Dec 20, 2006


sometimes we get what we want without even planning abt it
but sometimes certain other things can be taken away from you so suddenly
nak buat camne...dah hilang kelayakan

whatever it is, bahagian kewangan PRIDE adalah sgt lembab!!!

::misi mencari rumah akan dilaksanakan hujung minggu ini...landed hse vs apt???

come to think of it, i made three diff appeal letter this month (and another one tgh draft)....and 1st result came out unsuccessful. i hope this wont be a sign that the other two pun tak berjaya. at least lepas satu pun jadi la...but plssss...i dont wanna do Master of Philosophy (Strategic and Defense Studies) ...that is so not me...huk huk huk!!! tp kalau lepas dua2 lg cun

Dec 12, 2006


what will happen when:

1. u are new to the org and job scope
2. and you get a very hampeh boss
3. and you didnt get any 'nota serah tugas' of what to do next at the very moment u seat at this chair
4. and nobody advice u on what u shud do so u have to figure it out yourself
5. and only now ur keranis say we must do this..this and this

::u will be mark as a very slow head unit. is it my fault? well maybe...but is it really my fault???? wuteva. ok so i know i shud bring in new changes to the org...but then again...this is my 1st time doin all the paperworks without any guide from ppl here....and 1st time doing it of course there are hiccups here and there. and u know what.....what u did during the previous years...are all so wrong....and i dont like ur concept of "buat je" without taking into account the correct procedure. so it really really my fault??

::but then, to think that i'm gonna leave this place soon wif not so very good record is kind of depressing...again....wuteva!!

::and i smell trouble coming in next month when i have to leave for a month plus for my QA course

::nak buat camne...I AM REALLY NOT HAPPY HERE!!!

Dec 7, 2006

Al Fatihah

Heard the news yesterday. Al Fatihah to Tok Ngah. the last time we visited her at the hosp was during Raya and she looks so healthy.

Dec 6, 2006


a must watch movie for this year. i wont do any review abt it coz u can find it almost everywhere on the net...but i'm gonna rank my fav love story

1. rashidi - rita : huhuhuhuu....sedey okey...tambah plak dgn background lagu nuar zen
2. eizlan - fasha : i never like both of them. fasha acting pun still biasa but eizlan is damned scene dlm erl
3. nanu - que : memula biasa makin lama makin with soffi jikan as pemuzik jalanan (hunn....u must learn frm this guy)
4. rahim razali - cikgu fatimah : aura rahim razali sapa leh deny...the way he talk je dah boleh buat org cair. i like the part yg tetiba dia blur kat tgh2 bandar kl...sedey
5. pierre - amani : nothing much abt their love and so lah tp ader funny moments here and there. i think this guy pierre can be the next rahim razali.

we tried to do phone and online booking tapi tak after my saturday morning appt at ampang gamble pi klcc....very long queu...then we proceed to OU old wing....almost sold out....but we manage to get the tickets...belasah jer la 2 row dr depan...hahahah