Dec 20, 2006


sometimes we get what we want without even planning abt it
but sometimes certain other things can be taken away from you so suddenly
nak buat camne...dah hilang kelayakan

whatever it is, bahagian kewangan PRIDE adalah sgt lembab!!!

::misi mencari rumah akan dilaksanakan hujung minggu ini...landed hse vs apt???

come to think of it, i made three diff appeal letter this month (and another one tgh draft)....and 1st result came out unsuccessful. i hope this wont be a sign that the other two pun tak berjaya. at least lepas satu pun jadi la...but plssss...i dont wanna do Master of Philosophy (Strategic and Defense Studies) ...that is so not me...huk huk huk!!! tp kalau lepas dua2 lg cun

Dec 12, 2006


what will happen when:

1. u are new to the org and job scope
2. and you get a very hampeh boss
3. and you didnt get any 'nota serah tugas' of what to do next at the very moment u seat at this chair
4. and nobody advice u on what u shud do so u have to figure it out yourself
5. and only now ur keranis say we must do this..this and this

::u will be mark as a very slow head unit. is it my fault? well maybe...but is it really my fault???? wuteva. ok so i know i shud bring in new changes to the org...but then again...this is my 1st time doin all the paperworks without any guide from ppl here....and 1st time doing it of course there are hiccups here and there. and u know what.....what u did during the previous years...are all so wrong....and i dont like ur concept of "buat je" without taking into account the correct procedure. so it really really my fault??

::but then, to think that i'm gonna leave this place soon wif not so very good record is kind of depressing...again....wuteva!!

::and i smell trouble coming in next month when i have to leave for a month plus for my QA course

::nak buat camne...I AM REALLY NOT HAPPY HERE!!!

Dec 7, 2006

Al Fatihah

Heard the news yesterday. Al Fatihah to Tok Ngah. the last time we visited her at the hosp was during Raya and she looks so healthy.

Dec 6, 2006


a must watch movie for this year. i wont do any review abt it coz u can find it almost everywhere on the net...but i'm gonna rank my fav love story

1. rashidi - rita : huhuhuhuu....sedey okey...tambah plak dgn background lagu nuar zen
2. eizlan - fasha : i never like both of them. fasha acting pun still biasa but eizlan is damned scene dlm erl
3. nanu - que : memula biasa makin lama makin with soffi jikan as pemuzik jalanan (hunn....u must learn frm this guy)
4. rahim razali - cikgu fatimah : aura rahim razali sapa leh deny...the way he talk je dah boleh buat org cair. i like the part yg tetiba dia blur kat tgh2 bandar kl...sedey
5. pierre - amani : nothing much abt their love and so lah tp ader funny moments here and there. i think this guy pierre can be the next rahim razali.

we tried to do phone and online booking tapi tak after my saturday morning appt at ampang gamble pi klcc....very long queu...then we proceed to OU old wing....almost sold out....but we manage to get the tickets...belasah jer la 2 row dr depan...hahahah

Nov 30, 2006

my girl

Nov 29, 2006

i can feel it coming

Nov 28, 2006

up up and away

"when something bad or sad happens, don't you want to just leave everything and runaway to a faraway place? But if you can't go to a far away place, you can go high up."

"when you go up to high place, it gets rid of your sadness"


p/s: malas la plak nak pi KL Tower

Nov 24, 2006


two words to describe a person who are not able to do things that he/she supposed to do.

to whom it may concern:
sorry for the past, the current and the future (if it may happen again)


Nov 20, 2006

my surprise for today

disuatuh petang yg baru lepas hujan berlokasi kan di YM, mr evil menyatakan kehendak beliau untuk dinner di rumah. maka mrs cheeky telah berdecide hendak goreng ikan gurut utk dimakan bersama sayor kopok. sedang mrs cheeky memandu utk pulang, mr evil menghubungi nya di talian 01* yang mempunya customer service tahap lemau. mr evil berkata "i want to eat something light"...mrs cheeky dgn gumbira mengoffer utk goreng indomee style mamak tp telah tidak dipersetujui "i want spagetti"......dan mrs cheeky terpaksa bersetuju utk masak spagetti bolognese. setibanya mrs cheeky di rumah, mr evil telah menelepon lagi..."i think i want spegetti tomyam"....ayork very the demanding tawww. mrs cheeky telah memberi option..."if u want spagetti tomyam, it wont be ready by the time u reach home. but if u want spagetti bolognese, it will be served the moment u arrive". sambil mr evil berpikir2 maka sambil itu jugak mrs cheeky menyucuk2 mr evil utk makan spageti bolognese ajer...and as usual mrs cheeky menang. then suddenly mr evil berkata "i got a surprise for u"...huh.."what is it...what is it"...."ada la..." mrs cheeky tetiba teringat snow globe yg pernah diwindow shopping bersama beberapa minggu yg lepas "did u buy me a snowglobe" evil masih tidak mahu membuat pengakuan. selepas selesai bertekak di tepon pasal surprise mr evil itu, maka mrs cheeky mula berangan psl snowglobe itu sambil masak spageti bolognese. mrs cheeky membayangkan snowglobe itu adalah serupa dgn snow globe yg oppa gong chan telah beri pada yoo rin(spt gambar dibawah ini). snow globe yg hampir sama mcm yoo rin punyer itu kalau di malaysia bila tgk harga nyer pikir 10 kali pun belum tentu tergamak untuk membeli...mahal nak mampus nak dekat rm300 utk snow globe secomel itu. anyway, sekembali nyer mr evil dari kerja....mrs cheeky telah dipaksa menutup mata...ayork...perlu ker??? tp memandangkan mrs cheeky membayangkan snow globe yg comel itu so mrs cheeky telah menutup mata dgn rela hati......and tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...he got me this....
ini adalah sweet potatos yg sejibik mcm yg digemari oleh yoo rin dlm drama my girl. wah!!! ni mmg betol2 surprise...tak sangka kat mesia pun ader jual bende ini. maka sewaktu sessi makan sweet potatoes ini, both evil and cheeky telah membuat lakonan semula drama mygorl...ahahhaha...GILER! sekian

::alkisah nya mr evil menjadi fickle minded tak tau nak makan apa sbb dijangka akan kenyang akibat sweet potatoes itu...hampes...mmg sgt kenyang...kalau ku tahu surprise berupa makanan ku goreng indomee mamak style jer!!!

p/s: and i will keep on berangan abt my snow globe...

Nov 15, 2006

and today....

and today is just not my day....after what happen in the office today and now this very moment....i'm facing with another test-my-patience incident. gosh!! this people here are really started to piss me off!!

cheeky@armpunk 11.55pm

Nov 13, 2006

life in....

i seldom write abt my current job...noo..wait a minute...i think i never ever talk abt it pun in this blog. work must have been so d*mn great that i never complain kan...yeah in prison sucks big time not only to the inmates but also to me....especially during these few weeks...mcm2 kes timbul...arghhhh!!! really make my blood go upstairs!! sabar menanti 30 November 2006 -sigh-

read more here

Nov 8, 2006

obvious song (my girl)

and this is Yoo Rin version...sweet kan
Demam belum Kebah - a song for oppa evil

ah ~ ah ~ ah~
Ah~ Ah~ Ah~

DangGeun ~ Ssong
Of course~ song

Na BoGoShipNi? (DangGeun) Na SaengGakNaNi? (DangGeun)
Do you miss me? (Of course) Do you think of me? (Of course)

AlLeoByu YuLeobMi (i love you, you love me) (DangGeunDangGeunDangGeun)
I love you, you love me (of course, of course, of course)

Na JohAHani? (DangGeun) Na SarangHaNi? (DangGeun)
Do you like me? (Of course) Do you love me? (Of course)

AlLeoByu YuLeobMi (i love you, you love me) (DangGeunDangGeunDangGeun)
I love you, you love me (of course, of course, of course)

Neo ByeonHaJiMa (DangGeun) EonJeKkaJiNa (DangGeun)
Don't you change (Of course) until whenever (Of course)

JohAHae JohAHae (DangGeunDangGeunDangGeun)
I like you, I like you (of course, of course, of course)

Neul HangBokHaeYo (DangGeun) Neul JeulGeoWeoYo (DangGeun)
Always be happy (of course) always be joyful (of course)

SaRangHae SaRangHae~
I love you, I love you~

Of course~ song~

TtaeRoNeun JjaJeungNaGo TtaeRoNeun HimDeurEoDo NeoEui GyeotE
Even if you get annoyed, even if you go through hard times

EonJeNa UtGo ItNeun Nal SaengGakHae
Think of me always laughing, next to you

TtaeRoNeun SeulPeoJiGo TtaeRoNeun WiRoWeoDo NeoEui GyeotE
Even if you get sad, even if you get lonely

EonJeNa HamKke HaNeun NaReul SaengGakHae
Think of me always with you


Of course~song

Nov 6, 2006

My Girl VC - spoiler utk ad

found this and like so much. the person who did this must be very creative. anyway, this is one of my fav OST...try listening it with the subs...huuhuhuhuhuhu -BASYAA-

Oct 31, 2006

dengar, nyanyi dan buat2 paham

Never say goodbye-Mario (my girl OST)

ok ppl...pls bear with me for the coming few days...weeks or maybe months
enjoy the song

Yea, whats going on, 2006, mario and nasty,
brand new classic,
ride with us, its about two guys and hot girls,
yo keep it up keep it up,
two step with me, come on,
lets do it do it do it like this

1,2 baby clap ur hands
Everybody lets go ha ha ha ha
I want yall ladies clap again
Let me hear u say wut wut
oo ri dan dool ee its my story
ddo nuh eh mam ee heum ee nae ga eh noon mool ee
nuh wa eh shi kan eun nuh moo na do gil uh nuh moo gil uh
dda ddeu han na eh mam eu ro dol ah oh gil bil uh
the ghetto nuh eh mam ee ggeul li neun dae ro nun geu dae ro
never say goodbye so get up

if you go away
you will see me cry
don't you let me go
baby don't you let me down
neul ham gge ee suh do duh ga ggab ji an eun
uh ddun eh mi do uh neun jin boo han sa rang
don't you let me go
baby don't you let me down

you never say good bye
han dong an mung ha nee oo doo kuh ni an jah
da shi saeng gak hae ji man
mum chool soon uh ge suh
on tong geu dae saeng gak hal soo ba geh uh neun
nae ja shin ee mi wo
don't you let me go
baby don't you let me down

(Mario) And we the best aint no need to stress
Mario and nasty aint no need to impress
(boram)Yo! nuh eh mam eul ba dah na eh mam eun byun chi ah na
huh na mam tung bin chae ro bi wo doo jin ah na
(Mario)Call it a fling or a love thing
I don't care I can handle any drama that you bring.
bam ggok sae whi mam ggok sa rang eu ro chae wo
(Mario)with out u im better no one could do it better
hello cute nasty best mc
Mario right tight errnight that's right.

I am still in love with you hey
nae mam eul jul dae ee hae mo han da go
I'm still in love with you hey
Let me hear you say hey hey hey

Yo check it nee ga na reul dduh nan da go
oh jik ee sae sang ae nuh ran yuh ja ha na ra go
ggoo ggoo ee nam ja da ge po gi ha jin ah na
only u oh jik ha na only u ee jjin
ah na baby 1,2,3,4 I got the mic check

if you go away
you will see me cry
don't you let me go
baby don't you let me down
neul ham gge ee suh do duh ga gga ji ah na
uh ddun eh mi do uh neun jin boo gan sa rang
don't you let me go
baby don't you let me down

you never say good bye
han dong an mung ha nee oo doo kuh nee an jah
da shi saeng gak hae ji man
mum chool soon uh ge suh
on tong geu dae saeng gak hal soo ba geh uh neun
nae ja shin ee mi wo
don't you let me go
baby don't you let me down (one more time now)

you never say good bye (come on come on)
han dong an mung ha nee(wana ride with the homie right?)
oo doo kuh nee an jah (Wana get right then get high )
da shi saeng gak hae ji man (ride with me ill ride with you)
mum chool soon uh ge suh (you go down on me ill go down on you)
on tong geu nae saeng gak man (yeah~)
hal soo ba geh uh neun (just me and you come on)
nae ja shin ee mi wo (One more time now)
don't you let me go (Say what)
don't you let me down (One more time now)

1,2 baby clap ur hands
Everybody lets go ha ha ha ha
I want yall ladies clap again
Let me hear u say hey hey hey

sa rang do byun chi ah na na eh mam do byun chi ah na
na eh ggoom eul ee jin ah na jul dae po gin uh da
Ill logic real toxic switch quicker than tiptonic
hetero sexual the kids flow is incredible
sa rang do byun chi ah na na eh mam do byun chi ah na
na eh ggoom eul ee jin ah na jul dae po gin uh da yea~

Oct 30, 2006

addicted to...

i'm back and i'm addicted to My GirL
already watch the 16-episodes drama uncut for already 3 times

maybe i shud start calling evil dearie OPPA!!

Oct 27, 2006

Couch potato 101

Raya in My In Law??wake up at late..Breakfast..Drink...Pau brother in law cigarette (father in law hates smokers)...Fight over d remote ctrl with d nephews...Lunch...Watch more torrent...Fight over d astro remote again...I tend to be territorial with 11yr old...Eat more raya cookies..Sleep late in d morning..Day 2 in kedah..Refer 2 above.?This is life!
Moblog via Picoblogger

Oct 16, 2006

dam dam dum...bunyi mercun

supposedly at this very point of time (11.30am), i am enjoying my shopping spree at MV or OU. but then, secara paksa rela kena datang office jugak. kalau ikutkan dah boleh chow skang tp tak syiok la i shall wait until lunch time. so ppl, i'm goin back to AS 2morrow...both cheeky and evil wishing you


Oct 10, 2006

Seoul journey

We finally made it here after yrs of procastinating..Parked my car at putrajaya and hopped into klia transit. Arrived in klsentral in 25min and was stunned when i saw malaysian q'ed to take putra lrt..Gosh, our civilisation have moved ahead. Way to go guys..N now we're waiting n trying 2 figure out how 2 eat here without making both of us look stupid..Moblog via Picoblogger

Oct 8, 2006

Most happening placeD one n only shopping complex in my hometown. My hunn been bragging bout star parade in alor setar..Well, we got our own. Eat that..Moblog via Picoblogger

Oct 2, 2006


we turn tok abib's pre-operation room into a kindergarten

Alhamdullillah the operation went is call the Whipple's Operation/Procedure....thank you mr whipple for inventing this procedure. it is one major operation...started at around 4pm and finishes at 11.30pm. and billion thanks to dr mani...frm my readings, only selected people can perform the operation. and for the northern region it is dr mani. thats all for now

Sep 25, 2006

Is Hell exothermic or endothermic?

Here is a little joke, and for the first time, it's not about or against someone.... Apparently, it's a true story.....
The following is an actual question given on a Washington University chemistry mid-term.
Is Hell exothermic or endothermic?

The answer by one student was so "profound" that the professor shared it with colleagues, via the Internet, which is, of course, why we now have
the pleasure of enjoying it as well :

Question: Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)?

Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law (gas cools when it expands and heats when it is compressed) or some variant.

One student, however, wrote the following:

First, we need to know how the mass of Hell is changing in time. So we need to know the rate at which souls are moving into Hell and the rate at which they are leaving. I think that we can safely assume that once a soul gets to Hell, it will not leave. Therefore, no souls are leaving. As for how many souls are entering Hell, let's look at the different religions that exist in the world today. Most of these religions state that if you are not a member of their religion, you will go to Hell. Since there is more than one of these religions and since people do not belong to more than one religion, we can project that all souls go to Hell. With birth and death rates as they are, we can expect the number of souls in Hell to increase exponentially.

Now, we look at the rate of change of the volume in Hell because Boyle's Law states that in order for the temperature and pressure in Hell to stay the same, the volume of Hell has to expand proportionately as souls are added.

This gives two possibilities:

1. If Hell is expanding at a slower rate than the rate at which souls enter Hell, then the temperature and pressure in Hell will increase until all Hell breaks loose.

2. If Hell is expanding at a rate faster than the increase of souls in Hell, then the temperature and pressure will drop until Hell freezes over.

So which is it?

If we accept the postulate given to me by Teresa during my Freshman year that, "It will be a cold day in Hell before I sleep with you," and take into account the fact that I slept with her last night, then number two must be true, and thus I am sure that Hell is exothermic and has already frozen over.

The corollary of this theory is that since Hell has frozen over, it follows that it is not accepting any more souls and is therefore, extinct......leaving only
Heaven,thereby proving the existence of a divine being which explains why, last night, Teresa kept shouting "Oh my God."


Sep 24, 2006


big mistake tightening ur braces a day before puasa
and the pain this time is greater than the previous2 one
so ppl...dont talk to me

*my father will be undergoin a major operation anytime next week or week after. i'm planning to take long leave once the date is confirm. hope everything is gonna be ok. there's a growth in his stomach..according to doc, not cancerous but then...i dunno...things like this never happen to our i kinda get freak out

Sep 14, 2006

enjoy the song

Sep 10, 2006

Sampai Menutup Mata

for hubby dearie


by acha septriasa

embun di pagi buta
menebarkan bau basah
detik demi detik ku hitung
inikah saat ku pergi

oh Tuhan ku cinta dia
berikanlah aku hidup
takkan ku sakiti dia
hukum aku bila terjadi

aku tak mudah utk mencintai
aku tak mudah mengaku ku cinta
aku tak mudah mengatakan
aku jatuh cinta

senandungku hanya untuk cinta
tirakatku hanya untuk engkau
tiada dusta sumpah ku cinta
sampai ku menutup mata
cintaku sampai ku menutup mata

oh Tuhan ku cinta dia
berikanlah aku hidup
takkan ku sakiti dia
hukum aku bila terjadi


check out the song in tiubkamu

Aug 16, 2006

Reverse forward

Its taken me a very long time to write on this blog..too coz i've got so many things to do..and two, am not a blog slave..I've seen people writing their blog almost in day out...rain or has become a chore or burden. Where's the fun of doing...i just finished reading " How to be Rich" by Don Trump..the supremo of Apprentice. One of his advise is do something you're really passionate about..its not about the money..its bcoz ur love doing wat ur doing..full stop...but if one loves to write or spill their guts on blog,..than by all mean..nobody is stopping you...And i have yet to determine..wat am i going to do in the next 5-10 yrs time...something i'm really passionate about..something i really believed in..and time is running out...As the CEO of Scan Asso Bhd told me..."Bro, you need to do some deep thinking on wat ur gonna do...ur not that young anymore...u got at least 2-3 yrs before its too late to do anything and ur stuck in a rut forever"

That conversation..really made me thinking..Pre mid life crisis maybe..hahaha..and one of that simptom was when i became an amateur paparazzi...Last monday..driving to the office...before going into the SmartTag lane...a black C200 Merc suddenly overtake me..she put up her hand as a gesture..and i waved back to give way...then I saw the car that eja roda impian girl...drool..drool..drool...After getting my composure..i whipped out my nokia..babe..its time for u to shine and make my investment worth it...manage to snap a close up on the car plate...And that was my 1st symptom of pre-mid life crisis...

The End

Aug 8, 2006

am i a shopaholic?

no i'm not...and some frens dont believe me...

You're a Window Shopper!

You know that shopping's a blast, but you prefer to save your money
You hardly ever give into an impulse buy, unless it's a total steal
You've always got the most money of your friends - and you never have to borrow
And you've got a nice wardrobe too ... of classic pieces that last years!

but i have a fren who is a shopaholic. and her name is lilie. and also another friend, sabrina. and when they went shopping, they would just grab and pay (aku exagerate ker ni?)

but anyway sometimes, i can turn into a shopaholic. like 1-2 mths ago, i was soooo into online shopping and i got myself 3 new bags, etc etc

Aug 2, 2006

apa kau rasa....

lama tak update kan? nak buat camne....'busy' sangatkan. anyway...apa yg ko rasa bila:

case 1
u request ur staff to email u the softcopy of a letter becoz u want to do something editing. after nearly an hour he ask u " Puan, mcm mana nak attach file ni?"

pah rasa
ok mistake kot, kat sini penggunaan email outlook adalah pada tahap 0.001%

case 2
u request the same staff to copy another file into ur thumbdrive (note: penggunaan thumbdrive adalah sgt berleluasa disini, so shudnt be a prob). after a while, ur staff said " Puan, ni ade banyak ni, saya susah nak copy surat tuh. Puan tgk la yer kat page 39". and i was like" hah??" and kept thinking...surat 2 page apa hal sampai page 39 plak. and i got the shock of my life. tajuk file - 'surat menyurat ke K***'. click open the file...and woooooooooooo apa 50 pages ni. surat dr zaman tok kadok 2004 until now to one particular agency all in one word file. on another day, i took his thumbdrive to copy a file. found a word file 'memo'...and again...all memo back in 2004 until now...all in one word document. concept yg digunakan adalah, guna isi and tajuk lama just tukor tarikh dan apa2 yg patut.

pah rasa
tak tau nak rasa apa dah. nak suh derang buat sistematik folder, one letter one file etc etc...rasa mcm impossible sbb makin melambatkan kerja. i mean this is ppl yg dah nak dekat pencen and dah keje sini for like 5 - 10 yrs. erghhh.....what i do now is i re-type the letter/memo myself. lgpun kemaruk dah lama tak guna words ngan excel...baik re-type....lg cepat dr mintak softcopy. i am not complaining or mengutuk..but serius kesian kan.

case 3
i did some changes to our format memo. simple changes like heading, to, from, subj and font arial. the same staff susah betol nak follow...he still use the same old heading and font Times New Roman. i dont like letter/memo i sign written in TNR. after a while baru he make the initiative to copy my format into his thumbdrive. one fine day, i got one memo to sign. bahagian atas font Arial with exactly my format. bahagian bawah kat body...TNr....arghhhhhhhhh....huduh huduh!!! jatuh imej babe kalau sign

pah rasa
takde perasaan

*ni baru 3 case....belom lg case2 kecik yg kekadang i have to close one eye and sign. kat sini jenis terus print atas letterhead...memula tuh mmg i would ask them to change some tatabahasa nyer mistake. a very simple and minor mistake. tp kalau dah asyik2 buat.....tak larat dah ni....sign jer ler buat tak nampak. am i being irresponsible??

Jul 9, 2006

re-posting bali entry

this is the Bali entry yg ditarik balik few months ago atas sebab2 keselamatan. will upload the pixs later...or you can visit SNAP IT for pixs uploaded by mr evil months and months ago


The Adventure

white-water rafting

this is the best activity we had during the trip...the 1st (2nd day) and the best. i personally like the boom-boom part....boom-boom is where u must held tight to the rope becoz we will hit the river stone and it will go bouncy bouncy...and i mean big bouncy. sometimes kena lalu small waterfalls...and splash attack at the other boat. just imagine the shouting and the fun we had. dalam tv nampak mcm dangerous jer. i can do this over and over again but i cannot tahan the 'batu-caves-look-alike-stairs' tht we have to climb up and down to the river..penat seh!!!

Dolphin tour

kukeciwa...i am really looking forward to this adventure. dah la kena bangun awal to start the early journey. kol 6 pagi dah kena standby kat boat yg ala2 kayak tuh. dear dolphin, kenapa ko tak muncul. do u know how i'm scared of the sea. dah ler kena naik boat ala2 kayak sampai ke tengah u didnt turn up. ku keciwa!!!! sekian

Scuba-Diving and Jet ski

this is a last minute decision by us. supposedly, snorkelling for him and glass bottom boat for me (read: me so scared of the sea so naik boat jer ler). bila sampai jer kat tpt activity tuh and setelah dibatu api oleh staff kat situ...we decided to do scuba diving. yeah!! me = scuba diving...giler!! pak hendri try dpt kan best package for staff kat situ bagi scuba diving, jet ski and para sailing. tp me dont want para sailing takut tangan tak kuat. jet ski was fun...ala ala naik motor...vroom vroommmmm....bouncy bouncy jugak bila kena lawan ngan ombak laut. scuba diving plak ok la...ihihih...this is my 2nd attempt for scuba diving. the 1st one is during my training bomba which is just dalam pool (read: air takder perasa)..mmg seronok dpt jalan2 dlm pool tuh. but this time around kat taman laut tuh...seriously i cannot tahan the salty sea water. so i was down there for just like 15 minutes or less. itupun dah setelah beberapa kali dipujuk oleh divemaster yg macho itu...hahahaha. dengan pressure kat telinga dah makin kuat and air vcd scuba diving yg derang buat pelakon utamanyer ialah mr evil. giler posing tepi coral!!! me pelakon pembantu jerk...bluerkkk!! anyway, i'm proud of myself...i am always scared of the sea so the less-than-15-minutes adveture down there is really a lifetime experience.

overall, as mention above the best activity is white water rafting, 2nd jet ski...3 rd scuba dive and lastly dolphin tour (if only u turn up mr dolphin kalau tak sure dah number 2)

The Monkeys @ Uluwatu

ader org tuh dpt kawan baru kat sana. ahdik monkey tuh tak mo bangun2 dr mr evil. one of the monkey manage to climb over me while i was busy snapping mr evil precious moments wif his new frens. but since i got shock and shouted...monkey tuh pun terperanjat and cabut. tu la sapa suh terjah!!!

shoot....pak hendri manage to capture this!! i was busy posing for the camera and suddenly bapak monkey lalu tepi...sapa tak takut!!!

The Food
we are lucky becoz we have pak hendri....though he is not a muslim but he would bring us to try out varieties of halal foods. setengah org cakap susah makan kat bali asyik2 nasi padang. but for us its not a prob. anyway, this is my fav, sate kambing makan ngan nasi impit and sup tulang. kuah satay kambing tu sangat sedap!!

tauhu at tahu cafe. the owner is very creative...dia jual tauhu jer...mcm2 style cooking. tak sangka plak boleh kenyang makan tauhu.

seafood at jimbaran. mmg best...berderetkedai seafood ala2 kat bagan lalang. tp rules kat situ...semua kedai kena grill..tak leh masak sweet sour ker kukus ker except for sotong boleh jugak kalau nak goreng tepung. kata pak hendri derang buat rules gitu utk bg business utk gerai2 semua...yerlah kalau kena masak berkuah...mesti ader kedai yg masak kurang sedap so no business plak nanti. anyway, ader org tuh ader hati lagi nak order lobster...hahhaha...sib baik tak order. giler kenyang!!! dengan air kelapa dia yg besor nak mampus tuh lagik!

lunch after scuba diving, lapar tak ingat. we had our lunch at restorang minang. kat situ derang akan serve semua lauk pauk yg derang kita bayar ikut apa yg kiter makan sajer. let say ader 3 ketol ayam pop...kiter makan 2 ketol...maka 2 ketol la dia charge. sayur mcm pucuk ubi dia bagi free. pak hendri kata this is the first time he saw me eating a lot!! hahahah....i had two pieces of ayam pop (ayam kpg goreng), sambal tumis bilis petai, one big paru goreng and sayur pucuk ubi. mr evil lak 2 pieces of ayam pop, 1 piece of ayam bakar etc etc!

introducing empek-empek...makanan palembang. my mum selalu gak buat empek2 but this one is a diff one. this is called empek2 lenggang (lenggang ngan telur). pak hendri kata empek2 ader macam2 jenis and this is one of it. makan ngan mee yg ala2 maggie...kuah nyer plak sweet sour pedas2.

overall, my most fav is sate kambing and next is empek2 lenggang. pehtu layan minum fruit tea. more pixs will be uploaded at cheeky bites

The Relaxation

Our 1st spa is at lovina (kat tpt dolphin tak muncul tuh). and masa last day, pak hendri bawak gi spa kat baliwis lagi lama 3 jam. siap dpt facial free lagi tp not my type la sbb dia guna cream based product so agak oily plak muka.

b4 goin to the airport, pak hendri bawak lepak kat ritz carlton. both pak hendri and mr evil siap terlelap lagi!! nak overnight kat situ mahal giler so a few hours nap pun ok ler. byk japanese yg dok situ. lepak kat sini rasa mcm rich and fames plak...bluerkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. thanks pak hendri!!

The Departure
Pergi satu beg yach...balik 3 beg, 1 beg pack, 1 plestik beg and 1 kotak. sekian, terima kasih.
p/s: nasi goreng ngan satay ayam air asia sedap gak erk

overall, we had so much fun. pak hendri was great. he is not the ordinary tourist guide but a friend. with the extra activities he gave us...some of the meals that we supposed to pay but he insisted on paying. oh did i mention that we have to go to kintamani twice becoz our 1st trip tak nampak view becoz of the fog. and the journey to-and-fro took us 4 hours. kalau tourist guide lain musti dia buat tak kisah. but not pak hendri...dia rasa sooo bersalah. we're so lucky that we got him. he used to be fulltime tourist guide but not anymore sbb dah ader business sendrik. cuma kalau ader member mintak tolong and he is free, baru dia took the offer. thank you pak hendri and kareng*ang.

ops...lupa citer pasal The Shopping...harus la buat spesel entry kan...ha ha ha...chow

Jul 2, 2006

banana frapuccino

Evil's Sleeping Pills updated

p/s: i wonder if ppl know abt the existence of ur new blog dear


I hate Starbucks Ala....the guy lied to me abt the banana frapucino...and i end up having chocolate frapucino which is not bad also lah. but still...i demand banana frapucino!!!

ok lah...i wanna join enjoy mr pierre andre on G&G...ahahahah

Jun 26, 2006

phone conversation

this is my phone conversation wif my 8 yrs old niece

me: bla bla bla
she: bla bla bla
me: nanti u cakap kat tok umi i dah pakai besi kat gigi
she: u pakai braces ke?
me: eh a'ah la...mana u tau?
she: i teka aje
me: pandai la u
she: u punye braces tuh mcm WILLIE WONKA punya tak?
me: hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh??????????

Jun 23, 2006

secret recipe hangout (tiru ina)

last nite was our girls day out (tiru lagi) at secret recipe was so damn great sbb dah lama giler tak hang out mcm tuh. setakat lepak kat mamak p9 tuh tak leh gelak tahap menjerit!! me as usual....yg paling jauh and yet paling cepat sampai...wuteva. of course yesterday mangsa kutukan..kejian...goes to soon-to-be-mrs-lilie aka 12k. thanks a lot lilie...serious dah lama tak gelak mcm smalam.

and by the way sab, i didnt hilang just like that, after having 2 glasses of green apple kasturi...$%$%^&^.....then saw lilie and yanie pusing2 takde keje dlm JJ.....then suddenly everything went kaput...and as mention earlier i have to be home by 9.30 becoz i dont wanna miss my "New World" drama series...hak hak hak. anyway, thanks guys...bulan depan buat lagi nak??

2morrow evil dearie is going to malacca on a very short notice...damn i have to go to dentist alone (malas nak drive ke OU sebenornyer). anyway, 2morrow treatment is just doing some fillings...maybe nextweek...pasang besi kat bawah plak. and again...seriously i think i look cute!!!!

p/s: ader org dah mula bahgia ditpt baru tetiba hr ni pah menderita.

Jun 22, 2006

YM status for today...

"I think I look cute"

Jun 18, 2006


ok...i spoke too soon. i'm beginning to feel uncomfortable with this 8 pieces of rubber stuck in between my teeths. yesterday it was ok...but today....rasa mcm nak tercabut dah semua gigi2 ni. i still can eat but the bites are not hmmm how do u say it...erkk..puas maybe?? plus i have to telan all my food coz i dunt want to end up having a rubber stuck in my stomach. thank god its gone this tuesday...another nightmare will begin....muakakakaka

:: fara, so sorry couldnt make it to your hse today...for the reason above

drimba in the making

From this:
taken December 05
To this:
taken last weekend

both pixs are taken using cameraphone so tak dpt close-up. i have to remember bringing my camera next time we went to the curve coz we always end-up visiting drimba unplanned. anyway, our unit is the one without the balcony...1st flr...obviously not this block. and mr evil saw a stream...hopefully it will turn out almost exactly like the architect's drawing. bye bye widuri...drimba here i come.

p/s: terkasima tgk bungalow depan drimba *sigh*

Jun 13, 2006

go orange go

Your Aura is Orange

Your Personality: A total daredevil, you'll try any thrill. You're easily bored and you prefer to be on the go.

You in Love: You see love as an adventure, and you find most men dull. You need a man who challenges you!

Your Career: Your ideal job is flexible, fun, and maybe a little dangerous. You have the makings of a private investigator or extreme athlete.

Jun 11, 2006

A round shaped ball

I guess most football fanatics will be talking about the most sought after cup in the world..the World Cup 2006- Germany..I'm not a footballer per se..coz i'm kaki i won't pretend to luv the give full review on each games...coz i'm pretty bad at it...But it does not mean i hate the game...coz for me..the meaning of football or as the US would call it as soccer since for them the NFL is thy football..who they hell they think they are...their so called football only played there..but they claimed to be the best game in history...hah..full of BS...

Anyway...coming back to the meaning of football to me is the drama behind the game...its full of dramatic event...full of hardship...sorrow..happiness just like watching The OC...guilty pleasure..hehehhe..and also a quick formula to make friends..My schoolmate told me this secret..There's 2 way to make new friends...1. Smoke...2. Play's an easy tactic but it works...its a tried and proven unites humanity..regardless of race..religion and beliefs...

I remembered in the heyday of Malaysia football scene...late 90's..where Selangor is on top of the friend asked me to ride a bike from my hometown to Shah Alam just to watch Selangor vs Sabah..he got no we rode for 1 1/2 hr just to watch a 90 minutes game...At 1st, we were one down..but then one of the foreign striker i forgot his name..scored a equaliser and we were jumping like mad in the stadium...and i hugged an indian dude at the back of me and jumping altogether..hahaha..we didn't even know each other but that goal unite both of us....that's the power of the game..who would think i'd would hug some stranger at night..hahaha

This game would stop a war..would start a war...and really changes you..that's why it is a beautiful game..So to those girls...wives..mothers who can't seem to comprehend why mens addicted to watch this is bcoz we dun watch Dynasty..Knots Landing..General Hospital...or other soap opera...this is where grown men weeped. This is where men imagines he's the manager..the player..the ref..just to make a difference just like the girls would imagine herself in the drama..same thing....let your imagination run wild...

That's why we watch 22 men chasing over a round shaped ball all over the pitch...just like the heroine being chased by 2 or 3 hunky men...

Oh, as a kaki bangku like me...managed to score 2 beautifuuuul goals for my team this yr was quite a feat...but we lost the FA Cup and the runner up for the league...its all my fault...lambat panas for the season...

"Never talks defeat. Use words like hope, belief, faith, victory. – Norman Vincent Peale"

Jun 1, 2006

Bila diri disayangi - ukays

Terdengar bisikan mesra
Kalimah keramat bermentara
Bermulanya siang berakhir malam ku
Tak akan ku jemu menyebut namamu...

Tiada batasan waktu
Tiada tempat mu tertentu
Di gunung di lembah, di darat, di air
Siapa pun hamba, keikhlasan doa, keagungan
Kasih merubah takdir....

Bila ku sedari diri disayangi
Langkah kaki ini semakin berani
Bila terkeliru ku ucap namamu, terasa diriku
Kembali dipandu...

Engkau pertama, tiada akhirnya
Aku dalam kegelapan engkaulah cahaya
Izinkahlah aku menumpang di sini
Di bawah naungan kasih dan sayang mu
Ku berserah diri...

:: kenaper tiba2 pah jiwang...hahaha...takde maknanyer!! sapa yg pegi DPA mesti tahu kenangan lagu ni masa last day. semacho-macho mcm mana pun nak tahan meleleh tp musti meleleh jugak. apa pertalian darah lagu ni ngan dpa...i dunno....but lagu ni fav en halim yg salu masuk tv skang ni sbb plkn. tak tau la kalau skang ni last day song dah berubah bila big boss nyer berubah. anyway, that 6 months experience masa dpa has always been the best experience in my life. rasa mcm nak pi dpa lagi minus the outdoor activities, exams and u-know-who-u-know-what- (TUTUP MONITOR!!!!!!). masa last day, nearly 280 ppl nyanyi lagu ni berulang2 kali sambil salam2 peluk2. thanks to all my friends for the lovely memories.

:: by hook or by crook i need to go to tesssco this lunchtime to buy me a very cheap radio. tak larat dah nak ulang2 lagu2 kat realplayer ni.

May 23, 2006

Mr smarty pants

Many things happened for the past i think now is the right time to rants. First things lil sis finally and officially join the ranks of undergraduate...starting her studies in matric gopeng in accountancy. Gosh, can't believe it my sis gonna be an accountant...hopefully...or probably became the right hand man for the mafia handling all the money laundering activities...that would be ultra cool. Nobody can mess around with my family then..mess with me..mess with the "family"'ll be swimming with the fishes....

Last week, for the 1st time in my life..I watched the premiere of Da Vin*i Code at 10am during office about tuang, my bossess were there too. And we were so cool about it...Dun want to start a review on that movie..but personally..reading the book is way much better...but to give some credits..i loved watching Ms Sophie Neveu acts..last time she starred in the movie Amelie...i was cupid struck back then with her..drool..drool..Now, she kinda look old for me..hehehe

On Friday, i took another certfication exam for the intel based servers..and i passed!!Woohooooo, i'm not a failure anymore...with 74 freakin percent. Damn i'm good. So i won a bet with my boss Rm150 for passing the exam. But the bad thing is, everybody expecting me to answer all technical answer..crap man..i'd just got certified in less than 72 hrs and expect me to be the Mr Technical Helpdesk.

Last weekend, i had to go up to PD for treasure hunt with some customers..there goes my weekend. I miss my sleep...We were flagged of in Putrajaya and drove thru Bangi and some other weird routes to PD..and on top of that..we had to solve 35 questions..for a newbie like was so freaking tough... But all in all..the treasure hunt..the planing session and team building in PD was great..we had fun..loads of fun...

Come monday, as usual..i had to drag my butt of the bed...i'm so tired..but had to attend the ssl meeting in the goes wallop a bit by boss...but heck..whats new..
Today...not a very good day for me....i went to OU after office to upgrade my nokia hp firmware, with hopes to use my bluetooth headset..kept having problem to use the bluetooth for quite sometime....after leaving it to the nokia service centre for an hour..they told me..the hp went kaput..had to pay RM230 to repair it as it is a hardware malfunction...for one week..ferkkkk...I really wish i had not upgraded the firmware in the first place...damn..damn..

So now i'm a buy a new hp or just repair the old one...hehehe..3G phones is so tempting these days...i can do wonders with those phones..and the irony thing is..before i picked up my phone back..i've bought a nokia car charger....and now i can't use it all.

May 19, 2006

1st month anniversary....

i was bloghopping and found this quote that i want to share with all of you:

"Allah answers prayers in three ways:
He says yes and gives you what you want,
He says no and gives you something better or
He says wait and gives you the best in His own time."Insya'Allah.


hari ni genap sebulan kat per today...i still couldnt get the energy to work as how i used to work in the previous ministry. in fact i'm becoming more quiet here...rasanyer i'm becoming an introvert. no matter how i hated this matter how slow and steady this place is...i need to think positive. i always said to myself and wani the cat that at least we are able to relax a bit here. mungkin itu hikmah yg Allah bagi. but then here, ur on own ur own, u will be working closely wif uniform officer, there's only like 6-7 officer frm ur own scheme and here ur the leader of ur own unit...frankly speaking, i'm not yet ready to become a this is a totally diff job scope wif a very diff environment. all this while i've been hearing frens talking abt the scheme A vs scheme B issues....and now, i'm facing it myself...huhuhuhuhu. God..pls help me to overcome this fear.

yesterday, got an email frm a friend frm the previous ministry. last thurs mr P wif the M came to the ministry and my ex-boss and mr F is the busiest person ever. working late preparing for the presentation..making sure everything is almost perfect. i can imagine the situation already.....sure kelam kabut...gosh!! how i miss it!!! and mr F is the official tukang jaga slide masa presentation...wah!! sure ketaq lutut tuh....i remember last time masa MBSel dtg pun i was like so ketaq lutut wif the presentation...but the feeling of satisfaction lps selesai semua is matter how busy u tired u are working till late nites even during kelam kabut and how ketaq lutut u really pays off. but then, no matter how damn much i miss my prev ministry, i still didnt regret my decision for leaving. i wanted a new environment and job tak sangka plak dpt sini kannn


dear evil, thanks for the lovely surprise gift (though i can actually smell it, obviously la kan all this while u study for ur exam frm mr thinking pad...and SOOO suddenly yesterday 10 minutes before 12 tetiba nak turun keter amik notes....lakonan mu hebat evil!!). anyway, muah muah muah....mlm ni u nak banjer i kat mana plak?? ahaks!!!

May 11, 2006

si botak chris

why chris....why chris!!!!!

off to alor setar

May 10, 2006

schools!!! - tagged by fenot


1. Chim Kindergarten, DU (perlu ke letak??)
2. SRK Damansara Utama - 6 months
3. SRK KGV, Seremban - 3 1/2 years (ayorkk..ahkak satu sekolah ngan amey...bluerkkk)
4. Balestier Hill Pri. School, S'pore - 1 yr (sekolah tutup tak cukup murid!!)
5. Lee Kuo Chuan (LKC) Pri. School
6. Sek Men Saiiins Joohor, ClueWang

*believe it or not, i never took any UPSR or PSLE (they call it Primary School Leaving Exam in S'pore) and i never had my BCG when i was 12 yrs old. and i never experience being call budak darjah 6!! when we move to s'pore, i have to repeat my darjah 4 becoz kononnyer kat sana education level tinggi...wuteva! dalam erti kata lain kena turun darjah!! kalau students frm indon lg byk kena turun darjah.


of course la last minute hero!!!!


none of the above...hahahah

BEST 2 SUBJECTS class masa kat singapore...and art class...kelas2 yg tak perlu berpikir!!!


3 teachers tak cukup ler...but anyway

1. Cikgu Rashid - he taught us history masa form 1...and he is so damn cute (gelak guling2!!). anyway, he's the culprit that makes me wear my watch on my right hand until now

2. Mrs Sim - my add matchs teacher (i never like add maths). kalau dia jalan sebatu dah dengar (exagerate plak)...ketak ketuk ketak ketuk. cikgu yg paling senang dibuli...there is this one time, boys in my class tampal kertas apa ntah kat belakang dia....kehji sgt itu org!!! erk...did i mention that i have to take extra class for add maths?? arghhh!!! tensi tensiii

3. there is this one teacher kat LKC who hated me so much becoz me being a foreign student menyusahkan dia (i think so la she hate me). siap tukor ahkak pi kelas lain plak tuh!!! begini ceritanyer, students kat s'pore kena bayar monthly fees...tak kisah la s'porean or foreigner...cuma kalau foreigner ni mahal sket la. so cikgu ni nak nyenangkan hidup dia...nak semua students dia buat payment via bank in terus ker mcm mana mmg takdak resit ler. so my father dunt want to pay using that method coz he still need the receipts sbb nak buat claim. cikgu tuh apa lagi...hangin la...somemore i'm the only foreigner in that she purposely change me to another class yg ader ramai foreigner. tak kisah la...i like my new class...lg happening dr class cikgu tadi tuh...bluerkkk. nama cikgu dah lupa sbb dah benci sgt!! oh..i didnt tell u that she downgrade the class...i was at first in B class and she put me in C class becoz of that stupid receipt!!

Who do i Tag?
everybody in my link

May 1, 2006

those were the days..

i was re-organizing some of my old stuffs this morning and found this...hahahaha...pls take note that at the time these pixs were taken, the lovey-dovey feelin has not yet bloom....hahahahah..

taken somewhere in 96/97 in KYPM KL...look at that round shaped spec

frm left to right: fenot, cheeky, evil, kusut and cik som. taken maybe in 97/98 at jenny's hsewarming bbq in malacca. look at that pagoda t-shirt and his hair..oh my god!!!

and this is

Apr 29, 2006


If one go to google and typed failure then clicked on I'm feeling will be presented with the bio of some hobo in the US acting like a moron....
But here, in the good ol Malaysia..I've failed my certification exam...and i missed it with one more freaking correct answer!!! was frustating and practically waste of money..RM 285 to be exact...Damn it..Have to take another exam next month or my performance evaluation gonna be a bit ugly...

Come to think of it, this was the 2nd time in my life..i've ever failed in exam papers..the 1st one was in yr...1st sem...Econometrics. That was an unbelievably big mistake...I didn't attend the class coz i thought it was so damn's exactly like Statistics in A-Level i thought...screw the classes..i'm better off playing counter-strike than calculating the index yr of China GDP or watsoever. So, when i took the exam...i was blinking for a couple of seconds and unable to comprehend WTF are these questions all about..Ferkkkkkkkkkk...I used to sailed maths related exams....piece of cake..but that was a wake up call for me...Not to be fuc*in arrogant anymore..especially in Maths...

Talking about arrogance in maths...there was time during my A-level days..Pn Shima, our Add Math teacher was talking bout algebra to the class and the whole boys were not paying attention at all..the girls was a bit intimidated coz we boys are so good in Add Math during the SPM is another walk in the park..we were like chatting...playing pranks in front of Pn Shima...the girls can't concentrate and a tiny bit upset..and then..Pn Shima freaked out..suddenly burst in anger and shocked the whole an 8.5 Richter scale earthquake...and she just grabbed her stuff and walked out of the took us quite a surprise as we never experience that before..I use to get scolded or canned or stand up on the table etc..but this was new..Pn Shima practically gave up on us...ferkkkkkk....
Then the battle betw boys and girls erupted in the class..both parties blaming each other..your know the drill... It prolonged to several weeks and month i guess...where the boys and girls didn't talked to each was quite funny we were like adult but acting like school children...
But in the end..we called it a truce...peace finally set down in the more flaming..blaming..tolerance were uphold...The boys went to Pn Shima's room, and apologize to her..she said " Forgiven but not forgotten" ...we were like "huh"...

Anyway, that was like almost 10 yrs ago...most of us have grown more to think weigh the difference betw good and bad...and maybe some forgotten bout it already...and i can't solve a simple SPM Add Math questions anymore..rusty and tak berkat kot!
I guess, i did failed to be a good understanding and well rounded human being..with responsibility to my friends and family...

"Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense. -Ralph Waldo Emerson"

Apr 24, 2006

no turning back....

finally today i got my connection and email add. yeah...some ppl are laughing at my @p*** address. tak keysah la as long as i'm connected to the outside world.

hmmm....byk nak citer but dunno where to start what to start

Apr 23, 2006

yes? no? yes? no?

Putting on our thinking cap...
Front view

Backyard view

Apr 17, 2006


org cakap setiap apa yg berlaku ada hikmahnya. tp kalau it keep on happening...what can i do but to feel depressed. frm one thing to another thing and one thing to another thing. is it just not my year or what?? quoting an sms frm a friend "but am gonna miss u...."


p/s: kena tukor template baru leh bukak guna IE


test 1 2 3

Apr 13, 2006

Here and there

Since cheeky already blogging bout the trip..i'd rather blog on something else then...Cheeky bought a book by Sopie Kinse*la..the Undomestic God*ess..'s a chic lit but I've got nothing to read so managed to finished it off in 2 i know why i shouldn't buy novels...i can't stop flipping the pages. While reading that book, it does struck a chord as somebody in the rat race....chasing never ending things..the unnecessary stress..and when she lost her way to surburbia somewhere in UK i guess. The slow pace of life..the fresh air..the relax attitude..the close knit community...Lucky i'm going away for a week..if not, i'll be depressed after finishing that book...bad book.

During the same time..i bought another book to...after reading Ifah's blog on the Confessio* of an Econom*c Hit*man...thx Ifah for reading that book..this book is so damn cool..this is my kind of book..conspiracy theory..and eye opener for a mere person like me...Now i know why lots of countries against globalization....the start of New world Order...the thirst of oil and the suffering of 3rd world countries..highly recommended by me...

Then i bought another one before the trip so i won't be bored in the plane. The Search by some IT writer..this is for the geeks out there. It talk more on the history of search engine and how it evolve and mold our socio-culture indirectly. It goes to certain length on how artificial intelligence will be based on search engine like google and maybe..we can just upload our memory to a central server and live forever..Matrix like universe...The word google come from googol i.e 1 to the power of 100..Those people in google are really geeks and nerds......wish i can work there..hehehe

I finished The Search in Bali, so i prowled around Legian Street for bookshop and luckily stumbled upon one...its a small setup and cozy with tonnes of dusty books..the towkey wearing a cowboy hat was a bit stingy to give me more discounts..crap...most of it are in germans and italians...then i saw the book which i remembered my cz in law was reading months was Catch 22. She's one heck of a reader i might add...probably the queen of book reading..she'll be with a book everytime we met..good, if she's reading it..i can read it too..hehehe. But it is so darn confusing..its like watching the movie Snatch or many parallel storyline and i just can't follow the pace of it...

I wish i can just retire and spent the rest of my life reading books...Just like this mat salleh lady in our hotel. Everytime we got out or came back from rigorous shopping, she'll be sitting at the balcony with stacks of book..a glass of water....i guess she bought it from the cowboy wearing towkey..You're one lucky lady....

Apr 12, 2006

yek yek tuiiii

pah keciwa
pah ingat abg botak nyanyi lagu we will rawks u tp
pah terperanjat tgk ace tu plak yg bawak
pah keciwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...hancor!!!!!!!!!!!!

yek yek tuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
i have to delete my previous post on our trip. spt ader masalah ajer post itu...asyik error jer kalau nak bukak blog. i will re-post it again this weekend. anyway, this friday is gonna be my last day in the office. esok dah one whole day kena duty kat sini. so kira - kira ader one day left nak settle semua hal2 opis. sedey ker? hmm..takder perasaan pun. dunno what to expect at the new place...yg penting jgn la mimpi yg indah2.

i'm leaving the ministry at a very wrong time. tu la sapa suh extend. supposedly my transfer order is 1st april tp becoz of the long holidays, i request for postponment. with the recent aReMKay 9 announcement and our beloved PieM decision on doing a short notice visit to all the ministry, sure kelam kabut punyer. my unit is left with only 2 person. today my boss ask me to prepare a format presentation for the visit. tgh2 buat key in segala numbers tetiba terpikir, i'm gonna miss all these numbers and powerpoints format. owh!! did i tell u that besides excel, powerpoint is also my fav. i can browse the microsoft off online to get the best templates to suit my presentation tp salu tewas sbb taste kita tak sama ngan taste mereka. anyway, seriously rasa tak sedap hati nak tinggalkan office with all this kalutness. wopss...american idol dah mula...nak tgk my fav si botak.

Apr 7, 2006

teka teki teka tekuk

cuba teka harga painting di bawah ini...murah giler nak mampus tahap tak terkata

we bought all these in pasar sukawati.

and this one in ubud. how i wish i can buy more and nanti umah jadi art gallery plak. lepas ni nak cari kedai nak buat frame mcm painting kat 1st pix tuh.

Apr 6, 2006

the trip...(part 1)

tengok gambor dulu

The Departure

- masa ni kat erl...pls take note..only one bag taw

The Scenery

1st pix - kat tanah lot
2nd pix - me at kintamani, muka berkerut sbb angin kuat sangat and penjaja yg sangat desperet....sian
3rd pix - erk...dah terforget...somewhere inside their temple...cantik sangat view dlm air tuh
4th pix - mr evil @ kuta beach. just a walking distance frm our hotel
5th pix - at uluwatu cliff temple

to be continued *macam yek yek tau blogger ni punyer ler susah nak upload gambor*

~ me, azie and lilie off to I-KEA later after work. smalam dah unpack separuh barang shopping and as expected....takder tempat nak letak barang2 decor tuh. kena carik display cabinet baru ni...hik hik hik

Apr 5, 2006

we're back

Mar 27, 2006

how i spend my sunday....

i spend my whole sunday browsing the net and i'm stuck here!!!
at the end of the day: hentak paler kat bean bags!!!

Mar 26, 2006

the trip...

See that tall, dark and handsome bowl??? muchkin hubby insisted that i put the pix on the blog. reason: he also got good taste in ID. he bought it during his recent trip to KK. ok la dear, i have to admit that the bowl is so damn nice...but u need to improve on ur bargaining skills laarr. RM5 cut in price is not something to be proud of. anyway, more pixs can be viewed at cheeky's decor.

i'm pretty excited abt our "how-many-times-postponed-trip-to-bali" this coming tuesday. its gonna be 7N8D adventure for us. lama kan??? bought the ticket somewhere in february...u know the RM0 tickets offer...thats explain the 7D8N. we just need to pay for the tax and blah blah for RM268 per couple. got an interesting tour package frm the net. hope we can trust the guy. payment is not made yet...all transactions will be done over there. anyway, this is the itenary...em really looking forward to it.....hopefully everything went well...

Day 1 (28/03/2006), Tuesday (Arrival Approximately 7:40pm)

- Dinner at Pelengkung Restaurant (Halal)

- Check in Bali Gardenia Resort (

Day 2 (29/03/2006), Wednesday

- Breakfast and Check out from hotel

- White water rafting (Lunch Include)

- 3 hours SPA package at Baliwis or Wisata

- Jimbaran Beach Seafood Candle Dinner (Include: 1st beverage, prawn,fish,squid, Clam, vegetable and fruit)

- Check in at Grand Mirage Hotel (

Guests should back to hotel before 9pm. Due to many streets will be close for the Ogo-Ogo Parade.

Day 3 (30/03/2006), Thursday

Nyepi Day. (Silent Day: start 00:00am March 29th until 07:00am March 31st)


Day 4 (31/03/2006), Friday

- Barong & Kris Baliness Classic Dance

- Ubud Traditional Market

- Tirta Empul (Holy Water Temple at Tampak Siring)

- Kintamani Volcano Panorama

- Pura Danu Batur (Holy Mountain Temple: One of Biggest Temple In Bali)

- Check in at Hotel Sunari

- 2 hours SPA (include)

Day 5 (01/04/2006), Saturday

- Dolphin Tour

- Snorkeling

- Breakfast & Check Out

- Sailing with speedboat at Bedugul (Mountain Lake)

- Tanah Lot (Holy Ocean Temple)

- Hotel Check in (Nagasari or same level at Kuta Area)

If get more energy, there is a Night Party at Bounty Pub.

Day 6 (02/04/2006), Sunday

Free & Easy ( You can visit famous Kuta Beach, Kuta Square Shopping & Discovery Mall with in walking distance)

Transportation will be standby

Day 7 (03/04/2006), Monday

- Optional Scuba Diving Lesson (Charge US$100 for 2 people. Include: PADI Instructor, Full Equipment, Boat)

- Uluwatu (Cliff Temple)

- Tea Break at Puri Bali

- Nusa Dua Beach

- Nusa Dua Shopping Centre (SOGO)

Day 8 (04/04/2006)

- ½ day free – late check out until 2pm

- Tea Break at Ritz Carlton (Include 1st soft drink)

- Airport

Interesting huh? too bad our travelling period is during the nyepi day...but i guess it shuldnt be problem since we are there for over a week. sapa yg tak tau and bought a short travel period during that day musti rasa rugi giler.

Mar 22, 2006 (part 2)

me meet
me boss at corridor
me boss ask
me know or not abt the promotion
me sengih kerang busuk
me bos said
me big boss want to suggest to JayPeeAee to hold the promotion
me big boss said once
me ministry got the re-org waran then..
me and fwens can get internal promotion but
me boss said dont want to force me
me boss give options
me stay or
me go
me sengih kerang busuk again
me said
me dunno
me didnt get to see the letter yet
me boss said
me letter is wif
me big boss and now
me and fwens already decided that
me and fwens want to stay
me hope
me wont change
me mind

kalau menjadi ler me and fwens decided to let go the offer, kire dlm sejarah la kat opis ni org request nak stay. selalu nyer semua org tergedik2 nak keluar. tp dgr citer nyer, ader senior yg giant itu yg dah keluor tetiba mcm request nak masuk balik...and ade sorg senior tuh bila dah tukor ministry, baru la appreciate ministry ini. sesuatuh taww opis ni. sebenarnyer hari ni sangat la tidak senang duduk. surat tak dpt tengok duty kononnyer 3 april..selasa depan dah mula nak cuti fanjeng

amaran keras: jgncubaadasesiapayangcubameracunipemikirankuini

me like me like
me got the long awaited letter
me got transfered here
me so happy coz me can get out frm here but actually
me already comfortable here, its just that
me penat already working with numbers
me penat already working with dup dap dup dap feeling
me confuse already
me friends tell bad things abt that place
me dunno
me like here
me like parking system here
me like me room
me like me desk
me like bossess here
me actually like working wif number
me hate karang ayat berjela2 in bm
me seldom write minutes here and thats why
me like working wif numbers
me like microsoft excel
me like everything but
me bored already
me dunno..but if
me go there, it can be worse
me dunt want to get 60 - 70 assessment mark
me think me want to let go the offer
me stupid ker?
me crazy ker?
me silly ker?
me dunno...but then
me need new environment
me want new scope of work but if
me accept the offer
me must report duty 1st monday in april and
me is goin for a long vacation trip on that day and
me will only be back the following day
me know
me can have the report duty date extend but do
me want to take the offer or not
me dunt want lahh
me crazy
me dunno
me scared if
me let go the offer
me promotion will be affected

erk....letter pun kena hold lagi

Mar 11, 2006

Selamat Pengantin Baru

pix 1 - 3: sessi mari belajar mekap di elianto dia suatu tengahhari

Dearest Izyani
Sometimes u are my fav little sista, but most of the time u are not...opss!!!. but whatever it is, i'm wishing u the very best of marriage life that u've been dreaming abt. pesanan ahkak, bila ahdik dah kawin dgn pegawai diplomat ni, mekap kena pandai dan yg penting sekali tudung tak leh kerepot. sila lah belajo ngan ahkak pah, ahkak lilie ngan ahkak jolie yerk. erkk ahkak sab??? erkk...jap pikir jap...erk tak leh pikir. kalau nak belajo mekap belajo ngan ahkak zet ngan ahkak azie. hah tgk ahkak azie tuh dah ekselen dah pakai tudung cap ikan bawal. sekian. pantun ini direka khas utk ahdik:

pi kenduri cheeky naik keter
bila majuk patah balik naik bas
ahdik yani jgn terluper
pakai tudung kena vassss

Mar 10, 2006

test new profile

test 1 2 3
cobaan 1 2 3

dear evil,
one simple question - so who is the genius now? me or u??

Mar 9, 2006

My so called vacation...

My visit to KK was a last minute was 5.25pm Friday and boss asked me whether I'm going to KK or not...Need to get 6 cust to signed up for the CIO event for me to earn the ticket flight. I didn't know that all my cust wanted to go since earlier of the week, only 2 signed usual, boss freaked out and yelling why he wasn't notified earlier to give me permission to go to KK..frankly speaking, i dun want to go since it was my birthday..away from my wifey..quarter closing and such...and everybody kept saying how lucky am i to go...its not a vacation damn it..i have to make sure all my customer are in ok condition..happy and satisfied with our services..crap..that's doesn't sounds right..but they expect to bring more projects during this i wish all my cust would just jot down their project plan this yr and the budget they have...or even better..just issue the freaking PO
So, within 5 minutes..i called my other boss for approval..sent an email to the marketing dept for the green light...called MAS to check available flight...called Amex to book a ticket..picked up the ticket on saturday in KL and was in KK at 6pm Monday...that's why i luv working dun dwell on things..meeting after meeting...just fu*king execution..wing it!! But i hate the rest of things here...
For the 1st time for a very long time..i was enjoying Sunday again..after knowing my whole team will be away..meaning no sales review meeting on monday..yeahooo...but i spoke too soon...we had the review on tuesday evening in the hotel rooms...and as wallop by boss..ouch!!
I was a last minute entry for this event..there was no available rooms for me...and since boss was sleeping alone..he offered me to bunk into his room..WTF...why me?? I was begging my marketing team to get me a room..any room...i'd rather sleep on the beach then with him..its gonna be pretty awkward..He promised not to do any Brokeback Mountain actions...heheehe..I'm not laughing......this is not funny...
That night..after picking my cust at the airport..i went straight to boss's room...walking slowly thru the aisle..looking at the room mind processing tonnes of info..what to do..should i go to sleep straight i pretend to work and look i sleep on the floor...which's a queen bed..not even singles..ferkkkkkkkk

to be continued...