Nov 25, 2005


eeeiiiii....pantang betol kalau pepagi buta dah buat org will spoil everything. this morning ada kontraktor call me up asking status of payment. what i can do is just to check in the system....ok settle...dah final stage mean cheque is ready or AG is preparing it. then i saw my clerk coming back frm her breakfast. call her up just to check whether the cheque has arrived....and u know what,...she didnt pick up the phone......lama plak tuh. dah laaaa pintu ngan dinding bilik aku ni glass...dah sah2 la i can saw her kannnnn!!!! eeiii....i am so angry....terus aku kuar bilik...

me: saya telefon tadi apsal tak angkat (dgn muka bengang)??!!!!
she: erkk....yer kerr....(tersengih2 mcm kerang busuk)

i am so pissed off wif this girl....i've been getting lots of complaints frm kontraktor and agency abt her. dgn tak angkat tepon satu hal....bergayut nyer plakk jgn citer laa.....and ni bukan bergayut setengah jam ker berjam2. ader skali kontraktor call to check whether her cheque is ready for collection. i ask her to check dgn pompuan ni sbb payment and cek semua kerani yg buat. thru my glass wall i can hear the ringing...did she pick up?? nope....she ask the guy who came over to chit chat to pick up the phone. YA ALLAHHHH...bengang nyer aku masa tuh!!!!!!!!!!!! hello!!! ko tu duduk dah la dlm 10 langkah jer dr bilik aku...dah sah2 i can see and hear everything...bongok betol laaa. kerja ko tuh dah la proses payment ngan record cek SAHAJA!!! itu pun susah sangat kerrrrrr??!!! dah pernah sound cara berkias tapi tak jalan....kang marah2 terang2 kang ngamok plakk. dah la berlagok mcm pegawai bila pegi agency bukan aku nak poyo tapi aku bengang bila org dtg komplen kat aku!!! buat malu nama kakitangan kerajaan jerk.

sebelum ni salu kalau i want to check on something i wud just walk over to her place...hahaha....lepas ni jgn harap....aku nak tepon jer nak tgk dia reti ker dak angkat tepon. save energy aku 10 langkah!!!


Nov 23, 2005


tetamu pertama: yani tengah kontrol...ehh!!! hari ni bukan utk jirans jer ker???? dah la membogelkan soto aku....mmg patut la ayam kena catu utk dak ucuk ni. PENGUMUMAN: nampak tak serving bowl tupperware yg kolor erk...yellowish sket tuh...ader 3 size and it comes wif pencedok for each bowl wuteva u name it...i nak jual all 3 for RM55.00. baru pakai 4 - 5 times. murah la wehh....50% off dari harga dealer and mmg sangat berguna kalau anda mau buat makan2. nak jual sbb nak beli baru...same bowl tapi kolor mcm bowl yg byk compartments tuh - penutup kolor hijau. i like green...hahahaha!!! masa memula beli yg 1 set 3 bowls tu kolor dia yellowish...then bila nak beli yg byk comparments tuh dah ader new color yg sangat cantek di mata aku. color lama dah tak wujud.

before pix


apa ke jadahnyer letak gambor ni???!!!! hahahah...mlm ni nak menjamu jirans...nak buat mihun soto. plan asal nak beli satay jer pehtu buat godam tp hr tuh one of the jirans dah jamu satay lg pun tak pandai nak bajet baper cucuk nak beli. then decided nak buat soto tapi malas nak buat nasi impit...buat mihun jer lah...and of course wif puding jagung as dessert. apa mimpi tetiba nak menjamu jirans ni??!!!! salu org dok apartment ni semua nyer anti-sooosial. nak dijadikan cerita...few weeks ago ada jalan2 beraya kat my floor...we went to everybody house except of course mine (coz i dunno the plan) and three others yg tak dapat dikesan. hahaha...camno nak datang umah ahkak diva no 2 ni...kuih raya pun dalam balang plestik lagik. masa tuh one of the jiran came knocking at our door kol 7 mlm ajak dtg umah dia kol 9...ingatkan dia jer buat makan2 ala2 open hse...rupernyer TIDAK SAMA SEKALI!!! dari satu rumah ke satu rumah kami beraya...and it is a tradition for tingkat 11. tak yah jamu heavy2 kuih raya pun cukup. mula pukul 9....abis beraya 12 mlm...siap ambik gambar ramai2 tepi lift lagi...ahahahahah!!!! what an experience!!!

so balik umah nanti terus la tong tang tong tang kat dapor yer. mr evil has done his part last night by knocking at every door inviting them tonite. i malu laa nak knock knock....muakakaka


Currently..i'm in no mood to update my blog...probably afflatus was right..i only contribute 1% in this blog..wifey have dilligently updating this blog like almost every week..with the template change and the cook blog too...
Probably, i'm just not that excited anymore in blogging..that's probably it...I'm easily bored with the things i do if its the same monotonous things..i just could not maintain the same enthusiasm when i'm doing it for the 1st time..i just couldn't care i when i got my 1st car...think i vacuumed it on my own for the 1st month owning it...later it just kept accumulating dust for 4 yrs...then there was my pda and ps2...i used it for couple of month and later on i just sold it on ebay..ehh wait..i still got my pda collecting dust too..crap...then my fascination with rare movies..i've downloaded tons of it and have not watched it yet..and probably the classic case was my previous co. i was working was a pretty cool quota..good my own team who report to me..on my way to be an assistant manager..but i just practically lost interest..felt there's nothing i can get out of more excitement in more adrenaline rush..same ol thing day in day out....
I just hope i would be in the same co. i'm in by 2006...sigh..
Think i need a new hobby..hehehe..collecting stamps probably..or be a pen pal to somebody at the other side of the hemisphere..snail mail only..that would be cool..wonder those thing still exist anymore..
Guess the only thing i never bored with is wife and i usually change restaurant or menu which makes it a mystery and intriguing..
A good friend of mine advised me, don't change your surrounding to make it interesting..but change the way you look at things...if one look deep'll see things in a different perspective....yeah be more observant i guess..wish i can do that..just stop for a while..take a deep breath and look around you..don't react..just enjoy your view. Maybe we are so programmed to chase things...act on things and run somewhere to get things done and forgot to enjoy what you have in front of you...err think i'm rambling right now..making lots of nonsense and BS.. yeah..way past my bedtime..

Nov 22, 2005


i'm still waiting and waiting.....and waiting.....


sometimes people just dont understand......


sometimes i myself dont understand either.....

Nov 17, 2005

apa yang kau rasa???

after work just now, i started to re - arrange some of the furnitures for my makan2 this sunday. buat awal2 senang. then after maghrib, mula masuk dapur kupas segala jenis bawang utk blend siap2 (dapat ler 3 tipuware aiskrem tuh) and utk standby buat bawang goreng and buat cili boh. settle semua lepak tgk tv. around 11pm plus evil call

evil: dear, we got problem
cheeky: what is it?
evil: no water this weekend
cheeky: what??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u sure kerrr?? hari apa??
evil: yeahhh...i kat bawah ader notis ni...khamis jumaat sabtu and ahad. for cleaning purposes
cheeky: shooooooooooooot!!!!!!!!!!!!

so apa yg kau rasa? aku rasa sungguh terharu...dalam banyak2 hari....hari minggu ini telah dipilih khas oleh pihak maintenance utk melakukan segala kerja pembersihan....sungguh aku terharu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1st there is this invitation letter for a course in malacca...thank god the bos didnt approve it. water in my apartment for the whole weekends!!! the last time when they do this cleaning tangki air job...air still ade but for this weekends i just couldnt take the risk to proceed with the plan. so guys...kena postpone ler nampaknyer.

why does this has to happen? it seems like semua bende yg we all plan for the past few months ni semua tak menjadi...kenapa yer?

*fuhhh....nasib tak pi k4 membeli belah.....eiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Nov 13, 2005

Raya Review

I wanna make a quick and short raya review..

- Raya Aidilfitri was ok -

Seems most raya blog entries are quite interesting and i'm saving my energy to type the whole raya event from start to finish..Just refer other blogs for those review..But, I'd like to mention the new things happened that have never happened before in my life :

This is my 1st raya away from my own hometown..i've been dying to do this all my life..wanna try out new scenery..It was my main and only reason to apply for UK studies..guess that didn't worked out well..So the next best thing was..Alor Setar!!..hahaha..finally one of my dark fantasies were realized. My other fantasies are quite far fetched that involves leather and whip..Unless Oprah would pick me for one of those Dream Come True episodes...Ok, coming back to this god forsaken was ok..i didn't do much there though..stayed for a week but did not do anything to help out..wat a exemplary son in law I've become...I don't have to anyam ketupat..dun have to cook the ketupat and jaga api..em using woodwork..quite old school but it's so need to kacau dodol with my bros..Gosh..I've became a couch potato in my cool is that..but i kinda miss the pelita, the fireworks and my favourite..home made carbide cannon in my own place...I think the rest are quite the same..

Another interesting event I had was the 1st day of work...I made an illegal u turn and was stopped by 2 policeman. Since it was so obvious that I made it deliberately...though i kept telling them it was not my fault..some of the lame excuse was...

- tak nampak sign dia pun
- saya bukan org kat sini nih
- sebenarnya saya nak cepat
- and the lamest of all..tak sengaja la datuk...

After much negotiation..or i may say..some begging...i realised this is Ops Sik*p summons goes up to Rm 300 with no discount..crap...I'm broke already for all the ang pow I I took a deep breath and offered the dude.." Bang..takleh setel kat sini je ke?" and he said, " Nak setel camne?" So, I slowly pulled out my wallet and told him" Bang, ada 50 jek nih..ok ke?"...and the rest was history...there ya go peeps..I've lowered my standard to some people in this world and not proud of it.

p/s: fenot, its was your taught me to do this..I succumbed to the temptation

Talking about lame thingy..i've listed lame questions asked during raya

1. Keje kat mana?
2. Tinggal kat mana?
3. Cuti brape lama?
4. Jam tak jalan?
5. Bila nak bertiga plak?
6. Dah sampai mana?... I still have no idea to answer this question..

- using my experience, i've mastered to answer all of the of the lame question with pin point accuracy..with 0% deviation.

- Selamat Beraya, jgn lupa puasa 6

Nov 11, 2005

best tak besttt.....

:: best tak best 21hb - 24hb ni kena pi kursus kat melaka pulak....something like the previous one kat genting cuma different topic. seeloknya kena pegi tapi tak pegi pun tak per....tapi kalau pegi lagi bagus....tapi kalau boleh tak mau nak pegi ker tak mau pi ni??!!! hahahaha...surat dah bagi kat bos tadi....

bos kata: ni kursus dr J*A ni kena pegi ni
hati kata: alerrr...tak nak pegiii

anyway, bos kena discuss ngan boss besor dulu sbb bos plak nak cuti time tarikh kursus tuh. ader chance tak leh gi ni.....mauakakakakak *gelakevil*. apa2 pun i hate courses esp those held outside KL....and i dunno why courses "PT* jalanpeta" by J*A yg mmg kena hadir asyik dapat outside KL jer. org lain senang plak dapat buat kat I*bukan nama sebenar!!

p/s: best tak best 20hb tuh ader makan2 at my hse....kalau kena postpone lagi....masak la makcik!!! *winkkatfaramayerkandiffah

nothing much....

:: perlu ker cerita pasal raya....tak payah la kan...kang panjang berjela plak. but anyway, our camera charger went kaput on the eve of Hari Raya so no Hari Raya pixs frm us. and this year tak dapat pekena laksa siam at my cousin's house. laksa siam is a must have meal at our cousin's house every year on the 2nd day of hari raya. dis yr tak sempat nak pegi sbb ppl keep on coming to our hse after friday's prayer. we only managed to leave the house around 4pm but of course me and mr evil terus balik kl sbb dah lewat while the rest pi melantak!!!!

:: semenjak dua menjak ni rasa malas nak update the evil genius....asyik dok memain ngan templates and dok excited ngan cheeky bites jerk. mlm ni nak gi OU nak beli subway sandwich...yeay!!!!!! semata2 babe!!! not just me...even mr evil pun dah lama teringin nak makan sandwich itu.

:: dis week and next weekend invitation for lunch and dinner dah penuh. in fact next weekend i'm gonna do a makan2 session for my frens frm school. i wont call it an open hse coz it is a closed session. tak pandai la nak buat open hse...tak pandai bajet amt of food one thing....tak pandai masak banyak2 is another thing. after payday maybe another 2 closed session will be held at our home....hihihihi


Nov 10, 2005


ader org giler konon2 rajin gi tukor template blog. nak tukor yg canggih manggih tak pandai la plak kan. terpaksa guna yg sangap ni. ni tahan seminggu dua jer kot ni. actually ader byk template yg simple but nice...but of course mr evil wont agree to a purpleish or pinkish layoutkan!! mr evil suh carik kolor funky2...masalahnyer yg funky2 tuh ler ader gambor bunga lah,..pompuan lah...and bit of purple or pink. purple and pink is a big no-no for him!!hahhaha...anyway, cHeeKy BiTeS updated!!!

Nov 7, 2005

my inner child is....

Your Inner Child Is Angry
You're not an angry person.But when you don't get your way, watch out.Like a very manipulative kid, you will get what you want.Even if it takes a little kicking and screaming.

p/s: no wonder!!!!