Dec 31, 2007

hap hap happpyyy new yearr


we're goin out until late night to watch the fireworks......excitednyer
excited exciited kapal berlabuh kol 1 pagi....pehtu kena jalan pi hyde park plak amik bas balik umah
seriau jugak kan...but they said that sydney is the safest place to be around tonite. police everywhere....

i hope the cruise is worth it...thank you dear

Dec 29, 2007

adsl2+ la doiii

cubaan utk upload some pixs masih belum berjaya
eiii ilang mood
it seems that there is something wrong with our router
tak ngam kot ngan our new ISP
only if we are connected directly to the modem baru leh log in gmail, upload pixs...bla bla bla
tp tak rawks la tak pakai router kan

hr ni takdak plan apa...
remember perintah berkurung?
konon nak pi pacific square pun mcm malas la plak kan
if we were to go out...we end up spending on god knows what
so better save it till this monday...
can't wait for this new year eve....

mr evil cuti one week - last minute decision by his management
so i jarang online for this one week....sharing and caring remember?
dulu ada mr and mrs thinking pad....skang tinggai mrs jerk...hak hak hak

and the connection....

finally....we got our ADSL+2 connection...laju siot...i can stream citer korea directly skang...tak yah tunggu loading
but suddenly i cannot log in to my gmail account...haiyork
i tak leh masuk allrecipes so i buat cookies yg tak berapa sedap from another website yesterday...duhhh
and i cant upload photos for my blog updates....potong stim okeh nak update blog
do something my evil geek!!!

so hr ni nak buat apa plan yet...but us being the usual us...everything is last minute and last minute plan is always the best one....

Dec 28, 2007

arahan kali kedua....

after yesterday, we've decided.......


hopefully this time around punye perintah berkurung menjadik

anyway, smalam we rent a car. its for me actually, setelah like half a year tak drive....i decided to get myself familiar driving around the eastern suburbs. nanti bila my parents dtg, then i can drive them around while mr evil is working. kat sini driving are more or less the same...cuma bab2 belok kanan and kiri u have to follow your instinct...bukan follow traffic lite. thats the only diff. other than that, mmg agak relaxing lah drive kat sini.... dok concentrate drive dia dok amik gambor pulak

Dec 26, 2007

the day we went shopping at 6.45 am.....

opss...i did it again
not bad though
but still i'm tired

i bought few very cheap modern picture frames. sgt sedondon with my new jug
i bought some story books
i bought aboriginal placemat and coasters
he bought a watch
he bought a book
and macam biasa...i bought another handbag

overall, idak la best benar sale dia....tak mcm yg kat UK sana nuh
all those high end branded item pun on sale jugak....but u have to Q to enter the shop...and the Q is damn long....especially G*CCI...tak kose makcik. takper next boxing day...i'll make sure i'll be the first to Q

Dec 25, 2007

just another day....

didnt do much today
just lepak kat umah jerk
hubby dearie dok layan game dia and me dok mengkaji photoshop
i'm trying to design a logo for persatuan kat sini...sajer gatai tangan
satu dah siap...but sangat sangat simple just wording jer
dah lama tak explore many years dah...skang dah dpt kena explore back from the very beginning
i'm trying to figure out another menguji kesabaran
tgk lah kalau rajin insyaAllah i will email the logo to the person in charge
later in the afternoon yani call tp tak dgr....i only return her call after 1 hour or so
dia ada kat beach ruper nyer
so kami pun kuar pi beach lepak2 ngan yani and her guest sampai la kol 7 lebih

tomorrow is the day
the plan is to nak kuar kol 6 pagi kan
M*ER bukak 6 am and DJ 7am. maybe we take the 6 plus2 bus
tgk lah camne
konon esok jugak nak try sewa keter kat city
i nak try bawak keter kat sini
dah lama sangat tak drive.....dah nak setengah tahun
at least masa my parents dtg i can drive them around masa hubby deary keje
takut gak ni...dup dap dup dap


hr tu dpt la sms dr budak kecik ni

"weh2...esok kita nak pi lepak mana? pavilion? midval? ou? sab...sab...u nak open table kat mana? ad, lilie..n pah...ngeh3"

sabor jer la kan...semata2 tuh...sib baik i dunt have any credits to reply. kalau tak siap la i laser sedas dua

p/s: tapi....

Dec 22, 2007

its just a number

dear Puan Sab, Puan Lilie and Yani

Happy Besday yahh
w'pun i tak pernah nak ingat the exact date tp i know its either 20th or 21st
tu la korang besday dekat2...konpius i
anyway, wishing u well, panjang umur, murah rezeki and sentiasa awek muda mcm i.

erk...Cik Cebol, Puan Fazi & Puan Zeti....soklan jujur ni....besday korang biler? hahahahahah

p/s: yani, since ko sama tarap dgn no puan2 for you....bila nak balik sri lanka hoittt

Dec 21, 2007

Riding bus with strangers

..and yeah..been a while not blogging..bla bla bla..yadda since our main tranportation medium is the public transport ie sydney buses...we've stumbled upon so many character in is fun to watch them and get to know's a small place..we're bound to bump into each other again..

1. The peter jackson lookalike...he usually hop into the bus with her mother..walking slowly up and along the aisle as if he got something stuck in his shoe...and he really look like peter jackson from the Lord of The Ring trilogy...with huge beard and girth...

and not after King Kong fame..he had a liposuction I think...

2. The girl in Coogee beach..this girl usually hop into the bus half way thru my journey...and for a couple of time we sat together..I dunno why but she will always managed to sit by my side...maybe he think i'm a safe guy or cute....hope for the latter..she might think i'm gay....damn it...need to grow beard...but I dun want to be framed as the next top terrorist...

3. The usual bus stop buddies...there are the contracter dude...always with his worn out work boot and messy hair...the personal trainer from greece or wherever ..has a thick accent and wears a huge sunglass....the cashier lady..working in chemist store in bondi..not sure whether she's from the past coz she always wear a bell bottomed pants...sweeping the floor and pavement wherever she goes...the couple from spain..he usually be walking to the stop half naked...only wear his shirt at the stop...he doesn't have a 6 packs though...the girl will be all over him kissing and stuff...get a room ppl!!

4. The nosed of too much booze......too many to mention but they do exist...some are more talkative than others..discussing abt world warming..and stuff like that..some are pretty annoying but kudos to them for not driving and know where to stop...experienced drunks...

5. The kiasu bus driver...this one particular driver is the epitome of kiasu...maybe she did drove in mini bus KL and graduated in Shah Alam streets....coz she just dun give a rat ass abt anybody...I did tried to took a picture of her..but just too afraid she might ran me over with the blue bus of her..she's scary...oh well..better luck next time...

6. The kiasu auntie..she loves to conquer the seats...putting as much groceries and bags on the side so nobody want to ask whether the seat is available...

7.the talkative mum and kids...parents especially the mum will go by bus to pick the kids...and the kids will blab on and on in the bus...the mum will be nagging non stop with different kind of accent..totally different than the kids with oz accent...

8. The teenagers...with foul mouth...wannabe bad ass of the bus..seems like they just learned the f word...every sentence they utter will somehow contain the f word...sheeshh...

9. The steve jobs supporter...that's practically everyone here with ipod...ur not cool without ipod...ur still nobody with a measly ipod shuffle..not even the taiwan made mp3 or mp4 for that matter...ur not helping urself...guys gotta have ipod classic..not a nano..that's for borat said in his infamous movie..ipod nano for girls!..

10. And then there are us.... The totally oblivious abt the ticketing system...always over riding the route...paying the least for the max ride...but we're just lucky not getting caught...that's 200 dollar if convicted...crap...

Btw...since xmas is just around the corner...they held a competition for the best pimped out xmas bus....customer can vote via phone...they do know how to have fun..chill out..

Dec 19, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha
kami kat sini sambut raya sehari awal
but it felt nothing though
this sunday maybe ada BBQ lg

hari ni dok terperap kat umah dok buat revision
kuar kejap gi peters (again!! hahahahha)
the actual plan nak gi town tp malas plak
so dok umah study
so study apa? nope i didnt study for my exam which is on the 11th of January
and i didnt do any readings for my assignment which is due on the 18th

so apa i study?
i study psl BENEFIT
hahahah.....dah lama tak conteng muka
and dah lama tak beli make-up tetiba tangan gatai plak
lgpun hr tu masa gi M*ER punyer fragrance and beauty sale, their counter paling hot
ingat esok nak check out their counter plus nak beli my M*C powder. kalau murah la kan...lupa plak nak survey hr tu


Dec 18, 2007

kambing mengembekk....

this morning after gym, singgah pas*fic square for groceries shopping. depa bukak ladang kambing plak kat situ. busuk okeh!! but enjoy the pixs

landing baik kamu yer

lawa jambul ko nyah

say cheese!!!

"mary had a lil lamb"

rumput baru...berebut depa serbu

and i bought this from the asian store - product of m'sia
ayam brand buat macam2 product for export.....not just sardines and baked beans

Dec 17, 2007

where to start...

so many things to blog abt
but too lazy nak mengarang
i wanna blog abt our saturday at CBD-The Ro*ks-The Ga*den-H*de Park
i wanna blog abt our BBQ get together at the officer hse
and i also wanna blog abt my new pink handphone that i got from the handsome guy unintentionally

but anyway, let me start with what i did today...
i went shopping
yerp...i went shopping here
its very near to the halal butcher
selalu sangat nampak org keluar masuk from that pink building with very nice pink shopping beg
tapi selalu tak ter-pergi
so few weeks ago i drop by and went huhu haha hoho
best giler
spend hours there membelek every single thing that caught my eyes
didnt buy anything though during that first visit
so today...monday...i made some plan with evil dearie...straight from work dia terus pi kensi*gton and we meet at pondok b*yung in front of the pink building.
i had my faverite satay padang and he had the usual rice
pagi tadi dah browse2 the website nak aim barang
ada 3 bende i dah aim HARUS beli
but i bought only 2...yg lagi 1 tuh KIV dulu lah
tp ada gak 2-3 barang yg beli tanpa dirancang

this is the pink shopping bag...told u its beautifooooll. thank god i dpt this material type. its not the usual plastic bag or paper bag. tp material dia from kain guni gitu...camne nak explain ntah. some got the same design but with the normal plastic bag material...maybe it depends on how much u spend kot...opssss

bende ni mmg dah lama sangat aim...its everywhere...mana2 kedai pun ada. so hari ni nekad beli

ni salah satu pembelian tak dirancang...toothpicks holder. $7 only maaa....and i tak penah nampak lagi kat mana2. so better grab it

and this one i discover while browsing the net this afternoon. so sampai2 jer kedai tadi..terus carik yg ni. 1.7L nampak mcm tinggi plak. they also have in 1L or 2L. 1L mcm kecik sangat.....hmmm...takper ada masa 30 hari kalau nak tukar. or should i buy another one yg 1L...hahahha.

sekian rancangan membeli belah utk hari ni (and its not even boxing day *sigh*)

p/s: starting today until christmas eve....kedai bukak sampai 7.30pm. dah la depa bagi free ride kat route 75 kat city. harus tetiap hari i keluar ronda2 ni

Dec 15, 2007

fashion disaster

funny la u ni

credit to utusan online

i bukan la nak kata apa
baju2 i yg murah2 tuh pun jauh lg cantek dr yg tuh
takper...tu mesti material mahal baru menjelang 2008

Dec 13, 2007

after 4.......

after 4 tomorrow, i wanna go to pacific square for my retail theraphy
these few days saya dah mcm org giler.....
now i know why ppl hate summer course

takper takper....esok kite pi shopping....beli susu...telor...pasta bla bla....beli barang dapur pun dah consider my retail theraphy

wish me luck for my 2 minutes presentation...2 minutes mcm nak giler aku dibuat nyer

Dec 12, 2007

donut and such

nanti bila balik m'sia one thing yg saya nak buat adalah nak makan donut hurup J with the C and the O, kat Pa*illion nuh atau kat sun*ay. i'm not a big fan of donut....kalau beli dunkin punyer lah hazab nak abih kan seketol. but then i discover big apple...jatuh chenta tergolex dog. i can finish 2 donuts...sbb dia very lite lite one. my fav yg ada rice krispies tuh. donut hurup J ni tak tau la camne rasa...ada yg kata lagi sedap dr big apple...ada yg kata lebih kurang sama jerk...yg beza kat hurup J lg banyak choice nyer. i tried krispy kreme kat sini...okeh la...biasa2 jer....flaver2 dia nothing to huhu haha sgt.

tp masalahnyer bilanyer saya nak balik mesia. haiyark!! i have made one year travelling itenary for us to cover within my final year here. pejam celik pejam celik...i got another year jer lg kan. huhuhuhu....tak sabar nyer. my target is to go back for good a few weeks earlier before the day i have to report for duty to the central agency. i need some time to berhuhu haha di m'sia jugak. the plan nak balik m'sia this july maybe kena cancel atas faktor2 tak logic dan tak masuk akal. but i got another plan to go to place that feels like home, perth. my sista is there....i mean she's there the whole family for god knows when. to put it simple...the whole family migrated to a a job..pindah...hmmm.

ops terpanjang plak...ingat nak tulis pasal donut jer. tak per lah...nanti dah mula keje jgn harap dpt update blog kerap mcm ni. apa daaa....i have like another one yr plus before i can berkhidmat utk negara...kemaruk keje gamaknyer skang ni. but job is my paid hobby.

p/s: lg seminggu dua ni mesti ada org sri lanka tuh berlagak bagai ngan aktiviti dia kat m'sia...chait

Dec 11, 2007

like i care...whatever

Dec 10, 2007

terkenang semasa dulu...

-gambar cilok from mekja-

tu diaa...muka2 semangat nak pi amik degree kat uk (kononnyer lah)

standing L to R: amrul, aishah, aida, suzi, kak yan, mek ja, syida, aboo, aiza, fid and blong
sitting L to R: john, apez, cikun, puan erk..apa erk, iza, cheeky DOT and epit

those were the days. i remember dolu2 me and aboo kaki ngacau si john and he would always shout at us "Ya allah....Jauh kan aku dari syaitan yg direjam!!!". and aboo fav quest would:
aboo: kenapa ko pakai lipstick
anybody: sbb nak bagi cantik
aboo: so skang ko rasa ko cantik erk

tu dia muka2 yg tak dpt fly ke UK because of the 98 recession. except for shida coz she's a high flyer and iza is a petronas scholar. but there are few of us yg dpt buat master ke UK after that. and that cikun..he is actually my classmate for like 4 years masa kat primary KGV and we meet again kat PPP...small world heh

wateva it is kebarung polka dot merah i RAWKSSS!!!! owh...dulu saya tak suka baju kurung bunga2...kalau ada pun the bunga must be kecik2.

Dec 8, 2007

the food....

few months ago i bought a mixer. i decided on this one coz i already got i already got a hand mixer back home in m'sia. so beli yg mcm ni eksited la plak. no..its not kenwood....gile mahal yg tuh. mine is sunbeam. so i bake my first marble cake. but ada org tuh tak suka. not that tak sedap but then he expect me to do cakes with toppings and such. haiyork.....demanding okeh. then after that, harem saya tak sentuh mixer saya until few days ago. itupun sbb dah tak tahan dgr org tuh dok lalalalalla. i buat cekelat cip cookies wif walnut. got the recipe from allrecipes. sedap okeh....

bestnyer tak yah nak buat apa...humban je

sebelum di bakar

lepas bakar - diff tray

then last few day i buat nasi tomato tawar ngan daging masak kicap with acar jelatah.

and kemarin darling evil buat beef steak and steam vege guna goerge foreman grill yg dia beli sbb kononnyer nak suprise dia buat utk dia sorang jer la kan....coz i dunt eat red meat buta2 mcm tuh...muak...tapi sedap gak

Dec 6, 2007

buat seseorang....

Buat sahabat di Jepundengan ucapan:
tiada maknanyer duduk Jepun tapi tak makan sushi...hakhakhak

i got my first bite of sushi setelah berkurun lama masa gi sydney fish market dulu. the sushi shop sells seafood ada kondifen sikit mau beli....puas hati w'pun tak dpt menikmati dgn sepenuh hati sbb kekenyangan makan seafod platter for 4...giler!

p/s: semua org gi peetk the time i balik for for good..mesti most of my batch dah buat punyer......aliff(read: dgn nada kesian)......yani (read: dgn nada terpaksa)....u ols nak amik ptk bila? jom gi sekali.....huhuhuhuhu

Dec 4, 2007

the sandals and the 5kg of cherries

my ipanema sandals beli masa jenjalan kat QVB. i have no idea apa hebat sangat ipanema ni*. but hubby dearie dok explain and was in shock that i tak kenal ipanema...wuteva...sandals dia lawa and ada my size masa tuh...thats all i care. kat mesia baper hengget erk?? sangat comfy sandals ini and it is not made in china. china dan oz mmg tak dpt dipisahkan yer kengkawan.
*telah diedit atas sebab2 facts yg jauh terpesong (mode: malu)

ni lah hasilnyer....this is less than 5kg sbb ada dah bagi kat jirans jauh kat randwick nuh and tambah sket kat yani. anyway, the day we went cherry picking is the 2nd day in my life i makan cherry. first day is the day before kebetulan ada classmates bawak cherry and offer some to the class. setakat pagi ini....cherry dah tinggal sebekas...lalalalala

p/s: i've been trying to upload all the cherry picking photos kat my kurang berjaya...give up give up. baru dpt 1st part jerk

Dec 1, 2007

petani moden

hoit budak......curik apa tuh!!!!!

lalu seol geong chan mengejar budak baju itam itu seperti gaya dia mengejar joo yoo rin dlm drama my girl