Apr 29, 2006


If one go to google and typed failure then clicked on I'm feeling lucky..one will be presented with the bio of some hobo in the US acting like a moron....
But here, in the good ol Malaysia..I've failed my certification exam...and i missed it with one more freaking correct answer!!!Arghhh..it was frustating and practically waste of money..RM 285 to be exact...Damn it..Have to take another exam next month or my performance evaluation gonna be a bit ugly...

Come to think of it, this was the 2nd time in my life..i've ever failed in exam papers..the 1st one was in MMU..final yr...1st sem...Econometrics. That was an unbelievably big mistake...I didn't attend the class coz i thought it was so damn easy....it's exactly like Statistics in A-Level days...so i thought...screw the classes..i'm better off playing counter-strike than calculating the index yr of China GDP or watsoever. So, when i took the exam...i was blinking for a couple of seconds and unable to comprehend WTF are these questions all about..Ferkkkkkkkkkk...I used to sailed maths related exams....piece of cake..but that was a wake up call for me...Not to be fuc*in arrogant anymore..especially in Maths...

Talking about arrogance in maths...there was time during my A-level days..Pn Shima, our Add Math teacher was talking bout algebra to the class and the whole boys were not paying attention at all..the girls was a bit intimidated coz we boys are so good in Add Math during the SPM days...so...this is another walk in the park..we were like chatting...playing pranks in front of Pn Shima...the girls can't concentrate and a tiny bit upset..and then..Pn Shima freaked out..suddenly burst in anger and shocked the whole class...like an 8.5 Richter scale earthquake...and she just grabbed her stuff and walked out of the class....Whoaaaa..it took us quite a surprise as we never experience that before..I use to get scolded or canned or stand up on the table etc..but this was new..Pn Shima practically gave up on us...ferkkkkkk....
Then the battle betw boys and girls erupted in the class..both parties blaming each other..your stupid..no..you asshole...well..you know the drill... It prolonged to several weeks and month i guess...where the boys and girls didn't talked to each other..it was quite funny though..as we were like adult but acting like school children...
But in the end..we called it a truce...peace finally set down in the class...no more flaming..blaming..tolerance were uphold...The boys went to Pn Shima's room, and apologize to her..she said " Forgiven but not forgotten" ...we were like "huh"...

Anyway, that was like almost 10 yrs ago...most of us have grown up..be more mature..able to think rationally..to weigh the difference betw good and bad...and maybe some forgotten bout it already...and i can't solve a simple SPM Add Math questions anymore..rusty and tak berkat kot!
I guess, i did failed to be a good person...an understanding and well rounded human being..with responsibility to my friends and family...

"Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense. -Ralph Waldo Emerson"

Apr 24, 2006

no turning back....

finally today i got my connection and email add. yeah...some ppl are laughing at my @p***on.gov.my address. tak keysah la as long as i'm connected to the outside world.

hmmm....byk nak citer but dunno where to start what to start

Apr 23, 2006

yes? no? yes? no?

Putting on our thinking cap...
Front view

Backyard view

Apr 17, 2006


org cakap setiap apa yg berlaku ada hikmahnya. tp kalau it keep on happening...what can i do but to feel depressed. frm one thing to another thing and one thing to another thing. is it just not my year or what?? quoting an sms frm a friend "but am gonna miss u...."


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test 1 2 3

Apr 13, 2006

Here and there

Since cheeky already blogging bout the trip..i'd rather blog on something else then...Cheeky bought a book by Sopie Kinse*la..the Undomestic God*ess.. Yeah..it's a chic lit but I've got nothing to read so managed to finished it off in 2 days...now i know why i shouldn't buy novels...i can't stop flipping the pages. While reading that book, it does struck a chord as somebody in the rat race....chasing never ending things..the unnecessary stress..and when she lost her way to surburbia somewhere in UK i guess. The slow pace of life..the fresh air..the relax attitude..the close knit community...Lucky i'm going away for a week..if not, i'll be depressed after finishing that book...bad book.

During the same time..i bought another book to...after reading Ifah's blog on the Confessio* of an Econom*c Hit*man...thx Ifah for reading that book..this book is so damn cool..this is my kind of book..conspiracy theory..and eye opener for a mere person like me...Now i know why lots of countries against globalization....the start of New world Order...the thirst of oil and the suffering of 3rd world countries..highly recommended by me...

Then i bought another one before the trip so i won't be bored in the plane. The Search by some IT writer..this is for the geeks out there. It talk more on the history of search engine and how it evolve and mold our socio-culture indirectly. It goes to certain length on how artificial intelligence will be based on search engine like google and maybe..we can just upload our memory to a central server and live forever..Matrix like universe...The word google come from googol i.e 1 to the power of 100..Those people in google are really geeks and nerds......wish i can work there..hehehe

I finished The Search in Bali, so i prowled around Legian Street for bookshop and luckily stumbled upon one...its a small setup and cozy with tonnes of dusty books..the towkey wearing a cowboy hat was a bit stingy to give me more discounts..crap...most of it are in germans and italians...then i saw the book which i remembered my cz in law was reading months ago...it was Catch 22. She's one heck of a reader i might add...probably the queen of book reading..she'll be with a book everytime we met..good books..so, if she's reading it..i can read it too..hehehe. But it is so darn confusing..its like watching the movie Snatch or Memento...so many parallel storyline and i just can't follow the pace of it...

I wish i can just retire and spent the rest of my life reading books...Just like this mat salleh lady in our hotel. Everytime we got out or came back from rigorous shopping, she'll be sitting at the balcony with stacks of book..a glass of water....i guess she bought it from the cowboy wearing towkey..You're one lucky lady....

Apr 12, 2006

yek yek tuiiii

pah keciwa
pah ingat abg botak nyanyi lagu we will rawks u tp
pah terperanjat tgk ace tu plak yg bawak
pah keciwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...hancor!!!!!!!!!!!!

yek yek tuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
i have to delete my previous post on our trip. spt ader masalah ajer post itu...asyik error jer kalau nak bukak blog. i will re-post it again this weekend. anyway, this friday is gonna be my last day in the office. esok dah one whole day kena duty kat sini. so kira - kira ader one day left nak settle semua hal2 opis. sedey ker? hmm..takder perasaan pun. dunno what to expect at the new place...yg penting jgn la mimpi yg indah2.

i'm leaving the ministry at a very wrong time. tu la sapa suh extend. supposedly my transfer order is 1st april tp becoz of the long holidays, i request for postponment. with the recent aReMKay 9 announcement and our beloved PieM decision on doing a short notice visit to all the ministry, sure kelam kabut punyer. my unit is left with only 2 person. today my boss ask me to prepare a format presentation for the visit. tgh2 buat key in segala numbers tetiba terpikir, i'm gonna miss all these numbers and powerpoints format. owh!! did i tell u that besides excel, powerpoint is also my fav. i can browse the microsoft off online to get the best templates to suit my presentation tp salu tewas sbb taste kita tak sama ngan taste mereka. anyway, seriously rasa tak sedap hati nak tinggalkan office with all this kalutness. wopss...american idol dah mula...nak tgk my fav si botak.

Apr 7, 2006

teka teki teka tekuk

cuba teka harga painting di bawah ini...murah giler nak mampus tahap tak terkata

we bought all these in pasar sukawati.

and this one in ubud. how i wish i can buy more and more...tp nanti umah jadi art gallery plak. lepas ni nak cari kedai nak buat frame mcm painting kat 1st pix tuh.

Apr 6, 2006

the trip...(part 1)

tengok gambor dulu

The Departure

- masa ni kat erl...pls take note..only one bag taw

The Scenery

1st pix - kat tanah lot
2nd pix - me at kintamani, muka berkerut sbb angin kuat sangat and penjaja yg sangat desperet....sian
3rd pix - erk...dah terforget...somewhere inside their temple...cantik sangat view dlm air tuh
4th pix - mr evil @ kuta beach. just a walking distance frm our hotel
5th pix - at uluwatu cliff temple

to be continued *macam yek yek tau blogger ni punyer ler susah nak upload gambor*

~ me, azie and lilie off to I-KEA later after work. smalam dah unpack separuh barang shopping and as expected....takder tempat nak letak barang2 decor tuh. kena carik display cabinet baru ni...hik hik hik

Apr 5, 2006

we're back