May 30, 2009

boring friday

Hari ini adalah hari yg plg tidak productive. for some reasons i have no interest to work today. Not that i didnt do anything. Of coz i did prepared something but it was not with the usual spirit. There is this one thick stupid doc that i need to study, review and update. Damn i dunno what..where and how to start! Oh and my team? Hr isnin ni ada la yg nak kena cincang dgn aku!

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May 27, 2009

patience has its limits

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bila tikus dok duduk relax
maka kucing pun akan mula la mengganas

Shanghai chicken salad

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May 26, 2009

Rabbit food

Shanghai chicken salad from TGIF - sgt sedap and sgt filling. But perlu share 2 org

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Power spec sudah naik 200 & 175. dulu buat spec ni few months before gi sydney. Tp jarang pakai sbb menyusahkan. But now have to wear while working if not tak puas. So ptg ni nak gi buat spec br tapi tak byk frame cantek. Rugilah tak beli kat sydney dulu. Ewww tak suka pakai spec sbb nanti tak leh melaram with my sunnies!! Now shud i start wearing contact lens? Huuu menakutkan nak tonyoh2 mata.
Test antar guna 3g...tralalalala

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May 25, 2009

Monday morning

After two weeks break from jln duta, i couldnt adjust my biological clock back to the old routine. Went out at 730am (very bad!!) but managed to punch in sharp at 830am. Hasil rempitan all the way usj - jln duta. me too cant live without wp3!
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May 21, 2009

Top 5 things

Wat does malaysian do when stucked in traffic?

1. nose picking - it's the all time dun be scared with the flu..but be very afraid of a handshake..u never know where it has boldly gone before...i saw this dude behind me digging it with one finger after another..looks like he was utilising all 10 finger for 2 nostrils..arghhh bad mental picture...

2. Slowing down at any incident..either real accident or changing tyres. I think our dna are embedded with this sense of curiosity..we're just can't help ourselves..

3. Day dreaming - specifically on 'hmmm..when can i afford that black beemer in front of me' dreaming...

4. My new activity while stucked in traffic..i'd be's kinda fun..takes ur mind off the jam..have laugh on stupid thing ppl put on the net...and i figured it's cops will pull u over for watching youtube...while driving..

5. My favourite past time...calling an old friend..i have a special buddy i'd call during this perilous journey..He'd always figured i'm stucked somewhere...coz he knew that wat he's good for...a good chat buddy...

So in conclusion...there is no end to traffic the pic refers to..traffic in the Smart tunnel...paid RM2 so i can get stucked in a hole...not that smart am most malaysians have to come up with some sort of entertainment to occupy the saying goes..the road is always clearer at the other side...happy commuting ppl!

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May 19, 2009

the day i grew younger

the small birthday celebration at home wif family. Thank you everybody nanti i banjer makan
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Walaupun cheeky tp tetap cantek dlm pelbagai gaya. Azie playing around wif my phone. Yer azie..nak tekan hurup c tak yah tekan sampai 3 kali! Arghhh ngantok nyerr via E63

May 17, 2009

Back at home

The view from the skies...a slight gust of wind...couple of coconut trees...and the typical mat rempit rushing thru the's good to be i need a thick black coffee and everything would be perfect..

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May 14, 2009

The next step...

My jaw dropped watching this next 10yrs time maybe..

But, then i read the comments in here i realized it is a scary technology too

May 11, 2009


the sight of killing me
the voice of torturing me


May 10, 2009


saya sudah pakai braces semula doctor kata ada balance lg setahun setengah plus minus kalau saya tak pi sydney dulu sure dah cantik gigi saya takper lah yg penting gigi kapak saya dah separallel dgn batang hidung saya ;D esok pagi saya ada miting di sbb dpt bangun lebih lambat dr biasa boring sbb i hate meetings petang pulak ada rehearsal kat mecc....arghhh boring starting tuesday....away from the office for almost two weeks...wohooooooooooooo last friday saya sgt bengang dgn si penglipur lara...arghhh bodoh la kau berhati2 dgn penglipur lara...pembawa cerita terkemuka di alaf baru saya takdak gambar nak letak sbb kehidupan saya tidak stabil buat masa ini i need my life back!!!

less is more....sakit gigi!!!

May 8, 2009

Early bonus...

This shud be my dad called on monday..a cheque from lhdn has arrived...and nope..not the 2008 assessment tax refund..they're not that efficient... The long lost cheque i've waited for almost 2 years is there..waiting for me to be picked up and deposited. it was long and arduous process to get that cheque back..with the missing info..mistakes in the e-filing, useless tax consultant and chaotic internal process in IRB..i managed to stay yelling at the helpdesk..made friend with the assesment officer..her name is amirah..whenever i called for the refund..i'd make a point to give me plus 5% interest...hey u guys hold my money for freaking 2 yrs...i was generous enuff not to consider calculating it from 2004 period.
On tuesday, i had the sudden urge to check my commonwealth bank...and there it ATO tax bonus is banked-in...woohooo....feel like hitting a jackpot without buying a scratchies..hehehehe..
Alhamdulilah for the least i can settle my credit card debt..
And yesterday, my new boss announced his resignation after serving the firm for more than 20 yrs..everybody in the dept was jumping in joy..he's finally leaving us alone..but the thought of his replacement ain't that rosy....
And i's just too good to be true..the good fortune i've been other boss wants to re-aligned me to another major customer...a very difficult customer..they're planning to kick us out from the account..and i'm getting this account...i knew it...nothing comes easy for me..never...oh we go again...slowly wearing my fire-proof suit..

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May 5, 2009

050509 - the ceremony

today is my graduation ceremony
2.30pm Sydney time

congratulations to me, myself and i

wish i can be there.....walking down the aisle of Chancellery Building to receive my testamur from mr-i-dont-know-what-his-name. then off to the quadriangle and scientia lawn for some gediks session with mr photographer!!! but here i am stuck doin one stupid re-org paper at 12 midnite

huwarghhhhhhhh....buntu buntu buntuuuuu!!!

May 2, 2009

Porto food

I've been wanting this dish for a very long time while in sydney..and last weekend i finally managed to get one. i ordered their biggest meal that have everything in it..lala..squid, prawns and fish...
Not wat i expected to be..a slight downer but at least it did wat it suppose to do..fill my stomach..sigh

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