Jan 28, 2007

the house

after 1-week staying in our rented landed house, we decided that apartment suits us better. i dunno maybe becoz it is not our own house so thats why there's lots of complaints. however, groceries shopping is a lot easier when staying in landed hse.

complaints so far:
1. water leaking frm toilet in the master bedroom
2. cats poo poo at our porch though we have cover every single possible entrance with "dawai"
3. bukak tutup gate (sangat menyusahkan)
4. turun naik tangga (sungguh memenatkan) esp bila handphone di atas dan tuan punya dibwh

things to do:
1. figuring out solutions to our washing machine piping problems
2. tv cabinet screw missing - kena gi red apple beli screw hopefully ada
3. figuring out solutions to stop the cat from poo poing at our porch (any ideas??)

my sista just moved in to putrajaya this morning. last weekend adik pindah keluar...this weekend akan pindah masuk. loved their house so much!!!!

other than that, next wednesday ade exam statistics...ewww...hopefully ok.....dah lama tak pegang scientific calculator rasa gian plak.

Jan 19, 2007


Test 123
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Jan 18, 2007

why i hate my PRIDE

Cost Sewa Lori n Orang - 350
Cost transfer Astro n AirCon - 350
Cost Muka Tebal amik Kotak kat K4, alamanda n Giant Souq Bukhary - priceless
Cost penat packing and unpacking - infinity

grrrr...i hate Unit Kewangan PRIDE so much!!!

Jan 16, 2007


yes...free from prison...bahagianyer hidup...even banduan pun tak mau masuk prison inikan pulak rakyat jelata mcm saya......but only for a shortwhile...say 5 weeks....tak kisah la at least for a start dpt menjauh kan diri dr azeeharr othmann yg kembali mengganas.

i have no idea how this QA course is gonna be like...i was hoping for a 100% just course where u just sit, listen and doze off to dreamland. but it turns out ada exam segala bagai...and worst is kena guna financial calculator. and for 5 weeks also i have to wake extra early to start my day. hopefully kelas abis awal so that boleh bersosial di kawasan yg sekitar dgnnya. and wani dont miss me...ni present lagu baru dong wook nyanyi....

ops...kat pride tak leh bukak tiub kamu....

anjana...nemam anjana najanna namoni janaaa...alallalalalalalala

Jan 9, 2007

crek crek crek

at around 1215 in the morning, i was sitting comfortably on my bean bag with my mr thinking pad and mr evil was watching his fav show on tv, we heard this cracking sound...continuous crek crek sound...i thot it was nothing...ntah2 cicak ker dok main2 so i ask mr evil to check out the whereabouts of the sound.

to our shock, the sound came from inside the tiles wall in the kitchen....crek crek crek and dinding jadi menggelembong. boleh nampak tiles ala2 nak jatuh ke lantai....must be merekah kat belah dalam. we were thinking ader gegaran ker apa ni. bila tgk keadaan dinding yg menggelembong tunggu masa jer tiles tuh nak jatuh, we decided to take it out at least takde la tiles tu pecah berderai. but nope...we spoke too soon...bawak keluar satu abis yg lain ikut serta...tak leh nak control. so to our neighbour below....mintak mahap byk2 sbb buat bising tgh malam buta. so what happen to my kitchen now:

and to think that this happen just two weeks before we're moving out. perlu ker??? mr evil said that rumah ni merajuk becoz we're leaving her or is it him.

"to my dear current house, we really dont want to leave u but we were asked to leave becoz my efficient finance unit has been making this stupid coding mistakes for the past 6 months which somehow affect my monthly rental payment to your boss. and becoz of this they detect that i'm no longer working in putrajaya...so i had to leave u."

2morrow i will force the hartanah ppl to come early morning to see the condition of the house. i just hope that they wont accuse us of vandalism....yer lah kan...kot dia pikir kiter buat jahat sbb dah kena halau keluar...balas dendam la kononnyer. so i must let themknow abt this ASAP (tp cuak gak sbb ader gak drill2 kat tiles tepi sink tu). just wait and see....so dear...no cooking for the following 2-3 weeks aaa?

::2-3 bulan ni byk betul ujian datang melanda...dr hal opis ke hal kes tatatertib yg giler mental ke hal kesihatan ke hal kuarters ke hal master....dr satu ke satu.....terima dgn redha

good nite (takut nak tido takut tgh2 mlm ader lagi tiles jatuh)

Jan 7, 2007

moving in and out

now i'm beginning to become like my father...moving in and out..in and out. the only diff is that he moved from one state to another state and even at one time to another country. and as for me...just moving in and out for not more than 30km of distance. but when i was a kid or teenager...i dont remember doin any packing or unpacking....curi tulang kot. chronology of my home sweet home:
somewhere at the house compound
1. pantai bersih, bagan ajam - this is my 1st home..but i never have any memory of it coz i'm still a lil cute baby at that time. but i do know that the house is just by the beach and slalu kena masuk pencuri becoz of it location. pantai depan rumah so ppl can see when we are off for our long holidays. now : house gone...beach pun takdak..kena tambak.

besday at DU

2. damansara utama - we move to DU when i was i think 3 yrs old. rumah tepi no 45 and i remember so well i have a friend name amir hamzah. i remember the mosque where i had my kelas agama, my pre-school years at Kim Kindergarten and my almost 6 months primary 1 at srkdu. and i remember so well that i once "lost" my house becoz of my brother. yes...me and my kazen sesat barat carik umah sendrik setelah ditinggalkan oleh my brother. well, masa tu kecik lagi...5 or 6 yrs old....tgk umah semua sama kolor and design and i dont remember the road frm the playground to the house. my brother was supposed to walk together with us but he just ran off just like that. so me and my kazen just walk and walk and crying until i saw this one apek tgh cuci keter dia yg sama mcm my father (i think so)...hahahah...i can remember my father's car but not my own house. how we were found...i'm not so sure but i think we went jalan2 with that apek and saw my father car...i think so lahhh...i dare not ask my family abt this now coz for me this is so memalukan. and sometimes until now when we have this family get together with my aunts and uncles, they will talk abt this and i just give them my big cheeky smile. but maybe when i have the guts...i will ask in detail.

3. tmn dato wan, seremban - we move to seremban when i was in primary 1. i remember my school SRKKGV and my class darjah 1 cempaka sampai laaa 4 cempaka with cikgu khadijah and his son ibrahim in my class. and i also remember my black BMX that i cycle to my kelas mengaji at gedong lalang. then i remember petang2 naik BMX buat walkie talkie drpd manila card and main polis2 dgn aizurin, khairil zuhri and sapa ntah lg sbb masa tuh tgh top citer remang2 kotaraya. and i remember so well that i break aizurin's mom perhiasan pinggan crystal yg sgt besar masa main2 kat umah dia. i declare my own perintah berkurung for a few days sbb malu punyer psl. and thats why i'm so phobia of having any glass decor item at my own house....bad memory!!!!

4. mount pleasant rd, singapore - we move to singapore after i finish my primary 4. it is a very quiet neighbourhood kat kawasan yg sangat dalam dan berbukit2. i went to 2 schools at singapore becoz the 1st one had to be closed down sbb tak cukup murid. the best thing abt schooling in singapore is diff schools diff uniform. my 1st schools white and dark blue pinafore and the 2nd one cream blouse with dark brown skirt. my bestfren frm school is hui ying...or is it zi ying? ops couldn remember the name...but she's a malaysian staying with her aunt coz her parents are working in papua new guinea. then there is this another girl name mei ying and khadijah but we dont like both of them...ahahahha. and i also had few indonesian frens frm school...jono, dewan and budi. according to my mum, my slang has become like a chinese slang eversince i started schooling in singapore which i dont notice at all. but maybe becoz me and hui ying / zi ying mmg selalu bergayut berjam2 sbb local call kat singapore masa tuh adalah percooma or is it damn cheap(rasanyer lah). how i miss singapore! i remember during a few days before christmas we would take a ride to ochard road at nite to just watch all the lights...semua shopping complex berebut2 menunjuk lampu decorations sapa yg paling cantek. and i remember to always goin shopping at the top floor of cktang sbb situ agak murah, makan mee goreng kolor merah kat geylang road and sup tulang merah bawah jambatan dgn roti feranchis...eiii sungguh lazat. it is the same one as sold in kedai linda onn but according to my sista, linda onn letak colouring sbb tu jadi merah. i have yet to try it.

to be continued

Jan 3, 2007

big field

whenever we went back to alor setar, we would always make an effort to go to pdg besar to check out any new interesting stuffs and enjoying a bowl of Cendol Pulut Jo on our way home. so this time around, at the begining of the day.....we discover this new shop....

and i bought for myself these two item

then only we went inside the big arked to get more and more stuffs. dah jumpa kedai baru kedai lama dalam arked dilupakan. after more than an hour we decided to end the day...but nope....thanks to mr evil who decided to drive around the new shoplot then we discover another new shop at the other end.....

geram tengok rasa mcm nak hangkut semua bende but i only manage to hangkut only this two....

cant wait for our next trip to pdg besar....when is it dear?