Jul 31, 2007


we didnt get that two bedroom unit
ada 5 applicants....mmg dah boleh agak dah mesti tak dapat
competition tinggi

but we got another one...tp one bedroom jer la...not that nice frm outside but very modern interior design...better than the 2 bedroom unit
$310 per week....$10 much more expensive than the 2 bedroom unit
bukak pintu jer bustop...toleh kanan je pantai
frust frust frust
tp bersyukur bersyukur bersyukur

still ade yg tak dpt umah lg

esok nak soppping sofa, coffee table merangkap meja makan, tv, peti ais dan apa2 yg perlu lagi

Jul 25, 2007

and the search continues....

so the mission to look for a decent place to stay is still on...

when you are carless....is it better to stay in place where it is near to the shops but with very limited public transport or vice versa?

yesterday we found one in evans avenue, eastlakes. one bedroom apt and very fully furnish. i'm telling you...it is very fully furnish. at the price of $260 per week. it is very near to the shopping centre where there's lots of halal butcher and turkish restaurant. however, i have an issue with the transportation. 1 bus every 30 minutes during peak hrs and every 1 hr during off-peak hrs. there is another option but i need to change bus. and the agent sounds very desperate...so desperate agent means no good rite? so immediately reject it and mr evil deary is a bit pissed off...hahahaha.

today, we check out maroubra...the suburb where my sista used to stay 20 yrs ago. and tadaaaaa......he immediately falls in love with it...why? simply becoz of the beach. its a bit further up....but there are 2 or is it 4 buses in every 10 to 15 minutes. and it took me like only 15-20 mins frm the place to my uni. it is a very quiet hilly location with lots of privacy. i hope we can get a place there by this weekend...pls pls pls

p/s: gambor2 diatas adalah tiada kaitan dgn umah2 yg dimaksudkan


a homeless, carless, broadbandless and jobless couple looking for a decent place to stay in sydney

Jul 20, 2007

sesat di sydney

1st day went well
2nd day sesat dlm univ
2nd day jugak sesat dlm randwick

lepas ni tak mau jalan kaki dah
nak naik bas jer

cant update long...only one hour usage utk computer kat lab
sejuk tak hingat kat sini.....5-7 celcius

Jul 17, 2007

here i come

my farewell lunch at chakri palace. photos grab frm sabrina

thank you everybody for the farewell lunch, dinner, gifts, sms and calls (mcm la aku tak balik lg 18 bulan kan..hik hik hik).

lite lite dinner sambil baca blog rina

so they upgrade our seats to business class and here we are in the golden lounge having our light dinner. sedih masa bye bye with the families just now becoz i forgot to do something...something very important...huwaaaaa....blame me for being so kalut. chiow

Jul 15, 2007

online frm PUTRAJAYA

i have already enrol 3 subjects for this semester
and classes will be only on Monday and Wednesday
hmmmm....lg 3 hari nak buat apa?

Business Communication, Ethics & Practise
Lecture : 10.00 am - 11.30 am
Tutorial: 2.00 pm - 3.30 pm

Management, Work & Organisation
Tutorial : 4.00 pm - 5.30 pm (start week 2)
Lecture: 6.00 pm - 7.30 pm

Strategic Human Resource Management
Seminar : 4.00 pm - 5.30 pm (start week 2)
Lecture: 6.00 pm - 7.30 pm

Jul 11, 2007

my DARLING MAFSO balik kampung

today is the big day
my DARLING MAFSO went back to his hometown for the 1st time
i didnt do anything to make my father change his mind.
but thanks to en ahmad actually, the one that offered the cheapest price for DARLING MAFSO to be with his new friends...yes, thanks to en ahmad becoz suddenly he sold his mobile together with his number and we didnt manage to contact him.

getting ready to go

when i set the time for DARLING MAFSO to be towed away tonite...i never thought about how much CARPUB my DARLING MAFSO would give me.
yes...my DARLING MAFSO is so CARPUB today
from the moment the lorry came
till the moment it went away (sob sob sob)

neighbourhood security guard: bos, kenapa? kena tarik ka?
mr evil: takda la..mahu hantar balik kampung
me: dush dush dushhhh

sambil2 tuh we can see few heads terjengok jengok dari tingkap umah masing
cis! mesti derang ingat DARLING MAFSO kena tarik

mr evil: bos, malu la bos semua org ingat kena tarik
lorry driver: mmg salu ini macam punya (sambil tersengih)
me (dlm hati): hello my neighbours, i'm giving the best service for my DARLING MAFSO tau

on his way up
enjoy your trip tonite
i'm sure my father will take good care of you
you too must take good care of my father
jgn buat perangai tengah2 jalan
kalau rasa nak sakit ke apa make sure u meragam dr kat umah lg
thank you for the service you give me since 2001

on top of the world

*CARPUB = cari publisiti

Jul 10, 2007


call M'sia Hall, Sydney
- lega first 2 weeks accomodation dah settle

call IT Helpdesk, UNSW
- lega dah dapat my new Unipass (yg i terforgot)

Benda yang belum boleh dilegakan lagi
- DRimba
- My Darling MAFSO
- most importantly PACKING!!!

Jul 9, 2007

nak gelak ke nak marah?

this morning i received a call frm my ex-staff frm the previous previous ministry

she: puan...n*n* ni.
me: yerrppp
she: nak tanya, dulu utk projek tuuttt puan bayar guna waran ke baucar bayaran
me: hah?? ntah saya pun tak ingat..waran kot sbb mcm banyak kan...check la dlm fail tak pun check la dlm espkb
she: espkb tak boleh bukak tahun 2005 punyer
me: ntah la...projek dah lama mana saya nak ingat...tgk balik dlm fail la
she: ok...terima kasih puan

me ----> speechless

this is not the first time
few months ago she call and ask me....

she: puan, dulu puan buat surat bukak akaun amanah puan SK kat sapa?

can u see her problem??
too lazy to open the old file....tak reti nak usaha bukak fail lama (padahal fail akaun amanah tuh tak tebal mana pun...ntah2 skang baru masuk jilid 2 busuk2 pun jilid 3 la)
true dia rajin bertanyer (sbb kononnyertak sesat jalan)
tp logic ker asking me who yg dah bertahun tinggalkan keje tuh boleh ingat bende2 mcm tuh...unless i am a superduperwoman la kan
how am i supposed to remember the payment method i made in 2005 and mind you thats not the only project that i handle...kalau satu pegawai satu project INSYAALLAH la boleh ingat
and how i am supposed to remember to whom i SK the letter to? SK okk SK!

nak tergelak pun ada

Jul 8, 2007

hate my new retainer...

i am now braces-less
and i hate it so much
hate it becoz i have to wear that setoopid retainer
i thot wearing a retainer is much more easier/comfortable than braces
but nope i was wrong
hate it soo much that me sometimes curik2 tak pakai
my 1st day wearing retainer, i even take it off during my sleep
yes taking it off without even realising it
woke early morning thinking that i swallow it (w'pun tak logic)....panic sekijap
carik punyer carik dah sampai kat tgh katil....sib baik tak bengkok


suddenly i'm feeling scared
suddenly i dont feel like going

hubby dearie....u better cheer me up

p/s: the feeling above is due to this reason ---> susahnyer nak carik umahhhh!!!!!

Jul 4, 2007

Journey to D'Rimba - 1st part

The 1st part of the journey is the best part......

our neighbours. canteknyer ader lanai and balcony...what to do, when we discover drimba...all the units with lanai and balcony sold out...huhuh

view frm our corridor

thats our unit. 1st floor on the right

Behind our block is the clubhouse and the pool. thats the bridge to the clubhse and pool. longkang ke stream tuh? hhuhuhu

walking towards the pool and the clubhouse

The Clubhouse

Canteknyer sapa yg beli depan pool ni. tp mahal nak mampus

Journey to D'Rimba - 2nd part

The 2nd part is the inside of the apartment. The finishing is not that satisfying. overall, i am just a bit dissaponted with the master bedroom...mcm kecik sgt la plak. Pictures u see below are not from our unit. our unit is lock. kesian la satu unit tuh yg jadi tempat bermaustatin pekerja2 kat situ

The Wet Kitchen

The Dry Kitchen

Dining Hall - dah boleh dah nampak bayang breakfast counter kat situ

Main Hall - kalau boleh MUST CHANGE flooring jugak (wink wink)

The 'walkway' from bedrooms to dining and living hall

The MUST CHANGE master bedroom flooring. Master bedroom is a bit small than what we expected

The first bedroom

The second bedroom

The MUST CHANGE toilet door