Aug 30, 2007


harap maklum
construction in progress

Aug 29, 2007

bini diplomat in-the-making

this evening yani sms me:
cheeky...we're here @ chakri palace once again..farewell i plak this time..

me reply:
kata nak buat kat ayam golek? ops lupa bini diplomat sri lanka tak leh mkn kat gerai tepi jalan...boohoooo

ayam golek is the famous ayam golek stall in kerinchi....i think many of u knew this place

to dearest yani....
enjoy your stay in sri lanka
hope you are well prepared nak jadi fulltime bini diplomat...hahhaha
correlle...pyrex semua kena complete kat umah taw
kalau nak jalan2 tepi pantai jangan lupa pakai 'skirt'


Aug 28, 2007

so what...

it is already middle of the session and things are already getting out of hands
i will be in deep sh*t in the month of october where it will be the month of presentation and assignment submission
so they say i have ample times to prepare for my presentation but never did they realise that there are few more assignments be it individual or group that need to be submitted on the very same week (hentak paler kat meja!!!).

i have no issues on the individual or paired-up assignment. but i do have an issue with one of my group of 4 example 2morrow...i have already set an appt with the lecturer at 9.30am to finalise the project protocol for submission this monday...

one reply - i got class (ok no problem...he even suggest we meet up after the appt...there's an effort here)
one reply - cool (thats it?? are u coming or not??)
one reply - i dont think i can come 2morrow (coz she's staying so freaking far and have trouble waking up early)

hey!! its not my fault that the lecturer choose early wed morning to meet up. at least u can come and go home after that whereas i have to wait for my 6pm class.....duhhh

and i just hate it when ppl gives reason that they have other assignments to do....hello??? how bout me??? where's your time management...keji!!! and these ppl are the so-called 'hardworking' ppl...bluerkkk

2 heads are not better than 1
i just hate group works!!!

check this out - click me
poracit!!! takdak gambar lain ke nak letak
poracit!!! perlu ke letak sekolah rendah...aiyark...nyersal nyersal

Aug 23, 2007

evil deary shopping spree

i let eveil deary do the shopping spree at the halal butcher
and he called just now
everything was like 70 dollar?
erkkk....apa mamat ni beli?

siap dpt loyalty card lg tuh pi halal butcher

Aug 21, 2007

home shweet home

friends were asking photos of our home shweet home...
will post new photos bila semua dah 'complete'

the must copy built-in wardrobe

the kitchen

the dining area

the living area - we suspect it was previously another room

the 'corridor' to the one and only room on the left and toilet up-front

the toilet yg sgt cantik with the shower, tub and the 'bank' on the right

Aug 20, 2007

lesson learn today

kalau naik bas...jgn sesekali berangan
kalau ter'miss' your stop
jenuh la nak menapak ke umah
dah la sorang2
kelam2 plak tuh
dia punyer sejuk jgn la nak kata
dah plak tuh ombak dok bunyi kuat

sungguh menakutkan

Aug 19, 2007

how to fold a fitted sheet

i used to have problem folding my fitted sheet
but today after finishing my critical review
i took the time to browse the internet to relax my eyes
and i found the technique on how to fold your fitted sheet nicely
so check out guys

How to fold a fitted sheet?

here in oz land,the bedsheet set would include both fitted and flat sheet...why erk?
gosh! i have 4 or is it 5 chapters of negotiation skills to cover by tuesday 6pm

review it critically...erk?

1st i'm having problem to come up with a 1000 words of critical review from two very long-boring article

and now i'm having the final problem to slash it down by a few hundreds words so that i can make my introduction. yerp...i started my critical review by doin the body and conclusion para first coz i believe those are the most important marking area.

and i've been noticing for few years now that ideas would only come flushing down only at the very last minute before it worl-related or school-related.
and i just hated it becoz now i cant follow mr evil deary whose having his own sweet lovely time at eastgarden.


Aug 17, 2007

big big smile

yesterday, i was trying to get some contact details of the officer in-charge of my allowance frm a dear friend. just wanna confirm with them that the balance will be credited to my account this october not later. before drafting an email to him, both of us went to eastgarden (again!) to do some grocery. and tadaaaaa......elauns dah masuk...Alhamdullillah. terus akak beli webcam...hahahah

kalau boleh nak celebrate this weekend...nak gi jenjalan...but too bad i have the critical review due on monday and exam on tuesday. so pre-celebrate hr ni kat taste of thai....nyum nyum nyum

-photos updated-the best of all....chicken salad....the best part is the sauce. we notice they sell few types of sauce at the restaurant so we thot it is the same one. ingat nak beli but the girl just gave me the recipe...ihihihih...senang jerk

pad thai...or to put it simple....kueytiow goreng

chicken wings

ingat nak carik a cute dining table gak la...ngeh ngeh ngeh
-cute dining table tidak dpt dikesan lg-

Aug 15, 2007

counting the days....

i dunno what to blog
nothing much happened...just the usual life goes on routine
when we first arrive sydney, i felt so depressed
maybe becoz we're staying at the m-hall
felt like goin home already
but after moving in to our own place
everything was superb
except that i think its a bit cold down here compared to ran*dwick
maybe sbb dekat ngan beach
when it is very cold...
i cant concentrate on my critical review which is due next monday
and i cant concentrate on my mid-session exam which is next tuesday
.....erk alasan jer tuh

enjoy the foods.....

mr evil very own homemade salad

fruit salad wif ice cream yogurt


indonesian style meehoon goreng (yg tak sedap)

one slice of pizza and kebab plate

and below is the long overdue pixs of what we had during our flight coming here

Aug 12, 2007

a gambar worth beribu perkataan :D

goreng cucuq bilis dlm periok

dlm periok pun jadi sedap gak

merenung masa depan

sunset at maroubra beach

and thats our neighbourhood

Aug 8, 2007

my lempeng

yesterday afternoon we moved to our new home
last nite i cook dinner after like few months 'tak turun dapur'
i cook lempeng wif kuah sardin becoz we got sick and tired of eating rice everyday for 3 weeks in a row
but my 1st lempeng tak jadik
mr evil said i lost 'my cooking touch'
but i blame it on the hotplate stove
1st time guna babe...mana reti nak bajet panas ke idak frying pan tu
felt so weird tak nampak api kat me jakun or what so ever....ku redha
hahahahah...but the remaining lempeng turn out OKAY...just OKAY
td pg gi eastgarden shopping dua trolley lg
bila my beloved sponsor nak masukkan balance duit ni...lamanyer nak tunggu october

mlm ni cucuq bilis plak
nyum nyum

Aug 6, 2007

red hot chilli pepper

and this is the view from the front of our apt...well not really front...kena toleh kanan sikit..

so we went shopping last saturday....2 big trolleys....and membuak2...went back to our new home by cab....and here it fav item most of all....all three for just $49 plus 2 years warranty

there are few more things that we need to buy...and forgot to buy...ish kena pi eastgarden lagi...hak hak hak

pls note that now hubby dearie has changed into the evil shopaholics!!

Aug 2, 2007

lagi sebulan lagi....

yerp...ada lagi sebulan jer lagi winter nak abis
tak tahan
especially when all my classes finishes at 7.30 pm....sejuknyer masa nak balik
sambil jalan sambil melonjak2....boleh imagine kah

yesterday we went for our shopping spree at ren-ta centre....a rental plus 2nd hand shop
1035 dollars [bongok betol pc ni button shift tak leh pakai] for everything, that, tv cabinet, sofa, coffee table merangkap meja study merangkap dining table [buat japanese style kononnye...padehal nak save], fridge, queen bed set. cheap kan...boleh la...yg penting jgn darab 3.

hr ni pi eastgarden shopping mall lagi...check out k-mart and big w for some small2 items like periok, cadar etc etc segala jadah tuh....we did a comparison between the its decided big w lagi murah...huhuhu dulu kat mesia tak penah nak compare compare pun...hahahah

tak sabar nak pindah umah