Aug 30, 2009

My new toy...

Well, i got it for free..after waiting for almost 4 months..i finally managed to snag this baby from Maybankcard One Utama. They have redemption promo for Treatpoints..heck i never redeem those points rather than spending RM100 on it..better get it for free..
So finally, no more stopping at the TnG driving life is complete..u complete me!

Aug 26, 2009

Kerja gile

What was i thinking la kan amik cabinet kolor putih and its not even the 3g material type. This is just the normal plain white chipboard yg ada kebarangkalian melekat2 lah segala cap jari. What was i thinking la kannnn...takper tgk la baper lama i leh bertahan before changing it to 3g. Tak tau lah nak menyersal ker takkk...belasah jer laaaa

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Aug 25, 2009

Retro curtain

Dah banyak tpt saya carik tp nak buat camne yg kat ssf ni jugak melekat dihati. Love at first sight omputeh kata...ahahahaah. Mula2 dah nekad dah tak kisah amik ni jugak invest lebih sket. Skali smalam dah book sofa mcm tak ngam plak kolor dia ngan fabric curtain ni...haiyorkkk...pencarian kain curtain terpaksa diteruskan lg...

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Aug 24, 2009

Pernah tak u plan to buy something else but end up buying something else?

Yesterday kami gi macy to check out any interesting curtain fabrics. takde yg berkenan sgt so naik atas cuci mata. Hubby saw this one L shaped sofa. Dia dr dulu lg mmg suka sgt ngan L shaped. But not me sbb sll L shaped ni bulky. But this time the size is just nice. tak besar sgt just nice for our small apt. So i let him buy. But of course i pilih kolor...something redish orangish...semua plain. memula ingat nak amik gak body stripe and base dia plain. nasib baik teringat cushion cover KAS yg berlambak2 tu plus sepsg cushion cover dr india member bg...sgt tak kena kalau sofa corak2. So plain jer lahh.

So there u go, drpd plan asal nak checkout curtain jerk end up beli sofa. Mr evil juaaa sorang shopaholic

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Aug 23, 2009

mencari arah tuju

After like 2yrs leaving putrajaya, i now have to agree that their road signs suck.

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Aug 20, 2009


an entry that makes me wanna cry over and over again. beautifully written by my sister.

Aug 17, 2009


OMG OMG OMG boost @ klcc!!!
Balik kl ni nanti must go to klcc and order my fav mango boost

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His fav moccona back in sydney. Found it in cold storage. pikir 55 kali nak beli size kecik gitu for RM21

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Aug 9, 2009

Durian buffet

Saw their review in The Star couple of weeks we figured..what the heck...only RM9 per person..
So we drove there after dinner hoping for a good durian bargain. But the folks already depleted their stocks for the instead we went to their competitor..rm10 per person..the 1st one wasn't to our we opted not to dive in and asked for seconds...and soon third. Not as good as the per kg..but it's a bargain
They're bunch of stalls selling the same thing and i'm guessing any other stall will taste the same..coz it's not like this joint got a better chef or fresher's from a tree...maybe variation in term of type..but that's it.
So guys..below are the coordinates of donald's durian in ss2. Knock yourself out!

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Aug 6, 2009

Fish Head Curry

This place is quite famous for the dish. My fren brought me here yesterday and walloped that dish with fried chicken and squid..all in RM50 for 2 person..not sure whether it's worth it or not coz the stall is at the roadside..covered by a big tree.It was noon...pretty warm for a curry i'd say..not that many variety..just the curry with vegies..and the rest are fried stuff. That's it and ppl are coming in droves lining up..even mat salleh!

<GarminPoint lat="0.054600879" lon="1.774453852"> <name>Point 02</name> </GarminPoint>

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hitam putih merah

Fuyoooo canteknyer....kat mana niiii

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Aug 4, 2009

Frens wif benefit

Hadiah dari sri lanka...makaseh yaniii

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Lawak pagi selasa

Around 820am

Handphone ringing - 8881****
Me: hallo
lady: akak ada report tiles jatuh yer kak kat block E
Me: siapa ni?
Lady: maintenance ni kak?
Me: hah? Ya allah dik itu dua tahun lepas dik..dah tak duduk situ dah
Lady: owh dah keluar kuarters yer
Me: a'ah
Lady: oh ok terima kasih

Dunno why they called tp mcm pelik la kan after 2 yrs. the report was made in early 2007..february or march. I even made a blog entry abt that. And now only now depa call???? Gile betol la derang ni...

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Aug 3, 2009

Dapor saya

Dapor saya yesterday. Ingatkan tak start buat apa lg. Rupanyer dah pecah semua bende.

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Aug 2, 2009

for a start....

i've ordered a fridge and a washing machine
saya setia kepada fridge toshiba
but ive decided to go for LG washer dryer - mintak2 la worth the investment

oh...and ive bought a rubine hood and hob set!!
da*n byk betol brand hood hob ni...ntah mana yg bagus i just dont know
malas nak check out byk2 kedai *typical me*
go to one shop..."nampak - suka - bayar"
sib baik oven tak yah beli...kalau tak lg pening!
tak kisah la oven tak sedondon ngan hood and hob
i'm taking over my mum's baby belling....wohooooo!!!

lepas ni nak kena beli lampu ngan kipas plak dah

Time waits for no pretty lady

Bila la nak boleh update blog everyday
kalau dpt 26 jam sehari sure best
Ish...kena pasang strategi ni

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