Apr 28, 2009

money growing tree

I finally got a money tree on my workstation. I've been wanting this green looking plant since the day i started working and now it has become a reality. One colleague even have couple of those plant and swarmed the whole partition of her workstation..i'm guessing she is a prosperous person...
Last week they held some competition and the consolation prize is the tree. Grand prize is an ipod touch..and as usual i never get those lucky draw stuff..ever..
But i always look on the bright side..i'm a tree hugger now! I'm not sure though how long this tree gonna last..coz it's already starting to turn yellow..maybe i should start pouring some h20 into it.

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Apr 24, 2009


There something abt roadside burger stall that captures the tastebud of malaysians...nothing compares to burger ramly...not even burger king..or big mac. It's the culture..maybe, but also the smell of freshly grilled beef patties. Then nothing can beat their burger special..wrapped in egg...or the double special...quarter pounder whaaat..Plus they are freaking cheap compared to their competitors..it's the best go to food for everybody, all walks of life. The usual mcd and bk joints are fast food but not easily accessible in the rural areas. But burger ramly is everywhere! My first burger ramly experience happened god knows how long ago..but it was in my weekeend pasar mlm in my hometown..and i never looked back..

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Apr 21, 2009

A new beginning for big ol' me..

My orientation lasted 1 1/2 days...there was like 30 over new hire onboarding on thursday..they go thru all intros...basic SOPs, do's and dont's..same thing i heard 4 yrs ago..but the major difference was..they have orientation or briefing instead of.."here's your thinkpad..good luck!"...before lunch time you'll be in a meeting without knowing what it is all abt...and majority of new hire back then will quit within the next 12 month due to frustration, sense of belonging and just flabbergasted with the amount of processes to get one thing done. If one can survive 1 yr in there..and still kept the sanity in tact..you're good to go..
Plus now, we got a new thinkpad instead of used up..5yrs old laptop..one major disadvantage owning one..it just keep on going not like other brands..sorta pakai buang scheme..
Well, they gave me a T61...a 14inch widescreen chugger..It's almost twice as big as the eeepc..my back gonna curse me for this...may well serve the whole lifetime i'm here..coz it's like a tank...i think only those who have used thinkpad would appreciate the durability and built quality of the machines and forgiving its quirkyness..mainly its lame colour and screen brightness.
I thought i'm getting the xseries..the one i used before..but with deployment center have a rule to follow...male getting the t's and female gets the x's...coz it's lighter. it seems like i wont be getting rid of my asus eeepc yet.

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Apr 18, 2009

Here come the taxmen...

For the 1st time ever..it took me less than 5 minutes to submit my e-filing for 2008...yeap that includes the time it took me to reset my password and retrieve a new password...it was a breeze..kudos to IRB for having a good system in place. But the IT guy i spoke over the phone in the morning mentioned the current set up are able to cope with 60,000 concurrent users in each session or was it each second..i forgot..but the problem usually occurs when our countrymen submitting it at the 11th hr..or end of the month...last year it was like 600,000 users trying to log in simultaneously...imagine cramming in 100 commuters in a mini bus..not even a supercomputer can cope with that kind of demand..or expectation...so dear readers stop facebooking for 10min and go here https://e.hasil.org.my/

I'm still waiting for my tax refund for 2004-2007..sigh

Apr 16, 2009

Geylang Kopitiam

We went here last weekend and were surprised with the variety of foods they're offering...it's not ur typical kopitiam like old town..focusing on coffee n toast..but instead authentic singaporean delicacies. I never fancied kacang pool/fool/phol...but wifey loves this one so much..sorta a common delicacies in her family...i'm a more sup tulang merah fan..and it was not that bad. The best sup tulang merah i had was in perth by iman's grand auntie. The one here did not have the same taste but yet quite filling as the one in perth..
How to get there..just aim for taipan area....it's located at the corner shoplot near to the al falakh mosque...can't miss it. They do have another branch or i think the main branch in shah alam...it's owned by a malay singaporean couple...go check it out..
No coordinates were taken down while eating here...the writer was too busy eating to care abt that..

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Apr 14, 2009

My last days..

This will be my last days as a free man..starting this thursday..i'll be one of the minions of an evil organization hell bent on destroying the world..ok that was an exaggeration..tak pepasal offer letter aku kena tarik balik...but to put it mildly..i'll be joining the rat race again...my mind keep imagining the guinea pig running in that roller cage...arghhh...no turning back..already signed with blood..blue colored..
Anyway..i hoped to not blog abt my work..coz its kinda gray area..some ppl do get fired after ranting abt their work or firm..i shud put up a disclaimer in here to avoid that personal or professional views in an entry..
But looking back...what else i can blog except for my work...my previous entries were abt my xboss or vendors..their colourful characters..and how awful ppl can be...it's kinda depressing..
By the way..i remembered posting an entry about long winded and vague position...well i got my wish..after the two words in the pic up there...3 more corresponding words come after it...and that does not include the 2 sectors i'm handling..it's gonna be a mouthful..just hope the job isn't a handful...hey it ryhmes!
And last nite...i had a weirdest dream..well frankly all dreams are weird..but last nite i dreamt of pouring water on the laptop keyboard...well at least it's a thinkpad..so it wont be a problem..but wat the heck was that?

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Apr 13, 2009

pix of the day

ni kalau audit 5S tgk ni sure dah kena tolak banyak markah. tapi bilik siapakah ni? obviously not from Block 10

sila speku.

1) change from stylo to nerdy just recently

Apr 12, 2009

Test print screen


That's where we're staying rite now...

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Since getting this phone..i've added unlimited celcom broadband to my bill..opted for the RM68 instead of rm98 which supports hsdpa..but i figured..only city centres have the 3.5mbps pipeline...so why bother paying 30ringgit extra if the service is crap..even usj area still connected to 3G..with intermittent connection to the latest 3.5G bandwith...to my surprise when we went to alor star..the 3G coverage is pretty good..i was able to surf way much faster than a dial up modem...but it took me awhile to tether the nokia to my ubuntu eeepc...luckily i just updated the laptop to the latest distro which supports e71....sigh.....and here in sepang..they finally rolled out EDGE aka 2.5G pipeline...yeah still slow but atleast it is stable not as erratic as the dial-up...so after many2 years using the 1515 service..i might just cancel that account..and for the 1st time i'm able to post an entry from my hometown...wooohoooo
Thank you celcom( this entry by no means endorsing the service provided to other areas..and not paid advertisement)

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Apr 8, 2009

Mee udang Kuala Sepetang

This place is quite famous for the mee udang...and pretty packed due to the by election..
The prawn portion is generous and less noodle..i was pretty full after eating only the prawns..they are huge....the whole dish taste sweet and hot at the same time...am not very good to describe how good this noodle is...except to try it urself..
But on a sad note..the menantu passed away while working there..not sure of what..but the owner have to close the shop immediately after ambulance took the body away...and ppl kept coming in..they have to put up a sign board " kedai tutup" at the roadside...pity...
I was planning to put up the coordinates for this place using my gps enabled phone..so others will be able to try it out later with their gps..but i still can't figure out how to print screen on this phone..
This is what i got from the saved location function..some gibberish..hopefully i can sort this out later...
<GarminPoint lat="0.107926597" lon="1.751899907"> <name>Point</name> </GarminPoint>

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Apr 6, 2009

another date with mr tow truck

Maybe i have to mandi bunga...luck is just not on my side these days...2nd time riding tow truck within 3 months in malaysia..and both time while driving wifey for her duties to the country...why me!!

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Apr 4, 2009

An end to the extended early retirement

Yes..it's finally over..my so called honeymoon. Am suppose to report duty on 16th of apr. It was pretty quick though, landing this job..of all the ppl I contacted..and interview I went...I didn't called him..my former boss suddenly called me on tuesday..asking why I didn't called him sooner..I gave him the usual bs...then met up with him on wednesday..2hrs of male bonding and kowtowing..and only 1 minute of real interview question.on thursday hr contacted to finalise the deal..and the next tuesday i accepted the offer..
In term of package..i was shooting for the sky..but end up falling flat on the ground..it's the employers market currently. So i can't complained much. I didn't even get a 30% increase..instead a 5% per yr increment for the 2 yrs i left the firm...sigh. I can't even get a higher band for the role i'm taking on..arghhh!
So now, i need a new wardrobe..can't fit into my old clothes...but i have a feeling wifey plak yg terover excited.

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Apr 2, 2009

missing my car

Yeay...i already secured a parking spot for MAFS0. Wanted to bring back the old MAFS0 but there's already 2 buyers waiting inline for it back home. Kalo masuk ebay nih sure untung...cash only!..So kena la carik a new version of MAFSO. At the moment i'm adjusting to MARbIIb which belongs to my father...hazab betul nak park kete nih..and pls no side parking for me!!! and the fuel consumption is like a thirsty camel! Mr evil has resigned from his chauffering activities..to take on a bigger role..as the work from home stuff he's doing rite now so im driving to work now every single day...huuuu

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