Apr 30, 2005

Young and old

Weekend finally...but got to go to Pedas, N9 in in the morning. I hate working on Saturdays..but what's new..i've used to work on Sunday night...even sleeping on the office desk ..that was fun in away..given you have friends to share it with...hahaha..
Anyways, in Pedas...i went to visit my partner who suppose to show up but did not coz he was too bz settling his income tax...then what am i suppose to do here? I basically joined a co-op seminar..pretty boring seminar on enterpreneurship...what really shocked me was there were only old people..i mean..pakciks makciks only..where the younger generation? Sleeping? Lepaking?..and this is a Malay community..aren't they interested to be an enterpreneur? I felt pity for my own people...Last nite I was reading Azizi Ali book on his personal experience..and he mentioned to be extreme..don't be the person in the middle of the road.. i know what he meant...there's no right or wrong answer in life..just take any route..if its right..you're making a progress...but if your choice is wrong...rectify it...you have the option to make a corrective measure...in this enterpreneur perspective..take action..just do it..why am I playing it safe...
After the long and winding talks..i decided to scoot..better go back and play DMC3...arrived at home and went on to boot my console...and hitting that button like there's no tomorrow...think I played more than 3 hours and did not progress at all..stuck at level 3...and yes hunn..i cheated!! Happy!hehehe...I mean in the game..not reality..The game was so freakin' tough..even with the cheat i'm stuck at that damn level where I have to beat one huge mutt with 3 heads spewing out barf in ice...
Now..i felt like a drone..in limbo of deep sleep due to excessive gaming...now i realized that i'm not that young anymore where i can stand 2 days without sleep by playing CounterStrike in my uni days...Talking bout young..a makcik in N9 thought i was a kid.."you look very young..22 is it? hehehe..Auntie..thanks for the compliment..or she just want me to buy the stuff she's selling..just want to brag to my other half..think i'll lose the moustache and beard more often then...heheheh

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Apr 29, 2005


I'm drowning with soo many work..My weekly plan seems useless these days...too many last minute request from customers and partners...arghh..It's already friday and i've got nothing to report to my boss on Tuesday..I'm a dead man..now i know how's a cow would feel like visiting the slaughter house..bye bye cruel life...anyway..finished my status report to my team leader..that's a relief.
Called TMnet today and as expected, I can't swap my modem with the wireless modem...have to pay RM 299 for it...then wat am i suppose to do with my old modem..paper weight? Door stopper? Can't they think of some trade-in program or something..even a 6 yrs old can thought of that..
And yes, I haven't renew my license yet. I'm gonna do it tomorrow morning..i hope so..

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Apr 27, 2005


Time really pass me by these days...suddenly it's already thursday and friday..another week gone by and i've got nothing to report to my boss. He'll be wondering whether i'm sleeping on the job..
Tempted to play Devil May Cry again today...but my other half already warned me not to touch that controllers..Sometimes I'll just do against her wish just to pisses her off..hehehe...I liked to be yelled at maybe..in office or home..addicted to it..
Was fiddling around with a p2p software called eMule..quite interesting, not as simple as Kazaa or iMesh..I've been fiddling with it 2 weeks ago and i just can't get it running..already changed the TCP IP setting, change outgoing/incoming ports, changed DNS and so many more variants..but i can't get this stupid software to run...blame it on the machines...hehhe..if i get this running..man...it's gonna be awesome..
Looking forward this weekend...thinking of going to Low Yat and get myself that wireless routers...not sure whether i'd go for D-Link, Netgear or Linksys...Read on the paper today TMnet have a new promotion pre-bundled with wifi router..crap!! Missed that promo..i'm gonna call TMnet tomorrow whether i can switch my modem with the new promo..i'm betting i won't get it..but heck..no harm trying...if not..at least i can vent my compressed anger to the customer service personnel...whose the lucky person..we'll gonna see that tomorrow...
Anyways, my other half is going techie with this blog..suddenly she knew to add in pictures, links and html codes...man..i'm so outdated...

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Lesson Learnt

This week lesson learnt..though not end of the week

1. One must finish work before playing PS2 games. One will feel mentally exhausted and not to mention finger cramped after playing devil May Cry 3 : Dante's Awakening, for 2 straight hours..button mashing games is bad for one health. But it was so cool

2. Finish work/report before going to meeting. By not doing this, it will coz unbearable pain in the head..

3. If things didn't work out as one thought it would, don't spend time analysing the situation..improvise..think..execute

4. Renew license asap. Mine expired last monday..Mr Police man..have mercy on me

5. When the other half suggested to go to Night Market somewhere in Bangi..act deaf...By not doing so, one end up not finishing the report one suppose to present tomorrow coz going round and round looking for fresh foods...but since i'm married..i kinda like the idea of shopping in wet market..the thought of buying fresh food is so invigorating..couldn't figure out wy coz i really hated going for window shopping in huge complexes.

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Apr 26, 2005

3rd attempt to post

ok ok...break the rules...im doing this entry in the off early morning just becoz the other half was busy wif his work last nite so could not hijack his ThinkPad(yeah!! he brings home his work...ok lar rather than him coming home very late - thanks to streamyx anyway).

yesterday after work went straight to pasar P8. i'm beggining to like this pasar not becoz they have everything but becoz of convenience esp when buying veggie. however, i still prefer pasar borong in seri kembangan...they have almost everything. em goin there tonite to get our stocks of chickens, fish etc etc. so tonite, em not goin to cook *wink*.

after pasar went straight to c*sway in P9 to get some supply of cleaning and ironing aid.
sabrina introduce me to this floor shine wuteva...gotta try it this weekend. the ironing aid was amazing but not as good as the one sold in a*way (why do they have to discontinued it??). had my first try of c*sway ironing aid in kerteh so thats make me 'tergedik2' nak beli satu for my own. went back home and cook dinner. so we had these last nite:

sup cendawan
--> yesterday i made this sup cendawan 100% using minyak bijan instead of the normal cooking oil. tumis bwg putih n merah yg telah ditumbuk. naik bau masukkkan air then cendawan. sila adjust rasa ikut selera. ok lar.

malbi (my mom's recipe)
- daging
- ubi kentang (potong cube)
- bwg besar
- sedikit lada hitam
- bwg merah (the more the better)
- bwg putih
- air asam sikit
- kicap + air lerrr
- garam sesedap rasa
--> tumbuk bwg merah + putih + lada hitam. campak semua bahan dalam periuk...and i mean ALL...then rebus naik

udang goreng berlada (got this resipi from zet)
- udang + kunyit + garam + minyak bijan (perap semua)
- cili merah
- bwg merah
- bwg putih
- halia
- sos cili n tiram
--> mula2 goreng udang n asingkan. then tumis cili merah, bwg merah, garlic n halia yg telah ditumbuk. bila harum....letak sos cili n sos tiram n air. tak yah ltk garam. not that spicy ler dear.

so thats it for today.

p/s: thank god i copy this entry in a word file

Apr 25, 2005

A beautiful day

Monday blues...not for me..went straight to office..reply lots of email..follow-up on deals I was working on for the past month..the PO in already!.the 4 most beautiful words a salesman can hear in the world...rushed back to my other office in KL...yes..i got 2 offices since i got 2 bosses...that's where the whole day turn dark in an instant. 3 back to back meeting with my senior manager and i got screwed from 2pm-7pm during these meeting. Gosh..i have never seen by boss so pissed off like today...he really utilised the 4 letter words in every sentence coming out from his mouth...sheshhh...to top of it all...i joined the last meeting with both of my bosses...and there..i got another big time screwing from both of them...life just couldn't be better..hahaha...i remembered my previous VP told me during his board meeting.."it wasn't war..coz war you are exchanging bullet..this was a massacre"...you just stand there and eat lead....
But, i understand their situation..they also got screwed by the upper management..and the upper management also got big time screwing from the worldwide office...As a matter of fact...if this is the jungle where the survival of the fittest applies..i'm at the bottom of the food chain..chewed by the monster above...
Anyway, morale of the story..don't be paralysed with the obstacle...be creative enough to navigate your issues...as Winston Churchill said in his opening speech for West Point graduation day during World War 2...he walk up to the stage..paused..and said, " Never give-up, never give-up, never give-up" and walked down...it was the best speech ever in history...sometimes we given-up easily without trying at all...that's why i got whacked today..
Went back home and the other half is cooking some dishes for me..spicy prawns, mushroom soups and black pepper meat...dun blame me of not knowing the correct menu..i just wallop anything on the table...u make my day brighter again hunn....
Now, i'm in front of the screen and i have yet to start off another execution plan for my boss...do i deserve another yelling from the top..hell yeah! You lazy jerk....

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Apr 24, 2005


today started off quite late....maybe after the long drive from terengganu....sesat somemore. we just couldnt figure how to get to LPT from Kuantan...end up calling up BIL asking for direction. will talk abt the terengganu trip when i have the mood...maybe later tonite.
so today we had our brunch at Italiannies. not bad but i dont think we're coming again for a 2nd time. can see the review below:

for the starter, we had this traditional bun (so the waiter said) that they serve while waiting for our order to arrived. to be eaten wif somesort of olive oil wif balsamic vinegar...think so lah...just couldnt understand what the waiter is saying he got this jappanese accent.

the other half had this - shrimp fra diablo (think so). fettucine wif lots of shrimp and asparagus. ok lerr...very the masemmmm.

i ordered this tropical sunshine (banana + pineapple). couldnt accept the taste or even describing it rite now. so i hijack the other half ice lemon tea and force him to finish off this tropical sunshine (wonder why they name it this ....banana + pineapple = tropical sunshine!!) thats why i request you to buy a common drink dear!!

then i had this bruschetta wif my minestrone soup - the bruschetta is indeed very nice - sort of like garlic bread wif diced tomatoes on top. the soup is not as good as fasta pasta in ikano (maybe becoz they have lots of capsicum...i dont like it!!)

Reality Check

Went back home in the afternoon and arrived around 11pm. Really took my time driving contemplating whether should i go back to Terengganu and continue my holiday till sunday...that's a tough decision....anyway during the journey home.. we stopped by in Kerteh and sat in this stall selling otak2 and satar...had satar during the journey here and it was really hot..they chopped those red chillies in chunks..and gave me sleepless nite with running bowel. Well, in this stall..the satar sold out already..man..must be famous since it's only 6pm..had otak2..then saw..fried squid..ordered that..then saw pais..no idea what was it..ordered that to..then saw nasi air...ordered that also...then noticed coconut jelly..hmm never tried that before..what the heck..ordered that to....total of 48 bucks...shesh...
Pretty boring journey back home..i was imagining driving thru Autobahn in Germany..the ultra uber super highway in the world...if JPJ would allow us to drive more than 300km/h...that would be cool...saw it in National Geographic...driver's heaven..one must floor it with a minimum of 180km/h if i'm not mistaken....whoaaa..driving souped up machines...that's sex on wheel!!
Coming back to reality...my other half happily sleeping while i'm agitated with the long drive..need to get freakin rich and get myself a driver..or develop somekind of AI to drive my car...make gazillions of money and buy Microsoft...that would be nice...ok ok...earth to mars..who am i kidding with anyway...
I forgot to summarize my achievement this week and chart next week's goal...tomorrow probably..need to get some shut eyes..over n out

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Apr 23, 2005

2nd day in Terengganu

Didn't do much today..just hanging around the hse with my ThinkPad on...YM on..launchcast on..listening to Alternative Rock Station...emmm soothing...i need to get one of those wifi router...i can even read/update blog in my small pondering room...that's nirvana!!
My cz in law place is cool though..it's a huge 1 storey bungalows for Petronas Servant..sorta their quarters...it has a huge lawn at the back and small picket fences...not white and no dogs..like on the movies...none of that..anyways..it's cozy, u can have friends come by for barbecue and chill...walkways for joggers..no huge fences or fort like walls like we used to see in KL..I think Putrajaya took the idea from here..and this place was setup when i'm 1 yrs old..5 min walk to a private beach at the back..man..what a life!!

Played couple of PS2 games with the kids...i basically whipped their a** on those games..BTW, to those haven't played Prince of Persia : Sands of Time, do so...it rocks!! But I can't get the hang of playing racing games like GT4 or Need for Speed. Need more practice on that area..hehhee..my excuse to have more PS2 time at home..

We went to "pasar mlm" in somewhere in there..nothing new ..you can get everything in KL..except for Coconut Milk Shake...that's new to me...gotta try those...and also as usual new pirated VCDs...damn they are efficient...all the latest movies have already arrived in Terengganu..tempted to buy 'Sahara" but rejected the idea altogether since i'm thinking of subscribing to eflix...the local version of netflix in US...still toying the idea of paying 5o bucks per month for unlimited supply of DVDs and VCDs...not sure whether i have the time watch movies these days or not..i even haven't watched VCDs i purchased last year during Raya...

My phone haven't stop ringing from morning till evening..customers, partners and officemate just do not understand the term holiday or on leave...these call kept reminding me the harshness of working world in KL...i'll probably suggest to my GM to move to Terengganu where the pace is much more slower..relax..not as tense as back home...is the PO in already?..when? why cannot?..arghhhh...it's like a nightmare..but i like to call it daymare...Wish i have another day to stay here...gotta go back home on Saturday...sigh...

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Apr 22, 2005

Good Morning Terengganu!!

Woke up yesterday at 11am..goshh..i thought it was 9am..Pack the stuff a bit....and went out to check whether the garbage still there in front of my hse..Yup..still there!! Not moved an inch..except for the maggot crawling inside the plastic bag..gross...Who on earth would ever do this..can't they just put it outside their own place...of all places in the world..this bugger happily park it in front of my door..like a present...and it's even not my birthday..sheeshh...
I'm guessing the neighbour next door. My theory was, they are going back to their hometown..where ever that is..pack their bags...pack the garbage and put it outside since it is emitting bad odour...when they made their move..they totally forgotten the garbage bag..but i dun buy this story coz why the heck did they put it in front of my place..they have their pavement..can't they use theirs..it's nearer than my place..one have to walk 2-3 steps further to execute the move...it would be cumbersome and risky...yup..the risk of caught in the act by somebody else like me!!

Anyway, being a good samaritan..i did what a responsible neighbour would do..throw it away properly..and let's hope this incident would not happen again...and if this garbage bag appear again in front of my doorstep..by god i'm gonna beat the crap out of this prick...
Ok..that's done already..back to the trip story..not much to write abt except for the boring journey in Karak highway and the new Lebuh Pantai Timur. It's not as exciting as Plus highway..i can't figure out why but the ambience is not there...we took some picture during the trip..but i think not that good since we're in motion..i hate stopping for picture taking.

Reached Kerteh around 6pm..and greeted with the screaming of Iman and Hannah..that was soothing..hehehe. Hang out with the kids...play PS2 games with them..and chillin. I was quite surprised when Abg Razak told me the whole hse wifi enabled..so i whipped out my trusted ThinkPad and fired it up..he subscribe the 1mb package and bought the modem router box..darn..i want that..next pay day i'm going to lowyat and get myself wifi router...sweettt...

Anyway, watch some home made movies of Maryam storytelling in school..she won by the way and gonna represent the district and Adam's choral speaking..not sure whether he won or not...why they call it choral in the 1st place anyway...beats me...

Then, out of no where i did a google search on Ninja..and voila..i found the site i've been looking for all this while..www.ninjai.com. I watched this flash base cartoon while I was in CDC...but haven't finish it...when i checked it out today..it is already at chapter 12...coolness..i layan till 1am and started on tis blog.

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Apr 21, 2005

sharing and caring society...DUH!!!

came back frm work yesterday and found this. one stupid fella park this plastic bag of rubbish infront of our hse!!! i am very very pissed off!!! and this morning, the first thing that i do after i woke up is to check if it is still there...and voilaaa....IT IS!!! if by the time we make a move to trg, the rubbish is still there, im gonna place it in the middle of the walkway and leave a note!! i just couldnt understand, if u just wanna park the rubbish for a while before u went down, why is it have to be infront of our hse!!! DUHHHHHHH


Finally...after so many months...i mean since like last year okayy...erkk....after hari raya last yr to be more specific........I WILL BE ONLY LEAVE STARTING 2MORROW UNTIL SATURDAY (plus sunday of course)!!!! As mentioned by the other genius, will be goin to terengganu - kijal to visit the four lil brat. both of us are looking fwd to this trip.

yesterday went to bed like at 2 o clock coz i need to finish my report on parl*ament. so woke up wif a not so ikhlas thingy but life goes on...submit the report just before 9...went down to the cafe and bought nescafe ice and voilaaaaa....im fully awake until now. but the other genius...dah flat dah!! i'm not a big fan of nescafe...i will only take nescafe when i really need to be awake and energetic.

came back home around 7 and we had this for dinner:

clockwise: ikan goreng bodowwww, bawal hitam masak lada hitam and carrot n baby corn goreng cincai

ikan goreng bodow
- ikan kembung
- kunyit n garam
--> perap dan goreng

ikan bawal masak lada hitam
- ikan bawal hitam
- kunyit n garam (utk diperap bersama ikan)
- sedikit lada hitam (dlm 1 sudu kecik pun okey)
- bawang putih (the more the better)
- bawang merah ( - s.d.a- )
- air asam
- kicap
- bawang besar yg dipotong bulat
- garam, gula sesedap rasa
--> memula goreng separuh masak or segaring2nyer ikan bawal yg diperap dgn kunyit dan garam (ikut suka). then ketepikan. tumbuk lada hitam, bawang merah n bawang putih sehingga lomatttt...then tumis sehingga naik bau. then masuk kan kicap n air asam. kasi masak sket....tambah garam or gula ikut sesuka rasa...letak ikan bawal yg sudah digoreng...letak bawang besor yg dipotong bulat kengkononnya utk hiasan. masak sehingga agak kering...or lembap2 gitu.

carrot baby corn goreng cincai
- carrot
- baby corn
- bawang putih - tumbuk
- udang kering - tumbuk
- cili blend
- sos tiram
- garam n gula sesuka hati

--> nama pun cincai...so belasah sajer ler

To do list in Kijal:
1. satar satar satar!!!
2. check out the friday nite market
3. coconut shake!!!
4. kutuk my sis new hse
5. nyakat hannah n iman
6. beach beach beach - awana kijal!!


Apr 20, 2005

Sleepy head

The weekend i'm looking forward to..applied the day off on friday..going to Terengganu visit my cz in law and her kids..that's gonna be fun. Anyway, today was a sleepy day for me coz didn't have much of sleep yesterday...tinkering around with this new blog till 2am and have to wake up really early to go the office for discussion with my boss. But, my boss was not available and postponed it to the afternoon at 6pm...man...I woke up early just for nothing.

The day went well, did not procastinate on some stuff..but decided not to call this guy from this college to confirm our roadshow..he's asking me to sponsor RM10k for their event..heck...and that's not even our client at all. .I can't even justify this to my boss..so fugedaboudit!
Drove to Shamelin and check out my business partner doing the roadshow...they are doing ok..but probably not well versed with the product they're selling..so i have to rolled my sleeve and do more demo to the audience..but I enjoyed that part. Talking to people on my product..what does it do..what the competitor can't do..they suck and stuff..hehehe

Drove back to office and do more boring stuff..my mind kept thinking bout the trip tomorrow...I can't concentrate..must concentrate..focus..i can't help it..resistance is futile...Bumped into my other boss...(fyi, I've got 2 boss since i'm in matrix organization) suddenly wallop me for not bringing any business..ouchh...but i think i already gotten used to it. I'm a thick face anyway..no harm done.

Not a productive day as I thought it would be in Monday...but what to do..i'm just a man..another pathetic excuse. Anyway starting next week I'll put down my weekly tasks starting from Saturday to Friday. By end of the week, I'm gonna evaluate my achievement. Tis to keep me focus on my priorities...some time too many unnecessary tasks that made you lose your focus and got carried away. Suddenly you realized that it's already friday and you have not done nuthin at all.

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Apr 19, 2005

introducing: the cHeeKy and EviL genius

so this blog will be on a sharing basis between me, the cHeeKy genius and my hubby, the EviL genius. how to differentiate both our writings....u figure it out (hint: the evil genius wil do harm to your eyes). chiow!!!

Hello World!!

That's usually the 1st word any newbie programmer gonna write for their 1st asignment on programming. But for me, it's gonna be my 1st word endeavour into blogworld. "That's one small step for man, a giant leap for mankind" quote by some men wearing jumpsuit claimed to have reach the moon..yeah rite..anyway a huge leap for me committing to write down stuff in this blog and letting some weirdo read my life in one page.