Feb 28, 2008

melawat kawasan....

hi, saya datang nak melawat kawasan

eh eh.....aperhal kambing aim beg i ni....

help help....kambing sondol i

sorry ler...i lupa bawak makanan utk u

Feb 19, 2008

salam perkenalan....


location: churchill island heritage farm
model: cheeky and the goat

Feb 18, 2008

sand dune at anna bay

*updated: priceless moment

learning the technique from our instructor yg pakai croc colour pink and cream. put both heels onto the board...then put both hands behind onto the ground. the instructor left after that one lesson and we're on our own

dah betol dah tuh..

yg saja2 pi test angkat tangan tu apsal....


*updated: precious moment. told yaa i got abt 1500 pixs...leh terlepas pandang this priceless moment

kan dah tergolex...org ke mana...board ke mana. tak sempat snap that precious moment

thats not funny!!

jom tgk technique yg betul

kan elok jer tu slide turun

hand on the ground!! sambil tahan sabar ngan pasir masuk muka

landing cantek!!!

he did 3 times, i did twice. i wish i can do more...tapi azab nak panjat balik naik atas

all the long distance travelling ends yesterday. updates on the roadtrip agak malas lg mau buat....just wait for another week or two. i have abt 1500 pixs that i need to sort out. i will upload most of it in my facebook and put a few nice shots here on daily basis. stories update will come from evil dearie as he is planning to create our new travel and adventure blog.

apa motif angkat tangan? i dunno....lid yg suruh

Feb 15, 2008

and the journey continues....

we're back and its not the end yet
i'm planning to go to the camden craft market tomorrow
and port stephens on sunday

Feb 6, 2008

not in the office...

me so tired preparing for our 9 days roadtrip
but i bet my mum is even more tired as she is the queen of the kitchen today

will be away until next friday
i hope i didnt miss out anything

a bit frustrated as i booked the wrong accommodation at the ph*llip island
there is actually two caravan park in the island...
one is just 5 minutes away from the tourist attractions
while the other one which i booked is like 20 minutes away
and yet i thought i have google everthing from a to z
tak per lah...its not that bad
its not that we need to walk punn

*sajer nak nyedapkan hati - jauh perjalanan, luas pemandangan

to ija, delinn and kyora, sorry tak sempat sgt nak jumpa dan mendry sama2 hari

Feb 5, 2008

rain rain...go away

its been raining non stop since last sunday
and it is expected to rain until end of this week or maybe up to next week
the whole of australia mind u...
susah la mcm ni
we will start our journey to melbourne this thursday...
hope the weather is on our side...it will a waste of energy, time and $$$ if we're not able to capture any beautiful scenery throughout our journey

talking abt $$$, i still haven't got my allowance!!!!

see that lil girl behind, she is very keen in learning the human's body...and she learn a lot that day

Feb 4, 2008

pixs update

curik buah lagi budak ni

gosip sambil makan buah

our cottage - d*mn nice

hot chocolate