Dec 31, 2008

Shrek 4D

Overlooking the crowd..ppl are bustling in for the show....the fourth dimension is a couple of water splash on from the front seat...lord farquard still ghostly existence and trying to win the heart of princess usual the dynamic duo saves the day with the assistance of the dragon babe....
Till then..

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The Lab rat part 4

Hui...the latest addition to the setup...comes from china...worked in the states for 3yrs and decided to call oz home...the porky pig in the office...always munching something while working on the cases...but thin as a plywood...once she brought in home made dumpling and totally forgot that I dun eat pork...she incessantly apologized to me...thought it might offend me in some biggie..not a dumpling freak anyway...

Happy new year folks!!

Dec 30, 2008

The Lab Rat part 3

There's julie...the princess of the lab...we called her mouse coz she would sneak in the office unnoticed..and seldom listen her talking...very reclusive person...but she's a goth girl...imagine that character in NCIS..wats her name...with dark mascara thingy...and leather boots....only talks abt weird band from austria or finland....scary sometimes....and one time I was alone with her in the office...I was looking over my shoulder..just to make sure she not gonna stab me with the scalpel and cut me up to several pieces as a sacrifice to the gothic demon

The Clog Barn - Coffs Harbour

We went to watch the clog making demo and I won the demo clog becoz i'm from m'sia - the farthest traveller.....hahahaha

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Dec 29, 2008

The Big Banana, Coffs harbour

The main attraction in Coffs Harbour - The Big Banana. Kalau tak penah tgk ladang pisang boleh la mai sini. The tobaggon ride is a must

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The Lab Rat Part 2

Then there is arlene...came from boston...hundreds yrs ago she always says...a zoologist by profession..but stuck in histology since coming in to oz..she loves elephant and had planned to relocate to africa and work in animal shelter thingy...but as usual...dreams and reality does not always agree with u...has a dog named tia...a big woolly and cuckoo dog...a mentally disturbed one...but she'll do fine..
Arlene would curse the f letter word in every sentence she speaks of...quite an achievement but she's the brain behind the operation here...

pic : she really hates picture this was a video instead of a pic..only 18yr and above will be allowed to watch..

Dec 28, 2008

Late lunch at Port Macquarie

We did a detour to Port Macquarie for our late lunch at 430pm. ETA to Coffs harbour 748pm

Co-pilot signing off from Dopod 838Pro

Cute beetle with its matching caravan at raymond terrace

Via Dopod 838Pro

GoldCoast Roadtrip - travelling day part 1

Evil is driving at 20km/hr. Current ETA to Coffs Harbour is 632pm. We've been driving for 11/2 hr but only managed to cover 44km. Another 500km to go :(

The co-pilot signing off frm dopod

The lab rat...part 1

I never blogged abt my work in here..compared to my non stop rambling while I was in big blue..I was trying to be safe...dun write anything bad abt ur current boss or employer..or ur in big trouble if they found out..
But since i'm going off from would be appropriate to write abt the ppl i've worked with for the past 1 1/2 yrs...good times and bad times..

Since we're going off for the long road trip...we may not find time to update the blog as frequent as we want to i did couple of scheduled might bore the readers to death..hehehe..try reading Economic book by John Sloman instead..i'm JK Rowling compared to him

First of..marky...the late 40 bachelor...the thorn of the roses here...came from UK 20 yrs ago..still thinks his english is the better english than the rest..the proper Queen's english...blah blah...loves to run...and would come in to the lab with a short pants and sneakers...balding...a mac lover..a snobbis
h attitude 'i'm better than pc'....but sometimes oblivious how to use it....every yr would go on vacationing in bali without fail...and we all thought he might have a wife there...who knows..and loved beef rendang that wifey brought during eid couple of months ago...and been obsessing ever since...the rendang that is...

Dec 25, 2008

DCDeL Xmas Party

As mentioned by wifey...I deliberately sabotaged her to skip the party and stayed at home while me went out and partied with my colleagues. It was awesome...watching middle age men and ladies strutting their stuff on the dance floor. It was held in waterview convention centre somewhere in rhodes. Kathy picked me up and went to sharon's place and took a taxi from there..
Anyway, back to the party...we were late..Hui was worried sick thinking we ditched her last minute...but as usual..janji melayu..everything start 1 hr later than scheduled. They just drank..and flowing alcohol...gosh..and me...lemonade and coke...
So after a short welcome speech from the nsw gm...encik mel...the dinner starts.. On the table..there's a confetti thingy called bon and ur partner gotta pullboth end and the bon bon would has a sodium carb thingy inside...inside the bon bon there's a paper coloured crown and a small plastic toy...I got gumby. They toys are meant for the kids to play while the parents do the socializing stuff.

It's a custom to serve 2 different sets of menu...alternating betw u and the person beside if u dun like the menu..u can swap it with ur neighbour....semangat kejiranan betul.So for entrée..they served tomato stuffed cream wateva it is..and also a tuna with prawn cooked with some sauce..

Later they starts serving the main meal...a steak with baked potato and a chicken with risotto...and since we're in table 2...we got served earlier...woohooo...after most ppl finished their meals...the lights were dimmed and the old hags and john travolta wannabe start crawling to the dance floor...
I was waiting eagerly for the dessert to be served....

oh yess...i almost forgot bout the santa..he dropped by via the lift ( no chimney in this location maybe)...and gave out some lucky prize winner....and as usual our table didn't won anything...i never won any lucky draw..i dunno why...and surprisingly...these ladies would grab santa's crotch before sat on his lap...arghhh...wat an ugly site!! bad mental picture

the unlucky people on our table....i'm guessing nobody here would be winning the lotto anytime soon...

We've grown bored watching the ladies doing their line dancing according to tina turner's song.....and now I know i'm not into this club hopping thingy in my younger days..I can't stand loud music...felt like my heart pumping too much blood to the head I might burst..

the finale was a meringue....shot with 6400 mind the grain/ was pitch dark..and freakingly loud.....
so we decided to scoot off..called in a cab and away we go....very interesting to experience this...everybody let their hair down and partied...but it's not my cup of tea..there goes my well spent I suppose for the experience...

Dec 23, 2008

currency going down....but

me so pening rite now
the freight company suddenly increases the air freight charges coz they cannot cope with the current exchange rate. dulu they absorb fuel surchages in $1.05 per kilo. skang ni....$1.85 per kilo!!!

bangang betol laa....drpd $500 plus terus naik ker $884 for my 439kgs of stuffs!!!
terpaksa tukor sea freight....takper la...i am in no rush

eventho skang currency Aussie adalah sgt byk kedai dah nak mula naik harga barang....corellle pun nak naik 20% next year. dslr lens pun dah naik around $100.....

so selagi apa2 barang yg belum naik harga tuh belum naik...sila lah SHOP SHOP TILL YOU DROP!!!

ahkak geram signing off from MHall

Dec 22, 2008

Farewell friends

Last colleague did a surprise farewell party for my departure...well not that surprise coz I sorta figured it out a week ago..We got some chocolate cakes and delice something2...i dunno how to pronounce it...but tasted like semi cooked meringue....that's how can i describe it...

Then i got 3 gifts bought by the company petty cash...
1. A lame 2GB USB tumb drive.....i've got a bunch of them...but at least they tried
2. The bottom box...a wii sport racket, golf club etc...i was LOL silently....
3. I kinda like this one...a 7inch digital photo frame - so when i came home - copied couple of pic into the 2gb stick and shoved it in the frame - voila...a long running presentation of photos.....One thing i's kinda distracting..coz i just wanna take a glimpse of wats shown on the a big no no in the office...u'll be doing nothing but watching a slideshow of urself...pretty pathetic

The two book was from Arlene personally...i've watched the movie adaptation of Kite Runner..and it is beautiful....and i always loved watching middle eastern movies...watching alone in midvalley international movies..kinda therapeutic...anyways....the author got another book out.... so she decided for me to read the book instead....

I will sorely miss them....and cherish the memories working with them....i'll put up a couple entry of each team members during the long road trip.....To the guys in bondi...I've served to a great company of men..i'm honoured...

So there ya last day of employment for the year 2008...wats my future hold in 2009...i have no idea...but i know i'll be alright

Dec 21, 2008

to go or not to go

after that late lunch/dinner, we proceed to malabar beach. punya lah sejuk...just lepak borak2 makan chips while darwish main ngan bubble.

then ada informer cakap psl myers bukak sampai kol 9. then fiesh ajak gi tgk lampu christmas. so balik umah jap smayang then ija call nak dtg tp tak jadi since we're goin out. ajak dia pi myer then tgk tak mau plak makcik tuh.......padahal dari dulu dia yg dok ngajak. tepon balik....rupernye2 dia ingat kami nak pi beli lampu kat myer.....ahhahahaha

still learning nite shot using dlsr....byk setting kena tukar here and there....sket jer yg jadi elok

impress jugak tgk taht housing area penuh hias umah ngan lampu. it is a very long walk. abih semua dlm kol 11 kot then ija antar balik. ingat dulu kecik2 masa kat singapore around christmas gi orchard road tgk all the malls lawan hias lampu...

now should i go to my graduation ceremony in singapore or not....

thats wrap up my activities yesterday in two diff entry (best gak upload gambar guna flickr).....penat jugak sbb dr 12 lebih kot melepak ngan member sampai 11 mlm. dah la mmg tak leh nak jamu apa except for teh limau jer sbb there is nothing to cook...huhuhuhuhu. sib baik mimi ngan yani bawak kuih

hari ni final touch up of the house. mlm kang plak dinner kat umah mimi plus nak hantar barang2 dapur kat dia. then tomorrow i shall let these ppl do their work...i lepak2 goyang kaki...ngeeeeeeeeeeeee

Halal Turpan Rest, Kensington

Yesterday after settling with delivery, chit chatting etc, the six of us went out for some late lunch for four of them while early dinner for us. enjoy the food....

not recommended by all of us...masin sket

super divine egg plant

mouth watering stir fry beef

sumptuous BBQ lamb skewers

creme de la creme - lamb bone

Palatable xianjiang noodle

sorry i cant really remember the exact name of the dish. it is advisable to come here in group so that you can have a taste of everything

thank you yani, farid, darwish, hisyam and fiesh for the great company
to hisyam and fiesh thanks a zillion for the big treat

Dec 18, 2008

the almost final progress...

one more final box and we're done for 2morrow
Ship Out : 19th December 2008
Arrival: 7- 10 days

Banyak ker? not that much lah kot kan. total cost of shipping out will be confirmed 2morrow afternoon. tak tau la baper ratus kg ni. and i cannot imagine the unpacking process pulak lps ni.

so i guess that concludes my 1 1/2 years of shopping spree study here...sekian fullstop

Dec 16, 2008

Another day in the office

My last couple of days before getting the unemployment benefit....
pic : Jeanelle bought this miniature toy..became our office logo/motto...
shot with Pentax k100d, Sigma 17-70mm - grayscaled

Dec 15, 2008

a new pair of shoes...and it is FOC

say it fast: George Bush got a new pair of shoes

saw this on tv just now so i wanted to share this with everybody. lambat jugak depa ni nak react after the 1st throw erk??

Market Review: Heritage Craft Market

Where: St. Ives Showground, Mona Vale Road, St Ives
When: 1st Sunday (not open in January)
Time: 9am to 3pm

most of the handmade craft here are of better quality thus a bit pricey. they have everything from jewellery, clothing to homewares items that can be used daily or during any special occasion. i got myself a very nice pink square tablecloth....cant remember the price. itupun TERPAKSA beli....datang jauh2 tp tak beli apa buat per? such a waste of time and fuel so again....TERPAKSA is the keword here...hahahah.

Dec 14, 2008

Sculpture by the Sea

Sculpture by the Sea, 2008
16th October - 2 November 2008

Market Review: Camden Craft Market

Camden Craft Market
Where: Onslow Park, Camden
When: 3rd saturday of every month
Time: 9am -2pm

we went to this market last february with my parents. quite far around 1 hr 15 mins drive from our place but worth goin. most of the stuffs here are a lot cheaper compared to those in St Ives or Castlehill. My father bought a few country style framed pictures and signage for less than $10 each. i bought myself a vase of flower for only $5 and me and mum borong abis country style wind chime that cost us $3 each...dirt-cheap...cannot resist!! there are too many country styled home decor items and kitchenwares that i wish i could buy...but i cant - caca marba rumah nanti. modern vs country!!

Dec 13, 2008

saturday @ paddys

hari ni gi Paddy's memborong segala t-shirt for family members plus a few stuffs yg org kirim. yani!! boomerang ko aku dah beli. seswai kah main boomerang di sri lanka?

Cik Noriah Take

ni gambar lama last month....those who have access to my FB mesti dah tgk jalan cerita 3 hari di Cik Noriah. ada stalker kat rumah Cik Noriah. It was tiring but fun....

penjelasan dari agent Cik Noriah

rindu cik noriah tak lepas ni?? hmmmm...not that much kot :)

Dec 12, 2008

and the winner is....

"naik bukit angkuh cakap ayah jangan risau
turun bukit pucat dengar tiga miaww
kucing bawa tidur rimau bawa igau
masuk tempat orang bawa otak bukan pisau

tolak pintu gua tiga kerat tenaga
kosong tak dijaga sampai datang tiga naga
ingat nak berlaga tapi tak kan boleh menang
menang dengan otak tak mesti dengan pedang"

another of my fav tune :)

esok mau pergi paddys
lusa mau pergi bbq
sempat kah???

the progress....

from one corner....

to another corner
8 + 1 yg belum diisi adalah corelle semata2. all my corelle (plus another 2 person) are loose pieces so go figure berapa byk pieces ada dlm 9 kotak ni. i layer each pieces with small cardboard + butcher paper + bubble wrap then bawah atas kiri kanan letak ngan baju, winter jacket etc etc. selamatkan lah harta benda ni semua....its not abt the money value but more on the effort, the excitement masa beli plus ni barang orang woo!!

bende putih ni tak tau lah apa nama dia....i got two big boxes full of it from kedai cik noriah binti take plus mr. evil bawak balik berkotak2 lagi. bagus utk mengisi ruang2 kosong. tgk kat kennards takdak plak jual. kat store peters smalam lalu berplastic2 penuh bende ni....i wish i can have at least one or two bags more. biar lebih jgn kurang....

skang ni we got another prob....kotak MACAM tak cukup. at least another 2 or 3 jumbo size ok kot. leceh nyer nak gi beli. we arrived sydney in 2007 with only two big bags and and one hand carry bag....

tongue twister: A box of biscuits, a batch of mixed biscuits

nasi ambeng the sydney style....

ada org since last week teringin nak makan nasi ambeng. lama tak makan kot...setahun setgh or maybe more. but problem is i dunno how to prepare the serunding kelapa so instead i guna serunding daging biasa je. which lead to another problem stock dah abis kat halal butcher so have to wait for another week. so as promised by the uncle at the halal butcher, yesterday barulah ada....bought 2 tupperware of abon a.k.a serunding $10 each for 100gm. uncle siap buat lawak kata i tido malam termimpi2 abon....well not me but him!! another pack of abon is for our year-end project escapades....really looking fwd to it.

introducing, my nasi ambeng the sydney style.....

with ayam goreng, mee goreng, serunding daging and tumis suhun and tempe. terlupa satu bende that is 'gereh' a.k.a ikan kering.

tongue twister:
A skunk sat on a stump and thunk the stump stunk,
but the stump thunk the skunk stunk