Jul 30, 2005

morning ppls

lama tak update. tq dear for keeping this blog alive. i've been very very busy lately. hope that will answer my dissappearance. anyway, whats the plan for today. maybe just stay at home and do some major cleaning...and off to shah alam later in the evening. em goin to watch AF 9th concert or shall i say semi final. d*mn i only manage to get seats at the back row of the arena. how i wish i can get vip tickets like her. this week concert tickets are selling like hot goreng pisang last monday. i call them up since 9 am and only manage to get thru around 11. the guy was telling me that ppl have been queing up since early morning to get the tickets. wallauwehhh...giler apa.

ok lah need to prepare cucur daun kucai before hunny munchkin woke up

Jul 26, 2005

I was back at my hometown the other day...hoping to watch the newly installed astro at my parents place..I wonder whether my dad watches MTV...his gonna get a heart attack with those sexy video clips with tight and wet garment...currently, no premier league..so soccer is out of the question...i dun think he watch PGA or US Open..so out...National Geography also..i have doubt coz my hometown is like little Africa already with cows, birds, snakes etc..so my dad is like the Crocodile Hunter of Sepang Down Under..hehehe....So no need to watch on TV..we have live telecast here..upclose and personal...
Coming back to the astro thingy...my sis fren already camped out in front of the tv the whole dayjust to watch channel 15..and they just came all the way from UiTM Perak..gosh..these kids!! One of her friend never watch AF before....she was pretty in the dark on the whole frenzy and throwing loads of question to my sis..so it was so hilarious listening their Q&A session with my sis...it came to a point of me wanna strangle this kid...and she reads all the messages ..i repeat..ALL msg in channel 15...OMG!!
Last weekend, my boss had his kids bday party in McD..and as usual...i happily prepared to go there without ever thinking of getting them presents...sheesh..mental note : Bday party equals birthday present. I never cared or bothered bout bday before..i never celebrate bday previously..before meeting my wifey anyway...So we rushed frantically to Toy r Us shop in Subang...this was the 1st time I ever entered this place...whoaaa..That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind...There's always 1st time of everything. Bought a Winx bag for the daughter and Batman bag for the boy..dun ask wat is Winx coz that was the 1st time i saw it and hopefully the last one...never ever gonna by my kids this freakin expensive toys to be broken in couple of days time..Went to the party..eat2..and out we go..almost like take away

- Love, Peace and Empathy - Kurt Cobain

Jul 18, 2005

Weekend Junkies

Last weekend, I basically camped out on the sofa and do the items below :
1. Watching astro..watched Lost marathon..man it was tiring..felt like triathlon than marathon
2. Reading Angels and Demon...still not finished yet..already 3/4 of the book..it's not as fast paced and interesting as the Da Vinci Code...have to get it done by this week,
3. Get hold of rare movies...Got Akira Kurosawa's Ran,Yojimbo and Rashomon..woohoo..then managed to get Pi (pronounced Pie..the symbol used to calculate volume in sphere..those who taken Add Math knows abt it..)..also One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest...then burned Citizen Kane to CDR..hehehe..my private collection of movies..mine..it's all mine..
4. Enjoy the movies..manage to watch Garden State, sorta chick flick or rather dude flick..written and directed by Zach Braff i.e the dude in Scrubs...he can write and direct man..and he manages to rope in Mrs Darth Vader Natalie Portman as the heroine..sweetttt...then watched Memento...funny movie though it was suppose to be a drama/thriller genre..Requiem of a Dream starring Jared Leto and Jennifer Connelly..she's darn cute...story of 4 junkies with different path in life...kinda sad story..
5. I cooked!! Well technically i did...rice cooking can be considered cooking though not as good as Jamie Oliver's Risotto of Lemon Thyme, Prosciutto, Pecorino and Goat's Cheese...but i'm still working in that department...the other half quite paranoid when i'm in the kitchen...its not like i'm gonna poison her or something...I was starving the whole weekend..dunno why..just wanted to keep on munching and munching...
6. Gosh i love weekend.................

Jul 13, 2005

Anti-depressant pill

A good friend sent me an email on 19 stuff you can do to get rid of that stressful feeling... Dedicated to all workaholics, caffeine and niccotine addict, and severe mid life crisis patients..

1. At lunch time, sit in your parked car with sunglasses on and point a hair dryer at passing cars. See if they slow down.
2. Page yourself over the intercom. Don't disguise your voice.
3. Every time someone asks you to do something, ask if they want fries with that.
4. Put your garbage can on your desk and label it "in".
5. Put decaf in the coffee maker for 3 weeks. Once everyone has Gotten over their caffeine addictions, switch to espresso.
6. In the memo field of all your checks, write "for sexual favors".
7. Finish all your sentences with "in accordance with the prophecy."
8. Don't use any punctuation marks
9. As often as possible, skip rather than walk.
10. Ask people what sex they are. Laugh hysterically after they answer.
11. Specify that your drive-through order is "to go".
12. Sing along at the opera.
13. Go to a poetry recital and ask why the poems don't rhyme.
14. Put mosquito netting around your work area. Play a tape of jungle sounds all day.
15. Five days in advance, tell your friends you can't attend their party because you are not in the mood.
16. Have your coworkers address you by your wrestling name, Rock Hard Kim.
17. When the money comes out the ATM, scream "I won!", "I won!" "3rd time this week!!!!!"
18. When leaving the zoo, start running towards the parking lot, yelling "run for your lives, they're loose!!"
19. Tell your children over dinner. "due to the economy, we are going to have to let one of you go."

p/s : Morale of the story...life is great!!



umi and lid are coming tonite and i already made plan for them to sleepover at my house this saturday. and so suddenly i have to work from friday nite until saturday midnite or maybe sunday morning.....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...suka betol suh org keje last last minute!!!

Jul 10, 2005

world ZET world!!!

ayooooo....lama nyer tak update yer...em just too busy or is it just malas?? but anyway, yesterday bawak mama zet and her king pegi tgk konsert AF (plus don and sha). tak sesia ko pi zet....free2 dpt masuk tv...byk kali plak tuh. harus la ko beli vcd iteww zet nanti bley tunjuk kat baby. but zet, i really mean it when i say i gave u that seats becoz senang ko nak kuor masuk gi tandas. tak sangka plak yg jadinyer senang ko nak kuor masuk tv kann. i want to give my own review on the concert yesterday...just a short one. my ranking:

1. marsha - marvellous but her adv is becoz she got to play the pinano. kalau dia nyanyi ikut minus one maybe feel dia kureng sket kot
2. mawi - kalau tgk diary mamat ni sakit tekak tp kat stadium his voice is SUPERB...ingat kan dah baik sakit dia tuh. masa 2nd part tuh audience ikut nyanyi lagi. tp bila balik dgr kat mp3 and tgk ulangan...aisey...obvious pulak suara serak sakit tekak. tp kire ok la sakit tekak pun boleh nyanyi. knp lain benar yer dgr live ngan kat tv
3. amylea - excellent tp nyaris2 diovershadow oleh felix and very the slang. audience dpt feel lagu ni becoz of what had happened to her for the past few days.
4. aidil - the best frm him...suara nak macam sudirman sket
5. yazer - ok lerrrr
6. akma - suara dia ni sedap tp common sgt....so nothing special
7. ekin - bowringg
8. kefli - bowringggg
9. felix - dgr kat stadium hancorrrrr.......dgr kat mp3...hancur lebur berderai!!

felix nyer performance nak gelak pun ader nak kesian pun ader tp bila dgr blik mp3...mmg kena bantai gelak jer...1st verse jer dah hancur leburr

hunny munch...i tau u had fun yesterdaykan. the other half was saying that yesterday concert is goin to be the last one we watch at the stadium. dia cakap tak funnn la tgk kat stadium...so i told him...everytime aznil or anybody buat lawak masa show or commercial break and u laugh i will cubit uuuu...so jgn gelak since it is no fun!! but then...i forgot to cubit...kalau cubit sure dah teruk lebam2 dia tuh!! erk...weekly concert kire tak yah gi dah la yerk...tp final boleh kott...hihihhiih. byk masa lg ni nak racun. daaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Jul 9, 2005

The Longest Day

Last week, i went for a sales coaching class. For the whole 5 days, we have to go for guelling coaching, sales call, presentation and etc...sheesh..never studied like this before..during my uni days...but now i know how i studied in accounting ratios in those A-level days...to convince the audience on TCO and ROI...
One of my team member is a thailand dude..just graduated 3 month ago and joined the company as a management trainee. It was a trying time to work with that dude..i feel like bashing his face with his thinkpad...He seems to be oblivious of the surrounding but acted like he knows everything..Goshh...glad that was over..btw, he's favorite song is Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby...wtf!! That was like ages ago...during my UPSR days probably..the white wannabe rapper era...New Kids on The Block was the pioneer of boy band revolution..somebody should kill them...they've done so much harm to the music industry..the emergence of boy band like 4U2C for instance..with CD necklace..what are they thinking?? In western, the likes of Blue, Backstreet Boys and West to name a few...and what they do in video clips..singing while walking in the back alley..with rain falling...showing off their 6 pack..it's a sure win formula to all girls...make me wanna puke...
Coming back to my 1 week training..one of the facilitator was an old looking chinese guy..he seemed to be a seasoned seller with the gray hair and huge frame glasses..old skool type dude..which was true in a way...most of my colleague prayed not to get him in the sales calls...he was so adamant to discuss everything based on the text given...come on...we're not mind reader damn it!!
After training wrap up on friday..i went back and watched Kingdom of Heaven..don't want to comment on the movie..but in a way..i'm happy how Ridley Scott portrayed Saladin's persona...my good friend recently went to Middle East and mentioned a German King sent a coffin after Saladin's death..sorta a "good riddance" note..coz he's a formidable leader in war..

Anyway, went to Johnny's for a quick tom-yam steamboat..tried a vegetarian meat. It was chewy like meat but smelled like petai...kinda cool...the best of both world...then we went around Alamanda..bought 2 book for myself...to fill time during the weekend...i wonder when my wife would finished the shopaholic book..it's been sitting on the sofa and side table for a very very long time..untouched..Now i kinda hooked with Dale Carnegie self help book and Dan Brown thriller" Angels and Demons"...he's now my favorite author..other than Eoin Colfer from the Artemis Fowl series..these 2 author are very good at blending latest technology in their storyline..and one just can't put down the book after started reading it...am not into JK Rowling or Cussler..don't know why...
We cameback later that night..i'm eager to start reading the book..hopefully i can finish it off during the weekend..but then the unthinkable happened..rashes start popping out on my legs and arms..crap!! What the heck happened..my deary suggested the vegie meat we tried during dinner..which i think quite true coz we've been eating there quite alot and nothing happened..so i end up scratching myself the whole night on bed...there goes my dream weekend..sigh

Jul 2, 2005

A bouncer and me...

Why do we have to bills..can't the utility companies provide such things for free...wish we're in the Star Trek era..Jean Luc Picard from the Generation series. In one of the episode, he explained mentioned money was not used at all. Everything were free, from basically everything...
Today..i went to a barber shop in USJ, my usual place coz they're damn efficient..having around 5 barbers on standby are quite a feat..i dun have to wait for even a minute..this rather large uncle with huge moustache that you can mistakenly assumed as a bouncer showed me the chair...i hopped on to it and he starts his work..that is after telling him my haircut style..darn easy.." Uncle, size 4 semua" Oooo yeah...that 4 magic word and off he goes..later..he whipped out the usual razor..looks like pisau lipat..i always want those thing...no more disposable razors...it's no uncool...but i doubt she would let me..same thing when i bought the hair cutter..thought would save some dough by doing it in-house rather than outsourcing it to USJ barbers..but the mess i made in the house really freaked her out..my hair was like everywhere...no thanks to her...i have to do it on my own..one hand with the gadget and another with a mirror...luckily it turned out ok...Coming back to this moustached uncle...after giving a neck massage with the odd looking oil with no brand..i was so excited to get that famous neck breaker thingy..crack!!..But he didn't..so anti-climax..damn!!But nothing like a good ol barber...Nothing like it...Proud to be a Malaysian..hehehe
Finished another book today and there is one quote really attracted me to end my blog entry for today...." God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference"