Feb 26, 2007

and the food....

so let see, how many visitors (excluding us) do we have the other day.....8 adults, 9 kids aged between 3-12yrs old and 1 baby. sungguh memenatkan. lps ni nak amik concept my sista....buat apa masak...beli ajer lah...hahahaha

The soto
only after yesterday i realised that cooking soto adalah sangat renyah. org kedah kata renyah. renyah sbb nak siat isi ayam tuh halus2 lepas tuh nak buat begedil nyer lg. dah lepas ni soto akan di'banned'kan utk acara besar-besaran. tak kose nak siat ayam sampai kol 6.30 pagi.

The Godam
i know the name sounds funny and i dunno why in the world they name it GODAM. originate from Palembang . fav dish masa hari raya. tapi nak buat dia...u need all the extra energy when u want to mash it....since mr evil request for this so he took up the responsibilities. and the mash potatoes turn out very moist. tq evil deary. the best godam i made so far. the middle layer is blackpepper minced beef plus onions. shuld have another layer of slices of boiled egg but i dont like it with eggs.

The Puding Jagung
This is the yummylicious Puding Jagung.....erk...for corn lovers only.

Feb 24, 2007

puding jagung

Puding Jagung

1 tin jagung (cream corn), dikisar dgn airnya sekali
1 tin susu cair (Ideal milk)
3 biji telur
1 mangkuk gula (I used corelle cereal/soup bowl- but do adjust to your liking)
1 paket agar2 (abt 30gm)
3 sudu besar (use the measuring spoon) tepung kastratd (dibancuh dgn 3 atau 4 sudu besar air agar tidak bergentel)
garam secubit

Rebus agar2 dgn 6 gelas air, bersama gula sehingga larut. Sementara itu, pukul telur bersama 2 sudu besar gula. Masuk susu cair dan bancuhan tepung kastard. Kacau, kemudian, masukkan jagung dan bancuhan agar2. Kacau kira-kira 10 minit sebelum dimasukkan ke dalam acuan dan kemudian, masukkan ke dalam peti sejuk. Kalau suka hiaskan dgn buah2an campuran (it tastes superb with the mixed fruit cocktail!)

p/s: thanks to the recipe owner


This is my fav Puding Jagung that i always do when we had visitors and most of them like it and they always request for the recipe. i have to post this on my own blog coz i keep losing the recipe that i already printed and have to google every now and then looking for it. in-laws are coming 2morrow so the menu will puding jagung wif fruit cocktail, soto and godam (originate from palembang).

p/s: wif the 3 little devils, i can already imagine the condition of the hse. evil dearie, thanks a lot for helping out smashing the godam...u can be the malaysian version of jamie oliver...hik hik hik

Feb 20, 2007


i've just finished watching 7 episodes of Love Story in Harvard (nope! no new invesment being made) and i got an assignment that need to be submitted on thursday. satu hape pun tak mula lagi. hish...mcm ni ke nak jadi student balik ni!! anyway, another 8 episodes to go...ahhahahah (masih belum insaf)

p/s: tgh mood kim rae woon plak

Feb 18, 2007


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this is our fist meal at BPP. one weekend (i think 2 weeks after moving in), i still haven't got my momentum to cook at this new home sweet home. but mr evil insist on having crabs so he volunteer to cook. lgpun dah beli kang tak masak busuk pulak. however the cheeky wife just couldnt leave the evil husband alone in the kitchen so she decided to help out with the 2nd dish. and tadaaaaaaaaaa sweet sour egg crab by evil dearie and kailan ikan masin by cheeky dearie. sedap gak sweet sour tu...lebih kurang mcm rasa sweet sour telor pepahat kat bagan. jumaat ni nak try beli pepahat plak kat pasar tani.

mr evil doin his stuffs...sambil potong bawang sambil tgk resipi . resipi ketam adalah dari sini. thanks for sharing the recipe.

Mari menggoreng cempedak...

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life goes on...

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Feb 14, 2007

dear diary.....

12 - 15 Feb 07
8.30am - 12.30pm : class
12.30 pm onwards : bersosial di gedung - gedung membeli belah

16 Feb 07
Cuti tanpa rekod

19 - 20 Feb 07

21 Feb 07
Class dunno until what time hopefully 12.30 also

22 Feb 07
submit assignment

23 Feb 07
cuti rehat ber'rekod'

26 Feb 07
Monday Blues @ Prison akibat 5 minggu tak masuk opis

27 - 28 07
QA Conference @ Intan, BK

1 Mac 07........
terpenjara until hopefully July

:: arghhhhhhhhhhh.......tak sanggup kembali ke penjara....can i continue this QA course with the next group??

Feb 13, 2007

test 1 2 3

testing 1 2 3

updating from my very own new toy.....mrs thinking pad
bye bye mr thinkpad...i will no longer hijack you frm evil dearie
and evil dearie....thank you very much.....but this is not my birthday present yach

p/s: maybe u can get me the extended battery kannn???!!

Feb 8, 2007


Dear Friends

Do enjoy all the clips below....minus Fireworks...i have all....only 8 yach not 10!!!! so as for now, i better take a break and have a kit kat instead....smaller amt of investment!!!
Which star are you from MV Miracle OST

Which star are you from - Drama

current addiction. coincidently both of my fav songs are in one MV. sgt best cerita ini...sama best dgn MY GIRL but their ending is much much more better than MY GIRL. and sometimes i think their storyline pun better than MY GIRL. w'pun hero tak berapa hensom tp bila dia senyum shy2...*speechless*. sgt di rekomen utk buat collection
My Girl [OST] - 사랑은 힘든가봐 (Sarang Eun Him Deun Ga Bwa)

My Girl - Drama

ada byk ost yg best2 but i put this one sbb this is one of my fav. dah lama nyer tak tgk gong chan on big screen!!!
OST Full House - Fate

Fullhouse - Drama
My Name Is Kim Sam Soon OST korean mv

My Name is Kim Sam Soon - Drama
Lee Hyun Woo - Firework OST - ì‚¬ëž‘í• ìˆ˜ë°–ì—

Fireworks - Drama
OST Sassy Girl Choon Hyang

My Sassy Girl, Choon Hyang - Drama
My Little Bride MV = Shim Eun Jin - My Love (ì–´ë¦°ì‹ ë¶€)

My Little Bride - Movie
Love Letter (Now and Forever) MV

Now and Forever - Movie
A Millionaire's First Love --- One

A Millionaire's First Love - Movie

Feb 7, 2007


So..i've not been updating this blog for donkey years already...Just not up to it...Nothing much happened..I'm just blogging to kill time before meeting an old friend...So what's up...

1. Moved to Seri Kembangan..nuthin to shout about..lame place..
2. Got new boss..nuthin new too..know already how the guy works..just bracing myself for the worse
3. My ASEAN boss jumped to our competitor where he used to be before joining us..maybe can't take it anymore
4. My sales review meeting shifted from monday to friday..whoopieee...at least i can enjoy my sunday from now on
5. New Streamyx installation agony..this is a long story...the shorter version = that helpdesk dude really had a bad day with me for 1 hr..to be continued in techdoze later
6. Changed my 3G plan to pay per use since i dun use it anymore with wifi in place..but was slapped with RM 500 phone bills in less than 1 week..mutha**..still investigating what the heck happened
7. Continue to watch movies..tonnes of movies..Latest one..Little Miss Sunshine..and Apocalypto...
8. Still have not picked up my korban meat back at my hometown..my mum maybe a tad pissed bout this..Luv u mum!!
9. The cat poo problem already resolved...
10. Bought a new toy for me..hehehehe...to be continued too
11. And wifey addiction to Korean movie..which led to no. 10 purchases in return...

Feb 6, 2007


having SPSS class at the moment
sungguh mengantuk
tapi apa kan daya
semalam singgah opis jap
rasanya tak sampai setengah jam pun singgah
tp balik dgn keadaan stress
dgn azeehar othman nyer
dengan naik pangkat nyer

Feb 2, 2007

My Collection

these are all my korean DVD collections....original uuuu (disusun mengikut pembelian)

1. My Girl - drama, tgk straight on shot so dlm kategori best!!! 1st bought and still maintain my no 1 best drama
2. Fullhouse - drama, jugerk tgk straight one shot so termasuk list best

3. My Lovely Sam Soon - drama

4. Sassy Girl, Chun Hyang - drama

5. A Millilionaire's First Love - movie, beli sbb ade Hyun Bin....a bit slow but boleh la sbb ader scene sedey
6. Now and Forever - movie, beli sbb baca review mcm best...mmg best and sedey

coming soon
1. which star are you from - drama, nak beli sbb baca review mcm best
2. fireworks - drama, was was nak beli buat collection, citer so and so...tp rasa mcm nak beli sbb hero dlm kategori sedap mata memandang...ahahaha
3. strongest romance - movie, ni zmn tok kadok bila ntah nak beli...baru je release kat korea. sebab nak beli: lee dong wook uuuuu
4. arang - movie, lee dong wook jugerk tp was was nak beli sbb citer antuuu

hishh....susah betol bila tetiba terjebak ngan citer korea ni....byk investment nak kena buat. why i bought them eventhough ada yg dah tgk kat tv....simply sbb nak buat collection. plus kat tv byk betol potong.