Feb 26, 2009

Call center quiz show

For the past couple of years..call center have came up with a very bright idea..verifying the callers by asking some random questions abt the person's mother or how he pays the credit card bill...on the surface..it's easy..coz as a consumer..one do not have to memorize some stupid 10 digit verification pin code...and the questions are pretty easy..2-3 minutes and ur done.
But the problem surfaces it's ugly head when..like me have to call the center 3 times in a day..coz each call I made..the helpdesk unable to give a straight answer regarding my replacement card and promised to call me back..yeah rite..I have better chance winning the lottery or marrying adriana lima..wait..she just got married..darn it..strike that off from my wish list..
So the quiz show begins...what's ur billing? And like most of us..I moved a lot..and when we went to australia..I changed my billing address again to either my hometown or the in-law...sometimes my brother's place..so I think I gave the wrong answer to the lady it seems..so she asked me another question..wat's my mother's name..piece of cake..wat's ur credit limit? Frankly speaking I never bothered abt my credit limit coz in oz I never used it..so again wrong answer..
The more wrong answer I gave ..the more questions she gave me back...I think this person is screwing with me..thinking she's jalaludin hasan in who wants to be a millionaire ( note to danny boyle : slumdog rawks...as good as trainspotting!) ..she might just mute the phone and laughing her ass off on how dumb this dude is...can't answer a simple questions
So after one round of quiz show...which I dunno the answers I gave are correct or not...she went to check into the system ( I hoped it's not DOS or something primitive) and gave me an innocent answer..."there's nothing in the sys abt ur zing card..are u sure u applied for it"..ok..first u treat me like an idiot..now i'm a moron? So I explained everything from the beginning on my predicament..why I applied a new credit card..the zing card..the delivery to the branch..the multiple calls I made abt both card to ensure everything in order...she listened and hopefully took some notes..not! And promised to get back to by end of the day.
At 4.30pm I called to make sure everything is ok..and nobody called me yet....so I have to go thru the same ordeal again..so to cut this entry short..read back from second paragraph...
Then by 7pm since it is confirmed it's the end of the day..and nobody called me yet...pls read the second paragraph again....
At the end of this quiz show..I answered a bunch of questions without winning anything...and they can't even answer my one question...where is my effing zing card???
Today I called again coz the 7.30pm person didn't return my call..figures...and yet again the same questions...then I put my foot down refusing to be interrogated like a terror suspect with these lame ass questions..I mean c'mon..it's not like I want to access to the billions dollars stashed in the account..I just wanna know where is my zing card..it's not that confidential...who cares if a nigerian scam artist got hold of this info....and this dude acting like a nazi helpdesk..sorry I cannot help you..minus the accent..so after the stand off..both dun want to cave in...and I really need the zing card..and to get things moving...I again answered the questions..this time before he finishes each question...hahaha up yours sucka..
Finally he confirmed no application was lodged for my card...I took deep breath..and look up the ceiling...I wish I can upload myself into this phone and download back at the other side of this line and smack his face with the keyboard..but i'm just to tired to argue..it ain't that hard to answer my question ...so gotta wait another 2 more freakin week for it..would there be an additional entry abt this..I seriously hope not...

p/s : this entry was written wholly in one sitting while waiting for the missus at the car park..many mosquitoes died during the making of this entry...

Feb 24, 2009

The interview

One thing I hate abt going for interviews..is the aptitude test..it's not just abt the writing skills and grammar..but they test you on logical thinking..i'm not mensa member for crying out loud. The last time I did an algebra question was 10 yrs ago...arghh...my brain is working overtime..it's been idle for a very long time. If they gave me the questions while I was 18...it would be piece of cake..now it's like rocket science...
I should have practiced with kelly's kumon work book before going to this interview...there was 3 part questions with each part consisting of 40 multiple choices...wish i'd brought along my lucky dice..all are weird questions like abefnu..so wats the next alphabet?...the math part was the last one I did..lots of fractions and algebra...and when I was doing the 10th question..the hr lady took away my paper...noooooo....my brain had just shifted to 2nd gear and flexing its muscles when I realized I spent 2hrs doing the test.
To further my brain injury..I have to write an essay using my own handwriting..gosh it was so bad..i'm so used to convey my thoughts using keyboard or keypad..that my handwriting was so alien to me. I can't believe my handwriting is that bad..I usually joke abt it with the mates in my previous office..my mom always wanted me to be a doctor but I flunked my biology...so doctor's handwriting is the closest thing I ever achieve in medical profession...
Then came the occasional interview.....most of the questions are std..like..tell me abt urself?..or r u comfortable working long hours?..so I just yadda yadda..my std answers..an unbelievable bs spewing out of my mouth..it was a party in there!..
So would I get it...I hope not...it's a 20million quota for god sake...with a measly pay...so off to the hunting ground again....

Feb 22, 2009

A driver's guide to the galaxy - part deux

Over the past 3 weeks..i've been studying the random traffic from USJ to Jln Duta..and based upon a book called Chaos Theory..those traffic jams are not random..there are patterns...and if I look close enough...I can beat the system..I mean the traffic...there are just couple of variables to be considered like time, lanes, traffic lights and heavy vehicles..not to mention the accident at the roadside and causing the chain effect to the rest of the traffic...it's like
malaysian are astonished or marvelling the accident around them...or just ppl changing tyres...
Below are my foundings...not that many but close and good enough to be used..
1. The road from USJ heading to the NKVE USJ tolls...huge traffic..but stick to the right lane before 'pancuing' to the left..given it's a green at the front of the right lane..shud be smooth sailing
2. When exiting the Jln Duta toll..given a smartag user...do not use the right lane..it's a no brainer...everybody is targeting the most right smartag booth..wrong...choose the most left booth beside the TnG booth..it's the least used...but given there is no idiot coming up with his/her own lane..so you'll experienced 5 queues with only 3 booth...but still the left booth is the best bet..human are just sheep with slight brain advantage...they will all go to the right lane...(it's just like a study I read previously of the urinal usage in
public toilet...if the 1st person goes to the most right urinal....the 2nd person would go to the most left urinal...it's predictable)
3. After exiting the toll...choose the lane directly below the sign ' jalan duta'..it's sorta the middle lane..slightly slower than the rest of the lanes..but optimally the easiest route...coz no need to change lane at the junction heading to pahang or something...and also at the junction heading to PBD...so no hassle giving signal if malaysian ever do...and easier to manual trans car...no gear
4. Heading back to USJ...i'm better off with LDP than NKVE...it's
chaos betw damansara to subang...with lorries suddenly appearing from
the woodwork...exit to Federal Hiway in Motorola..stick to the left
lanes..nobody uses it...The trick here is to switch lanes at the most optimum time and area....not randomly changing based upon the current situation...chaos Theory says...in every random act..if one see closely..a pattern will emerge..ok not a direct quote but close...plus i've got nothing to do
while driving..the radio is broken..keep forgetting to bring my ipod...so I spend my time observing traffic...it's kinda amusing.. I did this observation while travelling up and down all the way from putrajaya to bandar utama almost 2 yrs ago...my 2nd job...ukur jln LDP everyday...

Feb 16, 2009

ke US buat kali ke 3....

seumur hidup baper kali mau pegi BTN daaaaa


Feb 15, 2009

A weekend full of mishap

- the wife went to kluang

- the husband hit the neighbour's harrier while driving the brother's car
- the grille contractor only turn up at drimba after 21/2 freaking hrs of waiting
- suddenly got a call from freight agent....stuffs will be arriving at sirpunk in 2 hrs time
- the grille contractor cannot install the grille because of the mgt rule : no reno work in the afternoon during the weekend
- rush back to sirpunk waiting for 39 items from sydney
- uncle in a coma state after a motor accident.

- another relative passed away in banting
- rush to jln duta to fetch the wife

And now waiting for aam towtruck at shell toll jln duta coz the timing belt is hanging by the thread
What a weekend for my dearesr laki
Dopod 838Pro

Feb 11, 2009


After so many moon...I finally can savour the taste of big breakfast...maybe it's the coffee or the hash brown...but nothing can replace breakfast in mcd. Sydney do have halal mcd...but who wants to take an early bus just for a hash brown...I can strike that one off now...sigh..next would be chappati behind tawakal hospital..

Dopod 838Pro

Feb 10, 2009

A driver's guide to the galaxy

The other day I took along kelly to fetch her bibi from office..the idea was to keep me company while waiting for the madam..
Bringing her along is a big mistake..she can't stop talking in the car.and she was driving me crazy!..why me!!what have I done in my previous lifetime to deserve this..it seems her tok abib did complained abt her skill of non stop chattering from alor setar to kl...that's abt 450km of driving or 5hours of non stop high pitch voice.
She might turn up to be a great politician..as long as it not the perak assemblymen..

The wifey is not helping too...dunno when she gonna finished...trying to show off to the boss she can work late too..yeah riteee...not sure how long can she do this...
Anyway..last friday the madam wants to go to klcc for a freakin lunch...expected me to be there by 12noon...I was happily watching some HBO movies when she called and asked me to move my butt. So I hastily rushed out without knowing the ending of the movie..I wanna know wat happen... arghhhh..when halfway thru the journey an sms came in and says "tak jadi"...I was like...what the xxxx! I wasted good ending of a movie to be stucked in a jam where I have to turn back and do the other side of the traffic jam...ain't life great!

Dopod 838Pro

Feb 8, 2009

kiah joyah dan bedah

hari ni lepak ngan cik kiah, cik joyah dan cik bedah saya
oh cik bedah sungguh ayu sekali berbaju kurung di klcc pd hari ahad
best betol keluar ngan dotdot confirm
org yg dotdot memangku tak yah buat apa bila bil sampai

cik timah di sri lanka tu jgn la jeles

Feb 5, 2009


i have this one very bad habit....whenever balik lambat mesti lupa nak punch out. and yesterday...after 18 months of not working i am back to that very bad habit of mine. yg sadis nyer dah nak sampai umah baru leh teringat. most of the time kat parking lot baru teringat so boleh la patah balik utk punch out. but work wise everything shud be ok i hope. new place - new experience - bigger scope - new culture and at the moment....im lurving it!!! but then sendiri mintak posting KL sendiri tanggung la segala traffic di pelusuk alam....ahahhaa!!

saya tak tau nak update apa. i dont usually blog at the office but i'm just too tired to write an entry at home. so u'll be getting less from me from today onwards. especially now since both of us belum settle down. hidup menumpang...kereta pun pinjam. i need to prioritize...

1. rumah
2. kereta
3. braces (harus masuk top 3!!)

byk bende nak kena buat ni...tensen gua!!! pening!!!

Feb 4, 2009

Here we go again

After an 18 months of whirlwind vacation..we're both back on the saddle again...in the rat race...well wifey is...i'm still jobless and the thought of 10000 ppl have been retrenched within a month freaks the crap out of me.I think i'm paying the price for it....uncertainty.Exactly the same feeling when we first arrived in Kingsford Smith Airport..wat happens next..then wat..are we gonna be ok?..those thoughts has creep back into my mind.....getting into the world of unknown...it was scary and exciting at the same time..frustrating and exhilarating most of the time..met couple of unpleasant characters and bucket loads of friends...Well, on the bright side if there is any...if we're given the same opportunity to do this again..we'll do it again in a heart beat *pls note 'we' in this context means me only..heheh
Anyway..this entry is not a pity party for me..none at all...coz we never regretted the decision we made..or did I vetoed that one..I forgot..hoped she does too..so we can do this again...

Dopod 838Pro

Feb 1, 2009


Is that the correct past tense for bowl? I was fiddling around with my dopod and saw a pic wifey took.We bowled...(ok the word sounds fishy) for a game...aud8 per person during the school holidays..shoes included..
I totally forgot to bring the dslr...so this crappy camera would do...can't even take the pic of the final score..anyways...most of them are noobs...not like me the pro..hehehe...no need to use the bumper thingy to score...adam does his best to aim for the bumper to get that sacred angled entry of the pin. He still claim his innocence and not deliberate but knowing him playing video game with cheat code in hand all the time...
Hannah is with her usual antics...the drama queen...so we just pretended it never happened and practically ignores her. Kakak maryam is the late bloomer coz she struggled lifting the heavy balls so in the end have to concede lifting 6kg ball like iman...ain't no shame in there....hahaha
Iman..my little grasshopper or apprentice..the young jedi she's destined to be... on wii sport that is...did great..she is the chosen one...now come to the dark side young skywalker!
Btw..the wifey did badly too...can't even reach the sacred triple digit...sigh. All those wii training does nothing to her ball throwing skill..

Dopod 838Pro