Jan 30, 2008

mcm2 hallllll

up till today....
i still haven't got my allowance(padehal baru 2 hari kot)
check wif another bro...yerppp...same thing
call central agency back in putr*jaya
the moment i introduce myself and from where...
she replied "aaaa...akak tauu...tak dpt elauns lg kan"
so she said " tu la puan...akak tak tau kenapa kali ni boleh tak lepas...padahal kew8 semua dah betol dah, 18 budak master tak dpt ni...yg phd lepas....tp officer akak mmg tgh nak uruskan segera tu"
i was like "mintak tolong yer kakkkkkk"

dlm hati "saya nak lalalallala ni"
eiiii...dlm banyak2 time...time ni plak dia buat hal
haiyork...terpaksa korban kan duit ghaji dulu
my parents brought 2 almost full suitcase and 2 empty medium size hand luggage
apakah maknenyer itu?

Jan 28, 2008


cant remember when we had this for lunch. it is nasi air. not as good as the one in ku*la or is it h*lu k*maman. but still it is almost similar and super duper easy.

last nite...i got so bored while waiting for AJL to start....so i bake chocolate cake. merekah sket kat atas. sedap gak...moist...maybe because the recipe use cooking chocolate instead of cocoa powder...

and i decorate it...sajer over2. i already transfer it to another plate...so idak la comot sgt kat bawah2 tuh mcm dlm gambar ni...hiihihih

pantun tiada kaitan....

pi kenduri cheeky naik keter
bila majuk patah balik naik bas
ahdik yani jgn terluper
pakai tudung kena vassss

stories here

Jan 27, 2008

101 Dalmatians

i am always scared of dogs...no matter how big or small. last friday, i went to bondi for lunch date with evil dearie. then, he continue with his work and i continue with my window shopping....then...this thing came out of nowhere...i get the shock of my life....with another makcik..we gave that one look...this makcik said to me...it looks like a cow....

freaking big....and smelly.....yuckss...

Jan 24, 2008

the unsung hero

this is how the story goes.......

For the past 3 month..i've been going to the local swim school on tuesday evening 8-9pm. Made friends with the 3 guys and 3 girls attending the same class with me. The girls are from malaysia, brunei and south africa....the guys not that interesting to be written here..hehehehe

Anyways...i'm not a natural born swimmer..my main habitat is the land called LAND with AIR around it...it's been to my understanding that human live of solid ground...no where else....So going swimming is quite a biggie for me...all this time on earth..i never tried it before and were quite scared shit at times...coz money is flowing out from my wallet to the coach and yet i still can't float and breathe correctly....i'm freakin bleeding chlorine damn it....but last tuesday..i finally managed to swim the whole lap of the pool...it's a kiddy pool not the olympic size version...around 25m..but heck it's quite a feat for a land loving person like me. Rick, one of the uninteresting guy but always love to flirt with the girls was also impressed. He said it took him almost 4 yrs to swim and i did it in 3 months...ok coming back to the title above..

Since now i can properly swim...meaning in public area without the public humiliation...i gathered enough courage to swim in the beach pool near my house...i've been practising my strokes here since early january..sorta new yr resolution....so last wednesday..it was pretty windy with high tides...though the beach pool are not connected directly to the ocean..but the waves was huge...and there I was sitting at the pool with my legs in the water when this huge waves crash into the pool and swept me away to the side..almost crushing me between the rocks...but i tried to act cool and stood up..and act macho...hehehe..though deep in my mind...it was like my whole life flashing in front my eyes...near death experience minus the gory stuff
In this panic... this mother was trying to push out her daughter out of the pool and was looking at me for help....and as a good samaritan like me would do..i pulled her out of the pool and walked away in slow motion....i dun want slip and land on my butt after a rescue like that..hehheeh..the mother said thank you...twice....i coolly replied..no problem...

See honey...your hubby is a hero...he's not there just to check out the ladies..but to make the world a better place....rising to the occasion..without thinking his own safety...everybody is a hero in his/her own rights...but that day..it was me....ok too much of Heroes the tv series cliches....but heck....i dun care.....
eat your heart out mr lifeguard.....

our fav breakfast...

1 biji telur
1 cawan tepung
2 sudu minyak (i use olive oil)
air secukup nyer
garam secukup rasa

mix all the ingredients and stir or blend. adjust sendiri kepekatan dan kecairan to your liking. i like mine cair tak baper cair because i like my lempeng nipis and crunchy tepi2. tuang dlm frying pan...and rata2kan. can be eaten with curry, kuah sardin or sambal tumis etc etc....

i need to go out....

staying at home means there is nothing much that i can update abt my activities....except....enjoy the pixs....

chicken tomyam with overdose vege for dinner

pan fry red snapper with mint leaves

kangkong belacan

Jan 22, 2008

the road trip.....

just call my dad to confirm on the trip to melbourn*
and its on!!
12 to 13hrs journey i think
but we're gonna spread it into 2 - 3 days
1 nite at ede* or mallacoot*
then 2 nites at philli*s island
then straight to the gre*t oce*n rd...overnite at apollo ba* maybe
then back to melbourn* dunno for how many nite
then back to sydney...maybe overnite kat canberra
i really need to plan this very well
i hate long journey...but they said...the coastal drive is one of OZs best kept secret

lets have a sneak preview of not-even-half-of-the-journey from the video i found on utube...

lunch today....


me too
this is what we had for lunch today
me trying to be creative did some adjustment on the balance of the marinated mixture sauce
it turns out great....

Jan 21, 2008


hi maryam...

my niece...isnt she's cute?

how's life in perth....

my sunday at the beach

all set and ready to go....kol 3 dah gerak

dekat jer....less than 5 minutes walk

harus singgah kedai dulu beli eskrem

sian buku ni...i tak baca pun...

i skodeng org je

pehtu makan le

sambil merenung masa depan yg tak menentu

dah kol 6 dah.....sekian, terima kasih

Jan 20, 2008

sunday plan

nasi tomato ni i cant remember bila punyer lunch. this is how we had our our nasi tomato...with ayam bakar or daging masak kicap plus acar jelatah. both of us the wife and the hubby not so into dalca whatsoever tu. for me, it will spoil the original taste of nasi tomato. my acar jelatah punvery simple...nak buh timun i tak minat...nak buh nenas...eii leceh la nak beli sebijik and potong2 semua tuh. oh did i mention yg i tak pandai potong nenas? hahaha

today's weather nampak sunny sket....i'm gonna made fruit salad and egg salad with toasted bread cup for our teatime by the beach pool *big grin*

Jan 19, 2008

mini pizza

since morning dok terperap kat umah...so i thot dah petang sket ingat nak ngeteh kat tepi pantai...ala2 picnic gitu. so i buat mini pizza guna instant pastry...very easy....just potong guna cookie cutter....tarik2 sket bagi lebar and buh dlm muffin tray...owh...and before that spray some vege oil kat tray itu...then letak the instant pastry and sapu tomato puree....put some mixed vege and minced hotdog yg dah rebus....masuk oven...bakar sampai dah nak garing....bawak kuar and buh pizza cheese plak...this is my creation....senang kan...pekena plak ngan teh o limau panas....

tp apa kan daya.....hujan dok turun lg...so ngeteh dlm umah jerk la.....

sizzling yee mee during rainy days.....

we didnt make any plan to go out for these few days due to the weather condition
so we just spend our quality time at home watching movies....cooking delicious foods...do some web research on our travelling itenary
but anyway, for today....the lovely wife cook some delicious sizzling yee mee with lots of shitake mushrooms for her beloved husband
sizzling yee mee have always been our favorite foodcourt meal...i think the best sizzling yee mee that are able to maintain its standard quality will be the one in mines...but now...i am able to make my very very own sizzling yee mee that taste way way much more better than theirs *wink*.....

see that shitake mushroom...kali ni takdak rebut2 dah

the best sizzling yee mee will always be the one with kuning telur yg lembik

still dlm kuali...kalau ada sizzling pan...it would perfecto

and the taste...well, he said its PERFECT...need i say more? try it yourself....very easy rupernyer. you can get the recipe here

last two days...i made my very own sushi...sgt senang...you even dont have to buy the special rice. but i didnt take any photos coz...ruper dia agak hancur...tunggu i pandai gulung then i'll post some pixs

Jan 18, 2008

its a celebration...no...not yet

in a few hours time i am done with my summer course
big mistake that adam had this assignment due after the final exam
very big mistake

so whats the plan for tomorrow
it should be a celebration kan..
hmmm....i cant think of anything yet...maybe just do some 'window shopping' at newtown?
and i need to finalise my one month travel itenary...lots of hotel bookings need to be done
especially on our one week road trip to melbourne
parents are coming for one whole month...
so i really need to make sure that they are fully occupied with activities
u know org tua...cepat boring

Jan 16, 2008

my performance appraisal

sana sini dok sibuk psl LN*T
ada arahan baru pulak tuh...yg sangat baru diterima di tika dan saat ini
salu exercise LNP* bermula seawal december
tragis sungguh nasib mereka di desk HR
bak kata jush...kena maki dalam diam
ish terasa rindu pulak dengan the suasana kerja yg hectic itu

opss!! my LNP* pun dok kosong lagi....kena email tracy ni mintak dia isi

my fruit tarts....

few days ago, when we had our early dinner at thai singha...there is this one food magazine that i was so into. they have tonnes of very easy-to-made-but-yummylicious recipes for a lazy person like me. so without any pen or paper i just snap some of the recipes for my collection (note: next time gi situ bwk pen and paper). one of it is below.

coincidently today, fida did something similar as above. but instead of fruit tarts....she's doing it with scrambled egg...menarik gak tuh. anyway, i am a big fan of fruit salad kat sini. sgt sgt suka. tapi nak beli selalu would be just a waste of money. so today, i did my groceries. beli la segala jadah buah yg i suka. google for a fruit salad recipe and got it. cut all the fruit into small pieces....add some lemon juice and sugar...and tadaaaa....my version of fruit tarts. totally diff frm the original fruit tart recipe...they have the vanilla thingy...mesti sedap lg kan. maybe i should improvise and put some custard ke? but me knowing me...malas....ahahahah. oh ya...that limau mandarin sgt sedap...takdak bijik....1st time i bought it....5 bijik habis all in one day...lepas ni kena control...

Jan 14, 2008

my childhood songs....

ages and ages ago back in the late 80s or early 90s
i was so into debbie gibson...i even got her album
my fav would lost in your eyes...foolish beat...electric youth
another one would be tiffany...with her song if love is blind
tu tak masuk lg rick ashley and jason donovan....hehehe

actually i was browsing for andy williams songs then i found these ppl songs on the net and i was like...gosh...how could i have forgotten them...haahhaha. tak jadi letak lagu andy william kite buh tiffay dulu.

Jan 13, 2008

5 years ago......

update lagik:

yani...aku cilok gambor dr blog ko. bam bam bam....ptuiii

masuk blog yani terperanjat terselit sekpg gambar pah. aku pun tak sangka aku ada bergambar ngan korang on this very special day (yek yek tui). i dont have any picture of our so called graduation day. ni mesti before the ceremony kan? sapa lg ada gambar i terselit pls bagi kat i. rina...u byk amik gambor kan...ada dak muka cantek i terselit?

5 years ago...on this very date
i'm supposed to register myself at I*TAN, BK early morning
but nope....
5 years ago on this very date...
i pi OU dulu...bukan pi shopping
tp pi pick up org yg sesat barat nak pi ke I*TAN tuh
5 years ago jugak on this very date
1st time naik bas biru pi kluang
and on the very same date also...
i meet new frens....280 plus of them

so ppl....

Happy 5th Year Anniversary

dah 5 tahun dah...rasa mcm baru jer smalam dok tunggu nama kena panggil for handover surat posting.

and 5 years ago jugak...after a week or so on this very date, ada org nak pi tg piai pakai skirt...allalaalala

these are frm DPA....6 mths after our posting
gambor ni jer aku ada skang...ish sapa ada gambor tentera, bomba and obs aaa

lepas ujian menembak polis

closing ceremony polis

this 6 mths period of DPA can be very stressful especially for us the fortunate group yg dok kena pindah randah from one state to another. semua I*NTAN dah abih jelajah except sabah sarawak. but it was fun though....hedo ada...assabiyah ada and from what i know, the culture continues. i would say the hardest was bomba....dok galas BE yg berat tuh....merangkak masuk sewer apa jadah tuh...with the bilik gelap...pakai baju yg gedabak sambil tgk api lalu atas kiter...pheewwww.....that was something. an experience u cant get elsewhere unless u are the firefighter. next is tentera...this is our first outdoor activity...so for me...i was not physically prepared...bertahun2 tak buat heavy outdoor activities...tetiba body shock sikit bila kena yg ni. but the best is we got the most sporting trainer ever...capt yus and capt apa namanyer tu lilie. naik gunung panti...gelongsor gunung panti....berpimpin tangan lari2 turun gunung panti tu...ops. and the abselling experience...haiyork...keji sangat!!! tu tak masuk lagi our last activity yg 18sx sket tuh....apa ntah nama dia. police pulak biasa2 jerk...since we are the last group so we got experience lots of their work. the first 3 groups tak sempat kot sbb police busy with one big event that time. anyway, i remember masa roadblock me and sabrina...masa ni ikut roadblock balai polis...depa tahan keter rosma and khai bebudak af tuh...hahaha...kantoi la dating tgh malam2 buta...mcm biasa kami tawaf keliling keter ngan torchlite ala2 poyo nak inspect keter org kan. tu belum masuk depa2 yg ikut polis skodeng kat tasik permaisuri ke mana ntah....plus yg dapat tangkap drug addict lg. the roadblock we had with abg polis traffic paling best....masa ni masing2 dok berebut nak pi jalan mana...jalan mana yg best. i cant remember jalan mana yg i kena tp merasa jugak la tgk org mabuk cakap merepek ngan abg polis....abg ya aww awww yg lg jelita drpd i dgn keter mewah dia.
w'pun i bukan december babies...i tetap nak nyibok

overall, the best experience u cant get elsewhere. but if you ask me to repeat this training....naaaahhhhh.....big NOOOOO

Jan 12, 2008

caramelised mango

got this recipe from fida
very delicious....rasa mcm pudding
ice cream dah habis...kalau ada ice cream mesti lagi best
thank god i found fida's blog
tgk dia punyer food presentation rasa mcm nak merajinkan diri utk masak plak

Jan 11, 2008

the day i took the wrong bus....

the exam this morning was so-so. balik umah check email check blog then pingsan. mr evil call at 3 plus saying that his done with his work so we set to meet at coogee around 4 plus2. me..lalok2..and lapor2 gi naik salah bas...boleh??? i thot that bas lalu depan beach...but noo...sampai ke randwick then i change the bus straight to coogee...hahahaha

at the beach. muka ngantok merangkap lapor dok tunggu singha bukak at 5pm

apa ke nama kerabu ni...yom pla sea food ke haper ntah...senang citer kerabu sotong

this tomyam seafood reminds me so much of tomyam alisara in puchong...it is almost perfect...the best so far i had in sydney

fida suggested this....flying tiger...wonder why they name it flying tiger...when fida suggested the name of this dish...the first thing that cross my mind it must be prawns. ruper2 nyer daging. taste of thai pun ada this kind of dishes tp kat singha cicah dia lagi kaw2. hubby's fav.

dah nak abis main dish mr evil offer nak dessert dak...well...terus i capai menu. only two dessert...one is sticky black rice wif coconut milk, so mcm pulut jer kan...tak syiok plak. so we decided on the next one....roti with condensed milk and sugar....sekali tengok...

roti canai ruprnyerr...tapi sedap gak...lilie mesti suka...sbb lilie suka makan roti canai ngan gula....cuba try letak susu pekat

so far i notice bila makan kat m'sian, indonesian or thai rest mesti depa bagi one bottle of cold plain water...bagus kan...tak yah perabih duit order air sedap.

overall not bad jugak thai singha...the rest is way way much better than taste of thai. cuma dia tak banyak menu which is no big deal sbb kami dok order taste of thai pun bende yg sama jerk. cuma kat singah ni menu kerabu dia tak semenarik taste of thai....ada som tom...which is kerabu betik muda...sedap sgt.....ala2 kerabu mangga. another things singha pun boleh buat delivery to our place...so now we got two options on thai food delivery...yippiee

saya yg most of the time malas masak

Jan 10, 2008

Selamat Tahun Baru...

Selamat Tahun Baru Hijrah

p/s: semoga cepat 2008 berlalu *wink*...yerp....this is my new resolution (boleh ke?). other than that, everything remain the same as the previous years.

teringat dulu2....

kat blog awek jepun tetiba menyimpang ke citer kartun. suddenly i remember my all time fav cartoon zaman muda2 dulu...besides she-ra...he-man...and thunder cats...paling syiok of course la jem and the holograms...i even bought their story books....hard cover lagi...hhahaha

this is for me...

Jem is excitement!
Oouu Jem...
Jem is adventure!
Glamour and glitter,
Fashion and fame!

Jem is truly outrageous
Truly, truly, truly outrageous
Woo ooo Jem...
the music's contagious (outrageous)

Jem is my name
No one else is the same
Jem is my name

But we're the misfits
Our songs are bitter
We are the misfits (the misfits)
and we're gunna get her

and this is for gorjes

"My Little Pony" Theme Song

My Little Pony...My Little Pony
What will today's adventure be?
My Little Pony...My Little Pony
Will there be exciting sights to see?
Where will you wander? Hither and yonder
Letting your heart be your guide
My Little Pony...My Little Pony
I'll be there right by your side
I'll be there right by your side

Jan 7, 2008

the Old West

Wifey nagged me bout not updating this blog..maybe she's just bored reading her own writing..hahahaha..

Anyways...just finished watching an cowboy movie : 3 10 to Yuma starring Russell Crowe and Christian Bale...do check them reviews in IMDB

It' been yrs i have not watched a good ol western movies..in the likes of The Unforgiven and my all time favourite...Tombstone..i can still remember Wyatt Earp said," I want a normal life"... he want to retire from being a lawman..but his friend told him. " there is no normal life..there's just LIFE"...for me that was thought provoking...and made me think twice when i wanna complain about life as a whole....ok enough being philosophical...

Clint eastwood will always be damn good in cowboy movie in watever age he's in..but he need to retire from acting and stick to directing instead..really loved Letters from Iwo Jima....current movies are mostly chic lit genre and happy lovey dovey storyline...i'm looking at you honey for the Enchanted movie...gosh i wanna shoot myself for going into that cinema...
So Yuma is a breath of fresh air for me...me like shoot em up movie with no damsel in distress or stupid blonde running around...the best character in the movie for me is Charlie Prince..the 2nd henchmen of the badass posse...he's so freaking calm and cold..the 1st time ever i'm supporting the bad guy ...the main character does carry weight..with morality in question..and i tend to forget which one is the bad guy...highly recommended by me..download the original...hahahaha

p/s : hunny bunny..i've done my chores updating this...your turn now

for sale....

mee rebus - sepinggan AUD3.00

p/s: td pagi lupa beli taugeh so since today mr evil balik awal sket i suh dia beli sepeket...hmmm...bermcm2 bende pulak dia beli.....drpd beg sampai la ke taugeh....shopping spree ajerk!!

jgn gelak tgk i letak mixed vege dlm mee rebus....mana i nak cari sawi?

Jan 6, 2008

NYE 07 videos

some videos i captured using my olympus.

dan kapal2 semua membunyikan 'hon2' mereka.....lalu rakyat jelata menjerit keriangan

Jan 5, 2008

california lamb rib

the previous day at halal butcher, we bought two pieces of lamb rib. so today, first time ever masak...we only cook one pieces cut it into two. sedap giler yg amat...got the recipe from the internet...the beauty of google...sapa yg tak reti2 guna google tu sila la make full use of it.

oh by the way, the cooking process are all done by darling evil himself...a to z. bravo my darling!!

updated 070108:
this is the link to the recipe

lets take a cab and go party!!!

wanna a ride? i think this is their version of abg beca abg beca

lets party!!

merenung masa depan yang tak menentu....but i will survive
More pics in here NYE07

Jan 4, 2008

foods and such...

cookies yg tak sesedap hr tu

gorpis panas2

minumlah boost utk kesegaran

masa nye07...my ice mocha

sedap mmg sedap...tp agak muak

bebaru ni buat kari telur...pergh...i tak sangka i pandai buat kari knowing that i tak berapa makan kari. i tak layan kari with rice...so rice for him and lempeng for me....lempeng cicah kari and ikan bilis masin.....rasa nak buat lagi

smalam buat ayam madu mamak style....fuyoooo. oh yer...i bought a dining table...not really dining table...dia meja gulung2 for camping...coleman punyer. sgt prektikal...boleh gulung2 mcm tripod tuh. and sgt ringan...carrier dia pun mcm beg tripod. senang sgt nak simpan. boleh i guna utk hse warming i kat mesia nanti kalau tak cukup meja...hahahaha

bila punyer ntah ni...tandoori seafod