Jan 6, 2010

The torture machine

Today, my rehab manager told me he'll going to introduce me with a new toy. I was very excited indeed. The current contraption doesn't excites me anymore. So when he asked me to go to the other room..lay on my back...strapped me on like I'm a mental patient and gave a panic button..and says..if anything wrong happen..press this button. I was like..WTF!
Anyway..this thing sorta those archaic torture machine that pulls ur limb and split u up like twigs..but this one only pulls the waist downward and relaxes the spine...niceee..so I think I'm gonna like this torture chamber.

Jan 2, 2010

My new best friend

Since a month ago, this contraption has been my new best friend. It gives a mild electric surge on my back..sorta deep massage sensation. But not with happy ending.
There is another one machine the physio folks put on me..it's an ultrasound. The first time they prepped the machine I did freak out a bit and told them I'm not pregnant. So this girl explained in length the machine does rejuvenation and recovery of muscle and tissue cell..not looking into babies..okay..got it..

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