Jun 26, 2006

phone conversation

this is my phone conversation wif my 8 yrs old niece

me: bla bla bla
she: bla bla bla
me: nanti u cakap kat tok umi i dah pakai besi kat gigi
she: u pakai braces ke?
me: eh a'ah la...mana u tau?
she: i teka aje
me: pandai la u
she: u punye braces tuh mcm WILLIE WONKA punya tak?
me: hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh??????????

Jun 23, 2006

secret recipe hangout (tiru ina)

last nite was our girls day out (tiru lagi) at secret recipe MV....it was so damn great sbb dah lama giler tak hang out mcm tuh. setakat lepak kat mamak p9 tuh tak leh gelak tahap menjerit!! me as usual....yg paling jauh and yet paling cepat sampai...wuteva. of course yesterday mangsa kutukan..kejian...goes to soon-to-be-mrs-lilie aka 12k. thanks a lot lilie...serious dah lama tak gelak mcm smalam.

and by the way sab, i didnt hilang just like that, after having 2 glasses of green apple kasturi...$%$%^&^.....then saw lilie and yanie pusing2 takde keje dlm JJ.....then suddenly everything went kaput...and as mention earlier i have to be home by 9.30 becoz i dont wanna miss my "New World" drama series...hak hak hak. anyway, thanks guys...bulan depan buat lagi nak??

2morrow evil dearie is going to malacca on a very short notice...damn i have to go to dentist alone (malas nak drive ke OU sebenornyer). anyway, 2morrow treatment is just doing some fillings...maybe nextweek...pasang besi kat bawah plak. and again...seriously i think i look cute!!!!

p/s: ader org dah mula bahgia ditpt baru tetiba hr ni pah menderita.

Jun 22, 2006

YM status for today...

"I think I look cute"

Jun 18, 2006


ok...i spoke too soon. i'm beginning to feel uncomfortable with this 8 pieces of rubber stuck in between my teeths. yesterday it was ok...but today....rasa mcm nak tercabut dah semua gigi2 ni. i still can eat but the bites are not hmmm how do u say it...erkk..puas maybe?? plus i have to telan all my food coz i dunt want to end up having a rubber stuck in my stomach. thank god its gone this tuesday...another nightmare will begin....muakakakaka

:: fara, so sorry couldnt make it to your hse today...for the reason above

drimba in the making

From this:
taken December 05
To this:
taken last weekend

both pixs are taken using cameraphone so tak dpt close-up. i have to remember bringing my camera next time we went to the curve coz we always end-up visiting drimba unplanned. anyway, our unit is the one without the balcony...1st flr...obviously not this block. and mr evil saw a stream...hopefully it will turn out almost exactly like the architect's drawing. bye bye widuri...drimba here i come.

p/s: terkasima tgk bungalow depan drimba *sigh*

Jun 13, 2006

go orange go

Your Aura is Orange

Your Personality: A total daredevil, you'll try any thrill. You're easily bored and you prefer to be on the go.

You in Love: You see love as an adventure, and you find most men dull. You need a man who challenges you!

Your Career: Your ideal job is flexible, fun, and maybe a little dangerous. You have the makings of a private investigator or extreme athlete.

Jun 11, 2006

A round shaped ball

I guess most football fanatics will be talking about the most sought after cup in the world..the World Cup 2006- Germany..I'm not a footballer per se..coz i'm kaki bangku..so i won't pretend to luv the game..to give full review on each games...coz i'm pretty bad at it...But it does not mean i hate the game...coz for me..the meaning of football or as the US would call it as soccer since for them the NFL is thy football..who they hell they think they are...their so called football only played there..but they claimed to be the best game in history...hah..full of BS...

Anyway...coming back to the meaning of football to me is the drama behind the game...its full of dramatic event...full of hardship...sorrow..happiness just like watching The OC...guilty pleasure..hehehhe..and also a quick formula to make friends..My schoolmate told me this secret..There's 2 way to make new friends...1. Smoke...2. Play football....it's an easy tactic but it works...its a tried and proven method...it unites humanity..regardless of race..religion and beliefs...

I remembered in the heyday of Malaysia football scene...late 90's..where Selangor is on top of the world...my friend asked me to ride a bike from my hometown to Shah Alam just to watch Selangor vs Sabah..he got no license....so we rode for 1 1/2 hr just to watch a 90 minutes game...At 1st, we were one down..but then one of the foreign striker i forgot his name..scored a equaliser and we were jumping like mad in the stadium...and i hugged an indian dude at the back of me and jumping altogether..hahaha..we didn't even know each other but that goal unite both of us....that's the power of the game..who would think i'd would hug some stranger at night..hahaha

This game would stop a war..would start a war...and really changes you..that's why it is a beautiful game..So to those girls...wives..mothers who can't seem to comprehend why mens addicted to watch this game...it is bcoz we dun watch Dynasty..Knots Landing..General Hospital...or other soap opera...this is where grown men weeped. This is where men imagines he's the manager..the player..the ref..just to make a difference just like the girls would imagine herself in the drama..same thing....let your imagination run wild...

That's why we watch 22 men chasing over a round shaped ball all over the pitch...just like the heroine being chased by 2 or 3 hunky men...

Oh yeah..fyi, as a kaki bangku like me...managed to score 2 beautifuuuul goals for my team this yr was quite a feat...but we lost the FA Cup and the runner up for the league...its all my fault...lambat panas for the season...

"Never talks defeat. Use words like hope, belief, faith, victory. – Norman Vincent Peale"

Jun 1, 2006

Bila diri disayangi - ukays

Terdengar bisikan mesra
Kalimah keramat bermentara
Bermulanya siang berakhir malam ku
Tak akan ku jemu menyebut namamu...

Tiada batasan waktu
Tiada tempat mu tertentu
Di gunung di lembah, di darat, di air
Siapa pun hamba, keikhlasan doa, keagungan
Kasih merubah takdir....

Bila ku sedari diri disayangi
Langkah kaki ini semakin berani
Bila terkeliru ku ucap namamu, terasa diriku
Kembali dipandu...

Engkau pertama, tiada akhirnya
Aku dalam kegelapan engkaulah cahaya
Izinkahlah aku menumpang di sini
Di bawah naungan kasih dan sayang mu
Ku berserah diri...

:: kenaper tiba2 pah jiwang...hahaha...takde maknanyer!! sapa yg pegi DPA mesti tahu kenangan lagu ni masa last day. semacho-macho mcm mana pun nak tahan meleleh tp musti meleleh jugak. apa pertalian darah lagu ni ngan dpa...i dunno....but lagu ni fav en halim yg salu masuk tv skang ni sbb plkn. tak tau la kalau skang ni last day song dah berubah bila big boss nyer berubah. anyway, that 6 months experience masa dpa has always been the best experience in my life. rasa mcm nak pi dpa lagi minus the outdoor activities, exams and u-know-who-u-know-what- (TUTUP MONITOR!!!!!!). masa last day, nearly 280 ppl nyanyi lagu ni berulang2 kali sambil salam2 peluk2. thanks to all my friends for the lovely memories.

:: by hook or by crook i need to go to tesssco this lunchtime to buy me a very cheap radio. tak larat dah nak ulang2 lagu2 kat realplayer ni.