Jul 9, 2006

re-posting bali entry

this is the Bali entry yg ditarik balik few months ago atas sebab2 keselamatan. will upload the pixs later...or you can visit SNAP IT for pixs uploaded by mr evil months and months ago


The Adventure

white-water rafting

this is the best activity we had during the trip...the 1st (2nd day) and the best. i personally like the boom-boom part....boom-boom is where u must held tight to the rope becoz we will hit the river stone and it will go bouncy bouncy...and i mean big bouncy. sometimes kena lalu small waterfalls...and splash attack at the other boat. just imagine the shouting and the fun we had. dalam tv nampak mcm dangerous jer. i can do this over and over again but i cannot tahan the 'batu-caves-look-alike-stairs' tht we have to climb up and down to the river..penat seh!!!

Dolphin tour

kukeciwa...i am really looking forward to this adventure. dah la kena bangun awal to start the early journey. kol 6 pagi dah kena standby kat boat yg ala2 kayak tuh. dear dolphin, kenapa ko tak muncul. do u know how i'm scared of the sea. dah ler kena naik boat ala2 kayak sampai ke tengah laut...tp u didnt turn up. ku keciwa!!!! sekian

Scuba-Diving and Jet ski

this is a last minute decision by us. supposedly, snorkelling for him and glass bottom boat for me (read: me so scared of the sea so naik boat jer ler). bila sampai jer kat tpt activity tuh and setelah dibatu api oleh staff kat situ...we decided to do scuba diving. yeah!! me = scuba diving...giler!! pak hendri try dpt kan best package for us...so staff kat situ bagi scuba diving, jet ski and para sailing. tp me dont want para sailing takut tangan tak kuat. jet ski was fun...ala ala naik motor...vroom vroommmmm....bouncy bouncy jugak bila kena lawan ngan ombak laut. scuba diving plak ok la...ihihih...this is my 2nd attempt for scuba diving. the 1st one is during my training bomba which is just dalam pool (read: air takder perasa)..mmg seronok dpt jalan2 dlm pool tuh. but this time around kat taman laut tuh...seriously i cannot tahan the salty sea water. so i was down there for just like 15 minutes or less. itupun dah setelah beberapa kali dipujuk oleh divemaster yg macho itu...hahahaha. dengan pressure kat telinga dah makin kuat and air masin..fuhh...so vcd scuba diving yg derang buat pelakon utamanyer ialah mr evil. giler posing tepi coral!!! me pelakon pembantu jerk...bluerkkk!! anyway, i'm proud of myself...i am always scared of the sea so the less-than-15-minutes adveture down there is really a lifetime experience.

overall, as mention above the best activity is white water rafting, 2nd jet ski...3 rd scuba dive and lastly dolphin tour (if only u turn up mr dolphin kalau tak sure dah number 2)

The Monkeys @ Uluwatu

ader org tuh dpt kawan baru kat sana. ahdik monkey tuh tak mo bangun2 dr mr evil. one of the monkey manage to climb over me while i was busy snapping mr evil precious moments wif his new frens. but since i got shock and shouted...monkey tuh pun terperanjat and cabut. tu la sapa suh terjah!!!

shoot....pak hendri manage to capture this!! i was busy posing for the camera and suddenly bapak monkey lalu tepi...sapa tak takut!!!

The Food
we are lucky becoz we have pak hendri....though he is not a muslim but he would bring us to try out varieties of halal foods. setengah org cakap susah makan kat bali asyik2 nasi padang. but for us its not a prob. anyway, this is my fav, sate kambing makan ngan nasi impit and sup tulang. kuah satay kambing tu sangat sedap!!

tauhu at tahu cafe. the owner is very creative...dia jual tauhu jer...mcm2 style cooking. tak sangka plak boleh kenyang makan tauhu.

seafood at jimbaran. mmg best...berderetkedai seafood ala2 kat bagan lalang. tp rules kat situ...semua kedai kena grill..tak leh masak sweet sour ker kukus ker except for sotong boleh jugak kalau nak goreng tepung. kata pak hendri derang buat rules gitu utk bg business utk gerai2 semua...yerlah kalau kena masak berkuah...mesti ader kedai yg masak kurang sedap so no business plak nanti. anyway, ader org tuh ader hati lagi nak order lobster...hahhaha...sib baik tak order. giler kenyang!!! dengan air kelapa dia yg besor nak mampus tuh lagik!

lunch after scuba diving, lapar tak ingat. we had our lunch at restorang minang. kat situ derang akan serve semua lauk pauk yg derang jual...tp kita bayar ikut apa yg kiter makan sajer. let say ader 3 ketol ayam pop...kiter makan 2 ketol...maka 2 ketol la dia charge. sayur mcm pucuk ubi dia bagi free. pak hendri kata this is the first time he saw me eating a lot!! hahahah....i had two pieces of ayam pop (ayam kpg goreng), sambal tumis bilis petai, one big paru goreng and sayur pucuk ubi. mr evil lak 2 pieces of ayam pop, 1 piece of ayam bakar etc etc!

introducing empek-empek...makanan palembang. my mum selalu gak buat empek2 but this one is a diff one. this is called empek2 lenggang (lenggang ngan telur). pak hendri kata empek2 ader macam2 jenis and this is one of it. makan ngan mee yg ala2 maggie...kuah nyer plak sweet sour pedas2.

overall, my most fav is sate kambing and next is empek2 lenggang. pehtu layan minum fruit tea. more pixs will be uploaded at cheeky bites

The Relaxation

Our 1st spa is at lovina (kat tpt dolphin tak muncul tuh). and masa last day, pak hendri bawak gi spa kat baliwis plak...ni lagi lama 3 jam. siap dpt facial free lagi tp not my type la sbb dia guna cream based product so agak oily plak muka.

b4 goin to the airport, pak hendri bawak lepak kat ritz carlton. both pak hendri and mr evil siap terlelap lagi!! nak overnight kat situ mahal giler so a few hours nap pun ok ler. byk japanese yg dok situ. lepak kat sini rasa mcm rich and fames plak...bluerkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. thanks pak hendri!!

The Departure
Pergi satu beg yach...balik 3 beg, 1 beg pack, 1 plestik beg and 1 kotak. sekian, terima kasih.
p/s: nasi goreng ngan satay ayam air asia sedap gak erk

overall, we had so much fun. pak hendri was great. he is not the ordinary tourist guide but a friend. with the extra activities he gave us...some of the meals that we supposed to pay but he insisted on paying. oh did i mention that we have to go to kintamani twice becoz our 1st trip tak nampak view becoz of the fog. and the journey to-and-fro took us 4 hours. kalau tourist guide lain musti dia buat tak kisah. but not pak hendri...dia rasa sooo bersalah. we're so lucky that we got him. he used to be fulltime tourist guide but not anymore sbb dah ader business sendrik. cuma kalau ader member mintak tolong and he is free, baru dia took the offer. thank you pak hendri and kareng*ang.

ops...lupa citer pasal The Shopping...harus la buat spesel entry kan...ha ha ha...chow

Jul 2, 2006

banana frapuccino

Evil's Sleeping Pills updated

p/s: i wonder if ppl know abt the existence of ur new blog dear


I hate Starbucks Ala....the guy lied to me abt the banana frapucino...and i end up having chocolate frapucino which is not bad also lah. but still...i demand banana frapucino!!!

ok lah...i wanna join enjoy mr pierre andre on G&G...ahahahah