Jun 30, 2005

ad...this is for you...the long awaited sofa....in case you are wondering how yours is gonna look like (minus the red cushion). rasanyer we order a different tone of chocolate kan? but i like this one also.

Jun 23, 2005

Hour glass

Now i'm in frantic mode to close all my deals this quarter..man..can't live like this for the rest of my life. I'm still way behind my quotas..my boss expect everything to be in...customer is saying no go..failure is not an option..arghhh!!!
Wish i can retire today and do nothing..dun have to worry for anything at all..just like the dude with the blue Honda Accord. Every morning, i'll be bumping into him at the parking lot with a newspaper tucked in his armpit and wearing round tees and a pair of jeans..Probably just came back from a cup of teh tarik at the nearby mamak..He look really happy..no stress..no pressure..I wonder what he did to retire so early..coz he looks like 40ish..not that old..one of these days am gonna ask him...probably he's one of the robber in the Maybank heist in the 90's..it was the perfect crime of the malaysian history i think...kudos to them..wherever you are!!
Coming back to this blue honda dude...i'm telling myself to retire in 10 yrs time...I'm Done with this Sh*t..no more waking up early in the morning..no more stuck in a jam..no more complaints from customer..no more super moron business partner...etc...and the list goes on...


just now i got a call frm cik ad saying that our original sofa colour is in town!!! What the....!!!!!! Menggigil makcik...terus hang up dengan cik ad and call kedai sofa itew..nasib baik cikmila tuh kata mmg dia akan hantar sofa ikut our original choice of colour...fuhhh....frm my understanding rasanya warehouse tuh dah buat cuma tinggal nak hantar jer coz she said something like if i wanted the new colour (the one i choose last sunday), i have to wait a bit longer. kalau betol laaa warehouse dia dah buat apa ke jadahnyer si eric beria2 suh aku tukor kolor last sunday...eiiiiiiiiiiiiii....si eric tuh pun lg sorang what the....!!!! fuh....tak sangka beli sofa ni pun banyak dugaannyer yer. sofa murahan plak tuh...ish ish ish

Jun 20, 2005


again today i went for a meeting in damansara which has already been cancelled. the 1st time was my fault coz i forgot to check my intray for that postponement letter. and this time my boss just kept the letter to himself coz he forgot that he minutes the 1st letter to me. adeih..pancets makcik...putrajaya - damansara - putrajaya just for nothing.

got the ticket for this coming konsert...ihihihih...beli arena seating tapi kurengg memuaskan coz i bought around 11 plus plus. if only i didnt got for that 'meeting' this early morning baru leh dpt seat shantekkk gitukkk. takper next next week masih ader kan hunny bunch!!!

so how was our weekend.....
just duduk lepak kat rumah. only went out around 6...pegi pasar malam. finally ader org yg boleh tolong sorongkan trolley iteww. now u know aaa dearr how i suffer every tuesday. after this i declare pasar mlm day will be saturday!!! mlm just lepak umah layan AF ler apa lagi...rasa rugi plak tak tgk live....mcm lg happening jer.

i was not feeling very well, so my hunny bunch cook us lunch....macaroni soup!!! bravo dear...lepas ni kalau i 'penyegan' nak masak...u can take over lah yerk. around 5++ we went to that sofa shop to change the colour of the sofa that we ordered like 2 months ago yang tak kunjung tiba sbb colour itu sudah abish!! tensen weh....tak tau nak amik kolor apa...last2 cream for the cushion and lite brown for base (original choice: cushion - lite brown, base - dark choc). dah on the way nak ke puchong rasa down sgt sbb sofa kaler lite2 ni perlu extra care so ala2 nyesal gituk. sms and called up rina...then baru rasa lega sket. gi puchong perdana kengkunon nak dinner kat alisara...tup2 tutup plak...hampeh....beli durian then chow gi puchong apa ntah jumpa tpt makan agak happening. not bad...ader kerang bakar. boleh gi lg sekali.

note: entry ni ditulis pada 20 June tetapi cik adik ini lupa mau publish

Jun 15, 2005

daily dose of...

What to write today...lots of stuff had happen these couple of days...i've been running like a headless chicken to get things done.. Did not properly plan my daily schedule quite well which leads me to drifting away from days to weeks..not a very good planning in my part..oughta do something this week.
Last weekend, as the madam had wrote in..we went to AF concert. Yeah2..too lame..but what the heck..just give it a try...though at 1st i was quite intimidated with the other half infatuation of that dude...give it a rest!! goshhh...Its kinda fun seeing the host doing during ads...No wonder he's one of the highest paid host in Malaysia. We sat in front of a bunch of ladies with that letter signage thingy..dunno what the heck is it...suppose each of the ladies have a letter which spell out....hmmm..no idea...i did saw a K and L....so go figure it out yourself. I wonder why they didn't held it up high...though i was hoping they wouldn't do it. During the singing stuff..i kept on bugging my wife..just to get on her nerve..since she's sooo in to it...what's wrong with this lady..like i dunno her anymore..she's like a stranger...just bcoz of this frenzy. Then, the moment of truth came when that dude screw up the lyrics..i was like jumping in joy..like when Smeagol managed to snatch the ring from frodo in the volcano scene...it really made my day...hahaha..woooohoooooo...felt like laughing out loud right there and then, when all the audience was dumbfounded with the change of lyrics..but i rejected the notion after noticing most of the audience are his fans.Dun want to get beaten to a pulp.
Sunday came, and the other half was in this frantic panic mode...never saw her this panic at all. She gave a better performance compared to Jodie Foster in Panic Room. This was like Panic Kitchen, the sequel..heheehe..to cut short..my family arrived..they came, they see, they conquered...as explained to the other half blog below.That's my family hunn..dun mess around

Happy Birthday Lid

Happy 66th Birthday Lid

Jun 14, 2005


the other half force me to update the blog...yaperdaa...how bout u??? but anyway, a quick recap on everything....

during lunch break rush toMV to collect the tickets...damn!!!! the traffic is so terrible both from desa petaling onwards and MV. is there any special sales goin on in MV?? i dunno...but the traffic is really killing me....1.30 and i'm still strugglin on the road. thank god i notice the pick up/ drop out point at office boulevard...so just park in front of the office and collect the tickets. damn again!!!, u can also pick up the tickets on saturday afternoon...eiii.....camne ler leh salah baca. i thot they are closed on saturday.

went back to sirpunk to pick up the 2 lil sista...after zuhur tayar bergolek menuju ke ikea. the other half bawak adik2 nyer jalan2 di the curve and i did some quick shopping in ikea and cold storage. had our early dinner at fasta pasta and i accidently ordered two large bowls of minestrone soup....ahahaha.....amik ko!!!! after dinner, we had our asar prayer at sista in law house and 6.15 off to stadium melawati. the other half was complainin...what if we are the first to arrive...what if this...what if that....when we arrived around 6.40 plus plus....the crowd is there already...ahhahaha. i wonder what time this ppl came??

the concert
its not bad afterall, of course u need to Q to get in there since our seats is free seating. but i manage to get the front row of level 2. ok larr...nama pun tiket murah. we just wait inside there and took turns for our maghrib prayer. near 8.30....ader rehearsal CLAPPING2....then azn*il makes some jokes...bla bla bla. aznil ada cakap...during the 1st concert...stadium tak sampai separuh pun penuh tapi applaused was better than this 2nd concert. 2nd concert ni cuma level 3 jer yg nampak kosong (ni mesti penangan mauu ee). so the moment came, the show started. its not bad afterall watching from level 2....of course u cannot see them clean and clear tapi idakla sampai mcm nampak semut jerk. plus...u get to see everything...how ell*za kick the chair yg nyaris2 nak tergolek dog jatuh bawah stage.....how during the commercial break all the audience menjerit2 mcm nak giler nama mauu ee everytime he went in and out.....u got to concentrate on mauu eee dancing steps through out the m*nuju p*ncak. and do u know that during the commercial all the students will go backstage amik fresh air kot. and masa break jugerk aznil ader le buat lawak2 sket....and of course every now and then praktis clapping lagi. and the best part is....of course u shud listen them LIVE. dengar live baru tau suara sapa yg sedap dan tak sedap. i'm goin there again...maybe for the 4th concert...and em goin to buy that arena seating. boleh tgk mauu ee dekat2. suara mauu eee....mmg paling best that nite but of course lupa lyric dah spoil everything. and i blame the evil genius for this....b4 mau ee perform...he kept saying that that guy is gonna forgot his lyrics again...eiiii...mulut masin plakkkk!!! but kesian kat mau eee.....crowd mmg giller2 jerit kat dia...almost 90% of the audience kot (sure bebudak lain jeles)....can u just imagine...towards the end of every single lines...semua menjerit mcm nak giler....mana la mamat tuh tak gabra....tp bila dia lupa lirik...semua terdiam. dah tak pasal2 kena kutuk....itu yg kesian. but still...even dia salah lirik or a bit sumbang....suara dia mmg sedap gilers...he can be the next j*mal abd*llah. suara bebudak lain bukan nyer tak sedap...sedappp...tapi dah common!!

the whole of mr evil family came to had lunch at my place (except for one sista). eishhh...penatnyerr....for the first time in my life i cook lunch for like 16 ppl....alhamdullillahhh everything went well....except for the purple cabbage. lps ni tak mo beli cabbage yg berwarna purple itewww lagik...spoil my food presentation ajerk (again i blame the evil genius for this). we had ketam masak lemak cili api, daging malbi, kobis tumis sos tiram, ayam goreng kicap manis and bubur jagung. ayam goreng kicap manis tuh paling laku.....both of us tak sempat nak makan so last nite dinner i cook some for hubby deary sbb dia teringin. but hubby deary is so sweet, he help me a lot in the kitchen. tq dear....but lps ni...if ur family datang lagi i tak mo buat nasi campur dah. pancets!!! plus the house turns upside down wif the 3 lil devils...*sigh*

cuti...duduk umah buat tak tau

Jun 8, 2005

mauu eeee

erk...sapa yer jejaka yg tgk tv dgn i smalam dok gelak terbahak2 masa game tembak menembak tuh??!!!

but anyway, i've already book 4 tickets to their 2nd concert. ingat nak call my sista coz she can get free tickets frm KK...tapi malas ler lgpun 4 tickets is too much (ahdik yg baikkkksss). hmm...satu hal nak kena pi mid valley amik.

hmm....some of u might say....what for u go to the stadium when u can watch it at home...lg clean and clear. well, my answer....sajer nak tgk happening ker tak. and i'm goin to watch it at least twice coz the original plan is to buy the arena seats...but we decided only last nite sbb nak bawak the two lil sista jenjalan. so bye bye early birds price. harus la amik yg free seating yg murah tapi mahal.


Jun 7, 2005

No title

Kept on procrastinating to even blog..that's a bad habit..but since the other half have been controlling the remote for the past couple of week..i've got nothing to do but blog...yeap..i've lost the right and authority over the remote due to the AF frenzy..especially when that dude Mawi joins in...oh boy..
Today, had man to man talk with my boss today..which i tried to avoid but since nobody wants to have lunch with him..i had to do the dirty job accompanying him...it was pretty awkward since last week he was cursing like mad to me and made me very small...like smurf..heheh..anyway, the lunch went well..he gave me some advise..many of which i know i should be doing all this while..but i never wanted to admit or do..typical human being i think..
Ok..have couple of days before the quarter ends and my number looks pretty bad...but i'm gonna try and try..need to push it..as my boss favourite song, from Madagascar movie " I like to move it move it"

Jun 1, 2005

5 years ago.....

1st June 2000
After midnite
me @ USJ, him @ MMU
- marks the beginning of our relationship

:: updates
got a call frm my dad...my uncle, the eldest bro is in hosp...critical. he was in icu few weeks ago for 1 whole week and i only got to know abt this 2day. this is very shocking to me becoz among my three uncles he has always been the strongest one. really hope i can go back 2morrow nite. hmmm...just yesterday i post their pictures. Ami Chak...pls get well soon.