Aug 26, 2005

deco bersama cheeky

for sab, ad and mayerk
(*updated 1st sept 2005)

i bought this half my height wooden vase in Pdg Besar for 90 bucks (after nearly one hr of bargaining). cheap huh? for me it is cheap....where can u get a vase that tall with that price here in KL?? in BARANG2 @ IK*NO, a small wooden vase wud cost around 70 bucks.

all these sticks/buluh and giant kulit kayu kayu manis wuteva u name it bought in nilai kia klemenz or kia klerenz

Aug 25, 2005

biar menyesal beli jgn menyesal tak beli

hmm...actually ive been trying to upadte this blog since last tuesday tp asal mula menaip jer ade yg masuk bilik (hint:sila buat kerje during office hr). sekian harap maklum. last monday cuti and it was great....mmg all out. hopefully next weekend pun all out kan hubby kan???

saturday we started off early....pukul 8 dah gerak gi melaka...cepat pulak sampai melaka...kenape yer it becoz of the car??? kah kah kah kah. anyway, lepak kat my aunt's house before we konvoi to rumah pengantin...lalu bukit lainnn!!! teringin nak masuk tapi boleh ker? MMU Melaka nampak much much more better than cyber....we are the 1st batch to move to cyber back in 98...masa tuh...mcm tpt jin bertendang jer. but anyway, sampai umah kenduri buat apa yg patut...kontrol ayu kontrol sian...hujan lebat giler...terus kelam kabut majlis org tuh. lepas kenduri singgah balik umah my aunty...lepak2 smayang2....gossip2...makan dadih my uncle bawak satu tong dr kl...hmmm...dah lama tak buat dadih utk the evil hubby. lepas tu gerak balik...already plan nak singgah nilai...saja bawak my parents jalan2. tapi puas hati pi nilai...plan asal nak beli my buluh/stick/wuteva u name it kat nilai 3 dan then tgk2 kain at nilai 1 (tgk saje tak beli). tp we end up buying everything kat nilai 3. umi beli..erkk....tak ingat berapa pasang...and i bought for myself 4 pasang....hik hik hik....4 pasang plus lagi 4 pasang yg beli kat nilai 1 and labuan few mths ago but still belum hantar ader 8 pasang baju...muakakakakakak (gelak evil)!!! finally, before balik singgah kia klerenz (arghh...cant remember the exact name) and beli all those stick/buluh and giant kulit kayu manis for my vase. PUAS HATI!!! on the way balik putrajaya singgah rnr dengkil and belasah satay kajang.....sampai putrajaya pusing2 dulu tgk night scene sampai la ke pic*....balik umah...PENGSAN!!! tp sempat buat sessi deco' bersama eric leong...muakakakak.

early morning buat mihun goreng ayam utk cover lunch sekali (the best mihun i cook so far). after zuhur gerak gi jln tar coz my dad nak beli carpet...sms rina dulu just to make sure kedai carpet kiter tuh bukak ker tak....sampai sana...hmmmm.....takder design baru so end up my father beli design sejibik like mine but wif diff color....actually he like another design tapi carpet tuh nipis and the color is a bit dull. dan seperti biasa kalau dah pi jln tar it is a must for my father utk singgah kedai buku mukmin dan memborong quran. my father suka beli quran...the one he bought last sunday ader kolor2 utk tajwid. dpt present satu....tq lid!! but while he is doin his shopping me and my mum dah terlepas kat kedai kasut sebelah. i got one pair of new sandals...a bit expensive for a sandal...but my prinsip in shopping "biar menyesal beli jangan menyesal tak beli"!! menyesal tak beli adalah lebih parah drpd menyesal me...hihihihi. after jln tar....we move to bukit bintang for our early dinner at tarbush. MARVELLOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had my usual spring chicken grill, hubby - briyani wif mutton, umi - sheesh tawook and lid - tarbush mixed grill. plan asal nak pegi tarbush ampang point sbb bukit bintang mcm susah nak parking but my father dunt mind walking a long as takde tangga. ok ler tuh lgpun tak pernah try lg tarbush ampang pt takut tak sesedap bukit bintang. lps tarbush....singgah usj kejap....lepak2...then mlm balik putrajaya....PENGSAN

memandangkan dah berapa hari tak makan lunch sendrik masak...umi insist to have lunch at home. so i cook my special ayam goreng bijan wif kicap, ikang kerisi goreng bawang putih and sup cendawan wif kentang while umi buat sambal tumis ikan pari. around 3 baru gerak gi ikea. sampai lagi...lid beli wall clock lagi....2 plak tuh...suka benor beli wall clock ikea...umi dah bising tak tau nak letak jam kat mana dah (dalam toilet pun ader jam tau)...then lid racun umi...nak beli apa beli jer lah as long as benda tuh pelik susah nak dapat kat mana2. rasanya itu my dad nyer prinsip in shopping kot. so my mum pun cekau la placemat and sendok2 ikea yg pelbagai. after ikea...balik usj then after maghrib pegi giant plak. beli gardening tools and a few bags of tanah. my father nak tolong tanam ulam2 utk hubby. balik umah pengsan lagik!!!

today both my parents akan balik usj....early morning my father dah tanam ulam2. so skang ade 2 pasu cekur...1 pasu pegaga and 1 pasu dunno the name. actually pegaga tuh hubby tanam few weeks ago but i think my dad made some adjustment. lg satu pasu kosong tgh tunggu akar pudina dipos dari kedah...ahhahahaha....dah carik kat giant takde plak pudina yg berakar. hubby deary ambition is too have a garden (in our case balcony) full of herbs so that i can cook like jamie oliver...duh!!!!!! me off to work...hubby off to send parents to usj.


Aug 20, 2005

Toy Boy

I have to admit...i wasn't really working this week..just drifting from appointment to appointment..meeting after meeting..did not put myself to progress anything. My main culprit was..I got 2 new toys this week..I was so freaking eager to get my new toys that i did not concentrate much on my work...
With regards to my latest toy...i bought in the internet..quietly without her knowing it..coz i know she'll freak out if i bought anything from the net...But, you're not a netizen if you don't shop online..and it was damn cool...eventhough it was like a leap of faith..whether the vendor was a genuine business setup or not..I reckon, losing a hundred bucks for the sake of experiment was worth it..and it is worth every penny..Later when i got the stuff i bought..i informed the madam..hehehe..she just couldn't say anything..gotcha!! I'm on a spending spree..and last week i noticed its the Mega sale carnival..whoaaa...I need new shirts...need to get new converse...lost my last one in futsal...crap..too much Rebecca Bloomwood - shopaholic books for me..need to stop reading that book!

Aug 17, 2005

cuti cuti

why why why????? dalam banyak2 hari kenapa KS* nak jumpa this friday and dalam banyak2 hari kenapa JPP buat kursus next monday. i've already applied for leave ler on both days!!! i have to sacrifice this friday leave but not monday. meet my boss and told him that my roomate is interested to go to that course. he said its ok...he can go alone (dlm tone yg sgt reluctant). then today received a call frm JPP that if im not goin i need to find a replacement becoz they already paid for 2 seats frm the ministry (my boss and me). ayoorkk...sapa suh buat kat hotel mahal2!!!. damn!! ive got the replacement but boss wouldnt let her go!! meet him again just now and yesss!!! my roomate can replace me (but again dlm tone yg sgt reluctant). i dont want to go...i really dont want to go....boleh erk cakap gitu ngan selamber?? hahahaha

and yesterday also, again i was asked to attend a 3 days course in I*TAN early next month. from the name of the course, BOWRINGG!! Lepas dah submit nama semua kat organiser baru perasan tarikh dia sama plak dgn launching IC* Week by TPM. so apa masalah nya??? masalahnyer makcik kena jadi emcee lagi tahun ni. so camne?? nak gi kursus yg bowring atau jadi emcee FOC?? last yr dah merasa dah jadi emcee for the same event cuma last yr PM launch. id rather pegi kursus yg bowring itew drpd jadi emcee FOC. its not becoz of the FOC thingy laa (ayorkkk..kang ade yg ingat aku mata duitan), cuma dah agak fedup asyik2 muka ni jugak. no other reason just fedup and penat (walaupun kekadang rasa bangga..erk..poyo)! tp kalau dpt partner dgn yasser mansor i dont mind...hak hak hak

Aug 16, 2005

A tribute to a friend

We met in July 2001 in Kelana big bro match us up and we hit it off right away...So many memories from then on till yesterday...You're the coolest friend a guy can have...I basically don't have to worry about you at all...i can rely on you anytime...anywhere..I'm gonna miss you babe...
I remember our 1st encounter..
I remember the sound you made in the morning
I remember the imperfection you have
I remember the moment we go for a date
I remember your company when we went for outstation in the far reaches of Malaysia
I remember the moment I got engaged, you were there
I remember the moment I got married, you were there
I remember when I was so pissed off with things, you listened
I remember how easy to spot you, coz you'll always stunning
I remember the express breakfast we have in the morning to catch an appointment
So many fond memories with you..I can't find a better friend than you..the most faithful and kickass partner...
My only regret was not saying a proper goodbye to you yesterday...Seems like I'm too cruel treating you like you have never existed before by ignoring you...gosh..I never knew myself to be this sentimental..but I do...from the bottom of my heart..I couldn't ask for more...I will always remember friend...

p/s: to those who might bump into Wira 1.3 Aeroback ..Green Apple..plate no, BFM 1005, pls say hi to me!!


~uish...berabok nyer. ni mesti kes jerebu ni. im very busy...sorry...tak cukup dengan weekdays...saturday pun kena kerja.

~but anyway, last saturday went to I** Appreciation Nite in Shang Ri La....ada anita sarawak u!! and she was singing Lady Sophisticated rite in front of me...straight into my eyes and that evil hubby of mine just forgot to snap some pictures. Reason: I was stunned!!! Duh!!!! but she was superb man...a real wonder she is sooo expensive. our table is like third from front....and when u went to any functions with anita as their guest is actually not wise to be seated at 1st few rows unless u want to sing or dance along wif her plus being teased by her. there is this one chinese wong...dunno whats wrong wif him but he is so blur that nite and anita like him so much!!!! he is so blur to the extent that his wife just push his head in front of everybody!! it was great nite...tq dear for bringing me along. and yes...anita did a medley from fav band...and she even sang my fav Chiquitita.

~on AF, walaupun AF dah basi tapi nak jugak cerita. i went to the final concert (TQ to my dear sista for the free tickets). best gak pi final kali ni sbb terjumpa kawan lama. but overall, biasa jer final concert ni and the only different is the crowd mmg ramai giler. the next day, my mum call me up giving her own review on mawi's performance...yes only mawi!! hahahaha!! when i told her that jamal abdillah version of seroja is better...she replied "no....mawi's voice is softer than jamal. jamal's voice is too big" mother. told my sista abt that conversation and she commented that my mom is too excited that she need to make her own review of si botak punyer performance....last yr my mom like adam tapi takde la sampai ke tahap tepon anak dia and buat review sendiri...hihihiih. i luv my mum. both umi and lid are coming over this thursday. and they're staying at my place until tuesday. ptg ni harus pegi K4 beli bantal!!

~ MAFSO dpt kawan baru smalam. but i still miss his old greeny friend. i think hubby dearie is gonna make a special entry on greeny. smalam setelah dipujuk2 dpt la jugak merasa bawak blackie dr P8 sampai umah. ok lar....i think smaller than greeny...but im still having parking problems wif big cars. chiowsssss