Jun 29, 2007



tapi visa pun tak lepas lagi ni

Jun 21, 2007


i already got two quotations for my DARLING MAFSO. one is RM900 and another is RM1300. this is door to door delivery...so mmg dia akan angkut DARLING MAFSO sensorang gituk. but then my father got another quotation...way way much much more cheaper...u know the lorry yg angkut keter baru banyak2 tuh...so DARLING MAFSO can tumpang that lorry with the rest of his new friends at the price of RM100 plus plus.. but then my father will need to pick up DARLING MAFSO somewhere specified later. rasanyer driver tuh punyer side business la ni. well, for me...of course i want the best for my DARLING MAFSO. i dont mind paying a bit higher as long as my DARLING MAFSO can balik kampung safe and sound. but knowing my father...if i insist on the RM900....sure pot pet pot pet punyer nanti ni. tgk lah camne esok ni nak balik kedah....bebas dr tembok batu sampai hr selasa....pehtu keje 3 hari...pehtu InsyaAllah bebas selama2nya.

p/s: harus la DARLING MAFSO kena polish b4 naik lori dgn kengkawan baru dia yg berkilat tuh

Jun 18, 2007


LEGA...yes...thats what i felt at 5.30 pm today. selesai mesy lembaga naik pangkat....presented 13 kertas cadangan.... it was supposed to be a smooth meeting coz last friday evening i had discussion with one of the board member frm the central agency who is supposed to be a pro at this kind of issue. she requested me to adjust here and there.....add this and that on my papers. but then suddenly today another board member terbyk cakap plak....suddenly he is so full with ideas. of course i accepted his ideas but drpd 13 proposal...8 proposals kena buat minor adjustment. mmg minor jer but still...knowing me...terus jadi kalut bila ada changes yg tak dijangka. well how bout DEAR YOU yg chair the meeting....blur as usual....the only thing that he notice is that all my paper covers are categorize into diff colour for diff grade....chehh. if only that one person tak terbyk ckp...sure mlm ni jugak dah leh siap minutes of meeting. now, i'm halfway at preparing it. sampai mr evil terkagum tgk my commitment ...aper???!!! tak pernah tgk org rajin ke??

yg paling tragis, i even prepared my very own "presentation speech" on what to say and how to say it in a very diplomatic manner one whole morning today...tp tak leh pakai...chess!! bila dah tak leh refer teks ucapan,...terus bahasa semua tonggang langgang tak kire big boss ker idak...ayat paling gedik yg pernah dikeluarkan dlm mesy lembaga is today that is "aler En R....buat saya nervous jer"...hampass...malu sungguh...ini lah dia P*TD yg paling tidak berdiplomatik apabila berckp dlm mesy. anyway....SANGAT LEGA!!!

last week plak meeting lembaga tatatertib, this one mmg i only give like 50% or less of my effort on it. tak suker betol tatatertib!! dgn kes pelik2nyer...peraturan mcm2 lagik...pehtu kes polis la bpr lah...khalwat lah...hish! nasib baik all the documents my staffs yg buat...i only check on the kesedapan ayat and terus present the paper. minit pun org lain yg buat. kejam ker...but thats the reality. tolong la lepas ni tak mo buat tatatertib dah...hate it so much!!


Jun 13, 2007

Darling MAFSO

i'm in dilemma

how in the world i'm gonna bring back my DARLING MAFSO to his hometown

DARLING MAFSO is quite old...5-6 hrs on the road would be too much for him

i dont think he can stand the heat plus it would dangerous to bring back DARLING MAFSO in bad weather condition....you know nowadays hujan sana sini sampai banjir

tell me what to do...i dont wanna sell my DARLING MAFSO yet becoz his name is precious plus he himself pun dah banyak sgt berjasa (erk...dah la asyik loan vacation jer dr father dearie)

i need to find a transport service that can transfer my DARLING MAFSO back to his hometown.
this is actually gonna be DARLING MAFSO first time back to his hometown

so i am pretty nervous abt it

anybody know any company providing that kind of service to my DARLING MAFSO???

Jun 5, 2007

Dear YOU

Dear YOU

Today, YOU lost my respect

the way YOU scolded me in front of everybody is so unprofessional
the way YOU make me cry in a room full of ppl is so heartless
the way YOU express you anger towards my ex-cat whom you mention repeatedly 'yg dah nak mampus' is so rude
the way YOU want everything done in a split second is so so illogical
the way YOU proudly say YOU are able to solve all the current sector problems if you are given the position is so so poyo

and finally
the way YOU explain that you are not scolding me but want me to convey the message to my current cat is meaningless

Dear You,
I shall never forgive you...never in my life!!!


and the thought that i was there on behalf of my cat is sooo......(*&(*^%!!!