Jun 30, 2008

the archives....

kepada mereka yg menggodek2 my previous years nyer archives.....sorry abt the font colour. zaman dulu2 layout lain and terlebih rajin nak tukar2 font colour manually kat each entry.

hepppp!!!! tgh godek yerrrrr...ihihihih

Jun 29, 2008

BJORN AGAIN live in Sydney Opera House

malas la nak story....more pics here

eh....mcm cantek plak gambar ni kan

Jun 24, 2008

recaps of everything....

malas la nak update..so let the pics do the talking. a week before exam....cs and ej came for holiday. so me act as their unofficial tourist guide....lama jugak tak kuar jalan2 so i balas dendam those few days with them...

Day 1
Day 1 tour around the city jerk...they arrived early morning 6 am plus. sampai umah kol 7. tido dulu sat then tghhari kuar. so limited time but lots of damage done.....hahahaha

i ask mr evil to come immediately after work to help me with my shopping bags - location: QVB

one down....and one more to go....hopefully (wink)

Day 2:
ronda2 harbour bridge, opera house and fish market. no shopping2!!

yani kata i rawksss!!!

Day 3:
final day gi paddys and bondi jerk....SHOPPING

banyak gile cs beli tshirt

buying my fav french pastry at bondi organic market. mamat tuh sampai dah kenal i. almost every thursday i tayang muka...hahahaha

more pics here

Then last week, azie dtg for a course kat city. dia duduk kat shang ri la. timetable dia full...only free after 430. so tak leh nak buat apa...suh dia extend....tak mo plakk...ahahha. so yg paling penting, i bawak dia dtg umah...

somewhere in the city masa nak amik azie. quality most of the pics are not that good coz somebody forgot to change the manual setting.

i have to put this pic..ntah apa motif azie korek idung will smith

dinner at home...i sempat buat mee mamak, cheesy windmill pastry and jagung rebus jerk. sorry azie.

azie with her new jug that i bought many many months ago

gambar ni nak tunjuk kat ayoi...azie pun bawak twisties utk i....ihihihihih. siap ngan cup noodle lagik....thanks azie!!!!
more pics here

Jun 16, 2008

Movie Marathon

I suddenly have the energy to write another entry in less than 24 hrs...that's quite a feat...or maybe coz the mrs are not dominating the thinkpad....maybe...

Anyways..last weekend...i mean last last weekend we had a Queen's Bday on monday so it was a pretty long weekend..god save the queen!! and usually the tv shows here are pretty much crap so i decided to watch one movie after another...i end up watching 13 movies in total..averaging 4 movies a day..not that bad though....do note i was trying to watch as much as comedy as possible even if its crap...i just wanna relax and and enjoy less serious- horror - thriller movie...dun want to watch thinking movie for the time being........

1. 21 - its not the tv series 21 jump street...but a movie abt blackjack con artist...based on a true story..not that bad coz i like watching kevin spacey....

2. Be kind rewind - Jack black stars in this movie...still dun like jack black but its kinda funny

3. Chaos Theory - A superb drama/comedy abt chaos....i just wanna watch Emily Mortimer since i watch her performance in Lars and the real girls...she's cool

4. Failure to Launch - suppose to be a funny movie..but i kinda lost it...

5. Jumper - even Samuel L Jackson can't save this movie...stay away.....utter disappointment...young Darth Vader just can't act

6. Street Kings - Keanu reeves just getting older in this movie...at least u got forest whittaker and Dr House as the saving grace

7. The Darjeeling Limited - I dun get this movie..i dunno why...not that funny..but it does inspire me to do KL - Spore via Senandung Malam train...

8. HeartBreak Kid - The Farrelly brothers going at it again but failed miserably....but as usual I like Michelle Monaghan..she's cute...hehehe

9. The Bucket List - meh....so so comedy...

10. The Spiderwick Chronicles - i thot it would be like Narnia or Harry Potter ..but i put too much expectation on it.....Mary Louise Parker took a back seat in this movie compared to her Weeds tv series...loved that series though

11. Vantage Point - some critics hate this one coz the premise of the movie was the different view of several character within the span of 23 minutes..sorta rewind fast forward rewind thingy. it does get tiring but something different than the rest

12. The Forbidden Kingdom - i was expecting pure kung fu movie from HK but instead it came from Hollywood...really waste of talent

13. The Man From Earth - ....I highly recommend this movie to anyone who liked 12 Angry Men - a masterpiece where the movie location was only in 1 place...the jury room....i always wondered can anybody come up with a movie using only 1 location...and this movie delivered with a simplistic prop...the living room...its a sci fi movie mind you...no CGI..no monster/space ship and laser shoot em up..just pure intellectual conversation between professors abt Ice Age man......yes...its a thinking movie..but it was mind numbingly entertaining....it will just blow ur mind away......a very good sci fi movie....


Jun 15, 2008

Hobbies R Us

Since i was a kid...i always wondered what's my hobby...in school..whenever teacher ask abt it..i'll give a lame answer..reading book..or listening to music..but never collecting stamp though..that's uber lame...gosh i can't believe anybody would do that in these days...who send snail mail anyway!!

Anyway..couple of weeks ago...that same thought came to me again...what is my hobby...i mean...things i do diligently day in day out...full of passion and conviction...Does a person's hobby change during his lifetime...is there such term as hobbies nowadays or is it interest..or stuff you do while ur not bored....then it suddenly struck me...like eureka...archimedes would say...i dun have an exact hobby...I think i've changed my hobbies like i changed my clothes...and most of the stuff i do are based on my friend's interest or the current in thing for that period of time....i dun exactly have my own..or is it the norm...to follow what other poeple doing...and copy paste...

After further thinking abt it..i notice there's one similarities on all the hobbies or interest i've ever tried....a common denominator..again..the bulb on my head light up....it's all involve new toys!!....let me explain...

1. Computer
Started off while I'm waiting for my A-level results...the thought of having an internet connection with a speed of 14.4kbps was so enticing....told my dad...or rather lied to him abt the advantage of having the computer and internet at home...my sis can use it for their homework...read the newspaper bullshit...and 1 week later..i got myself a computer and the whirring sound of those modem dialling tone was so heavenly peaceful....

2. Gaming
I'm a gamer..the 1st computer game i played was Tomb Raider...Lara Croft was so freakingly sexy though during that time the graphic was crap..i mean it's just polygons and more polygons...Then later in MMU, played Counterstrike...also since everybody was playing it...so i joined in...then while in IBM, i bought myself a PS2 slim....played it for 2 month...and it just collected dust...even the thought of playing a game just to tiring for me....That brings me to my current addiction...bought myself a Nintendo Wii...it's not a high tech piece of innovation..but for the price i payed...heck i liked it...

3. Books
OK...not that i love reading them till no end..but whenever i found myself a good book...i just can't stop my self..i even finished all series of Shopaholics by sophie kinsella.....but i did stop myself reading her latest book...I finished Da Vinci Code in one go...that's when i realized its just a waste of money....Biz book are little bit slower...like the World is Flat...took me 8 months to finish..almost cheated my way out of it by going thru the youtube version..early this yr bought Mitch Albom's book in some sunday market for 5 dollar...and just recently ordered online a book titled The Diving Bell and the Butterfly....based on a true story and just watched the movie adaptation...haven't read the book yet..saving it up for my flight back home...but wat inspired my was how the author wrote the book...He suffered a massive stroke, paralyzed and was only able to blink his left eye.....So he wrote a whole freaking book by blinking his eye whenever a helper pronounced the correct alphabet....the helper would say..a..b..c....he blinks.. and so on....not a thick book but i kicked my self writing a 500 word essay...he died 2 days after the book was published....such a beautiful determination of the mind....but many moons ago when smartphone are still in the drawing board....i got myself a PDA...yes..sony clie...its already discontinued...but i loaded tonnes of ebook in there....then couple of months later i realised pen and paper are way much more productive!!..faster and cheaper...............

4. Travelling
Think with the great outback here...i just wanna go out and chill....that's where my GPS come into the picture...its really worth the price...not just the cost of buying..but the cost of you sleeping outside ur own bedroom, the price of eating crappy food...the price of ur happiness..how can u put that in monetary term...its impossible..coz that piece of technology can save ur marriage....seriously....

5. Photography
My latest obsession....so many gadgets in one hobby...the best of all the hobbies i've tried before...see....u got to buy the body of the camera..then the lens....which are mind numbingly confusing..from telephoto to wide angle to macros....then come filters for the lens....the flash gun...battery grips and so many more.....its endless

And best of all.. i think its a culmination of all the hobbies I tried...its a piece of technology from from hobby - 1...i can shoot photo instead of bullets from hobby 2...they say a picture is worth a thousand meaning....so that practically cover book reading...sorta...from hobby 3....it makes me get out of bed and go places..from hobby 4....

so to wrap up my long winded entry for the month...i would like to say - to my wife... can i get a wide angle lens pls?

Jun 9, 2008

no title

great show. dah upload few pixs kat FB.

saw the poster and immediately bought the tickets. not as expensive as edward scissorshands. even the best seats pun is way way much cheaper. tp semua dah abis. so dpt seats jauh sket...ok lah tuh.

Jun 3, 2008

Fanta Grape - RIP

using mr evil's account i finally manage to kill fanta grape. on fanta grape's last breath, i call up mr evil to watch the moment of victory. when the grim reaper arrived, i sms my eldest sista to inform nieces and nephew abt this moment of truth that i thot will never come. then i sms the other niece...a simple sms "fanta grape - RIP"....seconds later bunches called and we celebrated the joyous occasion...finally all our pets will be no longer victim of fanta grape's atrocities...

to my sista no 2 (accompanied by Mel Gibson from Braveheart in the background)


mr scissorhands...

one of my to-do list before going back for good is to watch a performance at the opera house. so this friday, we're gonna watch a musical by matthew bourne at the opera house. we couldnt get the best price for our tickets...its either derang tipu kata ada tiket murah or mmg byk dah sold out. so belasah jer la. bukan salu pun. mostly performance kat opera house byk yg tak penah dgr so just grab the chance lah since they are showing something that i am familiar with. too bad johnny depp is not in the main cast....ahahahha

Jun 1, 2008

a nite out at auburn and lakemba

we went to alexandria again yesterday for my KAS shopping spree. memula plan nak pi on sunday sbb mcm malas nak kuar but then mr evil kuar statement "sure ke...i takut esok barang byk abis"...cheh...so kol 11 gitu baru kuar umah. kire lambat jugak lah sbb we need to change bus at e'garden and jalan jauh gak kat alexandria tuh. met Mr H yg tgh finalise his final shopping spree kot before going back for good this august (or is it july?). i bought a few more cushion covers together with their inner. yesterday...i was feeling green....go green for the environment. ihihihh. then we walk all the way to mascot and had our lunch at the thai rest there. tak best sgt. went back home rehat2 jap and 5pm arlene arrived to pick us up for our dinner get together in auburn. we first went to tarniza's hse in lakemba coz she's gonna drive us there. and voilaa.....jakun i sampai auburn....selang 1-2 kedai ada jer kedai turkish and most of it mmg almost fullhse. i'm gonna go there again...byk kedai yg menarik dah tutup smalam......easy access by train. plus smalam nak parking keter pun kena pusing 2-3 kali sbb ramai org.

this is what everybody had...mine is just single shish kebab....itupun gigih nak abih sbb ada org tuh pi order lamb shish kebab kat i. i do like lamb but i dont really love it as much as i love chicken. ihihihih.

then tarniza bawak tour kat lakemba town...menarik gak. dia tunjuk which rest yg worth goin for lunch or dinner. menarik2....again easy access by train. then dia bawak pi turkish sweet shop. wah!!! impress tgk sweet desserts display dia. we bought one plate of almost everything and proceed back to tarniza's house for late night coffee.

akibat dr smalam i am so pancitt...until today. plan nak pi HRC pun tak menjadi...next week maybe.