Mar 27, 2006

how i spend my sunday....

i spend my whole sunday browsing the net and i'm stuck here!!!
at the end of the day: hentak paler kat bean bags!!!

Mar 26, 2006

the trip...

See that tall, dark and handsome bowl??? muchkin hubby insisted that i put the pix on the blog. reason: he also got good taste in ID. he bought it during his recent trip to KK. ok la dear, i have to admit that the bowl is so damn nice...but u need to improve on ur bargaining skills laarr. RM5 cut in price is not something to be proud of. anyway, more pixs can be viewed at cheeky's decor.

i'm pretty excited abt our "how-many-times-postponed-trip-to-bali" this coming tuesday. its gonna be 7N8D adventure for us. lama kan??? bought the ticket somewhere in february...u know the RM0 tickets offer...thats explain the 7D8N. we just need to pay for the tax and blah blah for RM268 per couple. got an interesting tour package frm the net. hope we can trust the guy. payment is not made yet...all transactions will be done over there. anyway, this is the itenary...em really looking forward to it.....hopefully everything went well...

Day 1 (28/03/2006), Tuesday (Arrival Approximately 7:40pm)

- Dinner at Pelengkung Restaurant (Halal)

- Check in Bali Gardenia Resort (

Day 2 (29/03/2006), Wednesday

- Breakfast and Check out from hotel

- White water rafting (Lunch Include)

- 3 hours SPA package at Baliwis or Wisata

- Jimbaran Beach Seafood Candle Dinner (Include: 1st beverage, prawn,fish,squid, Clam, vegetable and fruit)

- Check in at Grand Mirage Hotel (

Guests should back to hotel before 9pm. Due to many streets will be close for the Ogo-Ogo Parade.

Day 3 (30/03/2006), Thursday

Nyepi Day. (Silent Day: start 00:00am March 29th until 07:00am March 31st)


Day 4 (31/03/2006), Friday

- Barong & Kris Baliness Classic Dance

- Ubud Traditional Market

- Tirta Empul (Holy Water Temple at Tampak Siring)

- Kintamani Volcano Panorama

- Pura Danu Batur (Holy Mountain Temple: One of Biggest Temple In Bali)

- Check in at Hotel Sunari

- 2 hours SPA (include)

Day 5 (01/04/2006), Saturday

- Dolphin Tour

- Snorkeling

- Breakfast & Check Out

- Sailing with speedboat at Bedugul (Mountain Lake)

- Tanah Lot (Holy Ocean Temple)

- Hotel Check in (Nagasari or same level at Kuta Area)

If get more energy, there is a Night Party at Bounty Pub.

Day 6 (02/04/2006), Sunday

Free & Easy ( You can visit famous Kuta Beach, Kuta Square Shopping & Discovery Mall with in walking distance)

Transportation will be standby

Day 7 (03/04/2006), Monday

- Optional Scuba Diving Lesson (Charge US$100 for 2 people. Include: PADI Instructor, Full Equipment, Boat)

- Uluwatu (Cliff Temple)

- Tea Break at Puri Bali

- Nusa Dua Beach

- Nusa Dua Shopping Centre (SOGO)

Day 8 (04/04/2006)

- ½ day free – late check out until 2pm

- Tea Break at Ritz Carlton (Include 1st soft drink)

- Airport

Interesting huh? too bad our travelling period is during the nyepi day...but i guess it shuldnt be problem since we are there for over a week. sapa yg tak tau and bought a short travel period during that day musti rasa rugi giler.

Mar 22, 2006 (part 2)

me meet
me boss at corridor
me boss ask
me know or not abt the promotion
me sengih kerang busuk
me bos said
me big boss want to suggest to JayPeeAee to hold the promotion
me big boss said once
me ministry got the re-org waran then..
me and fwens can get internal promotion but
me boss said dont want to force me
me boss give options
me stay or
me go
me sengih kerang busuk again
me said
me dunno
me didnt get to see the letter yet
me boss said
me letter is wif
me big boss and now
me and fwens already decided that
me and fwens want to stay
me hope
me wont change
me mind

kalau menjadi ler me and fwens decided to let go the offer, kire dlm sejarah la kat opis ni org request nak stay. selalu nyer semua org tergedik2 nak keluar. tp dgr citer nyer, ader senior yg giant itu yg dah keluor tetiba mcm request nak masuk balik...and ade sorg senior tuh bila dah tukor ministry, baru la appreciate ministry ini. sesuatuh taww opis ni. sebenarnyer hari ni sangat la tidak senang duduk. surat tak dpt tengok duty kononnyer 3 april..selasa depan dah mula nak cuti fanjeng

amaran keras: jgncubaadasesiapayangcubameracunipemikirankuini

me like me like
me got the long awaited letter
me got transfered here
me so happy coz me can get out frm here but actually
me already comfortable here, its just that
me penat already working with numbers
me penat already working with dup dap dup dap feeling
me confuse already
me friends tell bad things abt that place
me dunno
me like here
me like parking system here
me like me room
me like me desk
me like bossess here
me actually like working wif number
me hate karang ayat berjela2 in bm
me seldom write minutes here and thats why
me like working wif numbers
me like microsoft excel
me like everything but
me bored already
me dunno..but if
me go there, it can be worse
me dunt want to get 60 - 70 assessment mark
me think me want to let go the offer
me stupid ker?
me crazy ker?
me silly ker?
me dunno...but then
me need new environment
me want new scope of work but if
me accept the offer
me must report duty 1st monday in april and
me is goin for a long vacation trip on that day and
me will only be back the following day
me know
me can have the report duty date extend but do
me want to take the offer or not
me dunt want lahh
me crazy
me dunno
me scared if
me let go the offer
me promotion will be affected

erk....letter pun kena hold lagi

Mar 11, 2006

Selamat Pengantin Baru

pix 1 - 3: sessi mari belajar mekap di elianto dia suatu tengahhari

Dearest Izyani
Sometimes u are my fav little sista, but most of the time u are not...opss!!!. but whatever it is, i'm wishing u the very best of marriage life that u've been dreaming abt. pesanan ahkak, bila ahdik dah kawin dgn pegawai diplomat ni, mekap kena pandai dan yg penting sekali tudung tak leh kerepot. sila lah belajo ngan ahkak pah, ahkak lilie ngan ahkak jolie yerk. erkk ahkak sab??? erkk...jap pikir jap...erk tak leh pikir. kalau nak belajo mekap belajo ngan ahkak zet ngan ahkak azie. hah tgk ahkak azie tuh dah ekselen dah pakai tudung cap ikan bawal. sekian. pantun ini direka khas utk ahdik:

pi kenduri cheeky naik keter
bila majuk patah balik naik bas
ahdik yani jgn terluper
pakai tudung kena vassss

Mar 10, 2006

test new profile

test 1 2 3
cobaan 1 2 3

dear evil,
one simple question - so who is the genius now? me or u??

Mar 9, 2006

My so called vacation...

My visit to KK was a last minute was 5.25pm Friday and boss asked me whether I'm going to KK or not...Need to get 6 cust to signed up for the CIO event for me to earn the ticket flight. I didn't know that all my cust wanted to go since earlier of the week, only 2 signed usual, boss freaked out and yelling why he wasn't notified earlier to give me permission to go to KK..frankly speaking, i dun want to go since it was my birthday..away from my wifey..quarter closing and such...and everybody kept saying how lucky am i to go...its not a vacation damn it..i have to make sure all my customer are in ok condition..happy and satisfied with our services..crap..that's doesn't sounds right..but they expect to bring more projects during this i wish all my cust would just jot down their project plan this yr and the budget they have...or even better..just issue the freaking PO
So, within 5 minutes..i called my other boss for approval..sent an email to the marketing dept for the green light...called MAS to check available flight...called Amex to book a ticket..picked up the ticket on saturday in KL and was in KK at 6pm Monday...that's why i luv working dun dwell on things..meeting after meeting...just fu*king execution..wing it!! But i hate the rest of things here...
For the 1st time for a very long time..i was enjoying Sunday again..after knowing my whole team will be away..meaning no sales review meeting on monday..yeahooo...but i spoke too soon...we had the review on tuesday evening in the hotel rooms...and as wallop by boss..ouch!!
I was a last minute entry for this event..there was no available rooms for me...and since boss was sleeping alone..he offered me to bunk into his room..WTF...why me?? I was begging my marketing team to get me a room..any room...i'd rather sleep on the beach then with him..its gonna be pretty awkward..He promised not to do any Brokeback Mountain actions...heheehe..I'm not laughing......this is not funny...
That night..after picking my cust at the airport..i went straight to boss's room...walking slowly thru the aisle..looking at the room mind processing tonnes of info..what to do..should i go to sleep straight i pretend to work and look i sleep on the floor...which's a queen bed..not even singles..ferkkkkkkkk

to be continued...

Mar 8, 2006

my birthday boy....

dearest munchkin evil the genius

wishing u a very HAPPY 2* BIRTHDAY. hope u have a *FUN* birthday celebration over there. ur darling cheeky wife really cant wait to see u tonite.

but let say u sampai erl around 10.30...u amik cab erk...or maybe u wait after 11...i nak tgk mya zara...saat2 genting ni...hik hik hik

Mar 6, 2006

shop till u drop..

the purpose of goin to suebang pared yesterday was just to get me a nametag and a pair of glasses. but this is what we got...

2 pairs of SCS blouse for her
1 pair of SCS pant for her
1 damn cheap cuffling shirt for him
1 very nice country style key hanger frm the flea market
and nametag

ayork...and i'm goin there again...sooonnn. parkson is closing for some major renovation so there is this big sale goin on...and i tell u....very big one. dont go to klcc....we went there on saturday and not much thing left...banyak dah kosong.

mr evil is now in KK until wednesday...miss u takper dpt melenjan wif ur car. esok ader miting kat PBD...ingat nak pi melenjan kat OU ke MV ker...hak hak hak. i miss u dear......

Mar 5, 2006

how i wish....

1. i could blog on how busy i am these past few weeks. working morning till nite even during weekends

2. i could blog on how i hate people doin last minutes changes on my slides...i mean during the day itself just few minutes before the presentations and when i've already have it printed, binded and circulated. it really makes my heart goes dup dap dup dap!!! what do u expect when u have u-know-who as your minister. org kata "mulut tak insurans".....quote one of his statement during the meeting "that stupid mauuuweee"..apa kaitan dunt ask me...hahhaah...tu baru satu.

3. i could blog abt PGLtm.....the show was great....i lurve scenes that have ac...adlin and that one old man yg salu dok follow ac. ader satu part dia nyanyi..adoiii...comel nyerr!!! stephen rahman? how i wish mnasir was there just to do the dialogue voice-over. but this guy voice is great when he sings....i cannot imagine mnasir singing the way he sing and dancing the way he dance. me immediately bought the musical soundtrack. and our seats?? hohohoh...we were seated one row behind few ministers and ex minister...2 seats away frm cik rozzzina from astero...well...our tickets are frm astero...agaknyer satu row tu astero yg punyerk.

4. i could blog abt how at this moment i am desperately looking for a shop that can make nametag in just half an hour or less. our new KayeSyoU and TeeKay is very particular abt wearing nametage to work.

5. i could blog abt how i hate ppl who think that he/she knows everything and thought that he/she is always correct...boooooooooooooo...dush!!!!

6. i wish i could blog more often

p/s: cheeky bites updated....wif just pixs