May 30, 2007

10 things to do before going off..

1. Resignation letter - via
Cool website for resignation letter template. Just fill in the blank and voila..a complete letter with no grammar error in word doc. This is the 2nd time I used the site...

2. Garage Sale
Setup tobesold for the junk we accumulated over the yrs...Sold couple of stuff but still more to go. Maybe i should use ebay instead..Nahhh

3. Change of address
Tonnes of letters will be spread over 3 house previously rented by us..This gonna be a mess.

4. Credit Card settlement
This is a tough one...Not getting my commission this quarter..So i pretty much stuck with it until i can get a decent job in McD to pay off my debt.

5. D'Rimba House
Also another's not yet CF...still paying the mortgage...and i can't rent it out..damn it

6. Migrate all my Firefox favourites to my cheekypah TP...given that she's willing to share it with me...Also other the new home...

7. Watch all the movies slated this June and July
- Transformers
- Fantastic Four - The Rise of The Silver Surfer
- My mind stucked with these two...any suggestion hunn? Korean drama not valid suggestion!

8. Secure good relationship with friends to make sure i can get a job later...VERY IMPORTANT

9. Submit claims...i'm broke right now

10. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.. Do rounds for our fav local dishes...
- Muhibbah Restaurant
- Jalan Bellamy - DONE
- Alisara
- Bumbu Bali...ok this one is not local..but who cares
- Rafflesia
- Uptown - DONE
- Santa's Chappati
- Maju-Maju...hehehe
- The Seoul..not sure whether it can make the list..DONE
- The place in Bulatan Pandan..dunno what its called
- Bagan Lalang - Sicked with it considered DONE
- Malee - the monkeys still there i guess...Off the list

List to be updated later.....

May 23, 2007

my tooth and my new pay

just the rite timing.....
on the day pak lah announce the salary gigi buat hal
so the following day...which is yesterday...burn RM650 just like that!!
my lower wisdom tooth dah tak dpt diselamatkan lagi
nak buang kena buat surgical method
so i just proceed with the surgery on the very same day
malas nak tangguh2 sbb sakit yg amat sampai ke kepala
free2 dpt MC 5 rasanyer esok nak masuk opis gak
just setakat bengkak jer kat belah dalam ni rasanyer leh buat keje lagi
(keje byk tertangguh sebenarnyer)

*sempatkah aku merasa gaji baru itu??

May 21, 2007

dlm banyak2 klippings...perlu ke astru letak klipping yg itew jugak dlm promo congrats and thank you to the students, teachers and pengkritik??? sampai bila la agaknyer derang nak tunjuk promo itu....ihihihih

May 20, 2007

abt the finale

1. my sista giler kamera...serius punyer giler kamera...dah la duduk depan fans aswad yg komen

2. i went to final AF3 and now AF5, final AF5 paling dabomb

3. mana fans candy? no banner and no shouting for her

4. no banner for mila....but shouting for her came frm one whole stadium (including me)

5. during karnival.....booth mila sama taraf ngan booth shawal....tu pun kire nasib baik ader booth kecik...drpd si candy langsung takdak booth. non-finalist yg ader booth cuma shawal and dafi.

6. sorakan for non-finalist paling gempak is for fact sorakan dia lagi kuat drpd some of the finalist (no...i'm not being bias). next is dafi.

7. suara shawal mmg power habis bila dgr fact lg best drpd some of the finalist (again...i'm not bias)

8. almost the whole audience (yg kat arena i notice) sang along with shawal masa lagu kau ilham ku (bias ke ni...tak kan?)

9. masa karnival sambutan paling hangat goes to shawal (serius tak bias ni...mmg betol!!)

10. LJ mcm barbie doll smalam

11. sista giler kamera...aduhhhhh


update after watching ulangan:

1. tidakkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!! i hope nobody notice it

2. sound system kat stadium way way much much more better

3. performance ebi and aswad utk cover version nampak boring on tv...padehal kat stadium kurang gempak sikit jer dr mila nyer cover version

4. sore shawal dlm tv serak..apsal erk...kat stadium tak dgr serak langsung (serius...tak bias)

5. tribute to aznil nampak buhsan on tv...kalau kat stadium they will display klippings aznil dr mula AF1...tu yg buat meaningful

6. tak dengar sangat audience sing along with shawal utk lagu tribute (me bias)

7. why oh why i am seated there!!!!

May 13, 2007

a go go

sms conversation wif my 14 yrs old niece

niece: shaawal keluar!!!
me: i malas la nak pi konsert final
niece: i pun dah malas nak pi

cis!!! kengkunun before goin down and under, must do list includes tgk final AF at the stadium. siap dah dapat ticket kat area arena tp sekali tgk mr a go go terkeluar plak smalam. hampeh!! well, tak expect pun dia nak jadi juara just want to see him in final jer...ahahahah. and mr evil!! pls stop laughing okeh

May 5, 2007

a go go

:: Alhamdullillah dah lepas IELTS. walaupun result tak sebest 11 yrs ok la sbb dah lepas. tp datang satu masalah...2 univs offered me 4 subject for credits transfer. meaning my course duration is now reduced to exactly one year. so whats the problem?? problem is kalau setahun atau kureng...hubby will not be covered...camne tuh?? adeih!! yg kelakornyer satu univ tuh even bagi credit transfer subjects that i never took...kenaper erk? mmg cenggitu ker?? hish fenin fenin!!
:: 2 minggu datuk takdak...terasa indahnyer dunia

last but not least..

:: A Go Go!!!!!