Oct 29, 2007

why i like the day after yesterday....

big smile big smile

conversation during dinner just now...

me: dear....can i buy the bag that i show u the other dayyyy
evil: which one?
me: the one at eastgardennn.....yg cantek sangat tuuuuu...its 99 dolar
evil: if u wanna buy that beg, then i can buy my sony psp
me: but u already got ur nintendo wii!!
evil: nope....hr tu u dah beli beg primavera sampai dua
me: erghhhhhhhhhh

that bag...that beautiful bag...it doesnt have any brand name whatsoever but i fell in love at first sight with that bag. didn't buy it last time becoz allowance lom masuk daaa....but now....grrrr....hati meronta2. tp bila dikenang kalau darab 3...dah nak RM300 lebih sket2. haiyarkk!!! sapa suh darab 3...jgn la darab 3. but that bag....nak tunggu christmas sale ke? tp kalau ada org lain dah beli camne? the reason for having a second thought on buying it right now is becoz the handover of my salary payer (betoi ka ayat ni) to the central agency. kalau nasib tak baik mahu 3-4 bulan tak dpt gaji and have to rely 100% on allowance which is sgt was2 considering the summer holidays. its not that i'm goin to use my pay over here....but it provides some sort of a relief when you have a certain amt as a form of backup plan.


hmm....darling evil....jgn terperanjat if one of these days...tetiba u balik umah nampak beg shantek itu tersergam indah di ruang tamu. kalau i TERbeli tu maknanya i STRESS nak exam tauu!!

p/s: esok kena pack lunch sedap2 utk darling evil

day light saving...

smalam is the beginning of daylight saving
mean i have to cepatkan jam sejam awal
also mean that i have to wake up one hr earlier for my class (huarghhhh)
and also mean beza m'sia and sydney skang 3 jam yerr


boleh baca disini...atau disini....kat sini pun boleh gak

Oct 28, 2007

my sunday day out...

Dalam demam2 tu masih gegeh nak kuar jenjalan.....

jom ikut i pi jenjalan

yeahhh!!! finally fruit salad and yogurt ice cream for lunch

and darling evil had seafood tandoori for his lunch

we didnt go to opera hse sbb tetiba darling evil plak demam
more photos can be viewed here

my dearest darling.....

thats everybody showing off their duit raya. my father mcm dah makin kurus. yes...after that major operation he has become a very totally diff person. how i wish he would get back the weigh before the tumor attack.

eh...apa kat belakang tuh....mcm kenal jer....my dearest darling MAFSO laaaa....waaa berkilat2 yerr....my father took great care of him....bende alah merah yg lama tersimpan dlm bonet pun dah elok jer bertampal......hahhahah

the raya open hse yesterday was great....the ketupat pulut...sate....kuah kacang rendang...lots of kuih muih and keks etc etc. too bad i tak sempat rasa laksa....sempat pau bebudak ni punyer jer. i started to feel 'perit tekak' masa kat umah kak ati lg. by the time balik umah after returning our rented car terus flat...kepala rasa berat...pingsan tas katil. woke up around 7 plus plus dah rasa temperature naik. adeih...panadol plak takdak. kedai dah tutup. nak gi beli kat mana pun tak tau. I miss dearest MAFSO and MR. V. what to do? so there i was lying helplessly on my bed thinking whether we can make it or not for my long awaited fruit-salad-yogurt-icecream 2morrow...hahhaha....dlm demam2 tuh sempat lg pikir nak makan eskrem

Oct 26, 2007

my morning glory.....

i am so 'sleepless' eversince darling evil started his work at 7.30...he have to take the 6.45 bus. usually lepas subuh dah tidor balik but now pukul 6 pagi i dah kena bangun semula to prepare for his breakfast and also packed lunch. kalau dia nak lunch sandwich semua kena buat that early morning. kalau dia nak makan nasik, lauk buat the nite before so pagi tu just tinggal perangat and masak nasik and goreng ikan bilis masin (yummmyy). takper darling evil...u keje gegeh2 okeh (hint hint) ihihihihih.

daging sweet sour pedas - sekali ngan sayur semua humban dlm tuh. senang kan.

daging goreng halia

esok plak ada m'sia postgrad association nyer open hse. derang buat kat northryde which i dunno where sbb esok baru nak konvoi jelajah pi sana. they need some volunteers to prepare foods and such. memandangkan saya yg seumur hidup tak penah buat kuah kacang or even masak rendang so saya volunteer bawak desert/kuih muih. at first thought nak bawak bread pudding and pudding jagung i yg glamer tuh (perahsan). but then sini tak jumpa lak agar2 yg biasa tuh. so tak mo la take the risk guna agar2 serbuk. so on 2nd thought nak buat with sardin puffs (hahha...takdak modal lain). leceh sebenornyer kalau buat sardin puffs banyak ni tp i loikeee!! tp pehtu dlm groupmail kata if possible makanan harus lah berunsurkan hari raya...ahahhaha...big no-no la sardin puffs. so its decided.....besides bread pudding....darling evil dearie, malam ni kiter mengGODAM okehhh.

we will be renting a car for 2morrow's day out so kononnyer on sunday nak berwollonggong la kan...but after talking to ma-hessh and fayka about their trip....there is nothing that i'm looking forward to. so cancel lah. just rent the car for one day. pehtu on sunday just lepak kat opera hse and darling harbour (dah lama tak pekena fruit salad and yogurt icecream). plus i nak beli cili api and serai kat paddy's mkt. tak tergamak nak beli cili api kat supermarket...ada la dlm 15 btg kot dlm AUD2.50. mana cukup nak buat stock sambal kicap or sambal belacan.

Oct 22, 2007

pandang kanan...sedia!!!

muakakakak....gelak tergoling2 tgk gambor gediks ni
lilie...amacam...cun dak??

TQ ija sbb jadik photographer
lepas ni melaram kat wollonggong plak ndak?

Oct 21, 2007

one more to go....

pecah paler
pecah otak
harem betol journal article yg satu ni susah betol nak paham
come on pah.....you can do it....one more to go
after 2morrow...merdeka!!!
i just hate the presentation 2morrow
first the subject sucks...but cannot drop it because it is a core subject
2nd...the lecturer big time sucks!!! opsss...but seriously....ngajor ikut suka hati dia tak de connection ngan course outline....siap la masa course assessment...aku kutuk habis-habisan
and this is not coming out just from me ok....everybody in the class pun admit betapa azab nyer mamat sorang ni ngajar
and paling bangang is for the presentation purposes...dia dah cakap awal2 dia bagi on average between 12 to 14 out of 20. aku takdak la hadap sangat nak markah tinggi....but pls la have some respect to those yg present ekselen...ni beza 2 markah jer ngan org yg present mcm shelake. and this is so true ok becoz those ppl yg dah present dpt markah mmg around that range pun. keji keji

p/s: we got visitor today.....so tak dpt pi e'lakes. takpor...next saturday gua nak mentekedarah!!

Oct 19, 2007


both of us dok follow the season 3 of 'so you think you can dance'. so my faveret is pasha and danny (and also lacey for the girls). hari ni tangan ada sikit gatai nak tgk spoiler...ahahaha. i thought either pasha or danny would win the competition..especially danny cause he is so tall dark and handsome plus he always get positive remarks from the judges. but too bad....he didn't make it. but i think he is in the final three. and pasha is goin to be eliminated next week. haiyarkkk...there goes one handsome boy....and the winner? eeiiii buhsannn

my favs:


Pictures courtesy from the official website

p/s: aiyark...bila nak citer raya ni...tunggu abih semua open hse loh

Oct 16, 2007

Raya with friends

I have a friend named tigana...we met in Cheras and from there our friendship blossomed till now..He's a pretty weird guy..sometime oblivious of current surrounding..fumble alot...sweat damn alot...damn smart though blurriness do exceed his IQ level...
After graduation..we went on our separate ways...me stuck in KL and he been all over the country managing our national car branches. We do meet up...and usually it's in Malee..the best tomyam in dengkil....think that's wat we have in common..the addiction to malee tomyamm..even now..our rendezvous would be that place..Our get together will never be planned..he would suddenly show up near our place and ask us to hang out...Most of the planned get together though he confirmed to be there will end up him dissapear and uncontactable by phone...either busy tone..or he just hang up...he just like that....till now i can't figure him out..what goin thru his brain........
Anyway...he has this one particular skill that girls loved some much...he can sketch a picture sorta comic anime lookalike with very cute characters and meaningful message...usually for birthdays or special occasion..even during our lecture..he'll be sketching wat he saw in the class...the pretty babes..the snoring guys..the boring lecturer...it's been working for him and girls will go goo goo gaa gaa for it...but yet he never had a gf...
So..he never failed to be there being a good friend though he won't be around..but somehow we'll be talking about him...and every now and again...i wonder wat going on in his head....
Last week before raya..i received an email from him...he never sends email or even reply my YM msg....with an attachment.....so i just felt to share it with more of my friends...how lucky am i to have such a good friend like him....c'mon..can't a guy had a man crush...hehehehe

P/s : he sketched this using only MS Paint!!...I'm kurt angle!! the WWF Clan for Counter Strike...noticed the sweats??

Tigana..where ever you are..I wish you selamat hari raya...

Oct 13, 2007

salam aidilifitri


from us: cheeky & evil @ centennial park, sydney

Oct 12, 2007

jalan2 gi jln tar bondi

hari ni the plan is after gi gym and mr smoke alarm and plumber dtg godek2 umah...nak gi bondi. nak teman mr evil balik with the new car and get me a pair of nice shoes. so, settle semua naik bas kol 1.25pm. dah tersampai awal gi singgah organic market jap to buy me some lunch dinner. hmmm..nak gi terus westfield ke atau singgah masuk eastgate dulu. kat eastgate bukan ada kedai sgt pun...takper lah...no harm singgah eastgate jap tgk2 baju kat katies. and tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....katies ader clearance sale sbb dia nak tutup sebulan for renovation. conclusion: got myself 5 pairs of new blouse...erk org panggey tunic top...betoi kah? dah bayar apa semua baru sms mr evil "i terbeli 5 psg baju kat kaites". hahahaha.....thanks to darling evil nyer ex-boss that we got to know abt katies. mmg best giler...dah nak dekat kol 4 tuh kasut tak dpt2 lagik.....terus larik masuk westfield...carik target and try segala mcm kasut....sib baik kasut kat sini pelik2 design dia....tak la teruja sgt.....and of course....my size mmg takdak...enjoy the pictures....

tgh tunggu bas kat marine parade. betol2 depan beach which is less than 5 mins walk frm our place. gi bondi naik kat sini murah and cepat sket sampai

darling evil nyer office....4.30 pun dah sunyi

huhuhu....punyer la dah lama tak naik keter....jadik co-pilot pun rasa lain mcm

ntah mana2 la google map ni bawak kitorang

our new car....hiihihih....eh mcm tak kena jer ayat ni...tak pe la malas nak ubah...hahahaha

Oct 11, 2007

my thursday.....

it was a tiring day today
i spend the whole day at the uni today nak finalise my group assignment
i will blog about this later after i mark down this K guy...yer...for this assignment kena buat peer assssment....and i'm gonna mark down one guy for not giving his fullest commitment...hahah...kijam kijam....nasib la
we finalise everything at around 3.30...and met tracy at 4 for some review. ader hiccup lg sket here and there...but still can manage before submission this monday. cuma we were worried abt the K guy because dia nyer part bukan takat hiccup...tapi dah kronik tahap batuk kering
after the review...we get back together again for some understanding of the hiccups and the batuk kering. kol 5 lebih settle and balik...

balik rasa mcm dah malas nak buat pape...i was thinking of doin my hiccup part tonite but then i'm too tired to think...saya mahu hiburan...this last two weeks mmg tiring giler...dgn tak tido nyer.. and most of the time 4.30 baru tido. in fact...specially for tonite...i'm planning to sleep early. esok pun mcm plan tak nak buat keje...i have 10 am appointment at the gym....then 1 pm ada org dtg nak servis smoke alarm. settle semua gi bondi jun*ction to meet darling evil and do some raya shopping....ingat kat sini tak leh buat raya shopping ker? hhahaha....need to get a pair of nice shoes for my baju kurung....takkan nak pakai boots kot skang ni....hanya yani jer leh pakai boots and baju kurung. plus cuaca skang tak menentu...sekejap panas...sekejap berangin.

oh by the way, just now masa nak kuar lift dari tingkat 5...i bump into bernie...he is a singaporean guy age around 40 plus doing a phd. other than that, dia ni kekadang mengajar utk tutorial. my first nego class is with him....so itu lah detik pertemuan kami. so anyway, ppl yg buat phd ada their own cubicle at the school's office. coincidently, bernie's cubicle is just next to magesh...my singaporean partner for one of my assignment. she's also doin a phd but have to take one similar subject with me. so i always lepak at magesh cubicle for some discussion. and today...masa jumpa kat depan lift;

bernie - why is it that i always see you at this floor (dgn muka terbeliak dia mcm biasa)
me - erk...because i got so many things to do and i need to see the lecturers for consultation (dgn nada tergamam
bernie -owh...then aaa...i'm telling you this....the govt of malaysia is not wasting their money for sending you here to study (sambil berjalan ke arah toilet)
me - waaaaaa....thank u thank u...really appreciate that (sambil berjalan ke arah waiting area)

seeee mr kaypeepeeae and kayassen...u jgn risau...walaupun kekadang i terlebih shopping...but still i bekerja keras for that big money u gave me monthly. and another thing is, i takde cadang2 pun nak pi tgk gay parade kat sini (which is becoz sbb parade itu hanyalah pada bulan 1...ahahha)

*para terakhir tidak mempunyai sebarang intention utk menyindir sesiapa...sekian

Oct 9, 2007

vogue ke?

mengumumkan ketibaan viva yg perasan vogue tp tak vogue di bumi colombo


Oct 7, 2007


kenapa saya tidak suka bulan october:
1. presentation - yer...disaat semua org telah selesai mengpresent kan diri...my turn will only be in this month...for both subjects plak tuh
2. assignment submission - harus la ku bertungkus lumus
3. exam - lepas bulan 10 bulan 11...bulan 11 EXAM!!!

kenapa saya SUKA bulan october:
1. elauns - yeah yeahhh....cepat mr evil make some plan for our summer vacation
2. assignment submission - abih semua leh tido nyenyak2
3. raya - erk....suka ke? tetiba teringat kuah udang...kuah kacang daging..the must-go 2nd day raya open house...laksa siam yummy yummyyy...ni patut masuk kategori kenapa saya sedey bulan oktober

if given a chance to do a phD later in the future...i will surely reject it. tak kose nyahh nak belajo2 segala bagai ni (tp kalau buat locally i might consider it kot...nak gak rasa ada DR. kat depan kan...ahahhaha) but again...my work is just my paid hobby and i am soooo lurving it becoz me mata duitan...kan rina kan...i am back to that principle.

Oct 4, 2007

the day he got his new toy...

very enthusiastic

well at least mrs thinking pad is now mine. i am a bit jakun actually by the fact that besides playing games but you can also get connected to the internet with that small thing using the television set

Oct 3, 2007

head over heals

i am now sooo head over heals in love with My Girl all over again
spend the whole night few days ago to watch the last 8 episode
and currently watching the 1st 8 episode pulak
kol baper nak tido mlm ni erk
dont ask why i have to watch in that order...ahahhaha

p/s: citer korea apa yg tgh hot skang ni erk? heronyer mesti lah hensom setaraf lee dong wook atau kim rae won


our house is ready....tinggal nak dapat CF jer lagi 1-2 weeks (so they say la kan). few weeks ago...we made one big purchase....a parking lot...yesss another extra parking lot...tadendum style...or is it addendum...whateva la yg penting ada dum dum kat belakang tandem style...tp yg jenis back-to-back...kalau keter belakang nak kuor...keter depan kena kuar dulu. leceh kan..tp takper...jenis yg gitu pun dah tuuttt...kalau yg side by side lagi la tuutt tuuuttt. we didnt pay that tuutt amout though....contra ngan our LAD sbb lambat siap by a few mths....cuma kena top up sket.

this quick decision came after reading the d'rimba thread kat forum realestate...so they say rather than tunggu LAD yg tak tau zaman tok kadok bila nak dpt baik contra ngan 2nd parking. even the developer pun dok call2 buyers tanyer nak contra ker dak. terus we all call developer sbb takut terlepas. but the thing is tak tau kat mana parking lot tuh...hopefully somewhere near the block. even sapa yg tak beli extra lot...they wont be getting the 1st lot betol betol2 depan umah sbb developer bagi priority kat those yg beli tuutt tuuutt nyer lot utk choose the parking. harus la kan

i think last wk my BIL dah pi amik kunci and inspect the house. he said not much defect just yg kecik2 jer. ours is lucky becoz it was done by a diff contractor. those yg block a,b,c and d terok giler. i think the unit that we ceroboh last time must be one of those yg terok...dinding senget...can u imagine dinding senget and it was so obvious. pintu apa semua tak align.

p/s: nak balik :(......serius nak balik not just becoz of the reason above but seriously nak balik :(
p/ss: to all my frens...selamat memulakan tugas baru...big title..big $ and big responsibility
p/sss: to those who didnt make it for the HLP..so sorry..tahun depan cuba lagi and yg penting NIAT KENA BETUL (wink)
p/ssss: to rina...i dah email one ID guy and dah dpt quote for design consultation..hihihiih

Oct 1, 2007

i'm on facebook....

u know my full name....search me
u know my gmail account....search me

add me only if u know me so that i can poke you

p/s: baru ader 3 org kawan...ahahaha