Aug 30, 2008

When the other half sees the 4 letter word

SALE - ken done

50% OFF

She went berserk and like lightning bolt in 100m sprint...she dashed in and out of the fitting room...even came in again for 2nd round after paying the stuff and intended to stick around longer coz the retailer slowly putting up new stuff on display...
And i'm stuck with a rotting fish from paddy's market...and yeah...selamat berpuasa and happy merdeka day

Aug 29, 2008

an entry....finally

been very busy for the past 2 weeks which explain the lack of a decent entry....banyak sneak preview jerk. i wanted to blog abt our trip to snowy mountain but all the pictures are taken in raw data and must be converted to the usual format. and sorry thats just not my everything is in his laptop so i'm just too lazy to update an entry from there coz he is using a different OS which i am not used to and "i tak biasa la guna mousepad".

anyway, we do really enjoy our two weeks of tourist guide duties coz at the very same time...both me and mr evil pun end up doin some shopping for ourselves.....


morgan...this is for you...chicken hor fun rite?

Aug 26, 2008

Gold medal in winter olympics

It's a childhood dream of mine to play in the snow..yeah this was the 1st time i've experienced it....rolling around the thick snow bed...making the abominable snowman..throwing snowballs...and it all came thru last week in perisher blue...
And do I liked it?....yes...I enjoyed it as much as a non-skier noob would be...
do I want to do it again?.......a frickin 10 feet tall NO! was brutally freezing up there..minus 3 degrees...with strong wind...well strong enuff by my account...not a chance in's out of my system already..i'll take the hot humid day anytime...

slalom contestant from malaysia for the next winter olympics

Aug 24, 2008

masih sneak preview kah??

5 years ago when Gojes did his winter sonata performance messing the stage with his fake snowflakes, i was a wee bit jealous (wink!!). i wanted to do the same thing eventhough i know my voice is not good enough to win me an iron or is it 3 tiers cupboard from carrefour. but now, i can strike that off....hak hak hak

Aug 22, 2008

sneak preview 3

introducing michelin tyres new spokeperson....

location: perisher valley

p/s: see kelly...told you snow do exist in australia

sneak preview 2

in the skitube on our way to blue cow...still wide awake

mr evil insist on taking the priceless pix. titled: TERBONGKANG. by the way, we are still on our way to blue cow

p/s: to kelly melly, snow dooooo exist in australia....just wait for our next entry

Aug 21, 2008

sneak preview 1

the best cabin we've ever stayed, lake view right in front of our door step. worth the money!!!

where: jindabyne holiday park
when: 21 August 2008

Aug 20, 2008

Meeting with org gomen


Selamat datang

Aug 19, 2008

dear cousins in Perth and USJ 11

at the moment, my cheeky aunt and evil uncle is very busy entertaining me.

i enjoy catching the birds at the royal botanical garden...

and maroubra beach near to their apartment. sorry bibi da, i have yet to make a tour at your previous place in McKeon Street

i enjoy feeding the kangaroo. i'm not scared unlike tok umi

but bibi didahhh like to scares me with the big 'dinosours'

no no no.....not the sheep

muaz will only behave when he closes his eyes

and the train rides...but too bad it is not thomas!!

Aug 16, 2008

M & M conquering Sydney

Maimunah and Muaz ready for Sydney City....ready or not here we come...
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Aug 14, 2008

city2surf...the kids

the volunteers are tasked to pick up all sweaters thrown away from the was like raining but sweaters flying around from the street...i'm guessing this is all the so called "bundle" got their supplies from..

They just participating for the fun of it...some walked..some strolled..

city2surf....the costume parade - part 3

the worst looking spiderman costume ever...seriously


darth vader himself with his apprentices....

city2surf...the costume parade - part 2

I'm guessing he just woke up...late for the run and forgot to change...still in his pyjamas..

It's either a T-rex or cicakman..i can't decide....

Goth girls

Pick : a. snow white b. rapunzel c. cinderella c. princess fiona from shrek

Sumo guys or i'm too cool for a beer belly

city2surf....the costume parade - part 1

The banana man and gorilla....evil signalled them for a pic..and they happily posed...

The yuppies

Tonto and his merry horses

Aug 13, 2008

big huge lab

testing my new discovery at the big hug lab.....

to whom it may concern...

pixs taken from this entry

ingatkah dikau disaat kita menceroboh masuk widuri idaman hati????
dah ada depan mata.....go for it

p/s: jeles dgn royanan org2 disana....u know who u are!!


last friday masa hantar Mr H (this is not the same Mr H from the previous entry), i was so excited. eventhough Mr H kata tak yah hantar, i still insist on going...sebab nak AMBIK FEEL!!! so there was only me and Pn L....lepas dah settle check in semua, lepak minum hot choc plak kat krispy kreme. oh...but anyway,thank god jugak i pi airport, if not i wouldnt know that our flight ticket backto kl is not the full fare we couldnt get the biz clas privillege and most importantly baggage dapat 20kilo jerk...or is it 25kilo each....huwarghhhhh.....mana cukup!!! we came here with two big luggage each weighing around 30kilo

anyway, while having our hot choc and super sweet donuts, Pn L called up Mr K yg went back one week earlier. coincidently, it is his first day of report duty and guess what, he got transfered to a totally diff new ministry/agency. wah!! cerah masa depan i. as for Mr H, confirm balik tpt asal sbb ada orang tuh dah siap email dia in advance lagi tanyer bila nak balik....JUSH....tersedak dak ko jumaat lepas? ihihihhi

and guess what, Pn L is also goin to be my future neighbour in DRimba. she already got a landed hse in KD tp dah rent out. so maybe after her 3 yrs contract here ended, she might be staying in drimba....hehehhehe

when is it exactly that i'mcoming back....jeng jeng jeng....rahsiaaaaaaaaaa :))))))

p/s: merohhyan nak balikkkk
p/s2: YM sucks.....spam menjadi2....asyik ramai yg nak berkenalan "Hi...You There"....bodoh punyer spam.....i'm not available via YM most of the time....tak larat nak click button as spam...blablabla.....TQ. erk!!kalau kita reply kat spam msg tu what will happen? anybody tried?

Aug 12, 2008


the friday before coming back 'home', i had lunch with the rest of my GGs from Putrajaya at KLCC. mentang2 skang ada hiway KL-Putrajaya, lunch hr jumaat pantas jer ke sana. before meeting them, i was also in Putrajaya for some P&C matter...ahahah. kitorang tak tau tau nak guna the new hiway, in fact tak terpikir pun. so just lalu sg besi and masuk smart tunnel.for just RM2, i think it is so worth it. seriously, way much more better drpd bayar $1.60 dua kali nak pi USJ tp jammed tahap siput jugak!!

walaupun tak sempat berGG for almost 6 hrs but still enuff to make me think twice abt coming back to work. i have to be mentally prepared. dah la before that masa P&C session tu Mr H dok kata it is goin to be tough for me...not working for 1 1/2yrs then bila balik join sekufu dgn all my GGs (Alhamdullillahhh)....huwarghhhh....malas nak pikir....i redha dgn masa depan i!!!

anyway, i am so frusfrated with KLCC new fudcot. mcm tak byk choice jerk.i was looking fwd to nasi kerabu kelantan tapi i didnt buy anything....justt powww derang nyer lasagna.

p/s: huwarghhh....back to office attire

Aug 11, 2008


mcm biasa hari isnin hari busy sedunia. kelas sampai pukul 9. kalau ikut schedule next week the 2-5 lecture takdak, but we're planning for a brief discussion on our capstone project next monday. sekali tengok client nak datang bagi further briefing on certain issues pulak. which is actually good la kan....(but more issues mean more thinking!!!)

Fresh seafood anyone?

Usually monday is a slow day in the office...not many specimens coming in and i can usually finish up 1pm half dayish thing. But once a month me and arlene would have to do the usual grocery shopping for the office pantry...So we have to rough it out in the cold weather to buy cookies, milk, coffee etc...yep...that's the highlight of my career here...

Anyways, after we finished our long list of foodstuff that totaled up to more than 200dollar...waiting for the cashier to come out with the balance..i looked at the nearby seafood section and saw the sign " Croc's Meat" .....i was stunned a bit by the advertisement and thinking it must be a i told arlene whether aussies sells their croc meats in the seafood section..she went blank too. So we walked to the seafood area and asked which one is the meat...the dude showed us the whitish looking meat..fresh from the farm he said. When we asked wat does it taste like..the dude said " taste like chicken"...yeah rite...very original...i've heard that a thousand time...I pulled up my phone and snapped the pic...and walked away can a crocodile's meat considered's a carnivore isn't it...there's no carnivore in the seafood area that i know of...none that i've eaten should be in the butcher area with the beefs and lambs...
Till then...the unsolved mystery of the out of place meat.....

Aug 10, 2008

sneak preview city2surf sydney

tired...becoz of our city 2 surf adventure
sleepy...becoz of our early morning bus ride (8am is considered early for both of us)
this picture made all the effort worthwhile

mereka yg tidak kenal apa itu erti sejuk!!!. this is especially for my 6 hrs GG!! luv yaaaa!!!

Aug 9, 2008

Kas factory sale and the thai mascot

A trip for a lousy cushion cover...I still can't comprehend why we need lots of cushion cover. For one, I dun use pillow esp those on the couch...coz I dun sit on couches...i'm a more floor man..and spending 70 dollar for covers is ridiculous. I never thought she gonna buy covers worth RM200....its just cushion covers for crying out's not like the queen gonna visit our place..anyway after her therapy we went to the usual thai restaurant in mascot...and as usual the cook loudly says salam to us...ordered bbq noodle salad...awesomely hot and sweet sour vegie...this time, chose the right menu and we had a lovely lunch accompanied by anuar zain's song on their sound system. The cook smiled at me after playing the song..maybe he figured we're malaysian and I gave him a thumbs that a good service...customer first !

Now have to wait for the bus with a full stomach...

Aug 8, 2008

friday 080808

so ur think i'm done with all my pics from my trip back to m'sia? u are so so wrong....hhahahah. anyway, too lazy to update my blog these past few mood...writer's block...most of all...dok kat umah jer nak citer apaaa??? huwarghhhhh....but really looking fwd to again KAS factory sale 2morrow and sydney's city to surf this sunday. as for today, im goin to the airport later to bid farewell to Encik H who is goin back for good....eiiii jelesnyer. ingat nak gi jumpa dia smalam tp hujan plus sejuk yg amat and mcm gelap sgt la plak nak naik bas semua tu. after airport ingat nak pi bondi junction....finallyyyyyyyyyy, dpt gak jalan2!!!!

our late lunch from ayam penyet @ the curve. u must try the soda gembira, its even better than the one in melboune and also the teh botol. masa gi bali dulu, everywhere nampak teh botol

finalllyyyyy, dpt jugak rasa cupcakes from the apartment. percaya atau tidak, this is my first time having a cupcakes. 4 cupcakes ni....kami dua org makan dua hari baru abis...padahal mini size je cupcakes ni.

p/s: nice date isnt today?

Aug 7, 2008

Moby Dick

I never read the book..just saw a glimpse on tv many years ago..not sure whether it was a movie or a mini series...but at least I knew wat it was all abt...anyways..for the last couple of month whales have been spotted from the beach to do their thing up in hervey bay..sorta their yearly pilgrimage and have a for the past couple of month i've been waiting at the beach during weekends with my zoom lens to catch this magnificent creatures swimming with their groupie...and every time I dun see a thing...I can't do this everyday coz the beach is freezing cold and I looked like a pervert snapping photos of the surfers dude there...hell no!
This is the end of the migratory period and the next time we'll be seeing them again would be in oct when they finished doing their thing and coming back to the antartic...and today when I hopped into my bus to the office..I gazed thru the window overlooking the ocean..I saw water spouting up from this giant beast....I think my jaw dropped...still couldn't believe they are here in front of my beach..well I claimed to be my beach...there was 2 of them moving to the north of the city and I was really tempted to ring the bell and walked out of the bus...but I figured..wats the use if i dun have the proper gear to capture the moment...
I was kicking myself for not carrying the camera coz they are such a beautiful creatures...the crappy camera phone would only catch the window of the i'm very excited to go for the whale watching tour if there are any available...

Written by Captain Ahab

Aug 6, 2008

Third time a charm

Yup..that's how many instructors we had for the past 8 months. Last tuesday as usual wifey forced me to go out in the freezing winter...8pm schedule for my weekly swimming class..I haven't been swimming at all for the last 4 weeks...and surely gain couple of grams...hehehe..not kg though..i'm sure of that....yeah i'm in denial... and then I saw a new girl going up and down with a whistle in the pool area..ok..that's surely not brandon...then dale walked by..stood by my side..and said the r u and stuff...he also skipped last week class and told me.. rick called him up yesterday abt brandon quitted on us

Our previous coach was maureen...quits coz it was too far for her to travel...she lives around the northern beaches...then brandon came along...with the usual replacement coach either jessica or katherine if the coach on sick leave...

So the new coach is liz..very young compared to the rest that we went thru...and rick made a remark...I wonder how long liz gonna stay with us?...And she is no pushover..quite good compared to katherine the pretty brunette...peter said she just stand in the middle of the pool and looked was spot on...she just stand on the shallow area and give some pointers or two...and that's that...peter blamed katherine for his slow improvement...he said it tooked him 3 goddamn yrs to see some progress...

Well I hoped liz will stays with us longer..but I doubt it...maybe this class sucks...I mean really sucks..or maybe they just dun like rick..he's a bit smooth..sweet talker with a huge beer belly...but that doesn't count why brandon left...I wonder....for her to travel...she lives around the northern beaches...then brandon came along...with the usual replacement coach either jessica or katherine if the coach on sick leave.....hmmm...i think it would better to keep my distance with rick...

Aug 5, 2008

my wishlist...

imagine this

pic credit to

on this

in drimba???

one thing for sure i'm gonna buy that 20 inch tv from sony. saw the tv masa jalan2 kat the curve and immediately fall in love with it. thats the biggest they have for that model.