May 23, 2006

Mr smarty pants

Many things happened for the past i think now is the right time to rants. First things lil sis finally and officially join the ranks of undergraduate...starting her studies in matric gopeng in accountancy. Gosh, can't believe it my sis gonna be an accountant...hopefully...or probably became the right hand man for the mafia handling all the money laundering activities...that would be ultra cool. Nobody can mess around with my family then..mess with me..mess with the "family"'ll be swimming with the fishes....

Last week, for the 1st time in my life..I watched the premiere of Da Vin*i Code at 10am during office about tuang, my bossess were there too. And we were so cool about it...Dun want to start a review on that movie..but personally..reading the book is way much better...but to give some credits..i loved watching Ms Sophie Neveu acts..last time she starred in the movie Amelie...i was cupid struck back then with her..drool..drool..Now, she kinda look old for me..hehehe

On Friday, i took another certfication exam for the intel based servers..and i passed!!Woohooooo, i'm not a failure anymore...with 74 freakin percent. Damn i'm good. So i won a bet with my boss Rm150 for passing the exam. But the bad thing is, everybody expecting me to answer all technical answer..crap man..i'd just got certified in less than 72 hrs and expect me to be the Mr Technical Helpdesk.

Last weekend, i had to go up to PD for treasure hunt with some customers..there goes my weekend. I miss my sleep...We were flagged of in Putrajaya and drove thru Bangi and some other weird routes to PD..and on top of that..we had to solve 35 questions..for a newbie like was so freaking tough... But all in all..the treasure hunt..the planing session and team building in PD was great..we had fun..loads of fun...

Come monday, as usual..i had to drag my butt of the bed...i'm so tired..but had to attend the ssl meeting in the goes wallop a bit by boss...but heck..whats new..
Today...not a very good day for me....i went to OU after office to upgrade my nokia hp firmware, with hopes to use my bluetooth headset..kept having problem to use the bluetooth for quite sometime....after leaving it to the nokia service centre for an hour..they told me..the hp went kaput..had to pay RM230 to repair it as it is a hardware malfunction...for one week..ferkkkk...I really wish i had not upgraded the firmware in the first place...damn..damn..

So now i'm a buy a new hp or just repair the old one...hehehe..3G phones is so tempting these days...i can do wonders with those phones..and the irony thing is..before i picked up my phone back..i've bought a nokia car charger....and now i can't use it all.

May 19, 2006

1st month anniversary....

i was bloghopping and found this quote that i want to share with all of you:

"Allah answers prayers in three ways:
He says yes and gives you what you want,
He says no and gives you something better or
He says wait and gives you the best in His own time."Insya'Allah.


hari ni genap sebulan kat per today...i still couldnt get the energy to work as how i used to work in the previous ministry. in fact i'm becoming more quiet here...rasanyer i'm becoming an introvert. no matter how i hated this matter how slow and steady this place is...i need to think positive. i always said to myself and wani the cat that at least we are able to relax a bit here. mungkin itu hikmah yg Allah bagi. but then here, ur on own ur own, u will be working closely wif uniform officer, there's only like 6-7 officer frm ur own scheme and here ur the leader of ur own unit...frankly speaking, i'm not yet ready to become a this is a totally diff job scope wif a very diff environment. all this while i've been hearing frens talking abt the scheme A vs scheme B issues....and now, i'm facing it myself...huhuhuhuhu. God..pls help me to overcome this fear.

yesterday, got an email frm a friend frm the previous ministry. last thurs mr P wif the M came to the ministry and my ex-boss and mr F is the busiest person ever. working late preparing for the presentation..making sure everything is almost perfect. i can imagine the situation already.....sure kelam kabut...gosh!! how i miss it!!! and mr F is the official tukang jaga slide masa presentation...wah!! sure ketaq lutut tuh....i remember last time masa MBSel dtg pun i was like so ketaq lutut wif the presentation...but the feeling of satisfaction lps selesai semua is matter how busy u tired u are working till late nites even during kelam kabut and how ketaq lutut u really pays off. but then, no matter how damn much i miss my prev ministry, i still didnt regret my decision for leaving. i wanted a new environment and job tak sangka plak dpt sini kannn


dear evil, thanks for the lovely surprise gift (though i can actually smell it, obviously la kan all this while u study for ur exam frm mr thinking pad...and SOOO suddenly yesterday 10 minutes before 12 tetiba nak turun keter amik notes....lakonan mu hebat evil!!). anyway, muah muah muah....mlm ni u nak banjer i kat mana plak?? ahaks!!!

May 11, 2006

si botak chris

why chris....why chris!!!!!

off to alor setar

May 10, 2006

schools!!! - tagged by fenot


1. Chim Kindergarten, DU (perlu ke letak??)
2. SRK Damansara Utama - 6 months
3. SRK KGV, Seremban - 3 1/2 years (ayorkk..ahkak satu sekolah ngan amey...bluerkkk)
4. Balestier Hill Pri. School, S'pore - 1 yr (sekolah tutup tak cukup murid!!)
5. Lee Kuo Chuan (LKC) Pri. School
6. Sek Men Saiiins Joohor, ClueWang

*believe it or not, i never took any UPSR or PSLE (they call it Primary School Leaving Exam in S'pore) and i never had my BCG when i was 12 yrs old. and i never experience being call budak darjah 6!! when we move to s'pore, i have to repeat my darjah 4 becoz kononnyer kat sana education level tinggi...wuteva! dalam erti kata lain kena turun darjah!! kalau students frm indon lg byk kena turun darjah.


of course la last minute hero!!!!


none of the above...hahahah

BEST 2 SUBJECTS class masa kat singapore...and art class...kelas2 yg tak perlu berpikir!!!


3 teachers tak cukup ler...but anyway

1. Cikgu Rashid - he taught us history masa form 1...and he is so damn cute (gelak guling2!!). anyway, he's the culprit that makes me wear my watch on my right hand until now

2. Mrs Sim - my add matchs teacher (i never like add maths). kalau dia jalan sebatu dah dengar (exagerate plak)...ketak ketuk ketak ketuk. cikgu yg paling senang dibuli...there is this one time, boys in my class tampal kertas apa ntah kat belakang dia....kehji sgt itu org!!! erk...did i mention that i have to take extra class for add maths?? arghhh!!! tensi tensiii

3. there is this one teacher kat LKC who hated me so much becoz me being a foreign student menyusahkan dia (i think so la she hate me). siap tukor ahkak pi kelas lain plak tuh!!! begini ceritanyer, students kat s'pore kena bayar monthly fees...tak kisah la s'porean or foreigner...cuma kalau foreigner ni mahal sket la. so cikgu ni nak nyenangkan hidup dia...nak semua students dia buat payment via bank in terus ker mcm mana mmg takdak resit ler. so my father dunt want to pay using that method coz he still need the receipts sbb nak buat claim. cikgu tuh apa lagi...hangin la...somemore i'm the only foreigner in that she purposely change me to another class yg ader ramai foreigner. tak kisah la...i like my new class...lg happening dr class cikgu tadi tuh...bluerkkk. nama cikgu dah lupa sbb dah benci sgt!! oh..i didnt tell u that she downgrade the class...i was at first in B class and she put me in C class becoz of that stupid receipt!!

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May 1, 2006

those were the days..

i was re-organizing some of my old stuffs this morning and found this...hahahaha...pls take note that at the time these pixs were taken, the lovey-dovey feelin has not yet bloom....hahahahah..

taken somewhere in 96/97 in KYPM KL...look at that round shaped spec

frm left to right: fenot, cheeky, evil, kusut and cik som. taken maybe in 97/98 at jenny's hsewarming bbq in malacca. look at that pagoda t-shirt and his hair..oh my god!!!

and this is