway, it was a close game..and i managed to block my team mate of scoring another goal..way to go..I should get the Fair Play award then..heheh..we got Jusco voucher and a trophy..greaattt..things that my wife would be able to use in a blink.
Friday is coming and my dear will be coming life would be back in more forgetting things..yeah..i forgot to bring my sport gear today for the i went to OU and grab a t-shirt and short pants. Luckily it was not pink or purple..No more lousy dinner..i managed to grab a bite in Dunkin Donuts for dinner just now. It has been a long while i've got sandwich for dinner...even ordered take-away hot coffee..not very good in making coffee myself..dunno will taste odd everytime i i given up the hope of making good coffee before going to bed..what do i do without you honey?

p/s: munchkin, can i buy a new Jack Purcell..i accidentally left it at the court..hehehe

Lonely No More - Rob Thomas

May 24, 2005

Home Alone

Today is the 1st day my wife away from me for 3 long days..Miss u already honey bunny...Probably it is true, you'll only miss somebody when they are not around..she basically cooked for me for lunch today before she went off...bought some snacks..filled the fridge..coz she knew i'm lousy at cooking and shopping..and also ironing...i'm too lazy to get myself a dinner today that i bought the Toast 'Em bread at petronas..have eaten 1/2 loaf yet my stomach stil growling...need to get some rice...but how..dunno how to work with the rice cooker...maybe tomorrow i'll try out some dishes i used to do while in KYPMKL..hope it still works..SOS : To my wife..pls come back early..your husband need REAL food...i'm a lucky bum..hahahah..ok..enough of mushy stuff..back to business..
Yesterday i have finished the book i bought the other day...i was surprised to finish it off in 2 days..such a waste of money..should buy myself an Economic book..that's value for money..after 3 years of studying with the ol book..still you need it for your final yeah..those were the days..The Da Vinci book quite interesting and yet disturbing coz it relates to the religious belief..not for the faint hearted..but its kinda cool to decipher the meaning behind a famous art.
E.g..not sure whether it's true or not..need further research..the Mona Lisa was not female neither male..its neutral..the Last Supper..there was 12 men and 1 women..not 13 men..hehehe..feeling quite smart ehh..and so many more..but word of cautious..don't believe anything you read..
Makes me wonder, what if all the books that we thrown in the red sea could ever be recovered..most of literature were from famous Islamic scholars..Khwarizmi..Ibn name a few..all of the knowledge was lost forever..or plagarised ( these days we call it : copy paste). I heard most of these books also were secretly kept somewhere in UK, to prevent civilization could ever recognise the supremacy of Muslim scholars..My math teacher taught me, the Pythogoras theory was discovered by Muslim chap..not sure his name..not this Peter Gores guy for sure..
My wife called me couple of time tonight just to know what's happening in Astro..This dropout dude Mawi was on air..and she kept asking me what is he doing..OMG..Hellooooo!!...remember your husband here..her infatuation starting to get on my nerves..sheshh.. But if i do this to her, she gonna...hmm..let just say's too horrific for me to write here...if i do..i have to get FINAS approval for an 18SG rating..
p/s : Where's the maggie mee hun?

May 23, 2005

esp to ad: cite indon vs kedai sofa

cik ad wanted to go to sofa shop wif us today. my plan is to go after asar, pick her up at kuarters jln duta, choose2 color or do some refund then have dinner at kedai "PINGGAN BESAR"


"pah, aku tak mo la pi kedai sofa tuh....aku nak tgk citer indon tuh...kalau i tak tgk rasa tak kena jer...dah la esok nak pi genting tak dpt tgk lama"

so i change the time to go to the sofa shop earlier around 4. then this msg comes in:

"i tak mo pi la pah, nanti rushing plak. u jer la pi tgk kolor i tu ek"

then i decided not to go as well becoz i need a 2nd she replied

"pah, kite pi weekend yer....hari yg tak dak citer indon"

now at 6:30pm....MONDAY....A*TRO RIA is showing a re-run of Konsert Prelude AF3


Booooooo Cik Ad Boooooooooooooooo


::the sofa and nasi tomato
em supposed to go to that stupid sofa sh*p in kg m*layu s*bang but that somebody who decided to come along, cancel it off becozz she dont want to miss her 6.30pm indonesia drama series...ewwww...soooo kel la u!!!

but anyway, today yours truly had her first try on cooking nasi tomato...hehehe....but this is not the normal nasi tomato u wud found in most shops. this nasi tomato comes wif ayam and udang galah yang dibakar2 (and of course salad)...hehheheheh.

:mee bandung muar
i always love mee bandung.when we eat out, especially at gerai2....i wud always order mee bandung. but i wouldnt take the mee (maybe just a lil)...just the veggie and soup. last saturday, we went muor for a wedding. upon reaching there, sms marya for a place to eat (tak terasa nak makan nasi kenduri). got it....mee bandung central. so after the wedding...and after a phone call to marya....mee bandung central rite in front of us. i had my fav mee badung while the other half had his otak - otak kempas (but their nasi goreng looks tempting...greenish yellowish colour).

em goin to genting 2morrow until no updates frm me...just the geek
p/s: dah lama tak update fotopages...maless

May 22, 2005

History 101

I was walking around in MPH today, waiting for my honey to decide which book to buy..when i stumbled upon this book, sorta the serious rendition and behind the scene book of The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown. Heard lots of good reviews on this i figured..what the heck..just to kill time waiting for the fickled minded maam decide what to get. I grabbed the browsing version, sat down at one corner in front of the bookshelf and started to read. To my astonishment, it is a good book to read..i mean i was reading the review of the has thriller suspense, conspiracy theory and lots of true actual history facts...The writer really did his homework..such detail on French paintings and arts..things i have no interest at all..Who gives a crap about the Mona Lisa painting anyway..except if you're a curator that is. It really aroused my curiosity to read the original book, so i whipped out my wallet and here I am..already at chapter 8. In a way, this book gives me a crash course on history, things i have taken lightly during my SPM days..i mean, why do we need to learn about dead people..they're i've got a lousy teacher anyway..i'm not very good at memorizing important names and historic dates..mental note : remember our 1st wedding anniversary end of of this month..sheesh..that was close.
Last nite, i wanted to watch Citizen Kane, a 1941 movie but due to technical reason..the audio and video does not i'm watching the actors moving his lips without a sound and suddenly there was alot of yelling. It reminds me of our typical drama swasta in TV1..horrible sound editing..really need to finish that movie..but how?

Lesson learnt today :

1- Learn history well..don't miss class


had cucuq daun kucai wif sambal cuka this morning. then after zuhur, the other half decided to had our late lunch at chillis, ou and to redeem my MPH gift vouchers. so here is what we had:

fajita nachos

caeser salad

chocolate molten bla bla bla

and these are books that i manage to redeem frm my gift vouchers (minus the d*vinc*i code). now i have a complete set of shopah*lics series. actually the purpose of the gift voucher is for me to buy books on Home Decor. he knows that ive been browsing this kind of books whenever we lepak at the bookstore. but they are freaking expensive....with the voucher i can only manage 2 books. not worth it. so i took 1 book on home decor and 3 shopaholics series. ihihihihih...thank u again dear!!!

May 21, 2005


eeeiiiii....tak puas hati nyer!!!! tak puas hati sbb my fav mawi tak dpt masuk. his voice is good man....berdengung2 lagi (the other half thot that a*tro tak nak bagi dia masuk becoz he is a qari so astro tak nak rosakkan dia...hahahaha....i can accept this). but i cant accept that the 'pramugara melampau' is in. cant u see he is trying to be v*nce no 2 wif that senget smile plus stupid dance...ergh!!!!!!!!!!!! dah tak semangat nak tgk ak*demi fantasi* (YESSS!!! i'm a big fan of AF tapi mengundi dalam diam jer..hihihi). even that kefli pun suara tak sesedap mana...hmmm.....takperlah sib baik ada si opocot and fuad. and thank god that 'pontianak harum sundal mlm version lelaki' tak dpt...ahahahhaha.....what was he thinking making his eyes like that??!!! as for the ladies......i dunno....semua sore power...sedap.....tapi 'sepesyen'...dah boring dengar suara 'sepesyen' mcm tuh. yg lelaki suara semua unik (plus ader yg out)...even the guy yg nyanyi lagu spider pun not bad. erghhhhhhhhh....afundi mawi!!!

p/s: pity that marsha....she is sweet


dear, i am not a good writer as u are

If I could have just one wish,
I would wish to wake up everyday
to the sound of your breath on my neck,
the warmth of your lips on my cheek,
the touch of your fingers on my skin,
and the feel of your heart beating with mine...
Knowing that I could never find that feeling
with anyone other than you.

- Courtney Kuchta -

Pls dont ever give up on me

Start your engines

E3, the biggest tech expo in the US was held recently and the gaming console war have started. It's between the dark evil empire of Micro$oft and Sony. At one side we have XBox 360 and the other, Playstation 3..not counting Nintendo Revolution..
Today, i have been browsing thru the net reading through threads of gamers commenting/flaming on each other about the machines...I'm basically drooling over the specs both of the box boasts..Both have PowerPC architecture..the same processor running on Apple Macintoshes..the same chip running iSeries and pSeries server in the world..and supporting grid cool is that..and yes..i didn't do much work today due to this extensive review..
Check this out :
Too many thing to talk about the console battles..but i'm eyeing on the Cell based PS3..hmm better save some dough to get one of those...Wifi, bluetooth, HDTV, Blu-ray format and awesome array of games...woohooo..hope it can run MacOSX also..theoritically it can, since they both come from the same parent processor.. is my wish list for my next birthday present, not in any particular order :

1- PS3
2- A decent 7.1 Surround Sound
3- Kick Ass Amplifier
4- 49" High Definition TV...not Toba or GC
5- OSIM seat..for relaxation after hours of gaming

Thanx in advance!!

p/s: I'll act surprised if you buy me those worries..

Speed of Sound - Coldplay

May 19, 2005

:))))) - speechless

yes...i just cant stop smiling :). TQ dear....tq for the lovely dinner at shangrila p*trajaya. and thank you for the RM*** MPH voucher. im speechless...really really speechless wif the voucher since u kept on stressing that the handphone and p*blic m*tual UT is my presents in advance. i lurve u sowwwwwwwwwwwwww much

Happy Birthday!!

Today is my other half birthday....HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hunneeeyyyyyyy....sorry no presents...u already got it earlier..hehehe..

p/s : Welcome to the club!!


Lesson learn duting M*trojaya Cardmember Sales:
1. Apply for LEAVE
2. Request the other half to apply for LEAVE
3. Go wif your other half so that he can help you wif the shopping bags

What can I say.....speechless. Dear, pls be prepared wif this month statement....Got back frm MV around 9 plus (i wish i could stay a bit longer, but em really tired carrying all the shopping bags alone). I bought dinner at JJ....our fav B*nto Set.

Finally,the long awaited tablecloth weights is mine!!! with seashells design....i just lurveeeee it

p/s:i'll write longer 2morrow maybe, hari ni speed kerje 200km/hr

Tonque Twister for 2day:
She sells sea shells on the sea shore
The shells that she sells are sea shells I'm sure.
So if she sells sea shells on the sea shore,
I'm sure that the shells are sea shore shells.

la la la la la

Your Birthdate: May 19
Your birth on the 19th day of the month adds a tone of independence and extra energy to your life path.
But at the same time, it poses a number of obstacles to overcome before you are able to be as independent as you would like. The number 1 energy suggests more executive ability and leadership qualities than your path may have indicated.

A birthday on the 19th of any month gives greater will power and self-confidence, and very often a rather original approach. However, a somewhat self-centered approach to life that may be in conflict with some of the other influences in your life.
This 1 energy may diminish your ability and desire to handle details, preferring instead to paint with a broad brush.

You are sensitive, but your feeling stay somewhat repressed.
You have a compelling manner that can be dominating in many situations.
You do not tend to follow convention or take advice very well.

Consequently, you tend to learn through experience; sometimes hard experiences.
The 19/1 is a loner number and you may experience feelings of being alone even if you are married.
You may take on a tendency to be nervous and angry.

Star Wars Horoscope for Taurus
You are a dependable creature, but you do tend to be stubborn.
You like material possessions and love to win at games.
You hate being bossed around or losing.
You may succumb to your physical strength when upset.

Star wars character you are most like: Chewbacca

May 18, 2005

M*trojaya Blockbuster Sales - Members Preview

Office phone ringing
cheeky: hello
girl: hello....boleh saya cakap dgn mak saya (a lil girl voice....ngada2 kinda of voice)
cheeky: erk...mak awak nama apa?
girl: rabeah
cheeky: erk... (speechless...thinking is this girl asking for Pn R*by the boss frm *K)

then i heard giggles.....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR....tipah tertipu
that girl called me up just to say that she and her husband deary is on leave today to witness the card member sale preview that i'm goin later in the evening!!!

cheeky continues: by the way, even the nama is spelled as R.A.B.E.A.H but the pronounciation shud be RABIAH and u can call me RUBY (no!! this is not Pn R*by the boss frm *K but this Pn R*by is her boss frm M****). BYE

checklist for my shopping spree 2day:
1. shirts for hubby dearie wif matching tie
2. sandals *BIG GRIN to the other half
3. anything that caught my eyes
4. anything that caught my eyes
5. and the list continues........

May 16, 2005

tablecloth weights

anybody know where i can get this tablecloth weights..dah tahap desperate ni. saw one in Parkson, OU few months ago (nyesal tak beli).....went back last few weeks to buy dah takde :(

*pix frm organize-everything

May 15, 2005

Couch Potato...

Mutated to a couch potato over the weekend. The hibernation was quite soothing and felt like i'm suppose to go out and live more..yeah..maybe next week...
Anyways, managed to finished 3 1/2 movies over the last 2 days...
1- Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy
2- Sahara
3- Sin City
4- Lost in Translation

I only watched the 1st CD of Sahara..that's where the 1/2 come from..other than Sahara..i would say two thumbs up..especially Sin City..dun think it will be available in here..R Rated..but it was awesome..its an all star casting..u name it..they have it..even Quentin Tarantino was invited to direct's a movie with 3 director..Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller and cool is that..
Last weekend, an old fren came to town..Tigana..we hang out and he mentioned about a book he bought in Times Square.." Movies you should watch before you die" or something like it...have to get that book one of these days..sorta my midlife crisis..reviving back my old hobby..watching loads of movies...i used to be a movie buff during students life..but have slowly toned down in working guess i can revive it coz i've got my streamyx and no need to fight over the remote. In one of the list is " Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" which is a masterpiece!! I watched it while i was in PPP..incidentally anyway...can't sleep so I walk down to the TV room and there it was..huge tomatoes attacking was hilarious.
So now my new life ambition is to get hold of all Akira Kurosawa's movies..One of the best director ever walk on earth..besides Francis Ford Coppola..thy Godfather franchise.I have only managed to watch " Seven Samurai" in black and white..darn..i just remembered..somebody borrowed the cd and now MIA..Seven Samurai was original..subtle..and pure enjoyment..
Lost in Translation was kinda cool with lots of Japs talking nonsense..but i still couldn't understand why she won the Oscar..maybe not my taste..or probably the Godfather had a 'chat' with the Academy people...hehehe.. a lazy mood again to write further on the over n out

May 12, 2005


3 back to back meeting with partners and customer..driving like mad to reach KLG*C in wee morning for breakfast with partners and then rushed back to office to get my loaner machine and flaunt it with a cust in MDC..but before that, driving like crazy back to Putrajaya and met a state exco to pursue a deal..what a hectic i realized that there would be no normal day in a life of punch in punch usual long lunches or need to be on the go all the time..quoting a famous cowboy movie..Tombstone..highly recommended by me...."There's no normal life, there's just LIFE"...true true...
Tomorrow the final day of the week and i need to settle most of the stuff pending since April..Monday gonna be another slaughter afternoon if no progress made..

Futures - Jimmy Eat World

numa numa

ok...font dah kecik balik...happy reading fara *BIG GRIN

dpt love letter frm JP* this afternoon. alerr...kena attend P*D roadmap short course pulak kat genting. 4 days. yg best transportation will be provided...kena pulak pegi sendiri...dah la buat kursus tapi tak sedia transport (*wink kat org JP* tuh) yang lagi bestnya...everyday lecture will end at 5...mlm just dinner and supper...yapperdaaa (curik fav phrase zett)...kalau di squeeze kan mlm tuh wif lectures sure cepat abis kan....ini tak....baik buat kat area sini jer (*wink lagik kat org JP* tuh)

i bought konkuya (dont bother abt the spelling malas nak check kat box dia) jelly frm amway and this afternoon went to alam anda to get this orange flavor and colouring. balik keje...zazzzzz.....berkerje keras di dapur dan ini lah hasilnyer:

u have to put small pieces of fruit inside the jelly...the best is slices of kiwi or strawberi...but i only have mango goes in!!! (sbb tuh beli orange flaver n colourings...too bad they dont have mango flavor)
taste?? ok lar...not as good as the one i had at the other half ex-boss open hse. but...since this is my 1st try...BIG CLAP for me!!! for dinner, the other half inform me earlier that he wanted something i cook ikan kerisi goreng bawang putih with sayur campur. but then his defination of simple is actually MAGGIE GORENG...biasa la kan me - the miscontrued cheeky babe!!!

ok got to go....somebody is eyeing his ThinkPad olaydi

p/s:watched the original and mmu's version of numa numa over and over again 2day...ihihihih...kasi ilang ngantuk maaa


apsal yer tetiba font dia nampak besor gituk....ewwww....tak shantek nyer. i must have type in something masa dok godek2 template smalam. ish

May 11, 2005

me and my amway

finally....i only got my amway 2day. earky morning yesterday they confirm that im gonna received it yesterday but till 4 them up and complain. after they check whose the culprit...this girl call me back (salute them for fast respond) and shewas saying that this delivery man name mutia came by at the office around 10am yesterday but nobody was there to received it. hellooo!!! i dont buy it....i remember my 1st time that malay guy came to my room to hand over the box (after 2 working days)....the second time dunno who just leave at the receptionist (after 3 working days) and now this mutia was saying that nobody was there to received the box!!! do i blame amway or their delivery vendor??!! but tak keysah la as long as i got everything. but i think im gonna write to their customer service abt this late delivery. as written in their official website...we shud get our order the following working day...if u order mon...u get tues....order fri...get monday...hmmmm but again tak keysahh laaa as long as i dunt have to go to their RDC. went there this afternoon to exchange some skincare products and nutrilite. waaa!!!! jakun makcik sekijap..mcm counter bank gituk...infact....lg happening uuuu!!!these ppl are buying like so many boxes....terror sungguh derang ni berbisnes. mmmg keycoh sungguh mcm pasar borong selangor gituk!! hhahaha.

a friend call me up few days ago asking how to join amway...wah!!! ini sudah bagus...kengkunun my 1st downline. but then she's in lahad datu and me in putrajaya...camno tuh. i dont want to make things difficult for both of us so i ask her to call up amway RDC in KK. so she did and the ppl there ask her to wait for a LD agent to contact her. but as per her sms just now....that LD agent never call...ayork....depa ni aku nak bagi downline pun tak mo ker. so to help her out....i ask her to just buy the products frm me since the purpose for her to join amway is to get the distributor price for her own use. but i still need to check in terms of delivery etc etc...will confirm wif her 2morrow after i discuss wif my upline.

yeah!!! i sell amway to my friends using distributor price..ahahaha....makcik tak pandai nak bisness ni. so sesapa yg nak beli brg tuh boleh ler contact makcik...kalau banyak barang i can make the effort to deliver tapi kalau barang seciput dua...amik sendrik ler yerk...ihhihi....hey...em not making any profit here remember. but if u really lurve their products....just join...tak rugi apa2...dapat bonus lagik (erk..again...gimme a call...ahaha).

ok...need to get some sleep....BTW we had this for dinner:

ketam masak lemak cili api kaw kaw wif sup bayam

nite nite

May 10, 2005

Capacity building my foot...

Too sleepy to write...need to get that daily vitamin pills now!!

Smoked couple of cigs again, need to stop seeing business partners in kedai mamak..the temptation is too strong there.. That's one lesson learnt. Several programme are running for my run rate business and I've got me and me only to handle to handles this. So much for the matrix organization structure..I hope I would be able to develop a skill to type report/plan during sleep soon..hmm that would be nice.. felt like the working hours are not enough to finish everything. I've tried computing during driving..woohooo..much worst that talking on the phone or drink and drive..but I was so desperate to get some info in my ThinkPad..probably I would invent a contraption sorta like handsfree for notebook..make couple of millions by selling it thru MLM or Smartshop..hmm..that's viable..i guess.

Finally finished a book from Azizi Ali..but now need to finish another one from Dale Carnegie. It's been sitting in the toilet for quite some time and i manage to read 1 page only per entrance. Meaning i'm not wasting my time in the thinking room. The other half have yet to finish the book about the obsessive compulsive lady armed with credit cards..the Shopaholic...even i have read that in 1 day..geez..The other day, visited a friend office and borrowed " good to great" book. Highly recommended by my i think i'll take a crack at many books to read and soo many things to do..maybe i'll come up with another skill reading and driving also...that would kill some time during heavy traffic jams in KL or even in Putrajaya..I've got this one particular traffic light which i think hated me...never given me any green light at all... new fren - THE TROLLEY

pick me!! pick me!!

while waiting for my crab to be 'siang' - half full trolley

reached home wif almost full trolly


bought the trolley yesterday......lps beli suddently felt...eii mcm org BOD jer nanti jalan sensorang sorong bende ni. hahahahah!!! but tak keysahh la as long as i dont have to carry all those plastic bags.yesterday also manage to pick up my floor mop at co*way...sampai rumah terus experiment. ok lah....mcm mop cuma tak basah. mmg dia sapu abis semua abok.

as for today, ive decided to postpone my trip to a*way. maybe 2morrow or day after. that can wait. got dig. cert. training this afternoon and em supposed to received my new a*way order 2day. i ammm sooo into a*way nowadays after receiving a brief product training frm queenzet...hik hik hik. their LOC multipurpose is superb...nama pun multipurpose product for the whole house. ive also added dishdrops and toilet bowl cleaner for my household cleaning and sa8 wif glezyme for laundry care. few other products that em currently using is see spray (for window), sa8 plus, some of their n*trilite food supplements and skincare.

tips for a free parking @ alam anda
1. just buy anything at carr*four and you get 1st two hrs FOC
2. shop @ carr*four for more than RM50 and ur third hr is also FOC

May 9, 2005

what the....

man!! i need to go to alam anda to get that troley since 2morrow im goin to the pasar malam alone (again!). then i also need to drop by cos*ay to pick up my microfibre floor mop that i bought last saturday (hope this one works marvellous like their m/fibre wiper). but im to lazy to go both places today. maybe 2morrow afternoon....but then i need to go to am*ay to change my nutrilite. erghhh!!! so many things to do. hmm....nvm...i think i'll do both today. since the cat is not around the whole day, so this lil minnie mouse can go home on the DOT. im too lazy to write long mood...lets the other half do it on my behalf. TQ dear

Lesson learn this weekend:
1. never iron ur other half 1 week supply of shirts and pants while watching tv...ouch!!! but come to think of it, em not gonna do the ironing without any entertainment just that i need to be extra careful
2. becareful when u walk around ur bed (to be exact, those sharp edges) or u end up wif a purpleish-blue skin-tone leg

May 7, 2005


Thursday nite, my co. held the 1st roound of futsal game in PJ. My team have to go for 3 games that day and it was a long 10 minutes of my life. I hope the ref blew the whistle sooner than the normal period. Since i haven't gone for any jog or tennis for the past couple of month..i was totally gasping for oxygen in the 1st 3 minutes of playtime..luckily couple of the team member turn up for substitution. If not, i'm toast...Anyways, the 2nd game I managed to score a goal but missed out 2 big team was so pissed off..hahaha..shit happens. This yr, we're basically the Chelsea in the league since most of the team member are new and pretty good with their feet. Think this was my boss hiring strategy to join the dept.. i heard my boss would asked whether they play football or not...hhehe...discrimination on board..but he didn't asked me the question. .Am not that good anyway with futsal. Not very good with body contact games since i'm fragile'ly' challenged...that's why i'll be playing where the opponent would be at the other side of the court..During the 1st game..i pulled a muscle near my thigh and it was SOOOOO painful...i asked for time out and put lots of that Yoko2 thingy...We draw 2 games and won 9-3 with the MAS was a kenduri that time..even we all lost count.
Went back home around 11pm and had supper..the after effect of futsal made me so pumped up and i booted up my PS2 and whacked in DMC3 again. I determined that if i can't pass thru this stage 3, i'd throw the towel and give up on it altogether. But, after 1 attempt at it..i managed to beat the crap out of the 3 headed went to sleep around 1am.
With my aching body of unstretched torso..i woke up at 10am..WHAT!!!Look up my hp and it was on silent mode and the other half been trying to call me 6 times already...luckily my meeting this morning was as a typical salesman man..i slowly crept into my cubible without any noticeable boss not around..and if somebody ask where was i..i'll just come up with the de facto standard answer..met with business partner..can't say with customer since i'm not wearing my tie yet..would work like a charm..the rest of the day went by as usual..
A partner called from Perak and notified he's closing a deal there...yeahoo..PO will be in next week..but my target still so unbelievebly the heck can i achieve it...Who's weekend!!

We're all to blame - Sum 41

May 5, 2005

a clerk wif a Master in Environemental etc etc

wow weeeeeee
yesterday i called up a staff in HR requesting for an immediate replacement for my clerk. and it 2day. but she has a master in environmental something2. ayork...PKS (p*gawai khidm*t sin*kat). felt awkward during my brief explainations on her duties. u i am asking a girl wif a master doing clerical work like..typing...follow-up'ing'.....record letter coming in and goin out. i really pity her. is the job market sooooo bad?

i was only in the office in the early morning then off to E*U for the review thingy. it shud be fullday but then the bos decided that he will go for morning session n me, the afternoon session. man!!! it was sooowwwww bowwwringg. today is the last state for us to review on water. then 2morrow n nextweek will be on sewerage n energy. then dunno when will be the 2nd review of everything.

but anyway, last monday just lepak at home wif the other half. only went out to have our late lunch at alam anda. then did some groceries shopping at carre*our. went to pasar mlm bangi on tuesday...ALONE!!! i even have to put some of the stuffs i bought back to the car n return back to pasar mlm to get a few more. cant manage all those plastic bags wif this two hands. dear...u need to buy me that troley...u know the troley meant for wet market shopping!!!

so weekened is plans yet...maybe we will go back to sirpunk after my uncle's birthday gathering in ttdi. or maybe we postpone it to next week...ok tak? but come to think of it, remember the fresh seafood at bagan lalang...sotong goreng tepun...pepahat masak sweet sour telor...ketam...pari what say u???!!!

oklah....need to get some sleep chiow

May 4, 2005

Jagged Little Pill - 1995

That year Alannis Morrisette release an album called Jagged Little Pill. She took the world by storm..30Mill album sold..1st US female artist to reached that height..why i remembered this..I was watching " The Story of Alannis" on MTV..which really inspired me to write this blog even though I was thinking to write on the happenings around me for couple of days..
My memory still could recall vividly when i bought the 1st CD..pirat*d btw..i was student at that time..on a lousy JPA loan..It was on Petaling street..that time, no vcd peddlers prowling around the food court or Low Yat still in the drawing board...I usually stopped by to PS before taking the bus home in Pudu Station. I can still remember the smell on diesel engines spewing black smoke from some old clunking buses. It was 1995, I just bought my 1st was Pentium 133Mhz, with 1.2 gig HD, 32 was my rig..thy machine of a geek's wet dream..2 month introduced Pentium MMX and the rest, you can say..history...
Coming back to Alannis..I was so attracted to this album..coz one..she's a lady..2..she sings alternative rock..and it was 1995..most women sings pop or r&b..three,the album loaded with great was a good buy..10 bucks I think...4..the theme was not about the lovey dovey love song...but about life..abt reality..which seldom I heard in the radio...FYI, during that time we still listen to radio..not Winamp playing MP3 downloaded from the Net or IRC. The lyrics was beautiful, full of emotion and unique, the melodies was darn catchy and not a monotonous like these days..
She was singing just to have fun..not caring abt whether listener could accept her..she just dun give a sh*t about it...Avril is basically a clone of her and programmed by the MTV increase viewers who are so tired with teen pops like Britney and others pop dolls...Alannis was a pioneer in this the 90s i mean..coz in 60s there was this lady named Janis Joplin..the Woodstock era that have the same attitude..smoke pot some more.."dun drink and drive..if you can smoke and fly"...hahahaha
10 years have passed by...where was I during that 10 yrs time..let me see...took A-Level, pass some exams..went to BCHEM in KYPMKL..then 97-98 economic downturn..went to MMU for 4 yrs..graduated and work my ass of till today..and married to a lovely girl...Have i achieved what i thought I could achieved in 1995?...that part was blurry..but i could still remember telling my friends that I will never wear a neck tie to work..and here I am wearing neck ties every stinking day and cuff links some more..hahaha..what a hypocrite..What can I say more over the past 10 yrs..I had fun, laugh a lil bit, flunk exam on Econometrics ( the lowest days of my life)...met a lot of cool people..teenage life was not know the meaning about mortgages, car loans, credit cards, quotas, proposal writings, monday blues...would I go back to go thru it again..not a chance..had my'm looking forward for the next 10 yrs...where would i be then...only God knows...

Ironic - Alannis

May 2, 2005

breathe in breathe out....phewhhh

its monday and its a holiday *GRIN. so there wont be any monday blues 2morrow in the office...aiyark. i know its been a while since my last update...the other half keep on asking 'when are u goin to update the blog'...'why is there no updates frm u'.....'can u pls write something...its no fun only me updating' here i am early monday morning trying to blog.
so a quick recap of the past...current n future:
saw me and the other half headed to pasar malam in bangi. after that visit i declare TUESDAY will be my day off for cooking,...yeay!!! they have almost everything thereeee and its CHEAP....and now i can get my weekly supply of jagung bakar. susah skang nak carik org jual jagung bakar. hmm...and now NO MORE Pasar Borong Selangor. however pasar p8 is still in my list incase i need to get some last minute stuffs.
Nothing interesting….busy wif a meeting
followed the ministry trip to Pesta Buku in PWTC and bought:
For Her
- 1 special edition of AN*UNG S*RI on kitchen
- 4 old editions of IMP*ANA and sign up for 6 mths subscriptions, free scrabble-like game called vocabularie
- Ara*an Perben*aharaan – hkihiih….only one work related book
For Him
- Orang - orang Kaya di Malaysia (hope to see our names there maybe in 5 - 10 yrs time)
- 3 old editions of Malaysian Business – all abt richest ppl in Malaysia

I did write an entry later in the evening. Near 7 o clock, just X and X all the windows and went straight home without saving the entry. Only realize that when the other half went online later that nite. D*mn

One whole day meeting in E*U for R*K9 review. Man we have to review project by project…and this is only the beginning. *Pancets

Again E*U for R*K9 review…again…pancets. Balik umah….LEPAKS and do some laundry…cleaning…bla bla bla.

Reached ikano 11 plus2…meet the other half UT agent and sign up for Pu*lic Itti*al. TQ dear!!! Then both of us proceed to I*EA. The original plan was to buy a tablecloth which ive been eyeing for quite some time. but then I decided to buy their fabric and have it tailormade. Already check wif ikea….the cost will be RM15. so o next im gonna do is to measure my dining table. Hmmm….thinking of buying the stripy stripy red and cream. Just to add some color to my hse (officially the theme color for my hse is now, cream, dark chocolate m fiery red). Not forgetting, another piece of fabric to have it frame using the stretching technique….like the one in their prayer room. However, I*EA don’t provide that service so already ask a frame shop in I*ANO and the cost for 3ft X 3ft would be 90 bucks. Need to survey some other shops…does anybody know any cheaper one? Must bring the measuring tape for my next visit so that I can measure the one in the prayer room. I want that same size!! So sab N ad….pls plan for our next outing to I*EA. Sapa nak ikut…jommmmmmmmmm.

To be continued