Dec 30, 2005

2006 Hopes

I was reading the Star today and there was an article about the things this writer hopes some changes in 2006...So then it struck me...i'm never good in following my yr resolution BS...i've been having new resolution for pretty much every yr but did not fulfill it..So..this yr i decided to not to have any resolution..period..just let things happen...if opportunity arrives..i'll just wing it..

Talking about opportunity, I was offered to join another dept earlier this month by a friend of mine..It was too good to be true...the pay is ok, the pipeline is there..the work is more interesting..the 1 week trip to Las Vegas this coming Jan...and basically every yr after that...crap...i'm must be dreaming...But in the end..I turned it down. I told this dude, sorry..i'm not prepared..coz i'm thinking to stay in the same role for at least 2 yrs...Well, I hope i'm not regretting my decision....

Next yr gonna an interesting yr..Since I'm not good in fulfilling my own's better for Malaysian to have a standard resolution spread among us...meaning..if we failed..we failed together..hehehe

1. Stop smoking..yeah rite!!
2. Civilized driving...not with one hand holding a hp and the other a stick of ciggies...
3. Be health concious...exercise more...burn those flabs...stop smoking damn it!!
4. Less smsing....i kinda noticed most of us tend to talking using sister have her hp in front of her for any incoming sms..lets just talk like normal people...COMMUNICATEEEE
5. Civic minded when you're staying in a apartment...dun just let ur kids running around painting graffiti around the least the Western ppl can draw really cool stuff...this bunch of kids kept on writing new words they recently found in some lame dictionary and just wanna show of their superior vocabs...gimme a break
6. Public toilet is one thing..but lifts..c'mon..its not a dumpsite....grow up!!
7. Lesser taxes...more efficient on govt spending....wifey..u know what i'm talking about..i'm the freakin taxpayer here..ok!
8. Donate more..we're Malaysian never lack of this spirit...
9. Pay ur not encourgae graft...except for some desperate cases..hehehe
10. Don't let me start talking about the traffic these days....

Dec 24, 2005


goin to kk alone without my munchkin is indeed very boring. touch down at kk airport around 12noon and mr T is already there waiting. he is goin to be my driver for the whole 3 days. nice guy and suddenly i can actually communicate using the sabahan dialect. check in at the hotel....rehat sekejap...and 1 clock plus plus dah gerak gi fillipino market. around 10 - 15 minutes walk to reach there. dunno why but im not that excited upon entering the market. maybe becoz of the smell. sapa yg brooch freak musti gile masuk tpt ni. i used to be a brooch freak..u know buying brooches that matches the color of ur tudung or baju....those were days. but then, goin to this market and looking at the colourful cheap brooch without even buying it is something not right. so i just shop just for the sake of shopping not becoz i need it. halfway shopping i realise i'm only left wif 50 bucks...aiyark...tak cukup....ask around where is the nearest atm...hmm...have to cross 2 mainroads to get to the nearest bank....belasahhh!!! rasa mcm lonely planet la plak kan. on my way back frm the bank terjumpa this one restoren yg agak happening so decided to have my late lunch there. the waitress suggested nasi goreng lalap. cheeky's comment: they call it nasi goreng lalap but it is actually the normal nasi goreng ayam wif extra kuah kacang. lepas lunch dah dapat energy sambung cut 8 pairs of brooch for myself...1 pair each for ummi and MIL...2 pairs of pearl's bracelets and 3 pairs of austria swarovski crsytal bracelets. 5pm went straight back to the hotel...exhausted. that nite decided just to stay in the room and had one pack of limau barli i bought on my back frm the market. got a call frm the organizer checking out on me...told him my abt my splendid afternoon and he was like...kamu berani yaa....nanti kena jual bah baru kau tau!!! hello....i'm tak kena jual la kannn. the following day is the meeting day and a visit to the site at kol*pis a.k.a kueh lopes. pix on the right shows the progress of the site...nothing actually...just tiang and tiangs. this pencawang is expected to be completed in june...which is as commented by almost everybody IMPOSSIBLE!!! arrive at the hotel near to 5...was thinking of goin to the market again tapi mcm tak larat. that nite we had our dinner at this one seafood rest...the only thing nice is their soft crab. the rest so-so but their dessert is awful. imagine having a melted version of peanut butter to be eaten like a bubur kacang...yek yekkk!! boleh tgk muka semua terbeliak biji mata at their first taste of this "bubur peanut butter". final day...balik!!! on my way to the airport, ask Mr T to drop me at the market coz i want to borong limau barli...I LIKE LIMAU BARLI. while waiting for my flight, caught a glimpse of datuq..shoot...why is he out frm that room so soon. quickly i have to hide the denim jacket im wearing...tak sesweiii. nak masuk plane tu he was explaining abt this rainfall thingy that causes the big flood in perlis n of course tak paham...tapi layannnnn....zzzzz....pingsan!!!!!

Dec 20, 2005

Brian Scudamore of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

From Scott Allen, Your Guide to Entrepreneurs.

One man's trash, and then another, and then another, and then another...
Start up capital - USD700
Established - 1989
Education - Uni drop out
2004 turnover - >USD30 million
Brian Scudamore started his company 1-800-GOT-JUNK? in 1989 straight out of high school with $700 and a beat-up old pick-up truck. Today they have 95 franchise partners across North America with a true national presence, they are in 47 of North America's top 50 cities.
Scudamore was a risk-taker, but firm in his vision. "With a vision of creating the 'FedEx' of junk removal," says Scudamore, "I dropped out of University with just one year left to become a fulltime JUNKMAN!

Yes, my father, a liver transplant surgeon, was not impressed to say the least." He chuckles,
"He is on my side now."Many entrepreneurs minimize their risks by outsourcing to contractors. Scudamore chose a different route."I hired my first employee a week after I started. I knew I needed the help. His name was David Sniderman , a good friend of mine. I really didn’t know yet how to hire so I just asked a buddy." It may have started as a matter of simply not knowing what else to do, but it became a philosophical issue for him. "On a bigger level, I always believed in hiring people vs. contract or consultants. I felt that if I wasn’t willing to make the investment then I was questioning my own faith in the business."On the other hand, he's a big believer in letting other people share some of the risk.

His choice of franchising as a business model allowed him rapid growth without having to turn to outside investors or other funding sources."It’s the ultimate leverage model. People pay you a fee up-front to help them grow. Rather than lose control my vision by going public, I chose franchising. It's the ultimate growth model."Their recipe for success has been simple.
Take a fragmented business, add clean shiny trucks that act as mobile billboards, uniformed drivers, on-time service and up-front rates, and then mix in with a culture that is young, fun and completely focused on solid, healthy growth. He has managed to retain 100% ownership and bootstrapped the business solely out of cash flow, something that is very rare these days.

Although this is a simple business, they couldn't possibly have grown this quickly without technology. Taking a low tech business and putting a high tech spin on it allowed them to rapidly distinguish themselves from their competition. All calls come into a central 1-800-GOT-JUNK? call center where they do all the booking and dispatch for their franchise partners. Franchise partners then assess all of their real time reports, schedules, customer info, etc., off of JUNKNET, their corporate intranet. This allows franchise partners to get into business quickly, and to focus solely on growth, working on the business vs. working in the business.1-800-GOT-JUNK? does about $32 Million in 2004, not a bad return on a $700.00 investment! Brian's BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) is $100 million and 250 franchise partners by Dec 31st, 2006. He says confidently, "We will get there."

p/s : Me..too lazy too how am I gonna make my 1st million..sheessh

Romah Ku Syurga Ku

by now i'm sure everyone of u dah tau pasal banjir buruk kat AS. how buruk is buruk...well...sangat buruk....even my house yg dok sebelah main road pun naik air sampai betis. to make matter worse, my parents kat kl. after receiving a call frm my cousin, last nite around 8.30pm terus balik kedah. nasib baik my bro boleh jadi supir. and nasib baik jugak lil kelly kena stay behind becoz according to my mum air sangat deras kat main road. they reach AS around 2.45 am and have to park their car at I*tana A*ak B*kit and walk all the way sampai umah. imagine my parents age over 60 have to walk almost 1km at that hr...sedih sangat!!!! sampai umah as expected...air naik sampai dining hall....lg sikit lg nak sampai living hall. letrik ngan water supply mmg zero!! im planning to go back to AS this at the current condition of the hse umi tak bagi. tgk lah dis friday after balik KK......sedeynyerrr

Dec 16, 2005


:: mlm ni nak gerak gi trg mencari ketenangan jiwa. hari ahad plak ke melaka nak mencari kedamaian. hari rabu pulak nak ke sabah mencari diri sendiri....yek tuiiiiiiiiiii!!! but anyway, i lurve u munchkin dear...

:: remember my ptk nyer angka giliran and ic no that ends wif 44. skang ni nak berangan tgk surat cinta dengan tajuk utama *44!!!! ~beranganmode~

btw, thanks dear for the ST cheque....i *mukakuningmataterbeliakgeleng2angguk2* sebentar...leh kaver my trip to kk

Dec 15, 2005


nak buat cam fara gak...2 entry in a day...dpt ni dr fara and terus ker kaklady....anyway....mana yg bold tuh...rasanyer mmg betol!!! yg comment....ader yg diharapkan betol...ada jugak yg diharapkan sangat tidak betol...AMINNN


Keras hati & degil.
Kuat semangat & bermotivasi tinggi.
Pemikiran yang tajam.
Mudah marah apabila tidak dikawal.
Pandai menarik hati & perhatian orang lain .
Perasaan yang amat mendalam.
Cantik dari segi mental & fizikal.
Tidak perlu dimotivasikan.
Tetap pendirian, tetapi mudah dipengaruhi oleh orang lain.
Mudah dipujuk.
Bersikap sistematik (otak kiri).
Suka berangan.
Kuat daya firasat memahami apa yang terlintas di hati orang lain tanpa diberitahu.
Bahagian telinga & leher mudah diserang penyakit.
Daya khayalan yang tinggi.
Permikiran yang tajam.
Pandai berdebat.
Fizikal yang baik.
Kelemahan sistem pernafasan.
Suka sastera, seni & muzik serta melancong.
Tidak berapa suka duduk di rumah.
Tidak boleh duduk diam.
Tidak punya ramai anak.
Rajin dan bersemangat tinggi.
Agak boros.


:: smalam masa dapat arahan kena gi sabah next week.....eiii mencik nyerr menciknyerrrr. hari ni....eiii suka nyerr sukanyerrr...yeay time!!! alkisah hotel ku itu just a walking distance frm filipino market. so munchkin dear....wanna come or not???

:: hr ni dgr cerita ader orang - orang di negeri - negeri mendapat surat - surat berbaur cinta...wahhh best nyer!!!!! now, i'm waiting for mine to arrive. tak boleh terlalu mengharap tapi apa salahnyer kalau kiter berangan. bak kata raja ema....

Biarlah berbatasan
Jangan sampai penantian
Hanya indah dikhayalan
Yang harus engkau hadapi

Dec 13, 2005

lihatlah doniaaaa

setuju ngan zaza kalau ujung tahun ni org kewangan/pembangunan la yg paling busy. tak macam org yg jaga HR kat kementerian itu dan org yg jaga "pkpa kot" kat jabatan itu. tgk meja zaza.....tragis table...hmmmmmmmm:
yg terlindung balik kerusi tuh lg horror kot. tak masuk lagi meja x-rumet yg masih tiada ganti aku hijack utk susun document..ahahhahaha. smalam balik dah 7 lebih....hari ni lg best.....kol 6 dah siap2 nak balik.....dah tutup pc kemas barang masuk beg...tetiba off phone ringing...ahhahaha...cargas lepas tuh KENA on pc nyer idopppppp

Dec 12, 2005


it is that time of the year
im having a very terrible headache at this moment
i hate my work
i hate my cat
and i think my cat is feeling the same way too
when can i get out frm this place...WHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 11, 2005

........ template...this is the best that i can get. check out cheeky's deco and bites....all green!!!! im supposed to update on my raya open hse, stupid exams and my shopping spree in SSF, IKEA and MV in 3 straight working days...hahahahha....giler!!!! but it is end of the busy wif work...closing account...tons and tons of project payment etc etc. no times for updates. even mr evil pun dah lama tal updates....too busy to get rich!!!

::see drimba down there....hmmm...mcm kotak mancis la plak kan...hopefully bila dah 100% completed it will turn out nice. afflatus was asking mr evil why is the name drimba...let me answer that just to make me feel better....the apt is supposed to be a resort style apartment...with a track...and all green!!!so i guess thats why they name it drimba. u shud see the architect's drawing....thats the reason why we jatuh chenta tergolek dog wif drimba. another reason is the nearby housing...u got bayu damansara on ur left....and s'ngor polo club on ur rite...wif all the semi-ds and bungalows......nak beli tak mampu jadi neighbour pun okk la!!


Dec 7, 2005


Dec 6, 2005


hari ni nyer paper mmg konfirm, 1144 - aras 1 aras 1 die la die laaaaaaaaaaa

lagu utk hari ni:

Kini aku....Pasrah
Dengan segalanya
Kepedihan itu masih terasa

Dec 5, 2005


DRimba in the making.


as i was writing down my ic number and no giliran dis morning, i notice a similarities. both item ends wif '44' which can either mean 'aras 4 aras 4' or 'die la die la'

but the last four digits for my angkat giliran is '1144' which can only mean 'aras 1 aras 1 die la die la'. ARGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH

lesson learn:
- soklan yang sgt senang akan jadi sangat susah bila kita tak baca
- jgn percaya kpd sms angin!!!

Lagu untuk hari ini:
Ku berserah
Kepadamu Maha Esa
Mungkin takdir
Telah menentukan segalanya
Ku berserah
Kepada apa yang telah berlaku pada diriku ini
Hanya diKau
Dapat merubah segalanya
Pada diKau saja
Ku mengharap

Dec 4, 2005


angan - angan mat jenin:

nak carik kerje yg tak yah exam utk naik pangkat


Dec 1, 2005


its 4.30 in the morning...just woke up frm my beauty i wish i can sleep just a lil bit longer...but....NOPE!!!! i have this 'clever' exam coming up dis monday and tuesday...and yess...preparation at the moment is only like 10%!!! eiiii....rasa mcm zaman dolu2 nak amik SPM la plak. yg tambah stress tuh bila tgk ader member tuh amik cuti 2 hari...ader yg 3 hari....ader plak tuh member kpd member sampai seminggu cuti..uish. bila tgk semua org sibok dok bercuti...i also applied for a 2 days leave. boss mcm tak nak bagi sbb sat-sunday dia kata leh still need these holidays like ker tak belakang kira. skarang ni i have another problem....i dunt have all the reading materials...erk...kalau ader pun baca ker...well....skarang ni prinsip....yang penting ada....baca ker tak belakang kira. just nak sedapkan hati benda tuh ada depan mata. yg best nya...tadi siap pegi k4 beli printer...konon nak browsing2 frm umah and print any related evil thought i was just joking and he was thinking of buying it this weekend...but nope...knowing me....kalau i nak hari ni...hari ni jugak i nak!!!! tp dear, u remember kan dear dah berminggu2 i dok cakap psl having a printer at home. senang nak bayar bill dr rumah and terus print...kalau tunggu nak bayar kat opis selalu TERRlupa!! hahahahaha....ALASAN. anyway, 1st document that i print just now is resepi ayam bakar...hahahaha....thanks dear...hihihih!! arghhhhh!!!! pressure pressure!!!!

p/s: timbal balas in english apa???