Sep 29, 2005

Thursday, 290805

:: selama 2 tahun 8 bulan 16 hari i'm wif the govt, this morning meeting was the most exciting one i have ever attend. no, wait a minute let me do some calculation, selama 4 tahun 2 bulan dan 28 hari bekerja (private and govt), this morning meeting was the fact the one and only meeting that i can concentrate 200%!!! tp that kind of meeting, kalau buat selalu maknanye ader something wrong somewhere la dgn ur work procedure. bestnyer kalau dapat masuk sini coz they are the one yg do the investigation. tp penat banyak sikit kot. maklum ler keje ala2 csi gitu.

:: smalam metrojaya preview sale for member. i only got the brochures on tuesday. too short notice so tak sempat nak amik cuti...nak EL pun tak leh sbb ader meeting. dear, u shud be proud of me sbb even after work pun i decided not to go. tapi menci ader org tuh siap tepon2 buat report pasal handbag murah. andby the way sab, handbags kalau diff design kolor itam jer tak jgn seluor asyik kolor merah jer...ngeh ngeh ngeh

:: my father is coming friday nite for a custom dinner...i asked him is this the 5 mil laaa...this is for retired officer only not retiring officer.

:: hubby got a new toy, new toy = higher electricity bills = less balance of household allowance for me..........GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

:: 2morrow is the day, the BIG B and COCA COLA announcement. tak syiok kan kalau govt punyer Big B satu m'sia boleh tau. kalau dpt 3-6 bulan tu tak per gak nak poyo2. ni satu bulan pun ntah dpt ntah tidak. as for COCA COLA, tak nak berharap sgt sbb frm what i heard, i wont be getting any!!! sbbnyer i'm staying at the quarters...ntah apa kaitan COCA COLA dgn quarters i myself dunno. kalau ikutkan mmg la ada kaitan...but then kalau ader kaitan tak yah la introduce COCA COLA just increased housing allowance jer ler....GRRRRR

Sep 27, 2005

satu hari di jalan tar

so this is the pixs ad. last saturday 3 lovely ladies went for 'ladies day out' at jln tar. so here is the entry bergambar.
ini namanyer keje gile....ambik gambar kaki sendrik. mengikut arah jam: cantik, jelita and oriental.

no comment la abt this lady...who is she?? hint: fav slack = RED

These b00ts are made for walking - Jes*ica S*mpson

setelah tidak berjaya membeli spect itew so me rembat spect ad yg amats besor itu. p/s: dear, dont u think i need to wear braces??

so our next 'ladies day out' will be KLCC after hari raya. thank you ad for driving us around.

Blame it on...

I have the tendencies to update this blog once in a fortnight..Well at least, the madam are able to keep this blog running..

On current affairs
- Rita did not reach level 5 as expected. A big relief to the yanks out there..especially dubya..Who might he blame it this time..Mother earth? We're not suckers..

On technology
- I bought a wireless router yesterday in OU. It wasn't the cheapest in town but no time to drive down to Low Yat and bargain like crazy. It's just 20 bucks difference and I got a free lousy speaker costing around 20 bucks..but the towkey slapped a RM 68 price tag on the speakers..and mentioned its good bargain...hah..who's he kidding with..I'm a geek. Anyway, went back and hooked up the router to the adsl modem..put on the cd and let it rip..and the annoying trying and error begun..Macho guys like me dun read manual..just wing it..After tinkering several hours with the gadget i gave up..its not the router problem..something wrong with my wireless setting..No wonder i can't surf in starbucks yesterday...Then i remembered, i went to my frens office last friday and he did some tinkering around my thinkpad to log into his network. Now, everything was so screwed up...This morning, i called up helpdesk..and holler for help...the easiest way to resolve technical issues..we have people to do it for you..I did not mention to the tech lady wat i did last friday with the settings..standard tak nak ngaku wasn't me kind of remarks...She did some miracle and it works...Anyway, one problem solved...went back to day..and try to run the router installation again...It's not working!!..WTF!!..I'm gonna sue the towkay in OU, he sold me faulty router..or incompatible router..or wateva wrong with long as its not my fault..hehehe...Finally, after several try and error method..i realize i keyed in the wrong streamyx user id...gosh..wat an idiot...its only
azi*ul@streamyx...without the dotcom. TM should standardize the formatting..not my fault....again..blame it on others..esp GLCs. Now, i'm blogging on my bed with p2p running concurrently and reading the news..wooohoooo...- Not sure whether SmartTag falls under this category..or maybe i'm a bit late to follow the trend...but another new toy is the TnG Tag..pretty kewl used to the coins...jakun sey

On health
- Due to Yani's remark on my lovehandle...I've enrolled myself for the MSC Watergames 2005.. So i had to sacrificed my weekends to sweat it out at the Putrajaya Lake.. I'm taking the 2 sculls, 4 sculls and dragonboat bout that!!Felt like studying in Harvard and joined the rowing team..Surely, i can manage to lower down by several kilos...hehehe..unless my beloved wife cooks sabotage my good looks again...- Today, I went to usj for a go-kart games with our business partner..Now, i realized, i drove like a makcik...even the girls drove faster than me..crap..I think something wrong with the kart...Not enough air maybe..or no downward force..or lack of balancing..or anything but me..It was fun...manage to do spin on the tarmac..oversteering and over excited i guess.

On work-
Work sucks, wat else to need to flame on others..never ending story

On sport- Selangor Rules!!! I never bothered watching the malaysian football..except last week while i was back at home..watching the FA finals...Its been a while watching football with my dad and mum..the excitement..the company..the coffee..the argument betw my parents on small stuff..Those wonder really miss those good ol'days..Anyway..Red Giant won again..for wateva cup..i basically just jumped into the bandwagon and joined the excitement..dialled Tigana's hp number and tried to rub it in with him..he'd do the same if Perak won wat the your face dude!!

Sep 23, 2005

Al Fatihah - Ami Chak

ami mad, lid and ami chak
masa tgh siap2 nak gi keje dpt call dr lid. ami chak meninggal early this morning. Al Fatihah. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya. rasa mcm nak balik tadi lid kata tak payah...jauh. hmmm.......
:: masa on the way to office tadi meleleh2 la jugak teringat kat ami chak. i remember masa both my parents perform their hajj...masa tuh i was only 5 0r 6 yrs old, ami chak and bi chak la yg datang jaga kami adik beradik kat damansara. ami ali ngan e'bok pun ader sekali. masa tuh ala2 terseksa gak la hidup sbb bi chak ni jenis disiplin. plg teruk my bro la coz he is the naughtiest. but ami chak ni very quiet and cool. and i remember ami chak paling suka umi punye kuew tiow goreng. pernah sekali dia dtg umah dia ingat umi buat kuew tiow goreng tp takde.....umi pun tak tau ami chak suka kuow tiow goreng dia....kalau umi tau sure dia dah buat awal2. masa sampai je opis tadi my sista frm trg call....dia nak sgt balik sbb the last time dia jumpa ami chak masa raya tahun lepas. masa ami chak sakit teruk hr tuh dia tak sempat balik. we make some plan, the earliest she can make it by flight kuantan - kl at 10.30 so then we can go back together with my car. InsyaAllah sempat sbb simpan dlm pukul 4. tp lps call lid...lagi ler lid tak bagi balik sbb jauh sgt nak rushing2. dah la raya tahun ni mcm tak sempat jer nak balik kulim....hmmmm
:: tetiba terasa mcm nak balik alor setar la one of these days. tp bila yer sayang???
:: esok plan nak gi jln tar ngan ad and lilie. td dah plan ngan ad nak makan ayam golek kat pantai dalam....sedap giler. each of us dpt sorang satu tangan but leher kena patah dua...baru adil. erk...lilie dpt apa??? lilie ko amik drumstick lah yer....shian lilie takde Y (nama sebenar).

Sep 21, 2005


:: white lie - An often trivial, diplomatic or well-intentioned untruth *no comment*

:: let me tell u a story - i know A. but we are not that fact if both of us were to meet face to face...i think the conversation wud be erk...arkk...urk...erk...ark urk!! so, ive been reading A's blog on and off. i also know B....B is actually *fill in the blank*. and just recently i found out that B also got a blog....found the address frm A's blog. i knew that A and B knew each other long time a go but i'm so shock to know that B is also into blogging. while reading B's blog the other day, i found out that C and B are friends...not sure whether blogging friends or 'reality' friends...but of course C also got a blog. and who is C...C is actually a close friend of D and D is my friend. see how this blogging do wonders hah?? hehehehe...but anyway A, B, C dan D adalah bukan nama sebenar. lps ni nak carik blog E - Z.

:: went to matta last saturday and got ourselves a package. do u know that goin to a 5* resort in state S is much much more expensive than goin to a 5* resort in country I. very very expensive!!! A is planning to go to country M next yr. his brother is working there and coming home for good next yr. so she planned to pay a visit to that country b4 the brother came home. so, me muka tak tau malu cakap kat A nak ikut jugak. lgpun the three of us, A, B and me mmg dah lama plan nak pegi vacation bersama2. by the way, A dan B disini adalah tidak sama spt A dan B diatas...ahahaha.

Sep 16, 2005

Bush and Kat

This is a funny pic..Just couldn't resist posting it here..Hoped the owner don't mind...

I'll put up the links to sites I usually hang out...

my journey

:: i suddenly felt a bit down after a visit frm mr z. mr z used to be my colleague when i was in the energy section. for promotion purposes he is now transfered to bah. istiadat, j*m. nope...i'm not worried abt the promotion since i know i'm gonna get mine the earliest early next year or the latest the year after (correct me if im wrong lilie). so kenapa nak down?? JOB SATISFACTION!!! mr z mcm seronok jer kat tpt baru dia...yer lah handle event2 negara...sesuai la dengan lelaki. and he told me that 3 of our frens frm batch 2002 kena remain at this ministry even after promotion (me batch 2003, mr z batch 2001). as for me, i dunt mind staying but pls do some internal job rotation. kalau ikut dasar k'jaan pun job rotation mmg kena ada after a few yrs but it is not being practiced here. tetiba rasa mcm nak berenti....actually dah lama dah rasa mcm nak berenti thinking bukan senang nak dapat keje gomen ni and giler ker apa nak berenti at times unemployment yg makin meningkat ni!!! let me share wif u my journey in the working world....

:: masa final year degree, dah mula cari kerja. of course cita2 asal nak keje kat company yg besar2. and serius masa tuh tak tau pun apa itu P*D. my roomate A yg citer pasal P*D ni. so kalau dah dua2 rumet dok sibok isi borang spa...kita pun join la sekali. 2001, both of them dapat attend the exam but not me. why?? i call spa...dia cakap tak layak...WTF!!! hello my cgpa was like *** laaa!!! tp dalam hati pikir ni mesti kes salah isi borang. anyway, A and C didnt make it to the next round. habis degree carik kerje lagi and alhamdullillah my unemployment period is just less than 2 months. i got a job as a research analyst here. job position mcm gempak...gaji pun mmg market rate for degree holder. tapi kerja??? i wont elaborate further...all i can say boring!! plus i just cant accept the company practice - no increment for non-technical staff...WTF!!! bukan la takde langsung but frm what i heard frm the seniors....jarang2 sekali!! during my one and a half year stay there of course i keep on looking for new job opportunities and again isi borang spa. masa tuh tak tunggu iklan kat newspaper dah....main hantar jer kat semua big big company. and my aim masa tuh...for my 2nd job i want it to be BHD. so finally dapat call from here utk attend exam. tak ingat la the exact position but its abt financial planning. so i make it to the next level which is the presentation....i remember masa on the way balik dari presentation, i got a call frm them and i make it to the third round. TQ kat MMU sbb banyak giler buat class presentations. this time of course the interview...and finally....I GOT THE JOB!!! but i reject the offer...giler kan....dah dapat keje kat situ tapi pegi reject. why? 1st it is a contract basis for two years...kena amik exam CFP (6 levels) then baru permanent. 2nd it is financial thingy....i scored pretty bad in my financial paper...ahahahha. i knew this job is abt financial thingy but then sajer play along with the game nak tgk whether im really good or not. 3rdly masa time ni tgh sibok2 dgn P*D tak ingat at which stage....rasanyer tgh prepare utk interview kot. kirenyer masa ni KUBERSERAH jer lah. and Alhamdullilah dapat P*D. nak masuk P*D ni pun mcm nak giler stages dia...yg tensen is the 2nd stage - assesment kat terengganu. punya lah jauh buat assessment kalau tak dapat mmg kukeciwa. so now, here i am in this ministry. my 1st posting in the energy section...pretty tough becoz everything is so technical. lepas dpa...went back to the same ministry but kat development unit handling the ministry projects. i remember masa 1st few days after dpa of the hr staff request me not to show my pretty face kat my ex-big boss in energy section. apsal yerk???? sbb big boss tuh dunno that im back...kalau dia tau he wud request me return to that section but dev unit amat memerlukan org. yg kelakar nyer one of the clerk overheard our conversation and the rumours spread...."cik sha***** tak leh tunjuk muka kat dato' sbb dato' tak suka dia and dato' tak nak dia balik masuk bahagian tuh"....WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aduhhhh!!!!! jatuh saham aku!!!! so i asked my friend to help me clear the rumours and explain frm A - Z to that clerk. eiii....kelakar pun ader...geram pun ader!!! so apa yg kurangnyer dev unit?? takder yg kurang....very interesting and challenging. i rather not talk abt my work in my blog. u never know who is reading it at this very moment. sekian terima kasih abt my working adventure.

:: on a lighter note, smalam gi ikea...hiihihhi....kalau ikut plan asal nak pegi ahad ni but since hubby dearie pun tak keje balik on the dot and ikea here i come. bought a few things and amik katalog bukan 1 tapi 3. one for myself, one for sista in trg and one for parents in alor setar. since dah brought fwd plan ikea to yesterday so sunday we just stay at home unless hubby dearie decided to go to ikea again. a note to hubby dearie - biar menyesal beli jgn menyesal tak beli - thihihihihihi. so the plan for this saturday plak nak gi MATTA FAIR and look for a vacation package. he wanted to go to B in country I....but she insist on G in country A but he and she might end up goin to state S which is the original plan...ahahaha.


Sep 15, 2005

The long and short

I took MC today...the 3rd for this year I guess...probably once every quarter end. This is when you felt depressed,stressed and tired. I called up to my customer in Perak to postpone my presentation tomorrow..just no mood to do presentation..sheesh..
It has been a hectic week with soo many things to be looked upon..places to go..meetings to attend..customer to follow-up..Last I was watching business partner called up at 11pm to get RM 120K discount!! WTF...What can i do in the middle of the nite to give you discount..If its my company..i wont do it anyway..we end up arguing for this deal till 12am...After much pushing and shoving and a bit diplomacy...we both gave up and came up with another idea so both of us in a winnning position..I sent an email to my team to re-propose the hardware specs with another config and urge them to get me the quote by 12 noon Wenesday.
Come Wednesday..I barked on my team to get the config up and quote out like crazy..seems like the technical team was away for some on-site excursion..So by 11am, i haven't got anything in my hand and the partner is going to meet the Exec Director at 12.30pm...I've got like 1 1/2 hr to get this sorted out.While in the smoking room..thinking..hehehe..I bump into the product manager and asked if he can give me a further discount..The dude said..Do It!!..I called up the CEO and mention my commitment for further discount...he said..Ok..Not even a thank you..crap!!Then I made a mad dash to Putrajaya to meet another dude with another deal in cut it the story short..I did not get both deals...Arghhhhhh!!!
The customer have a change of heart and wanted to have a different offering..which led me to believe some political power in the board in action...
Me and CEO hang out in Star*ucks till 6pm and smoked like crazy just to get over this frenetic issue. I called up my boss and mention the situation..he just kep quite..hopefully he understand..Nah..i guess i'm gonna get screwed next week business review...better be prepared for it..
So after too much nicotine in the afternoon, i had a sore throat and throbbing headache...and the long and short of the story today...I'm blogging in the middle of the day on my couch with the TV on...that's life

Sep 14, 2005

how to be a millionaire govt officer!!

:: weekend was tiring....balik sirpunk friday nite. saturday pegi kenduri kat sijangkang and then mlm plak kenduri mawi yg tak world kat sirpunk then 9 pm terus rush pi umah azmir kat international hill. happening giler poolwarming azmir...ramai org siap ader karoeke lagi.....bila kiter nak buat hsewarming kiter yang??? heheheheh.....hsewarming yg dah baper puluh kali pospon...shian adawiyah.

:: on sunday i get the permission to drive MR. V all the way frm p*trajaya to us*. pressure giler ok sbb co-pilot kat sebelah acted like pegawai JPJ yg nak test org dgn muka kerek usj ader tujuan sebenar...nak cilok catalogue ikea yg baru....not really cilok ok...dah mintak izin my bro....kenapa ikea ni tak bagi org2 kat putrajaya. dr usj ke ou...the so-called pegawai JPJ suh drive tp tak sanggup ler makcik...nak masuk ou yg dijamin susah nak mencarik parking tuh yg lemah tuh. heheheheeh. planning to have our late lunch kat arena ou....honey chicken teppayanki...lurveee the miso soup!!! tp kedai dah takder....half of arena dah tutup maybe for renovation. Barang - barang dah bukak kat ou....kalau pi ikano mmg tak pernah miss menjamu mata kat kedai barang - barang ni.

:: i did lots of thinking nowadays....mcm mana nak kaya!!! lah...mcm mana nak mendisiplinkan diri dlm saving. so i've made a list

1. submitted my monthly deductions form for tabung haji - actually borang tu dr tahun lepas dah isi....tersimpan dlm kerek sbb M2U pun skang boleh buat transfer ke tabung haji so kengkunun nak buat monthly transfer la takder la terikat dgn fixed seperti yg dijangkakan...TAK JALAN!!!

2. monthly deduction for asb and masuk Q for bank rakyat - will do this 2morrow. i received my statement of dividend frm bank rakyat...hmm...not bad. so i was thinking nak tambah investment lagi tp tu lah kena Q sbb dah penuh. kelakarkan....nak tambah investment pun kena Q. to those of you yg belum cuba bank is good investment. tp just make sure that the money that u park in there is not meant for emergency sbbnyer kalau nak keluarkan duit tuh kena bagi one year notice!!!

3. increase my monthly deductions for public mutual - yr lah kot

4. find a new job!!!! work frm home to be exact. will save a lot on fuel and no more worries on comin late to work

:: other than that, i need to cut down on my expenses...especially household expenses so that i can save more on my household allowance...tq dear. so this is the plan:

1. no more impluse buying - this will take quite some time
2. no more downloading movies frm nite to morning - save electricity bills yeah dear
3. stay loyal to MAFSO - insyaAllah
4. home made breakfast - mission accomplished (wif the help of cafe bawah yg takdak byk choices and by the way may i suggest to u st dalfour jam added sugar...lurve their blackcurrant...a bit expensive though)

5. dinner at home - 80% accomplished
6. cut down on tarbush...chillis...starbucks (arghhh!!)...japanese rest...johnny...resipi rahsia etc etc - but not paying rite when we are dining it wont do harm to my expenses...muakakaka
7. lagi
8. dan lagi
9. dan lagi dan lagi

p/s: cheeky's decor updated

Sep 9, 2005

LILO - Late In Late Out

::smalam giler ok....julung2 kali mc. but anyway, came to the office today and saw August punyer attendance report on my table. 1st report actually sbb baru guna swipe2. and i was late for like 11 times!!!! nak mampus....kalau guna punch card biasa sure kolor kad dah kena tukor hijau ni. nak bagi reason apa ni yer...the only reason that i can think of is "masa jam di tangan tidak sama dengan masa standard RTM".....aler terlambat seminit dua jer pun.....eiiiii benci betol laaa!!!! apsal tak leh guna sistem LILO erk....ader ker istilah LILO dlm dunia ni. ish.....kalau sayer ni jadi K*N, akan saya implement LILO system.

penat giler....early morning gi jln tar. nak hantar baju kat kedai zai....and i made the biggest biggest mistake in my life. there i was trying to be friendly to kak zai "sakit kaki ker kak?" kak zai replied "tak lah..akak memang mcm ni...cacat...pakai kaki palsu"...erk...i was like...arghhhh "sorry kak saya tak tau". keluar je kedai terus kena bantai gelak ngan munchkin....and terus i called ad...i blame her for this!!!! she shud have told me earlier!!! then gi sogo beli few things for myself and munchkin...sogo ni tak pernah tak sale yer. lps dah cari baju utk MIL and SIL...terus menapak gi den wahab plak nak tempah baju melayu. munchkin wants something different...not like the usual cekak musang or teluk belanga baju melayu and coincidently ade design baru kat kedai dia. so ok ler tuh...ala2 design mnasir sket. the wedding that nite was ok....i was looking for any familiar faces (read:artis lerr)...tapi yg nampak cuma oldies2 jer...sharudin thamby, ridzuan hashim, datin orked abdullah, yusni hamid etc etc. sebab penat so both of us cabut awal...on the way nak pi keter baru le nampak awal beat tv. kol 10 lebih baru sampai....duh!!!

early morning gi usj amik umi. pusing2 carik tudung....daripada 4 pasang kain yg dibawak utk cari tudung....dpt sehelai jer...hampeh betol. of course yg memborong umi...she a few tudungs and ade this new fesyen panggil scarf erra fazira sbb erra fazira pakai dlm citer apa ntah. wuteva....balik usj...lepak2 then send umi, lid and kelly to klia. bye bye...muahhhsss

::thats it my weekend just gone like that. tonite both of us are goin back to the plan for this weekend shud be like this:
saturday :-
1. gi barn thing repair pc
2. wedding mawi (hah?????)
3. azmir's hsewarming
sunday :-
1. gi OU nak tak yang???

::lunch tadi gi alamanda wif the usual gals (bowringggnyerr....ahhaha) puas hati dpt green apple kasturi...tq sab. gi primavera cuba lagi kasut idaman hati.....arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh....then ader promotion pleasures and intuition....arghhhhhhhhhh again. then lilie racun beli lipstick revlon...pinkish pinkish...arghhhhhhhh lagii!!!

::oh ya....forgot to introduce my new blog....two is cheeky bites.....all abt the food i cook and ate outside...interesting food....dah ader banyak gambar actually cuma malas nak upload dlm the thinking pad....tak mcm lilie yg dah rajin upload gambar. as for cheeky's decor of course la everything abt wont just be my own decor yg masih serba kekurangan but also anything that caught my eyes tak kisah kat mana2. sekian...harap maklum

Sep 8, 2005

...and such

"Captain log 1740372 USS Enterprise, we are entering new galaxy...."

Always wanted to do that, coz I'm more a trekkie than jedi shit...i kinda dig the translation in bahasa when Captain Jean Luc Picard blabbering some mumbo jumbo science thingy like " ultra wave portal fusion force field" The translator dude might be bashing his head against the wall to get it translated...
I haven't been blogging for quite some time...just too tired to even switch in the thinkpad...working my arse off this month..quarter closing soon...gosh..the sleepless night, the nightmare, the early morning sms from boss and such

Work and such..
Sales jobs are not for any i just realised that. My ex-VP already quit his job as business architect aka business development from a big outsourcing firm due to the unimaginable stress he had..2 yrs ago he had a panic attack and blacked out in project management meeting..i guess he don't want to go thru that again. Its just not worth it to sacrifice your life for something like this..he's guessing i've already quit too..but i told him, i'm gonna hang on awhile away..its kinda fun...i loved hectic lifestyle..the constant running here and there..meeting new business partner..all the above and getting things is such a can say it's like ER meet Las Vegas tv series

Movies and such..
Finally finished Band of Brothers mini was wayyyy better than Saving That Dude Private or wateva. Not much on war and shooting the germans stuff..just the drama..the people in it make it so interesting to watch. They interviewed the real survivors of Easy Company Platoon...and Capt Winters closing was the best quote ever in the whole story..." I'm not a hero, but I served in company of heroes"

Technologies and such..
Nokia Bluetooth sucks..I'm getting alot of "BT Server Error" or " Unable for Bluetooth Operation" after using the seems like most of the latest hp have these kind of I need to dig up my warranty..if there's any..hunn where did i put it..and claim for free firmware upgrade. Hopefully it works..
Auto transmission is the best human creation ever...add in Super ECT and i'm driving without any cramps and pain in the ankle. Somebody pls give the inventor a Nobel prize!!
My sis just called yesterday..the computer monitor blew again...Twice in 3 month..sheesh..You're killing i've got like 3 broken monitors at home..what can i do with em? Tukun? Aquarium? Boat anchor?

Politics and such..
Hope I'm politically correct.

News and such..
Katrina will not be the favorite names for any would be parents. She basically trashed the whole place like nobody business. Now, conspiracy theorist already coming out new theory about the fall of an empire after major catastrophe, or theory on mother nature fighting back on civilization...i must not visit those sites..but it is very tempting

Health and such..
Yeah...i'm contemplating whether to join a gym or just buy myself a treadmill..with the ever increasing waistline..drastic action need to be done. I'm betting, this is all her conspiracy to sabotage my good looks..hehehe

Food and such..
Hunn..ur d bomb!! Ur the queen of cooking..look at me..i'm a living proof!!

Hobbies and such..
Just started the Shopaholic books...again..due to budget constraint this month..just can't afford to buy any manly books. Probably my next pay day..gonna get myself the Narnia series. Today, i finally able to taste the fruit of my labor for the past couple of month..We bought vases and planted daun cekur and pegaga...well, basically lid planted the ulam..i just take care of it everyday..Its kinda cool..sorta having our own small jungle at the balcony.."Me Tarzan, u jane!"

Ok..over and out..

Sep 2, 2005


ive already written early this morning and so suddenly server when kaput...erghh...lupa plak nak copy paste. just got back frm lunch with the girls at alam anda. try satu kasut ni kat primavera....mak oi...cantek nyer and very comfy...sesuai sangat dijadikan kasut raya (bukan yg sandal tuh tau sab) tapi harga rm99.00....adeih...kena pikir berpuluh2 kali....rasanyer tak dpt greenlite kot lgpun baru hr tuh beli sandal yg harga dia kurang sikit dari tuh...takper lah....belom tahap gedik lagi nakkan kasut itu.

mlm ni nadia akad nikah...i cannot make it lah sbb jauh nun di selayang....dengan jammednyer lagi kat situ. nadia acted in mahligai gading...jadi anak j*ns sa*sudin kot...pernah tgk satu episod jer masa memula dulu...pehtu tak boleh nak connect dah...hahahha....hampehnyer cousin. rasanya umi dah pegi selayang early this morning....time kenduri ni lah best nak lepak2 ngan family...hmmm shud have taken leave la today. takper lah...em goin for their wedding reception 2morrow nite in templer park.

okeh here's our plan for the weekend
1. jln tar - hantar baju for tempah and beli kain for MIL and SILs
2. usj - lepak2 buang masa
3. templer park - enjoy the wedding

1. maybeee stadium shah alam - carik matching tudung
2. usj - lepak2 buang masa
3. klia - hantar lid and umi balik

take note yer hubby dearie...jgn buat2 muka terperanjat plak nanti

Sep 1, 2005

biar menyesal beli jgn menyesal tak beli - part 2

received a call frm lid early morning yesterday...."umi buat nasik lemak ali"....i was like "hah?"...."beli kat mana"...."tak beli...umi buat"...i was like again "hah" then only i realised my father buat lawak.....nasi lemak ali is one of the popular nasi lemak in alor setar, pernah try sekali jer long time ago. nak beli nasi lemak ali ni most of the time u have to Q frm outside of the shop. but anyway, lid suh balik usj for breakfast but since i've already cooked meehoon goreng we only went there for our late lunch. hujan lebat....pukul 3 plus baru sampai usj and had that so called nasi lemak ali....hihhihi. plan asal after that late lunch nak ronda2 kat OU but after receiving a call frm my cousin...cancel. he is coming over to bring some kain frm palembang. hihihi....harus la tgk dulu kan.

so when he arrived wif his wife (the wife came frm palembang). tgk kain...ok fine...not my type...really not my save duit...but hunny bunch sempat grab kain pelekat dua pasang. for me tak cantik pun and i dunno why everybody thought it is nice. but the material is something diff....not like the usual kain pelekat. then i call my sis in terengganu to ask her choice of colours...umi suh beli (suruh yer!!!)....i even told my sis that im not buying for myself coz the design is just not my type....bla bla bla...sista ask me to choose any colour that will make her look younger...duh??!!!! so tak nak mengkusut kan fikiran i just took her faveret green color...sort of like hijau lumut. umi dah amik one piece reddish color wif a matching jilbab (thats what my cousin's wife told us...jilbab....tak pernah plak guna word jilbab ni)...ok then so suddenly umi terminat plak kat satu ni greenish...goldish...yellowish colour ni (sorry couldnt figure out the colour)....and so suddenly...she got confuse...which one...reddish...or greenish one or two...and so sunddenly....terdengar satu suara..."beli jer dua2....biar menyesal beli jangan menyesal tak beli"...ahahhaha.....and everybody was like...what???!!! hahahah....yerp....but lid kinda of agreed wif me...hihihihi. so aftermuchthinking umi decided to let go the reddish colour and take that greenish yellowish. heheheh.....and so so suddenly.....i tried that reddish color...and heheheh....i took it...and another so suddenly i take another one....i like green but too many green in my wardrobe already so amik kolor marron...hehehe....and officially...until today i have 10 pasang kain yg tunggu giliran untuk ditempah. and hubby dearie geleng kepala. lalallalalalalala...sekian

so this is the greenish....yellowish or goldish colour bought by umi

reddish with a matching jilbab and it is mine

marronish with a matching selendang and it is mine alsooooo